Pokimane reacts to Michael Reeves: I Built A Surgery Robot
Pokimane Too
i hope you enjoyed seeing my pop up in a michael reeves video :o i had a lot of fun ^_^
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  • Tage Karlsson
    Tage Karlsson

    Poki sounds like an older sister

  • NeoPlayz

    @pokimane i got banned on discord please unban me i accidentaly paysted my discord server link without thinking

  • koppy

    people simp over you you cant deny that poki

  • gamingisfun0_0 YT
    gamingisfun0_0 YT

    Idk why but I was laughing so much

  • Epic Cube
    Epic Cube

    Why does pokemane swear now :(

  • Garrett Porter
    Garrett Porter

    Michael got Mom-zoned

  • ñugget leep
    ñugget leep

    Is.fu*king 4;00 and im watch ing this

  • Pink Gibus
    Pink Gibus

    Here's me searching for simps

  • Baby

    I smell simps

  • Dixie _Gaming
    Dixie _Gaming

    Is pokimane and his girlfriend

  • Wrlwind X
    Wrlwind X

    It's more like a murder machine

  • stickypigeon

    I'm not gonna simp for her but I like her Michael videos because she sounds like a proud mother to a mad scientist

  • Jaszper Castro
    Jaszper Castro

    Ms. POKIMANE, you Know What Poki Means In Filipino Language?, That's A Slang Ver. of PUKE that in Filipino Language that Means Vagina. Just Saying...

    • mxtches

      lmao that was kinda unnecessary but go off

  • Bitch chan
    Bitch chan

    99% of people who click on this: SIMP ENGAGE me: is twitch chat this dumb to give some chick tons of cash just to be noticed?

    • Bitch chan
      Bitch chan

      @Partyhobber I just cant exactly see what is so amazing about her, i mean she is kinda funny i guess but that just does not make sense to me why people donate so much to e-girls in general

    • Partyhobber

      It’s the same with almost every other popular streamer, why attack the ones that donate to poki 🤦🏾

  • Night Art
    Night Art

    This robot is literally just a murderbot. Straight outta Saw.

  • GC - 06ZJ - Fairwind Sr PS (1159)
    GC - 06ZJ - Fairwind Sr PS (1159)

    I thought u Don’t swear or don’t show people swear lol Nvm I’m fukin dying

  • Alex Rojas
    Alex Rojas

    Guys Michael is the baby poki kept on talking about when Lily and Albert was still a thing.

  • Ryanplayz Adopt me
    Ryanplayz Adopt me

    What was the intro music called?

  • Drei Obsitue
    Drei Obsitue

    I didnt know that was you for a second

  • Steve

    Do u have a crush on michael

  • Morris Zen
    Morris Zen

    I have a channel called fatbutsweet if you need a nother person in down

  • inc_S4ns

    Boy:this looks more friendly and gooder Also boy: kills random thing with a knife

  • inc_S4ns

    I like how pokiman talk so Temmie from undertale hI mE tEmMiE mE sElL cHOoco

  • Drunk Oompaville
    Drunk Oompaville

    what’s a simp?

  • ConfidingRex85

    Mykull is the king of comedic juxtaposition I'm not sure if I'm using the word juxtaposition correctly but eh.

  • Paolo Gaviola
    Paolo Gaviola

    People: are you just gonna use your hands too move it? Michael: no, you’re stupid and I hate you Poki: Awww

  • MR holeeCrap
    MR holeeCrap

    When she show his phone Me:ohh a waifu

  • Amsal Hasanovic
    Amsal Hasanovic

    She can't even hide it,we know she has a crush on michael

  • JaseOnTheCase

    Me: A Michael video All the simps: "Woah there son, are you sure you want to do this?"

  • Bender Anonymity
    Bender Anonymity

    Micheal reeves is my recommended

  • Yaro YT
    Yaro YT


  • Luca Frid
    Luca Frid

    if you need knifes just ask LazarBeam he gets knifes all the time

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    Lol the prototype is more safer than the actual robot

  • Isaac Rodrigues
    Isaac Rodrigues

    cum cum cum cum cum cum

  • JoEy !?
    JoEy !?

    Hey I lost my shit too can you help me find it?

  • Каленков Даниил
    Каленков Даниил

    Nga u simp

  • Terrence John Masalonga
    Terrence John Masalonga

    C:Carriage U:Utility M: Mechanism 6:23

  • Liam And Cian's YouTube Channel
    Liam And Cian's YouTube Channel

    I'm not a simp.

  • Liam And Cian's YouTube Channel
    Liam And Cian's YouTube Channel

    Hi Poki!

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    Honestly I don’t think Michael’s videos could ever be bad they’re so funny

  • Leo

    14:01 YOU KILLED HIM!!!!!!

  • KingDab123

    Let’s be honest here... You’re a simp

  • Michelle Goddard
    Michelle Goddard

    Hey I love the new intro just wanna say I love you and keep doing what you do

  • Daniel Berdar
    Daniel Berdar

    Stop hitting on him

  • im_depressed_and_im_sorry

    Is Michael your brother?

  • Austin Washburn
    Austin Washburn

    The worst laughs it's Chanel West Coast

  • Austin Washburn
    Austin Washburn

    The worst laughs it's Chanel West Coast

  • ThatNumber3IsMeTihi

    It didn't come from a mouse pad it came from a hentai manga I think

  • Omer Zalman
    Omer Zalman


  • Omer Zalman
    Omer Zalman

    He should make a pimple popping machine He needs one

  • Wise Chonky Boi
    Wise Chonky Boi

    Michael Reeves is basically Harry Potter of Robot Wizardry

  • Fun With Albi
    Fun With Albi

    1:26 FBI wants to know ur location

  • Poop Drifter
    Poop Drifter

    Why the hell did she let us see anime boobs

  • Samuel Briggs
    Samuel Briggs

    Is he your brother or something. You said he's just like at home

    • pond scum
      pond scum

      they lived together at the time of this video

  • Thunder Hernandez
    Thunder Hernandez

    She should date him

  • Aaden DuFresne
    Aaden DuFresne

    8:55 I think the arcades have found their new Operation Claw Machine. If you mess up the pateint FUCKING DIES. opps sorry richard

  • Adrian Clay
    Adrian Clay

    10:13 micheal swinging his hand around like a confused toddler is the content we enjoy. Thanks micheal

  • į ĺįvę føř ņøţhįńģ
    į ĺįvę føř ņøţhįńģ

    Its smehtai

  • Vlad

    At 8:00 look at the chat

  • Chase Karate
    Chase Karate

    Pokimane or are you a pokimon

  • Chase Karate
    Chase Karate

    So much Asmar pokimon

  • cheem ur fren
    cheem ur fren

    please help me

  • Okubo Juu
    Okubo Juu

    Poki I luv your vids

  • ako 2
    ako 2

    poki's cute...😁

  • karev_yaveh

    Robbinhard said C U M and I stoped it perfect time cause I was getting a mango WTF your chat is weird

  • Gabe_the_gacha_fox !
    Gabe_the_gacha_fox !

    Wait... you live with Michael!?!?

    • pond scum
      pond scum

      they are both in OfflineTV

  • Luca Balaj
    Luca Balaj

    Confirmed Pokimane simps for Micheal Reeves

  • Isaiah Currin
    Isaiah Currin

    past me: keep getting this ^_^ no am not happy u dipshit me now: wow am happy no really good video

  • lethal.quickxy 1
    lethal.quickxy 1

    Your guys pov: looking for @Michael Reeves comment

  • Alex Noyes
    Alex Noyes

    :nobody Poki: hehe. H E. H E

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