Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Dead Meat Podcast #70)
Dead Meat
It's the last episode of our Paranormal Pool Party, and it's...a doozy.
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This video (including the awesome new intro) was edited entirely by Chelsea - I provided nothing but that sweet Dead Meat voice.
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  • SuperMarioFanaticPopsicleFan 2020
    SuperMarioFanaticPopsicleFan 2020

    Do a dead meat podcast episode of poltergeist

  • Jaytheradical

    Toby's demonic mind faded as it couldn't be contained within his human brain. However, as a demonically born homunculus, he did not age. So when, years later, he met the adult Katie, he retained the emotional connection even if he no longer remembered who she was or why she was important. And with his demonically enhanced luck and insight, Toby, now going by the name Micah, was able to afford a McMansion and move in with her...

  • xxmidnight12xx

    Holy water pool party!!!

  • kolby humphreys
    kolby humphreys

    The girl who played Leila was 6 when they shot the movie but when the movie was released she was 8

  • kolby humphreys
    kolby humphreys

    I have some bad new dead meat were getting a part 7

  • John J
    John J

    It switched from Kristi to Katie in part 2 when Kristi got "cleansed" at the end of the movie. Toby moved back to Katie because part 2 happens mostly before part 1.

  • CD Haters
    CD Haters

    Please do NIGHT OF THE COMET

  • G R
    G R


  • Sayyid Lestrade
    Sayyid Lestrade

    This one was so dumb. They showed too much, which makes sense cuz the series is so tired by the 4th movie

  • Neon Mancinelli
    Neon Mancinelli

    Hi Lucy’s eye

  • Rezantis

    What if Tobi was the guy in the coven from marked ones?

  • Patrick Boyda
    Patrick Boyda

    1) Can "Who the fuck is Skyler" become a thing anytime James Kill Counts a movie with a character named Skyler in it, and can we get it on a T-shirt 2) PLEASE WRITE A COPYRIGHT-SAFE SCARY MOVIE SPEC SCRIPT AND POST IT TO YOUR PATREON

  • Crab With A Knife
    Crab With A Knife

    ok can you get married already

  • Pat Lund
    Pat Lund

    Are you gonna do Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night?

  • Pat Lund
    Pat Lund

    The only thing I remember about this movie is that there was a couple that brought their like 6 or 7 year old kid to the movie. Then he was freaking the fuck out like less than half way through and they had to leave... like what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

  • Tamara Nikolic
    Tamara Nikolic

    My version of Bloody Mary is the Ghost Wisperer one that you see in i think season 3. The show was on tv and I remember going to school and a bunch of us go into a little bathroom we had next to the locker room. The wc was small and a lot of kids were in there, trying to say bloody mary and turn around 3x and a phone rang and the lights went out. I think you can imagine what happend next. We were all aroun 10 or 11

  • James Dover
    James Dover

    The shrimp is called Mantis Shrimp it can see 3 more colors than us and its punch has as much force as a pistol shot

  • Austin and Ty
    Austin and Ty

    God I remember being here when this channel still only had 400k, so glad they came Soo far

  • The Icarus Crisis
    The Icarus Crisis

    So glad Paranormal and Final Destination are finally over... Time to get to some proper horror movies!

  • Uziel Yanez
    Uziel Yanez

    Nice video

  • Matthew Alex
    Matthew Alex

    Cause it's not as white?? What does that mean?

  • Ke Tobi
    Ke Tobi

    James ily no homo lol every time I put James it comes up with "James Charles"

  • Morgan.S Productions
    Morgan.S Productions

    If you look at Skylar on the fan wiki all it says about her is that she is a nice loving woman in her mid 20's and she died by getting thrown up on.

  • The Holy Lizard
    The Holy Lizard

    The only criticism i have of this... They are WAY too cute together, and this is too damn wholesome. How am i supposed to appreciate horror if i’m smiling all the time

  • bitca222

    Interesting Factoid: Amabella & Abigail from Big Little Lies have both done a Paranormal Activity film...

  • Hurricane Parro
    Hurricane Parro

    After Final Destination Series, do the Jeepers Creepers movie series please

    • Eric Thornhill
      Eric Thornhill

      He won't cover it due to directors charged pedophile status

  • Hurricane Parro
    Hurricane Parro

    This movie wasn’t bad & the characters are not stupid, it was very scary & good, so show some respect😤

  • Mr Foxy
    Mr Foxy


  • jimmydotzel

    Lmao disjointed + jarring = disjarring. Don't worry James, I picked up what you were putting down. Even if it wasn't a real word.

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez

    I love the fire emblem reference

  • Grace Stephens
    Grace Stephens

    I literally forgot I’ve seen this movie until you guys went through it and showed some clips. So memorable this movie was not.

  • Yordi .
    Yordi .

    this shit is more funnier when you high ..i love y’all 😔✊

  • Casey Tobin
    Casey Tobin

    If we've learned anything from marvel movies, especially endgame it's that going back in time only produces an alternate future. So Tobey being in human form in the 80s thanks to time travel means the past that we knew through this series was 1 reality, and when he goes back and becomes human is the new one. But first comment from me on anything dead meat, just wanted to say I enjoy both this podcast and the kill count so keep up the great work.

  • clown mullet
    clown mullet

    i think from the get go, both are important because they will both grow up and be able to produce boys, but when katy (i forget which is which the one in the second movie) has a son first, now she’s the one that’s important and in danger, so they have to put tobey in the other sister (the one in the first movie)

  • Dari

    I swear to god, Chelsea is on a cosmic level of beautiful✨✨

  • Horrormaster13

    All Paranormal Activity Movies SUCK

  • roejoe

    hey i really think yall should read and discuss junji ito. he’s a really prominent j-horror figure and id love to see what you’d think

  • AntlerWeasel

    I loooove this movie... but for all the wrong reasons. It is one of the worst "horror" movies I saw. I saw it with my mom, sister and moms friend at the time on TV and my mom was getting into it for a bit and enjoying it... then the priest or whatever said "Your daughter was born on the 6th day, in the 6th month during the 6th year this millennium". I turned to her with the biggest grin on my face while she just gave a look of "Are you kidding me?" and I tried not to laugh really hard.

  • Gianna Hawkins
    Gianna Hawkins

    Hay dead meat love your vids and keep up the good work and you keep me smile 😄😀

  • Da Juice
    Da Juice

    I think the word he’s looking for is “jarring”. I had to look it up myself haha

  • Ricky Riley
    Ricky Riley

    When are you going to start covering more euro horror?

  • Nos Hablan Investigación paranormal
    Nos Hablan Investigación paranormal

    Great job friend. If you would like to give us your opinion about some psychophonies that we have, we would greatly appreciate it. A subscriber

  • David Penrod
    David Penrod

    Please write a scary movie :)

  • C's In
    C's In

    This has nothing to do with the subject, but I really dig the font & design used for the title. I assume that's Chelsea's doing, so Chelsea- I likey.

  • • Monnie •
    • Monnie •

    James wearing eye makeup is my kink.

  • SarahMNorris

    got to say, James, the eyeliner is a good look on you.

  • sun wards
    sun wards

    Y’all are so cute, you make it so enjoyable to watch the podcast.

  • Red Truth
    Red Truth

    Growing up our bloody Mary was aboutva lonely little girl trapped in the mirror. When you say her name three times you summon her and you'll trade places with her. You become the new bloody Mary waiting for someone to summon you to switch with you

    • Red Truth
      Red Truth

      It's kind of like a changeling

  • oCarsius

    We need a team of priests trained to do the red bull stratos project to bless an entire ocean, each one will have silver in their quadrant of the ocean they jump too. As they drop they recite the prayer bois and completes the ritual once they make contact with the ocean. #redbullgrantsangelwings

  • oCarsius

    Having sex in front of the ghost camera is like kinky equivalent of the kissing behind the xray screen video.

  • BoniFaz x
    BoniFaz x

    New shirt idea, who’s skylar ?

  • LoganHimesShow1

    I thought I hadn’t watched this paranormal activity before I started the pod, and then you described the scene where the brothers are watching the tape of Kristy describing the room they are in/daughters room and I had an aha moment and realized I had watched it, but just forgot everything about it except this one good scene lol.

  • DannX68

    Y'all ain't done yet, there's also Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night.

  • Timothy Filipkowski
    Timothy Filipkowski

    Soooo how would president Toby be an improvement?

  • IhatenaldsMcDo

    This podcast is great. Y'all are hilarious.

  • Molly Turner
    Molly Turner

    Chels- I grew up Catholic and was an alter server as well as going to Catholic school so I'm fairly well versed on that particular faith anyway, lol and have watched a lot of (mostly horror) movies where water sources are blessed into Holy water... Offhand, I'd say that it's a finite gift, and perhaps something the size of like a fountain could be blessed into Holy water by a single priest.. As to whether or not a priest could tell if something had been previously blessed, no I don't believe so in most cases. Rationality tells me this, but I certainly have seen things over the years that defy my understanding so I don't pretend to know everything.

  • Savannah

    The version of Bloody Mary I had as a kid was you go into the bathroom, turn the lights off, say it three times, and she'll appear in the mirror in front of you. Then once you leave the bathroom you'll have a scratch on your back

  • PunkBunni

    So the versions we had of bloody Mary was a young very pained woman shows up behind you in the mirror to drag you into the mirror if you called 3 times, A bloody eyeless woman who rips your eyes out if you call for her 5 times, or a Young woman who's covered in blood and asks where her baby is if you use candles, a baby doll, and call her 6 times. Lot of weird shit my dude

  • Truth Abez
    Truth Abez

    Your intro is the most badass intro I seen

  • Angel Wayne
    Angel Wayne

    7:10 Lucy shows up

  • 1236547899874563211

    Don't know the whole story on Skylar. But I know uncle Mike had a line about rehab while were doing intros.

  • Angela Farias
    Angela Farias

    Yasss lucifer love that show

  • Christine Exe
    Christine Exe

    I’m sorry but the best line hands down is “F*** me Ryan, next time I’m just gonna stay at mom’s.” 😂

  • Lith

    damn these podcasts need more love these are really good!!

  • Tyr23 9328
    Tyr23 9328

    If Paranormal Activity wanted to be a franchise, it really should have been an anthology series. Think about it, different characters and scenarios playing out in each movie, with maybe little hints of them being in the same universe.

  • theguybrarian

    i smell like beeeeeeeeef

  • MusicianGamer

    The version of “Bloody Marry” I grew up hearing went something like this: Stand in your bathroom and turn out the lights. Turn around three times while saying “Bloody Marry” with each turn ending with you facing the mirror. Now turn on the light but don’t blink otherwise”Bloody Marry” will be able to take you away. You have to stare her down in the mirror before you turn off the lights again and repeat her name another three times to make her leave. I never did it and even now it creeps me out to think of doing something so elaborate to make a ghost or demon or whatever she is suppose to be to appear your bathroom. FUCK THAT!

  • Latynna Davis
    Latynna Davis

    What about paranormal activity Tokyo nights?

  • Xander

    You guys should do an in depth review of signs.

  • VENOM21 2
    VENOM21 2

    Can you do the new childs play 2019 move?

    • Libby Ashe
      Libby Ashe

      He will, eventually, it's not out on Blu-ray yet.

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