Pawn Stars: MILLION DOLLAR Soviet Union Cold War Uniforms (Season 8) | History
Pawn Stars
A guy comes into the shop with two KGB uniforms, but his ridiculously high offer could be too steep for Rick in this clip from Season 8, "Merchant of Vegas". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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  • Fortnite Awesome
    Fortnite Awesome

    Can someone start typing where the price is at

  • Tord Larsson
    Tord Larsson

    I would pay good money to buy those uniforms 😂

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez

    The guy was like I won’t be alive 50 years from now.

  • Johann Fuchs
    Johann Fuchs

    I swear that’s the guy that owned the toy store in home alone 2

  • брежневский

    my grandfather was in the red army until stalin stabbed him in the back just like the thousands of other soldiers and innocent people

  • Fanthoms Marrentarhenyeee
    Fanthoms Marrentarhenyeee

    I feel like all the people who comes there are getting scammed

  • Ngawang KALDEN
    Ngawang KALDEN

    Man: I have the forbidden fruit, signed personally by Adam and eve themselves. Rick: the best I can do is some oranges for it. and not to mention I am taking the risk here as your apple is half eaten and my orange is brand new.

  • Алексей Субочев
    Алексей Субочев

    Родину продал🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr A Team 604
    Mr A Team 604

    The old guy looks like the man from home alone 2

  • Boat Axe
    Boat Axe

    Guy misspeaks and says $900,000 so the history channel says‘Million Dollar’ in the title, sounds like something that the Russian propaganda agency would do.

  • sgt_mundy

    2:29 the uniform is soviet, but the guy is a nazi lol

  • kerry Lord
    kerry Lord

    I like the buddy system..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • commandoslayer

    What's the name of the soundtrack that starts at 2:02?

  • kyle k
    kyle k

    love how he said it was the bad guys uniform. tf... there was no good or bad side, usually never is...

  • The Mastema
    The Mastema

    Experts on what?

  • anthony Lastname
    anthony Lastname

    This is an insult to the Order of Linen community!

  • jeff c
    jeff c

    The customer looks like the toy store owner from Home Alone 2

  • Malimo888 Fortnite
    Malimo888 Fortnite

    Million dollar?

  • alexander7mora6

    ese rick no sabe mucho de historia, la guerra fria la ganaron los malos y por eso el mundo es una mierda

  • Im stuck in 2012 help
    Im stuck in 2012 help

    Customer:Ill give you russia Rick:Ill give you a 5 dollar gift card fir toys r us and im taking a huge risk here

  • Barnabas Barnabas
    Barnabas Barnabas

    If I was a seller I will take it back that jacket is not just a jacket its so expensive in future defenetly 👌👌👌

  • JD

    This is so cool

  • Steven Hargis
    Steven Hargis

    When he said i can fo 800,000 he shouldve said deal right then wither he ment it or not

  • Jared Burchel
    Jared Burchel

    Give him 12,000,00

  • Toby Roth
    Toby Roth

    Since you guys seem confused on two things so let me clarify, The guy wanted a million dollars They’re only worth $700 (not 700 thousand, 700 dollars)

    • Tom Kenneth Bjørnsen
      Tom Kenneth Bjørnsen

      The guy wanted $900 or $1000. He never said a million. The guys in the shop just didn't hear him saying "or". He even told them again after Corey said $800,000. The title of the clip is just way off, or probably just click bait.

  • Gavin Connor
    Gavin Connor

    The kids these days don’t even know what is like we had nuclear bomb drill we do know we have school shooting drills

  • BoOnK sOuP
    BoOnK sOuP

    Million dollar uniforms sells for 450

  • TheExluto [Archive]
    TheExluto [Archive]

    That seems really low tbh I doubt there are many general KGB uniforms out there with so many awards. To think a Gucci scarf or supreme shirt goes for more is crazy I would buy one of these for $1000 let alone a pair.

  • David N. Productions
    David N. Productions

    what's the song at 3:12

  • Alex Lincoln
    Alex Lincoln

    1:19 the old men should stayed quiet and he was going to receive more money

  • Adrian Moraru
    Adrian Moraru

    pawn producers: you are so dumb. Pacepa was no KGB. he was Romanian Intelligence, not russian

  • KingZ

    It probably would sell more in Russia.

  • Sir HK91G3
    Sir HK91G3

    Rick is 1/10 as smart as the old man and the kid is 1/10 as smart as Rick.......we're losing ground

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer

    800 K goes to 1 K, big drop, am I right.

  • Matthew Gill
    Matthew Gill

    This guy looks like the toy store owner from home alone 2

  • jack mcneill
    jack mcneill

    I hate how they over exaggerate the titles of all the videos that are uploaded "million doller jacket" but it's bought for only 450?

  • Caboose


  • Andrew Wells
    Andrew Wells

    "bad guys" 😂😂😂

  • TBG Reomz
    TBG Reomz

    When you are watching a video that says a million Pawn stars Subsricber Count: a million


    they rip people off hard

  • Густава Дукат
    Густава Дукат

    What makes you think this is a KGB uniform? The KGB's shoulder straps are trimmed with blue thread, not red Is infantery general-colonel uniform


    Rick: Going under your desk can save you from a nuclear bomb... Me: WhAt AbOuT tHe RaDiOaCtIvItY fRoM tHe BoMb?

  • SirBilly

    Customer: It’s worth a heck a lot more than 750k. Also costumer: $450? Alright then

  • andrew wyatt
    andrew wyatt

    That's a disappointment might as well keep um mate

  • Craig Flett
    Craig Flett

    Hey Mr Duncan from home alone 2

  • Cogie Arastam
    Cogie Arastam

    Fix your title

  • Cogie Arastam
    Cogie Arastam

    Fix your title

  • Negrusoiu Razvan
    Negrusoiu Razvan

    Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa was not KGB. He was part of the Romanian "Securitate", which was essentially the Romanian internal security forces. He was also against the Russians and was convinced the Russians want to throw over the Romanian government at that time.

  • Valerio Bertucci
    Valerio Bertucci

    another lowered price by the "expert"....

  • brenton3796

    I would buy that uniform for $1000 without a second thought

  • John Cloois
    John Cloois

    1:03 hope it won't be soon, again.


    One of the bad guys???? Democratic much? Propagand some?

  • Up coming cloud rapper luca
    Up coming cloud rapper luca

    Probably cost more to get those jackets originally

  • a capri sun
    a capri sun

    i would keep it

  • Asahel

    when he said 900k , its like WOAAHH whats that Stalin uniform when he died?

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof

    I just discovered that pawn stars is staged and fake........

  • Mason Mcgrew
    Mason Mcgrew

    Remember that anyone that doesn't think the same way as you is "the bad guy"

    • Prussian Monarchist
      Prussian Monarchist

      The Soviet Union killed millions of people during it's short 70 years of existence. They are definitely "the bad guy."

  • mattyaguinaga

    How much I will have it

  • Flux3on

    Went from $900k to $900 in 3 seconds

  • Kevin Ireland
    Kevin Ireland

    I'f they didnt sell for 20 years that's good they'll be worth more duhh

  • Nerf Elite Army
    Nerf Elite Army

    Should’ve kept the 800,000 lol

  • HagShack5

    My Uniform costs more than $400...

  • Nikhil Eshwar
    Nikhil Eshwar

    He should have agreed at 800,000$

  • TacoTheftMC

    Glad to see Pawn Stars get into the whole clickbait side of youtube.

  • Phillip brown
    Phillip brown

    This dude from the toy store from Home Alone 2

  • Mert Tekgüç
    Mert Tekgüç

    "I have the literal jacket stalin died in" "best I can do is 5 dollars"

  • Eli Torres
    Eli Torres

    Should’ve accepted the $800,000

  • Shiwan Mavaneh
    Shiwan Mavaneh

    I guess the rich even got control of ancient artifacts etc.. They own the world and the working class. Because at least half of the working class are a bunch of morons that get brainwashed by sleazy talking points and propaganda. Generally speaking.

  • Dustin Dupont
    Dustin Dupont

    So million dollar uniforms are worth 400$?

  • Avery Franz
    Avery Franz

    It’s probably worth $900,000

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