NBA players reflect on the legacy of Kobe Bryant after his death | NBA on ESPN
Zion Williamson, Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, Kawhi Leonard, Trae Young and other NBA players who played on the day of Kobe Bryant's death share their thoughts about the basketball legend and what he meant to them.
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  • shodem main man
    shodem main man

    I wasn't myself at work today, the news shook me to the marrow. He was a legendary sportsman, indeed he will be sorely missed.

  • Gates Bros
    Gates Bros

    We love you Kobe!!!!!!!! You are, and always will be the heart of Los Angeles! Legends never die🙌... So trust and believe we will never let you go. 8/24 FOREVER!!! 💍💍💍💍💍

  • jo's Overwatch
    jo's Overwatch

    Kobe should be the nba logo now

  • john1023va

    Growing up a Jordan fan, I wanted to be like Mike. So when Kobe stepped on to the scene as a 17 year old, I kinda see myself in him a little bit. Seeing Kobe idolize MJ and patent his game after him, I related to that. It has been a treat to watch him over the years stepping to his own and becoming the legend that he is. As a basketball fan, it broke my heart. I never thought it would affect me the way that it did.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Hayward still remember that 60 Kobe dropped on him

  • ian Encinares
    ian Encinares

    Im still hoping that this is a super ultra bad dream

  • Cut Loucia 2
    Cut Loucia 2

    We'll all die one day ...

    • XxxRamenDaddyxxX

      Cut Loucia 2 tf

  • Nijee Johnson
    Nijee Johnson

    I got mad at work this is unreal nd fuled man why him🐍💪🏾✊🏾😏💯

  • Eddy Casseus
    Eddy Casseus

    Kobe game was amazing like magic incredible footwork and speed determination dedication I of being the Best ultimate athlete Kobe Bryant the true goat

  • Ryan Dubon
    Ryan Dubon

    They should let the NBA players recover from the shock

  • Ryan Dubon
    Ryan Dubon

    I think the NBA for respect for Kobe Bryant they should suspend any NBA games at this moment

  • d

    rest in peace 💔

  • jefrey bayno
    jefrey bayno

    watch the logo of kobe bryant shoes, its like helicopter so creepy

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian


  • Wyatt Evan
    Wyatt Evan


  • Anjabel69

    Zion's too young to really remember Kobe. He was 9 years old back in 2010 when Kobe won his last championship and only saw his decline after that. The ones who really knew him are the players in their 20s and 30s.

  • Bradley Coriz
    Bradley Coriz

    Life is precious. Live your life to the fullest. No more hate. Why hate when you can love.

  • Byron Moton
    Byron Moton

    I just cried 😭 💔. Hearing it on 102.7 the game. Breaking news. I just cried. My 4yr old boy asked was I okay. I just cried. Cuz my life is basketball and he was basketball the last 21 years of my life.

  • Terrell Spivey
    Terrell Spivey

    Mmmm......this is heart breaking😔 God. Praying for all the families who have loss a loved one in this crash....its extra devastating when unexpected like this smh...I pray he and the others knew Jesus as their Lord and Savior

  • Aidan Hickey
    Aidan Hickey

    who disliked this video??

  • VirgilVanMFDijk

    I love when a black man can cry and show his emotions without fear ✊🏽

    • bigpuffdaddy daddypuffbig
      bigpuffdaddy daddypuffbig

      I thought ghetto dont cry

  • Johnny NiteTrain
    Johnny NiteTrain

    2:39 dude rockin some Dead Bears

  • Sifer 360
    Sifer 360

    How come the media not pressuring that anchor woman who called Kobe the N word live on MSNBC

  • N I I G
    N I I G

    why no major improvements in chopper technology

  • TS- TS
    TS- TS

    It’s not Anymore ‘Kobe’ now it’s ‘for kobe’

  • xYounGunzZx

    The man that inspired me to start playing the game is now gone, in a whole lot of hurt right now. Mamba Forever 💔



  • Mark Coffin
    Mark Coffin

    There were 7 others on that were on the helicopter not just kobe and his daughter. Let's remember them all. Rest in peace to all.

  • Az Razerz
    Az Razerz

    Every player should've yelled kobe after their shots yesterday

  • Jeff Soltis
    Jeff Soltis

    I can't imagine what Kobe's wife is going through right now. Financially she's set, but I would bet a million dollars that she would trade it all away to have Kobe and Gianna back. Rest in Peace Guys. 😢



  • Loghan Brown
    Loghan Brown

    it still doesnt feel like hes actually gone...



  • TS- TS
    TS- TS

    “Legends never die” 😢



  • kally zore
    kally zore

    White girl had all of Aurora Colorado guys dna on her nasty underwear.


    Snap out of it everyone ! I hope u all react this way when your family member dies ! Smh 🤦‍♂️ KILLUMINATI

    • Copper Brass
      Copper Brass

      FOTIOS ASTORIA this guy was like a family member to many of sports fans.

  • Muzika Muzika
    Muzika Muzika

    "Impact from a distance" that to me is greatness.

  • Sir LanceLot
    Sir LanceLot

    What did spencer say?

  • Team FitBoss
    Team FitBoss

    Listening to Spencer killed me

  • G.K.

    more publicity than Malcolm X,oh well

  • Wilfred Rivera
    Wilfred Rivera

    All Filipino's lost one of all legendary Kobe. Rest in Peace Kobe and Gianna 🙏. The last time you visit here in 2016 tag line was "Walang iwanan" 😭😭😭

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale

    Me throwing anything sphere shaped into anything resembling a hoop: KOBE!!!

  • ankevious oliver
    ankevious oliver

    Im a little torn between cancelling games yesterday because it seems like the right thing to do. However i ask myself is that what Kobe would have wanted. Overall im happy that they kept the games going. Kobe was a basketball junkie and would have wanted that.

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale

    Zion dont care

  • OfficiallyDanielCovey

    Like-1996-2016-Kobe Dislike-2020-kobe

  • Vanessa Taracena
    Vanessa Taracena

    Me an my family love you Kobe Bryant

  • Marlo Mike
    Marlo Mike

    Don’t even seem real haven’t even processed the fact that he’s dead and never coming back

  • Leoni Days
    Leoni Days

    Man I never thought Kobe’s death would hit me so hard. Every time I look it up it makes me tear up. What’s worst is his little girl dying too. It’s such a tragedy.

  • AD

    We will never hear kobe talk basketball again. We will never hear his hall of fame speech. Crazy

  • M. Collins Kintanar
    M. Collins Kintanar

    January you are so painful.💔

  • wilrow ashley abdurahman
    wilrow ashley abdurahman

    Remember folks. Legends never die. His legacy lives in our hearts.

  • NoJustice5 0NoPeace
    NoJustice5 0NoPeace

    We’ll Always Love the Mamba.

  • monkey220ms

    Who else agrees his legacy will last forever? I made a compilation of celebrity reactions to the news for any fans who haven't seen them yet

  • Dorian McCormick
    Dorian McCormick

    Kawhi looked sad af... he gonna have to sit in the charger for days

  • Jerome boogie
    Jerome boogie

    Whatever you think about the man you can't really hate the player. Whatever you think about the player you can't really hate the man.

  • Benji Bran
    Benji Bran

    2017:lil peep 2018:xxxtentacion 2019:juice wrld 2020:Kobe

  • Ball Boy
    Ball Boy

    Also everyone who reads this comment please do it.. pray the lakers win finals for Kobe

  • Sane C
    Sane C

    cant believe it.

  • Mr. Honest
    Mr. Honest


  • Richie Rifle
    Richie Rifle

    Zion had no emotion at all.

  • Joalcas Payne
    Joalcas Payne

    It was really tough and i cnt move on, so devastating

  • Spencer Parker
    Spencer Parker

    True legend, immortal! “KOBE!!!” RIH champ ✊🏾

  • Aarya Ghimire
    Aarya Ghimire


  • Dan Fagan
    Dan Fagan

    kawahii talking on it is something man never speaks

  • jordy incktus
    jordy incktus

    Rest In An Everlasting Peace Kobe. I know you're alive and playing basketball with Gigi in Heaven. From a die-hard fan of yours in Cameroon

  • Rielero805

    2020 is off to a horrible start. Hope the decade picks up.

  • 2 0
    2 0

    Who thought of the 24 sec and the 8 sec but everyone got a kobe story!

  • Jullian Roger
    Jullian Roger

    Did this nightmare end yet? 💔

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