Omarion Breaks His Silence on B2K Groupmate Lil Fizz & Babymother Apryl Jones Relationship (Part 13)
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In this clip, Omarion broke his silence on the Apryl and Fizz situation. Omarion said that he doesn't really feel any type of way about their relationship, he'd just prefer to be left out of the "narrative."

  • Minjin X
    Minjin X

    I can see O reaching rock star, Lenny Krav status after this point.

  • Tre Tahko
    Tre Tahko

    My nigga O💪💯

  • Princess Johnson
    Princess Johnson

    He does care

  • ndhdstudios

    Unbothered and vague as fuck!

  • Lady Bee
    Lady Bee

    Omarion must’ve gotten some bread for the interview. Lmaooo

  • Christal J
    Christal J

    Damn this what “IDGAF I’m HAPPY WITHOUT YOU” looks like. Take notes 📝 y’all lol Cause I did🤣

  • Byron Evans
    Byron Evans

    This nigga is like Ghandi

  • Aariyan096

    466,000 views already, lawd..

  • Aariyan096

    466,000 views already, lawd..

  • Kyle Seals
    Kyle Seals

    I’m bout to call not bothered the “unbothered O “ 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Keith Ona Mission
    Keith Ona Mission

    Play It Again - Big Booty Big ol' Freak - Keith Ona Mission -

  • 50ztej

    He's got an icebox where his heart used to be

  • Lucas Graham
    Lucas Graham

  • On Pluto
    On Pluto

    Gotta respect him instead of riding the hate train he keeping it moving👍🏾✅

  • Jay Finley
    Jay Finley

    My nigga 😁 fuck the bitch 😂😂💯

  • Michelle Gonzalez
    Michelle Gonzalez

    He's over it,n has been.Clearly he doesn't like the drama like fizz n Apryl do.Good for O.

  • Cooldude Tru
    Cooldude Tru

    Chris Brown need to take notes from omarion cuz he's still stuck on stupid ova his ex's acting like a groupie in not a rich r&b singer who cant get another woman.....


    Fizz is a shady nigga theres no way around it and Apryl getting with Fizz just lets Omarion know he made the right move by cutting her GROUPIE ass off


    Look Omarion understands that people choose to be in love and people choose to leave a relationship behind. Move on with good intentions and live your life. If they want to be in that relationship that is their issue. More adults need to act like this. We all have one life to live. Be true to yourself and good to your kids.

  • Cisco Isata
    Cisco Isata

    My man said “I guess that’s what couples do.” O for the win

  • Laqualla Hart
    Laqualla Hart

    I LOVE IT O......

  • Tracey Fuller
    Tracey Fuller

    Omg I'm so going into 2020 with this type of unbotheredness


    Omarion for president in 2020. The way he curved the last question. Kudos to you

  • Shaquandalin Davis
    Shaquandalin Davis

    I want to be as unbothered as him in my life

  • Kim Austin
    Kim Austin

    Man Omarion not tripping lol! That man said if they happy let them be happy. I think when you truly over an ex, you are so unbothered about what they have going on. As long as she a good mom and does what she needs to do for their kids he cool. Vlad was trying hard to get O to say saying shady lol. O has had too much media training for all that

  • James Carter
    James Carter

    My guy - I can learn from him - he don’t give a fuck

  • Reppin' Christ Fitness
    Reppin' Christ Fitness

    3:46 you can see o is peepin what vlad is trying to do but he ain’t fallin for it. Respect.

  • Bleek Cartier
    Bleek Cartier

    Solid dude right here 💯

  • Ms Tiff Tiff
    Ms Tiff Tiff

    Omarion is just not wit the VH1 BS.

  • Jada Clarke
    Jada Clarke

    Well done 👏👏👏

  • Lady Bee
    Lady Bee

    But why isn’t anyone talking about how he left April after postpartum and with no money to take care of them?


    The best thing that I heard somebody say as a reaction to Apryl running her mouth on any and every radio station is “O’s silence is killing shorty” 😭🤣🤣

  • Cisco Isata
    Cisco Isata

    I like this nigga way more now. Kept it all the way G. Didn’t let Vlad trick him out his position like he does most of these rappers

  • Walter Reiter
    Walter Reiter

    Woooooow!!! This man right here...mmmmm. Much better man then me. I'd a beat the brakes of lil fizz main. It did look like they was hoping he would get mad right, but this guy right here must be enlightened or somn. Lil fizz a bithch doe.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones

    Y'all mf'ers crazy..mature aint got shit to do with it. REAL NIGGA SHIT...If thats was truly his boy then of course some hurt and anger there. Your boy who is your band mate can't just do that and you feel no type of way...*ESPECIALLY when your kids are involved. Either he hiding that shit well inside or its always been about business between him and Fizz. But for that Apryl and Fizz some fuck niggas. Props to O, just more blessings your way Bro

  • B Butler III
    B Butler III

    Omarion's IDGAF attitude is on super Saiyon level!💯💯💯💯💯

  • MrBrandon330

    People are more upset about them dating than Omarion is. If it's not bothering him then there is nothing more to talk about here.

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green

    Apryl been a ho though that's why he doesn't get mad she's done slept with a whole bunch of rapperzzzzzzz game Soulja boy u name it

  • I Am Chedda
    I Am Chedda

    He handled the situation well.

  • Kayz R
    Kayz R

    I love omarion 😂😂😂😂

  • Emz Aqua
    Emz Aqua

    I love this guy.. very well raised respectful guy his momma must be so proud.. a real man right there no point to prove nuthin

  • Nia Harmon
    Nia Harmon

    He is soo Scorpio.

  • prettyncali23

    Omarion wins

  • doresrules28

    My guy Give a F is on 0 😂

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green

    That's his baby momma no respect for Omarion 😂😂😂

  • Failure Face
    Failure Face

    Its only because he has had lil fizz before her so he doesn't care...

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green


  • April Williams
    April Williams

    He don’t care!! He over her...

  • Slang X
    Slang X

    He is being grown up about this. Good for him

  • Cisco Isata
    Cisco Isata

    Vlad laughing like it ain’t this mans real life.

  • Thrax Loud Pacx
    Thrax Loud Pacx

    Lil Fizzo got wit her cause he knew he could O is not bothered by it

  • Paul Loman
    Paul Loman

    Great energy from him

  • April

    Vlad was reaching!! Omarion got No reaction!! I got a ice box where my heart used to be 🎶🎶🎶 #socoldsocold

  • Samantha Eaton
    Samantha Eaton

    ENJOY LIFE. Love Your KIDS and KEEP It MOVING. She Is Not WORTH Your TIME. GOD Will Send U Someone BETTER😘😘😘😘

  • DzLoveLIFE

    Even his eyes didn't waiver

  • Pretti Belle
    Pretti Belle

    Why is he acting super cool like he's completely removed from the situation. He's lying. This does affect him.

  • Mrs. NickyBayBay
    Mrs. NickyBayBay

    No fucks given. I love this dude he just cool calm collected, he straight up on his grown man shit💯

  • Charvas Willis
    Charvas Willis

    This man can have any women he wants why worry about he peasant ass

  • DzLoveLIFE

    They failed ... Omarion said "NOOOOO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST MEEEEEE SHAAAAAaaaAaaal PROS.Perrrrr IT WONT WORK" He said nope my ice boxed melted I felt it I recieved it n threw it out

  • lovelyleighquol love
    lovelyleighquol love

    I love his calmness about it all !

  • Ivory Dogan
    Ivory Dogan

    I have a high bullsh*t detector. I'm watching Omarion's body language, eyes and movements. ANDDD this man is truly & UTTERLY unbothered 👏🏾. Kudos king👑🤞🏾💯

  • Jackson Frost
    Jackson Frost


  • Bj Bo Jackson
    Bj Bo Jackson

    Dam vlad eating off Omarion views, he got 378k views in 7hours sheesh this gotta be a record

  • Dominique Hughes
    Dominique Hughes

    Comparing Fizz to Takeoff is a roast to Takeoff.

  • Flight Gang DraE
    Flight Gang DraE

    Omarion is a Stand up Guy!

  • hman05

    Omari showed his why his hairline stay intact - he don’t stress about bs drama

  • Moneika Pegues
    Moneika Pegues

    Like O should have been my brother 🤷🏽‍♀️ we seriously don’t care !

  • lilsam_m2bm

    Lets be honest Omarion ain’t bothered...u gotta train ya mind to be stronger than ya feelings💯❌💯 this just shows you how hurt his ex is & how thirsty fizz is scooping up ya boy left overs😭😭😭👎🏿

  • Wee-Hoo LIVE
    Wee-Hoo LIVE

    VLAD kept saying "beautiful children & congrats" to lure Omarion in, lol...but it didn't work...EPiC FAiL!!!

  • Jerry Thorpe
    Jerry Thorpe

    He answers questions like he’s on trial

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