NEW FACES, FRUSTRATIONS, AND FAVORITES: Part 2 - Dance Moms (Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime
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Watch part two of what happens when ALDC brings new dancers into the fold in this Dance Moms flashback compilation. #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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    • Joanna Dominguez
      Joanna Dominguez

      @Rene Molina HAHAH HI

    • Rene Molina
      Rene Molina

      . 🤩🍣🦗

    • Rene Molina
      Rene Molina

      ok on

    • Joanna Dominguez
      Joanna Dominguez

      WELL DUH i mean ha ofc! HAHAHHAHAHAH

    • Dawood Abhram
      Dawood Abhram

      It fazila

  • Chocolatechip B!tch
    Chocolatechip B!tch

    The moms are more stuck up then the kids 😂😂

  • lorelenaxx

    I was really surprised that the original group without Maddie didn’t win. It was obviously a set up. Abby wanted to see if the group would win without Maddie, but they lost. That could have made the girls feel defeated or frustrated.

  • • ꜱᴏꜰᴛᴍᴏᴄʜᴀ •
    • ꜱᴏꜰᴛᴍᴏᴄʜᴀ •

    Kalani's mum is so pretty

  • Gabriella Fotso
    Gabriella Fotso

    Jill: Jess and Jojo don’t fit in the ALDC. Me: neither do you 😏

  • LexAndTheCity VLOGS
    LexAndTheCity VLOGS

    Abby once said towards the end of her time on ALDC that she just wanted to build the kids for the real world- there’s other ways to do that rather than yelling in their faces, screaming at their mothers, calling the kids names and telling them they’ll never be good enough, turning the kids against one another.... there’s so many other ways to build kids for the future and for the “real world” and to get your point across.

  • LV Cosplays
    LV Cosplays

    13:07 Why is no-one talking about the fact that Ashlee accused Yolanda of abusing her child! I don’t care how rude a woman is, claims like that are not okay. I’ve never liked Yolanda personally, but it shocked me that no-one told Ashlee that she was in the wrong.

  • Amanda Jackson
    Amanda Jackson

    Why do half of these moms look like absolute crack head karens😂 the Botox and tans man😬 and that lady with the eyes 👀

  • Dai'Vyonna perry
    Dai'Vyonna perry

    When the one women that had a girl named Davionna it is the same as mines. Mynes us Daivyonna. People spell my name like that too. You say it like this Day-vee-onna

  • The Caputo Clan
    The Caputo Clan

    brynn: gets a solo jill: oh but my little kendall could have that abby: puts kendall on probation because she is new and with tons of skilled dancers jill: hEy cAtHy aPprEcIaTeS mY dAuGhTeR tbh cathy liking a kid doesn't count because they are throw nout in 2 days

  • Kara Campbell
    Kara Campbell

    The parents should at least pretend to be nice to each other for their kids

  • Chloe C Connor C
    Chloe C Connor C

    What was that red mark on Stacey's neck? Timee: 11:55

  • AlexThePanda

    Jil: maybe even Kendal could have that solo Me : this really should be a meme MY KENDAL IT SHOULD BE CALLED!

  • AlexThePanda

    ‘ I think it’s a kid who dint know how to work an umbrella’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Layla Falk
    Layla Falk

    5:57 me too kenz, me too

  • Jeffery Shayan
    Jeffery Shayan

    who else saw coco quin?

  • Pink’nTea

    Who else here is a dancer? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Kathrine Aristil
    Kathrine Aristil

    jojo: i just want a pernatment spot on the team Makenzie:........ and im on my mom;s acc.

  • Molly Cottington
    Molly Cottington

    Jill to Jess:she’s not a member of the Aldc! Kendall gets a solo not being a member

  • Valentina Diaz
    Valentina Diaz

    I hate jill because she aways think that her daurther is better then anyone

  • tessa de jager
    tessa de jager


  • Faithe Swett
    Faithe Swett

    Bruh who DOESNT wanna be in a monster dance 😂😂 Like she’s 11 saying she’s to old to do a monster I’m 17 I would love that at my studio

  • Emilie Ott
    Emilie Ott

    Are they videoing. No. Are you sure? Yes. Producers videoing

  • Zara Wenborne
    Zara Wenborne

    OMG would Jill stop talking about how Kendal could do everyone’s solos and opportunity ugggghhhh it’s so annoying 😒😒

  • tasha oliver
    tasha oliver

    I hate that little brat Kaylee ugh I can understand why that mom didn't want her 6 yr old looking up to her

  • tasha oliver
    tasha oliver

    Not being rude or offensive but Ava body is like a bony, skinny skeleton I don't like it not being rude just making my opinion thx

  • Lee sylvestre
    Lee sylvestre

    whats the instagram of Jeannie?

  • Darlene Bardason
    Darlene Bardason

    I really feel like they all had no reason to be frustrated also REALLY arguing isn't ok

  • Divya Nakra
    Divya Nakra

    At 10:13 Ashlee was like you- our kids. xD

  • jade ac
    jade ac

    fernanda 🤮fix your bags

  • jade ac
    jade ac

    davina ewwww

  • jade ac
    jade ac

    youlanda ewwww

  • jade ac
    jade ac

    macis mom ewww other lady black hair lazy eye

  • A Cup of Tae with Suga and a Kookie
    A Cup of Tae with Suga and a Kookie

    Jill: That’s a solo that one of Abbys kids could’ve had. Also Jill: My LitTle KeNdeLL CouLd fIT hERe.

  • jade ac
    jade ac

    brin sucks

  • Mary Rowland
    Mary Rowland

    Addy’s face when the new team won!

  • LemonyLemonade

    Maybe even “My little Kendall” could have the solo.

  • Courtney Vaught
    Courtney Vaught

    Jill and her little Kendall should get a solo.

  • Chet Maymon
    Chet Maymon

    Abby got wined pipes

  • Onthatile Tutsheni
    Onthatile Tutsheni

    Yo them ads though... I was so into the video and all of a sudden I'm looking at Colgate 😂

  • Lilly Hugo
    Lilly Hugo

    Ok but I really didn’t like that girl in the neon and purple costume. She gave off an awful attitude right off the bat

  • Georgia

    13:32 ummmm am I the only one who has no idea who that is Yay thought so 😂

  • Georgia

    I hate Jill soooooooooooooooooooo much bc she did the same thing with her little Kendall and she also had a solo the first day sooooo 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Seo Jung Park
    Seo Jung Park

    christi: Yells for like 10 mins straight at melissa and abby also christi: im standing up for chloe its the right thing *ANY OTHER MOM DOING THE SAME THING* christi: *sigh, yoru overreacting

  • Jada Potata
    Jada Potata

    One dance mom looks like an alien

  • King Nipple
    King Nipple

    No one: Literally no one: Jill: how can I turn this into a solo for Kendall

  • Lili’s Corner
    Lili’s Corner

    Fernandas eyes are a little bit popping ou-

  • Shana-kay Mitchell
    Shana-kay Mitchell

    Jill : kendall, kendall, kendall, kendall, kendall, kendall, kendall, kendall, kendall.

  • Picolas Cage
    Picolas Cage

    seem kinda invasive that deviana clearly didnt want to be filmed and they listened in on a private convo


    The Kraken show

  • Idk_ash 123
    Idk_ash 123

    I hate how they say if one of them comes 2nd it counts as a “loss” no that not a loss

  • Ellen Sue Emata
    Ellen Sue Emata

    I cant believe how much Ava had achieved

  • tablecloth

    Jill: why does Jojo have a solo shes not a member of the aldc also Jill when she came onto the show: *does literally anything to get Kendall a solo even though they aren't members of the aldc

  • dreaming4ffr

    Funny thing is... I never knew Maddie or JoJo were on this tv show I knew maddie through Sia her songs, I love sia's music and i absolutly adore her in those clips, she fits Sia perfectly. I knew JoJo through other things, and i'm absolutly amazed at her energy level, she's AWESOME, one of those kids who could be friends with anybody!

  • iibxddiehxneyii

    “Follow in Tom Maddies foot steps 😙✌🏽”

  • James Stephens
    James Stephens


  • Vivian Hodges
    Vivian Hodges

    Is it to much to ask for Jill to say - Now my little Kendal fits in perfectly - after what she said about Presley

  • Hana Spencer
    Hana Spencer

    14:47 she said 👁 👄 👁

  • Nya Nya
    Nya Nya

    Honestly how much disrespect than me and Holly went through is just disgusting they were there from the beginning, they're the only season 1 people who haven't left once throughout the whole 7 season run of the TV show they have stuck by Abby through it all and honestly it's just horrendous how Abby demolishes any chance that Nia has she was such a sweet kid and all she ever wanted was just to prove herself and it always seems like it was never good enough for abby I feel like one of the main reasons why it Holly went behind abbys back and did the music video it's because she knew that Abby is going to criticize it and she just want her child to have fun and feel like she's creating her own thing because every opportunity that I would gets she tears down nia its just so sad

  • Almeen Taj
    Almeen Taj

    tbh i think that Jill is jealous of jojo and what she can do

  • Grace Brabham
    Grace Brabham

    i hate jill it had to be said

  • Ambrie Perez
    Ambrie Perez

    “Brynn is not her student” ok for one who asked and for two just shut up and for three there’s a teacher there’s a kid the teacher is teaching the kid it’s now her student woowwwwww and for four except the fact that Brynn is a good dancer thank you!

  • Ambrie Perez
    Ambrie Perez

    Jill your two faced so just shut your big a^ mouth and deal with the fact that not everything is about Kendall

  • Ambrie Perez
    Ambrie Perez

    Omg just shut your freakin mouth for once and just except the fact that jojo is good at dancing than all of the kids in this show and that’s why she is more successful than any of them I love Chloe and some of these girls and there good dancing but a lot of people are hating on her for dumb reasons and it’s getting old so just shut ur big mouth Jill gosh you say “Kendall” 5 times in every video lord Jesus just shut upppp!🤦‍♀️😠😤

  • A.G playZ Channel
    A.G playZ Channel

    Fan of jojo siwa

  • Jasmine Viera
    Jasmine Viera

    It’s so funny how Jill talks more about her child just stop

  • natalie the alien
    natalie the alien

    does anyone know what episode 2:41 was

  • Brice Roehricht
    Brice Roehricht

    ove dance moms

  • Marina Duque
    Marina Duque

    Karens everywhere

  • Favorit SarahDonata
    Favorit SarahDonata

    Hhbff see fddyzt cxv could cdccv

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