Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! - Velkase Velka 3
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We build what might be our SMALLEST custom gaming PC ever, in the new Velkase VK3 / Velka 3.
Buy a Velkase: On their site: www.velkase.com/products/velka-3
Buy an AMD 3700X CPU:
On Amazon: geni.us/KHY4Erm
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1c
Buy an ASUS Strix X570-i Motherboard:
On Amazon: geni.us/Y803S1K
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV15
Buy a Gigabyte RTX 2060 Mini:
On Amazon: geni.us/tQqcI
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1z
Buy a Noctua L9a AM4 Cooler:
On Amazon: geni.us/ozdR
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1P
Buy Corsair LPX Memory:
On Amazon: geni.us/MINRiBs
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1m
Buy Corsair PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs:
On Amazon: geni.us/YeUKfFo
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV11
Buy SilverStone Flex ATX PSUs:
On Amazon: geni.us/n5VbBC
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1W
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  • Aublak

    I'd imagine that Linus randomly advertises LTTstore to his kids at this point.

    • Ayy-drien Productions
      Ayy-drien Productions

      "Dad I'm cold" LTT:lttstore.com This is a new level of dad jokes

    • Cole Malmos
      Cole Malmos

      every night before bed

    • Brian Spragge
      Brian Spragge

      @Ali vidz $1500+ computer price

    • Anas Nazeer
      Anas Nazeer

      Sell the PC to me 😅

    • b888

      @Keegan Aldrich lamo, new to pc building?.

  • TheNode

    needs a modular power supply

  • Yui 187
    Yui 187

    12:00 Uncomfort level Increased

  • pause life gaming
    pause life gaming

    yeah thats cool, but can it run minecraft with shaders

  • Alexey Andreev
    Alexey Andreev

    80 $ for the case that i can order custom made from any shop that makes metal stuff for 5$ ? great.

  • Abraham Aming
    Abraham Aming

    wow , great video for sff.. :-)

  • csgo is nice
    csgo is nice

    compared to this vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-I8VXI4og8u4.html thats big

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    350wat with a gtx card works ?

  • green monster tv
    green monster tv

    Linus can i please get that pc please my pc broke and we cant afford a new one 🙏😁

  • joo van de Hove
    joo van de Hove

    I'm going holiday and I take with me:

  • Mdbz

    Where is à thermic dough,?

  • ale terri
    ale terri


  • Bernard Baez
    Bernard Baez

    Wtfuck estoy viendo este video como si linus lo hubiera subido

  • Bernard Baez
    Bernard Baez


  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen

    Hi Linus. If you want more silence to this build, have you tried replacing the fan in the PSU with a 40mm Noctua fan? I'm sure all your subscribers would love to see that! And if its even possible to replace it! :-) Ready to take on the challenge?

  • Michie fuk Yu
    Michie fuk Yu

    Basically homeless

  • MrTrainerGuy1

    Basically Homeless be like "Nice try Kid"

  • voiox


    • MrTrainerGuy1

      basically homeless smallest pc build (it will blow your mind)

  • Michal_King

    imagine going to a lan party like "wheres your pc?" "Its in my backpack"

  • scotty jennings
    scotty jennings


  • Edward Balboa
    Edward Balboa

    Why am i watching this??

  • Michael J
    Michael J

    Says there's nothing they can do about a 40mm fan... Uses a NOCTUA cpu cooler /facepalmLinus

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson

    Or just get a laptop hahaha

  • bobgams

    That’s pic is better than my laptop

  • nohbuddi

    I have almost the same componets but in a "InWin Chopin"-Micro-ITX-Case. Its very awesome for lan-partys or for playing with friends. Befort that, i had a gaming-notebook. But this device here is fully upgreadable without all the vendor-permissions from a notebook...

    • nohbuddi

      oh, with the big difference i dont have a dedicated graphics-card. Im playing all games with the build-in amd Vega11

  • Ben Ces
    Ben Ces

    En lugar de hacerlo todo estrecho en un espacio reducido, por qué mejor no ocupan más área pero con menos volumen, casi como una portátil pero más potente. De las portátiles de hoy en día, No veo la necesidad de hacerlo más delgado lo cual implica que lo hagan menos potente. A mi me gusta que sea gruesa pero portable.

  • Death Maze Challenge
    Death Maze Challenge

    Where's the graphics card?...

  • Its Gante
    Its Gante

    Imagine seeing these computers in the computer room at school and all the IT guys crying

  • Neill Holloman
    Neill Holloman

    Replace that PSU with HDPlex PSU

  • Zane Flory
    Zane Flory

    I get that Noctua makes like the best fans out there, but why do they have to look like ass? Like seriously?! You can't go wrong with black!

  • chexo3

    Man and I thought my first PC build was a mess. Granted this is a much smaller case and with more attention to detail.

  • Woller Coster
    Woller Coster

    that pc has better specs than mine smh

  • Dosh

    I built my current PC in an NZXT H510i and cable management is a NIGHTMARE. I couldn't imagine trying to stash cables in this tiny monster.

  • Dick McWillie
    Dick McWillie

    The case for this computer is no longer in production according to their website

    • Dick McWillie
      Dick McWillie

      @tmgui I don't understand your question??

    • tmgui

      This page?

    • Dick McWillie
      Dick McWillie

      @tmgui ok, I've had a look through the site and been through various pages on there and I've found the 1.2 rev case. It isn't obvious as the purchase option and amount appears exactly the same as the prev page. For anyone else struggling when you click pre-order link scroll to the bottom and select the case from that page. It will then allow you to preorder the newer version... hopefully it all fits the same as this vid

    • tmgui

      @Dick McWillie don't know what to tell you man it's working on my end.

  • IrelandVonVicious

    With room to spare! Time to get to that LAN party!

  • n0xxm3rcyxx

    Where Is the RGB... pathetic

  • Alexander Kragh
    Alexander Kragh

    make it watercooled

  • Abhijeet0361 Brahma
    Abhijeet0361 Brahma

    U r making a mini pc explosive bomb💣💣💣

  • mortal boxer197
    mortal boxer197

    This pc is like $1,000 lol better than mine

  • nortin65537

    In this case consider to purchase laptop :)

  • nortin65537

    VELKA in Czech / Slovak language means BIG :)

  • KaBoom CR1
    KaBoom CR1

    I Watched till the end for a total price

  • goropeza05

    OMG this thing is sooo cool. I want one

  • Brooks Hitchcock
    Brooks Hitchcock

    Man i would kill to have my pc run that well even if it was a little noisy. Im still gaming off a gtx1050ti 16gb of ram and intel core i5 😂 but thats what i can afford. Do you sell these test pc's you build??

  • Bermy Anime
    Bermy Anime

    that mini CPU is even better than my laptop

  • Schoolboy 219
    Schoolboy 219

    It feels so wrong to see this happen

  • Epic Chill im so cool chillin
    Epic Chill im so cool chillin

    What are the parts and overall price?? I just looking for a pc build

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch

    Cutting and making custom cables/alterations would be key here for sure. Y’all should start doing more custom cabling. Those black PET psu sleeves are shitty- I hate them. Even with a modular psu- the cables still usually blow since they’re so stiff

  • SoundsFantastic

    Can't even buy the MOBO! WTF ASUS!

  • eric w
    eric w


  • Michael Holopainen
    Michael Holopainen

    "Nothing you can do with 40mm fans" ??? Pop the PSU case open and replace them with Noctua 40mm fans. That is how you tame network switch for home use.

  • John Grieb
    John Grieb

    Get a intel nuc here is a link www.google.com/search?q=intel+nuc&rlz=1CDGOYI_enDE851DE851&oq=intel+nuc&aqs=chrome.0.0l3.5754j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

    • John Grieb
      John Grieb

      It’s tiny

  • Corey D. Arnold
    Corey D. Arnold

    This was perfect for an October build because this was terrifying to watch D: All that mashing hurt my heart.

  • coolascats


  • Shaun Sprouse
    Shaun Sprouse

    Here I am with a corsair 250D ...thinkin I'm a mini enthusiast and shit..

  • Emilia Yusa
    Emilia Yusa

    This is faster than my pc

  • Tajuntaa Ei
    Tajuntaa Ei

    This need ipad screen and small keyboard

  • Rocko20202

    What fan control software was that that Linus was using?

  • JC

    What's the best psu to use for this case?

  • 266xUser

    21:42 lmao

  • odens syndrome
    odens syndrome

    Debtse Debt

  • ##Gamerzz

    linus, i want to buy thiss pc!!!!!!

  • francisco villarreal
    francisco villarreal

    I think why linus does small builds is because he can make fun of other that cant do it because of his advantage of his baby hands.

  • Giovanni Foti
    Giovanni Foti

    Fsp fortron has a 400w and a 500w Flex atx psu... I'm using it on my ryzen 2-rtx 2070 itx rig in a custom case... but this case is very interesting for sff builds :)

  • Wudruff Wildcard
    Wudruff Wildcard

    So actually it is not a case but pieces of metal that are screwd on and around the motherboard xD

  • Hose2wAcKiEr

    Why not test it with a HDPlex 400 with external brick instead of Flex ATX? Also would you mind trying Noctua fan inside the Flex ATX for noise levels?

    • Hose2wAcKiEr

      17:00 replacing thePSU fan would reduce noise a good bit.

  • Andrew Potar
    Andrew Potar

    I'd just put another identical one right next to it but hook it up to 1 port setup

  • Jaya Cfca
    Jaya Cfca

    The funny thing is that he never plays any games when he makes a gaming pc

    • Pomes .P
      Pomes .P

      He just opens tomb rider or crysis but not much else

  • Mandela Effect
    Mandela Effect

    This exactly what I'm looking for, but they are sold out completely, which I'm guessing is because of this video.

  • Xavierrr eli
    Xavierrr eli

    Would anyone know if this would be for games like, fortnite and Fallout 4?

    • Francis Hubert
      Francis Hubert

      Of course. That RTX video card is more than enough for Fortnite and Fallout.

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