Party in Room 6 - Gmod: TTT | Let's Play
We're back with another Gmod: TTT! Remember: Falling off boat = Bad.
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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Let's Play view is the right thing to do VN-my, so do.
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  • Sebastian

    "He's so bad at shooting" Dies. I love GMOD

  • Patrick Schay
    Patrick Schay

    Anyone else notice, Lindsay has an unfair advantage and still sucks? It was also funny when she thought she was the glitch and turned into a traitor mid-game cause she's dumb.

  • Mc Hammer
    Mc Hammer

    Vampire should be cannible and its knife should be called the skinner

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding

    Gavin always speaks up when they think he's dead, not right away... But every time.

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding

    Lindsay doesn't call out shit. First Fredi and then Jeremy kills her after Jack and she says nothing the whole time.

  • Ahmed Hasan
    Ahmed Hasan

    9:40 How did Alfredo have an empty magazine? :S

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding

    Lindsay Deadpool is not gay

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding

    Jack realising he's the swapper was fucking great

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding

    Lindsay: *talking* Fiona: Lindsay are you alive? Me: *facepalm*

  • Alexander Harding
    Alexander Harding

    Fiona: *trying to get through hole* I'm stuck Jack: crouch Me: *facepalm*

  • Sarah Fuller
    Sarah Fuller

    Fiona is beyond annoying.

  • J Eugene
    J Eugene

    That last bit was straight out of scooby doo.

  • CamtheMarauder

    I like how at 24:31 Jack was like, "oh shit".

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller

    Lindsay's cat skin shouldn't be allowed. Provides unfair advantage on maps like this, and has smaller hitbox She also doesn't say anything which is annoying

  • Fyredrake0470

    There's just something so satisfying about hearing Fiona say "I'll fucking kill you" while using the Bakugo skin. It's just so on point

  • alexander hospedales
    alexander hospedales

    For eveyone who defends Lindsey's gameplay in these vids she is just not good at this game and yeah its hard to watch sometimes. You dont have to defend her for that, but i don't get when people are mean and personally insult her intelligence or her looks their is no reason or need for that. She is known for doing and say dumb things for comedy thats her style if don't like it live with and watch it or just don't watch stuff she is in. Basically just stop being shitty to others to make your self feel better.

  • sandman1008

    Why is it so hard for Gavin to figure out it was Jack's C4 that killed him? That should be obvious.

  • Brendan Haran
    Brendan Haran

    They need to bring back taze fist

  • Rodrigo roa
    Rodrigo roa

    Lindsay saying "puto" at the beginning of the video made my day 😂

  • Harry Maddocks
    Harry Maddocks

    lindsey is so bad its painful to watch

  • Regan Perry
    Regan Perry

    Lindsay is great but she shouldn't play this

  • Quincy R.
    Quincy R.

    10 years and Lindsey still doesn’t have it 😂😂

  • EliteFwiz

    Why the fuck was Lindsay allowed to play as a tiny ass cat thats so fucking stupid

  • Alexandre Ducharme
    Alexandre Ducharme

    "Per se, dead."

  • BUSH2438

    Fuk your gay shit

  • Shannon F
    Shannon F

    Jeremy's reaction to sniping Lindsay at 39:09 is both adorable and hilarious

  • Holden Makok
    Holden Makok

    *jeremy kills gavin then walks past lindsay* lindsay: nice jeremy jeremy: thank y- LINDSAY YOU WERE ALIVE lindsay: yeah i was coming to back you up

  • hippidippi

    29:15 ''Why would try to kill me in front of me while I was talking to you?''

  • William Huggins
    William Huggins

    Lindsay is shit at TTT it is frustrating

  • Owen Murray
    Owen Murray

    Love the Gmod we are getting.. Just keep Lindsay out of it.

    • AshesToBurn

      Lindsey is actually pretty entertaining when she plays so zip it.

  • antonio rollins
    antonio rollins

    Can someone time stamp the disarm that part

  • Preston Black
    Preston Black

    Lindsay's skin is so broken.

  • Darth Cerebus
    Darth Cerebus

    I like how Gavin doesn't understand C4 when he was eating Fiona XD If Jack didn't shoot, clearly you died another way that only C menu users can do.


    So what happens if someone who is haunted by the phantom killed the swapper? would the ex-swapper still be haunted by the phantom or does the phantom comeback to life?

  • Cosmic Tears
    Cosmic Tears

    Lindsay's models is kinda unfair

  • Ashar Saleem
    Ashar Saleem

    Last round was really fucking good. GG video. These are my favorite AH videos recently

  • AFluffyWhiteKitty

    Goddamn Lindsay, like, just fucking use your brain and play properly.

  • TrundenTheBad

    The swapper is the stupidest addition to their ttt

  • Crint Casser
    Crint Casser

    Love the video guys, but please dear lord, make sure everyone has the skins and textures downloaded so Lindsay can actually see Fiona. Would make the vid perfect, keep up the Gmod!!!!

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood

    The cat skin is so dumb, unfair advantage for a shitty player

  • Nick Hartjen
    Nick Hartjen

    That moment when the battle buddies just clear the round nearly flawlessly

    • Nick Hartjen
      Nick Hartjen

      It’s clear they know how to work together.

  • Vonriel


  • Unpopular Opinion
    Unpopular Opinion

    Fiona: Doesn't understand the game, doesn't understand the roles, STILL doesn't know the controls... Can we... can we just not have her in G-Mod vids anymore?

  • Lucas Gumbel
    Lucas Gumbel

    Lindsay might be dumb

  • FluffyMaster 2000
    FluffyMaster 2000

    is it jsut me or is fiona really really hot :O

  • Little Meister
    Little Meister

    Lindsay in any LetsPlay just makes it worse...she never does anything the right way and we reached a point where her playing dumb is just tiring....

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz

    Gavin and Fiona backing Jack into a corner was hilarious.

  • Lindsey Clark
    Lindsey Clark

    I genuinely love Lindsay so much, but I can’t stand when she doesn’t call things out! Like at 38:10 when Jeremy kills Gav, and she just quietly tries to take him out. Like girl he just killed your deputy right in front of you!! You should be yelling “ITS JEREMY” over and over and over again until everyone knows and you or someone else take him out!!! As much as it drives my crazy Lindsay beings so much comedy to these videos I love it ♥️

  • moviemaker2011z

    heres a hint for the future, if theres a detective in play and a person you cant see claims they're healing because they're the merc. kill that person because its almost always a lie when they say that.

  • Xavier Bush
    Xavier Bush

    With how often they say it, Deputy should be an official role.

  • Bryson

    i actually like lindsay less than fiona at this point

  • Aspen Young
    Aspen Young

    so fiona shot lindsay in the face and lindsay didnt notice

  • Redflametrow

    Gavin and Lindsay honestly were the mvps. Their mix of chaos and skill really made this video great.

  • Redflametrow

    43:46 through 45:20 was so great the editor couldn't decide what to show and showed both.

  • sctr1235

    speak you assholes............ literally as people just got done talking duh

  • Victor F.
    Victor F.

    Lindsay "cat" model actually annoys me but it provides good content not always being able to see her

  • gorgeplays minecraft
    gorgeplays minecraft

    Please play with geoff

  • kelsey gill
    kelsey gill

    Is Fiona high in this lol

  • Sakine

    I'm just excited over this Bakugou holding a gun

  • Angus Roth
    Angus Roth

    Gavin: "You killed me Jack" Jack: *not realizing he placed fucking C4 in the ship* Maybe I blacked out? Me: *dies*

  • Erin Jones
    Erin Jones

    Are we just not gonna talk about how Jeremy started becoming enveloped in evil traitor smoke at 17:27 until the end of the round and no one noticed at all??

    • mickyflint 1218
      mickyflint 1218

      thats not traitor smoke. its a sign they killed a phantom. if they die phantom respawns. innocents and traitors get that.

  • Ash Pantheron
    Ash Pantheron

    Love these videos. Only downside is getting bothered by the cat playermodel. I get it she isn't the best at aiming but when she is hiding in a dark vent that makes her near invisible with a tiny hitbox and is shooting from there its kinda meh. Though glad to see them all take it in stride.

  • Dackerman

    25:26 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Been a while since I needed to bust out the lenny face. Thanks, Fiona for that wonderful phrasing.

  • Beastinlosers

    Probably the best TTT yet

  • Sha Choudhury
    Sha Choudhury

    Lindsay barely called out anything useful the entire vid... why am I not surprised

  • Mad King Wedge
    Mad King Wedge

    27:25 That scene is straight out of a horror movie. MY GOD ALL THE BLOOD ON THE WALLS!

  • Chris Larson
    Chris Larson

    That final chase. I love it when one person goes on a panic rampage

  • malicious Red
    malicious Red

    Jack becomes killer: Gavin prepare to die Gavin as terrorist:you are already dead Jack: nani Gavin: DIE

  • Julio Rodas
    Julio Rodas

    The look on Jeremy's face when he found out Lindsay was alive!🤣

  • Einstein0808

    Lol 16:00 xD. Nice video!! Also lol at 44:00 xDDD

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