Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! - Velkase Velka 3
Linus Tech Tips
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We build what might be our SMALLEST custom gaming PC ever, in the new Velkase VK3 / Velka 3.
Buy a Velkase: On their site: www.velkase.com/products/velka-3
Buy an AMD 3700X CPU:
On Amazon: geni.us/KHY4Erm
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Buy an ASUS Strix X570-i Motherboard:
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Buy a Noctua L9a AM4 Cooler:
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Buy Corsair LPX Memory:
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Buy Corsair PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs:
On Amazon: geni.us/YeUKfFo
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Buy SilverStone Flex ATX PSUs:
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  • Aublak

    I'd imagine that Linus randomly advertises LTTstore to his kids at this point.

    • Niufy 485
      Niufy 485

      Andrew Wojtas is that communism i hear? OUR father.

    • america haws
      america haws

      His kids must hate clothes shopping

    • E Boi
      E Boi

      Spectrum SSS frick origin

    • August Sucks
      August Sucks


    • zhevox

      Brainwashing works best at a young age


    an rtx 2060???? for an small case????ur working hard boi

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni

    Will I be able to play gta5 ?

  • Bas van Dijk
    Bas van Dijk

    Noob, check: BasiclyHomeless

  • fistgamer XD
    fistgamer XD

    Can somebody calculate how much this costed overall? Rly interested bc i might get one

  • AbandonedShip

    Funny how the name of the case is Velka. Velka in Croatian/Serbian means big.

  • Lewis Upton
    Lewis Upton

    What do you do with the pcs when you finish do you give them away?

  • 陳矩翰

    20:58 if somebody trip over those wires. that would be another classic linus drop tips material

  • bluethenewb

    this entire video makes me so uncomfortable lmfao

  • Prickly Assassin
    Prickly Assassin

    Orrrr you can just buy a laptop that has a built-in keyboard and screen which makes it more portable

  • Damian Estey
    Damian Estey

    who's parents aren't split up now a days?

  • sazeed tareq
    sazeed tareq

    can i get that computer?

  • Bin Bon
    Bin Bon

    Are those antennas for internet I don’t have those and I’m watching this on a Lenovo 710-25ish desktop pc

  • Manny LdlF
    Manny LdlF

    what the price of this thing

  • luca4parisi

    3:32 Ram: bruh

  • John Dou
    John Dou

    what is this a pc for ants?

  • Renz The Great
    Renz The Great

    I love your creativity 👏

  • StevieXo

    when a pc is as big as a normal power supply

  • The Gamin Boi
    The Gamin Boi

    When you conceal carry a pc

  • jxmoto

    that thing looks like a power supply lol

  • lamborghini gaming
    lamborghini gaming

    everyone ltt! ltt! ltt!!!!!!!!!!! lttstore.com

  • ahmed altajali
    ahmed altajali

    how much did it cost though?

  • Joeben 2016
    Joeben 2016

    When my laptop is play fortnite or any game both the CPU and GPU is 85-95 degrees centigrade. Is this normal?

  • sc0or

    A funny fact is that Velka in some Slavic languages means "she is big" )))

  • Sir Mig
    Sir Mig

    You should've got some tips from BasicallyHomeless

  • Alfredo Guizar
    Alfredo Guizar

    Uhhhh.... do you know who basically homeless is?

  • adta

    0:32 I thought that he was going to take the sponsor product out of his hoody

  • illidan victoria
    illidan victoria

    ah yes, pre corona videos

  • barbastin

    he cooks a pc ahahahhahahah

  • Om chavan
    Om chavan

    Hi Linus, I am Omkar from India. I am also a beginner VN-myr (Techfortnite). The reason for this comment is can you give me this mini gaming cpu. I am requesting you to give me this cpu because my laptop is pretty slow because of its low features, and also it won't be upgraded because it won't support the upgrade and my parents also not giving me the money to buy a new system. They are against me being VN-myr. I generally edit my videos in my small smartphone. An also want to start my earning as i am not able to edit the videos fast it takes much time to edit the video. So, can you do a give away to me because i need it. Plz reply

  • CummyFcker L
    CummyFcker L

    I really want this and I don’t no why

  • Dark Nerd Shawny
    Dark Nerd Shawny

    Looks like a biotch to install. I'd rather pay someone with tiny hands

  • ClosetNerd 330
    ClosetNerd 330

    Xbon watched this and said hold my beer

  • Hjalde

    So a pc you could have in your bag? N E A T

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    have you ever seen a shot at love with tila tequila or flavor flave I used to watch those tm ready shows and those were say a weird show

  • ZylethX3N0

    I'd love to build that little powerhouse. Looks fun.

  • Xnzyrp

    The ad I had before watching this video had Linus in it. Honey: Linus?

  • Ryan

    just imagine him cleaning that thing

  • mooson 529
    mooson 529

    Next episode: World's largest gaming PC!!!!

  • Rey MD
    Rey MD

    Hey linus can i have that for free ty.

  • Kaden Winn
    Kaden Winn

    Next goal: Watercooled.

  • Fred Estrada
    Fred Estrada

    I’m not paying sixty bucks for a fucking sweater

  • Jonáš Jansa
    Jonáš Jansa

    Velka means big in czech😂

  • Dbzlotrfan M
    Dbzlotrfan M

    I wish more Nintendo Switch (and or PC/Playstation/Xbox) games supported cross save. Let us take a lot of our PC (/xbox/playstation) game saves on the go . . . . .

  • TGoKovenant

    Ironically called "Velka" which means "Large" in some Slavic languages

  • NintendoKnight

    how much does this build cost? also you can but the entire setup in a backpack if your willing to have a small enough portable monitor

  • Zachary Stricklin
    Zachary Stricklin

    How much would it cost

  • Craig C
    Craig C

    do you still have it and how did it hold up

  • L3gacyBois

    That thing runs better than my current crappy pc

  • cryhavoc

    I've just realised that brick sized pc has more power than my atx case

  • aaronsdavis

    A couple of square feet of extra space is not worth this XD

  • Vijith S
    Vijith S

    What budget do you need for a build like this?

  • C N
    C N

    Somewhere out there Elon Musk sneezed at that dig and wiped his nose with a Benjamin.

  • Rajit Kamboj
    Rajit Kamboj

    what a cutie that pc is

  • Benjamus

    Is this like $2k to build?

  • Trevis Mememan
    Trevis Mememan

    The fact that this tiny computer runs better than the computer that covers half of my desk.

  • Terry Daniels
    Terry Daniels

    Looks like you don't put the computer in that case. You put the case ON the computer.

  • Ned Murry
    Ned Murry

    Linus: This tiny PC is so loud!!! My laptop at night when I leave chrome open: *literally screaming*

  • Crome Zone
    Crome Zone

    You should add rbg to the pc

  • Beano N Daddy
    Beano N Daddy

    How about low budget builds?

  • Benjamin Nadeau
    Benjamin Nadeau

    what was the total price

  • NeonTarget2

    Who else still watches this 3 times a day?

  • D3IM0S

    I can care less how loud the fans are. As long as it doesn't sound like air conditioner at 100% fan speed. Lol. I rather have great performance, and the lowest temps possible. I've always been a guy that loves to see really low temps, no matter how loud the fans are. Because I'll be gaming with a headset anyway, and the tower will be on the floor, not next to my ear. Lol

  • D3IM0S

    I hear some console people say "I dont want to be messing with settings or fiddling around with parts to build a PC" But building a gaming PC is one of the most fun things to do for a lot of PC gamers. I for one have so much fun building my own gaming PC's. Because when your finished, and you first boot into Windows, you feel a real sense of accomplishment. When I built my very first gaming PC, I was so excited during the build process. When my box finally got delivered to my house with all my parts I ordered, I was so hype, I started building my PC the second I got the huge box in my house. Lol. And when you build your own PC, you learn so much more about PC hardware. So if you need to troubleshoot problems sometime down the line in the future, you will have a better idea on what is going on inside the case. Not to mention, you can painlessly upgrade or replace parts yourself in the future if you want too. Because you built it yourself, so you know how to disassemble the system if you need too.

  • D3IM0S

    The case looks like something that houses just a PSU, doesn't it? Lol.

  • R K
    R K

    case is too pricey for apu build only case well without a fire

  • Hansbald

    id never build this lmao Id be so scared of breaking any of those $$$$ components I mean this is a nice demonstration of engineering but who on earth would actually use this, its too loud to use as a tabletop office PC...

  • Shaun Bartlett
    Shaun Bartlett

    That was painful watching you squeeze that together 😫

  • Ares Killed you
    Ares Killed you

    Wait till Linus sees the basically homeless micro pc build.

  • A Random Gamer 1
    A Random Gamer 1

    0:50 banana

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