Party in Room 6 - Gmod: TTT | Let's Play
We're back with another Gmod: TTT! Remember: Falling off boat = Bad.
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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Let's Play view is the right thing to do VN-my, so do.
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  • blazeaway13

    I love the look on Jeremy’s face as he’s staring at jack singing alone 8:14

  • Adem Abdulhayoglu
    Adem Abdulhayoglu

    50:01 mad respect to the editors on that transition

  • artistic Aperture
    artistic Aperture

    that last round was like a scooby doo episode

  • Ollie

    >Fiona and Lindsay call a gay meeting >Ryan instantly follows them and is killed

  • M Gundy
    M Gundy

    *Sigh* Lindsay is just the worst. No offense. I just can't.

  • Variety Spider Page
    Variety Spider Page

    “Die you small little bitch” might be my favorite Gavin quote.

  • Jroolry Gaming
    Jroolry Gaming

    The way Alfredo shot that cat😂

  • Coral McNaughton
    Coral McNaughton

    Jeremy: Matt, can you do it? You have more health than me. Matt: What? Oh, disarm it? Jeremy: No-No! See that- *disarm what?* Matt: Cha-cha real smooth

  • Tmb1112

    31:24 Lindsey's gotta stop using the cat. That was some BS right there

  • josh ellis 10
    josh ellis 10

    Gavin and Fiona are cute together

  • Catandogclone 13
    Catandogclone 13

    27:23 best possible reaction

  • leviathxns

    GOD that shot in the traitor's head from lindsay in the first round was amazing

  • JhericFury

    "I didn't start the fire-" "-I think the fire was there before the round began, so it's not ill intended." "That song is long as shit, dude" I got your joke, Lindsay.

  • Trader

    Jeez I like Lindsay but. COME ON! And she’s been using the cat for to reasons, 1 she likes it 2. They can’t shoot her well

  • rpcubed101

    31:40 Lindsay kills alfredo, and doesn't make a sound about it.....

  • Tiny Stick
    Tiny Stick

    Damn, I forgot how bad Lindsay was when she first started.

  • ODD

    I'm so glad in newer videos they changed Lindsey's skin, because that Cat skin was total bullshit lol

  • Sara

    (23:40) hold on does Fiona's shirt say 'BLACKPINK'? is Fiona a blink??

  • Griffin Jones
    Griffin Jones

    anyone know the song lindsay was referencing at 21:51? been bugging me all day

    • David

      Griffin Jones Bennie and the jets?

  • Stark vessel
    Stark vessel


  • Joseph Pugh
    Joseph Pugh

    Can we please get a toothpaste skin for Lil J?!

  • IHaveAMassiveFuzz

    I'm not jumping on the bandwagon but god, Fiona is so fucking annoying!

  • Michel Angelo
    Michel Angelo

    17 minutes in and i just realized i’ve been watching in 480P

  • UberZiggy

    I lost my shit at Bakugou just floating face down in the ocean

  • Draxous

    I'm always amazed how bad Lindsay is at this game or any game really

  • Trash-chan

    Lindsay is so terrible at this. They could replace her with literally anybody else and it would be so much better.

  • Anthonystuff1

    The fact that they keep on thinking a player model changes the hitbox bothers me so much

  • kiekeku ikeke
    kiekeku ikeke

    i wish they didnt let lindsay use the cat skin its so unfair for the others lol

  • Chimichanga Warrior
    Chimichanga Warrior

    Disarm what?? LMFAO

  • Hei Darkfire
    Hei Darkfire

    16:05 I don't know why that made me laugh so much. Hearing Jeremy's surprise them seeing him glare at Lindsay was just so entertaining.

  • Anya Thurmes
    Anya Thurmes

    I will never get tired of Bakugo With Gun

  • usul tulkas
    usul tulkas

    Jack is an utter dumbass as Jest or Swap. So hard to remember those roles

  • Justin Hiebenthal
    Justin Hiebenthal

    Lindsay is so unbelievably bad, it hurts. She's making excuses it was common knowledge, but she's actually just overloaded with the controls and whats happening she just can't talk and it's frustrating as hell.

  • Galactic Terry
    Galactic Terry

    Do they know the vampire can turn invisible or no

  • Galactic Terry
    Galactic Terry

    What’s the rules for the coustom classes

  • Oculus Fake
    Oculus Fake

    Oh never mind

  • Oculus Fake
    Oculus Fake

    Is everyone in that room blind Jeremy is smoking 17:12

    • Oculus Fake
      Oculus Fake

      Oh never mind

  • Mr. Revilnemesis
    Mr. Revilnemesis

    Top 10 Anime Quotes: Matt: And if you betray me in the end the video will be better so I'm okay with.

  • Vulcan

    Kinda annoying Lindsey’s comedy skit is to cause chaos by just either not doing something that obviously should be done, or just lack common sense tbh lol

  • Isaiah Cortez
    Isaiah Cortez

    Ohio is pretty nice but we got nothing

  • Waste Disposal Unit
    Waste Disposal Unit

    The ad for this video for me is Ola and its weird because i believe its coincidence

  • Rich Wang
    Rich Wang

    Ryan: Ohayo gozaimasu Fiona: Ohio goes-eye-miss Me: internal screaming

  • VulcanMushroom

    "I believe Gavin, I think he's innocent." "You would be incorrect."

  • StefanGaming

    I legit died when matt gave himself out to jeremy LMAO

  • Preston Collins
    Preston Collins

    This is months later but holy fucking shit Lindsay is stupid

  • Jack Ricketts
    Jack Ricketts

    We need more times of Jeremy screaming ALLLL RIGHTTTT

  • Trizzle MaNizzle
    Trizzle MaNizzle

    kinda hard to get headshots on a fucking error sign

  • Aqua Squishy
    Aqua Squishy

    Too much ghosting. Ruins the gameplay.

  • Jordan Dumpert
    Jordan Dumpert

    That bloody hallway reminded me of the twins in the shining.

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon Matthews

    Why do they play with Lindsey she is fucking useless just sack the whale already

  • Nacmack VonStin
    Nacmack VonStin

    me during the first round: *Banging my head against from how dumbfounded they didn't hear the LOUD YELLING OF WHO IT IS*

  • Connor Britton
    Connor Britton

    Fiona makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

  • Gschoener 1
    Gschoener 1

    i wish they'd've kept andy and fired fiona when they had those layoffs

  • Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths
    Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths

    I think the comments are looking at the cat thing in the worst way humanly possible... it can be a fun dynamic to have a nearly invisible character. It shouldn't be obvious where each character is at all times, or else they'd just force stock characters in the game... Variety is the spice of life, it gets boring for everyone to play human characters. Outside of that... yeah sure lindsey isnt great at the game, but that's a different issue from the cat costume. ... but also she's pretty funny at times. Not necessarily this video, but she usually goofs around more than others. And I ain't watching these fools for their excellent gaming skills. Literally alphredo/jeremy/ryan kindof but not really, are competent players. Kindof. But not really also.

    • Michel Angelo
      Michel Angelo

      Brandon Bevill tbh i think the cat skin is fair for Lindsay i think she’s great and hilarious but she’s not great at aiming so it sorta balances it out for her lol

  • Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths
    Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths

    Ngl, I lowkey LOVE Lindsey as a cat. Even if everyone else hates it lol... it gives a fun dynamic to the game.

  • Zach Kunz
    Zach Kunz

    Lindsay operates 8 seconds in the past from what is actually happening. She kills Jack. Ryan tells her to say something. She then says Jack's attacking even though she killed him 5 seconds ago. Lindsay?

    • Zach Kunz
      Zach Kunz

      @Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths You right man, very fair point!

    • Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths
      Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths

      Tbf, she was still in "adrenaline mode" over the betrayal, I'm guessing.. lol. Just shock/unclear about wtf is happening on screen... it was just a mess of limbs, tbf. But yes, you're not wrong lol. I get why her brain had a delay there, but also... not wrong lol.

  • Chris

    I love these videos but I definitely feel like Lindsay's skin gives her an unfair advantage lol

  • Sam Smyth
    Sam Smyth

    Lindsay’s lack of communication is infuriating.

  • OMFG gala
    OMFG gala

    Fiona being dumb as shit again, shooting her traitor buddy and then not calming it (out of all the other fine blunders)

  • Gerex

    Man, the blood effects never get old in source games, so good.

  • Callum Downes
    Callum Downes

    Lindsay called John Cena being a Toretto 4 months early 3:15

  • Bo Phelan
    Bo Phelan

    Lindsay correctly predicted John Cena and Vin Diesal being brothers

  • Willblue18

    49:26 Jeremy tells Jack how he really feels.

  • Lukas Bogart
    Lukas Bogart

    There should be a innocent that can revive people and they become innocents,like the hypnotist but innocent

  • Michael H.
    Michael H.

    FIona = Dislike

  • SmOove

    I hate lindsay and fiona

  • A. Kerr
    A. Kerr


  • The Trash Mammal
    The Trash Mammal

    Gavin: *shoots someone* Victim: Gavin wha- *dies* Gavin: UWAAH OH AAHWUAH

  • Tyler Hamilton
    Tyler Hamilton

    unpopular op............god lindsay in this and go

  • Isomorph

    Lindsay is so useless and i love her

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