Polo G - Deep Wounds Official Video 🎥By Ryan Lynch
Polo G
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  • Polo G
    Polo G

    “We aint Neva Duckin Beef🙅🏾‍♂️Bitch We Not Vegan”🗣‼️

    • dashino francis
      dashino francis


    • nchill young
      nchill young

      youre the legend of all time, no doubt, everybody know that youre a legend and you will die as a legend ❤️

    • Joshuah Chavez
      Joshuah Chavez

      loves bllod from the same blood family

    • Joshuah Chavez
      Joshuah Chavez

      bitch we aint vegan

    • Shakir M.
      Shakir M.

      Polo G GANG

  • shawn remy
    shawn remy

    “We ain’t nevaa dukin beef bitch we not vegan” FELLLLLLT 🙏🏾😫

  • Luh Jd
    Luh Jd

    Like this is polo g is the best❤️ but die a legend is gonna break the charts

  • Aisa Acain
    Aisa Acain

  • Jaylin Ragland
    Jaylin Ragland

    es my song on foenem

  • Holy Takey
    Holy Takey

    WHO do dislike too this song WTF go to the hospital and check yourself....!

  • XxJayron

    I can relate

  • X-tream NoVa
    X-tream NoVa

    Man's so clean no one stopped to notice his busted ass Gucci slides

  • Lawrence Heasley
    Lawrence Heasley

    Heard he went unidentified them hollows chewed his face

  • jacob baez
    jacob baez

    Tbh y'all all r loosers bc most of ya hatin' on this song

  • Lokesh Khatri
    Lokesh Khatri

    It's should be 188 mill not 18 too underrated

  • Zye Sellsツ
    Zye Sellsツ

    IG Intensejayy

  • Sa Sa
    Sa Sa

    I’ve been scarred by your love left my heart bleedin’ 😢

  • Liam Nordstrand
    Liam Nordstrand

    "My friend got killed on the same block we used to play"


    This is tough man💯🖤

  • Micah Wagers
    Micah Wagers

    I cannot stop listening to this 🤯

  • Ao1 Dev
    Ao1 Dev

    “I know that death come unexpected you can’t choose a day” “One minute life was so hard shit had me losing faith” “I couldn’t get wrapped up in that drama had to move away” “Everything can change depending on wha you do today” “You gotta live with each decision that you choose to make” I felt everyone of these lines 150%

  • Dan Sharov
    Dan Sharov

    This dude's swag is lit...

  • junior ngakani
    junior ngakani


  • Christopher Edwards
    Christopher Edwards

    “Death come unexpected you can’t chose a day” so true rip x and love this song

  • Andrew Neill
    Andrew Neill

    He had one fucked up life I blame the government this time🤦🏼‍♂️

  • w23thegamer u
    w23thegamer u

    I no how you feel😭😇

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez

    Red berms on da head

  • Norberto Carpio
    Norberto Carpio

    You so cool

  • cohen boulet
    cohen boulet

    Ridin in a rari with a glock no lava If that lyric is 🔥 like 👇🏻

  • lazer lachy
    lazer lachy

    My friend got killed on the same block where use to play

  • Nick

    polo g gonna scoop with the gang like to activate

  • latara Taylor
    latara Taylor

    Polo bro all your songs fire 🔥

  • Money Sniper
    Money Sniper

    Make this blue if u fw Polo Gs music 👇🏽

  • SumaMoreAudio

    "I Know That Death Come Unexpected You Cant Choose The Day🖤:(

  • keiden marajeen
    keiden marajeen

    "everything can change depend on what you do today"💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • ツNevermore

    I mean he spiting facts

  • strqfe

    The Gucci belt is blurred xD

  • Angel Guzman
    Angel Guzman

    “My friends got killed on the same block where we used to play”...”You got your life in your hands until you lose a case” RIP my niggas & Free lil bro jay and all the solid

  • Paris Patterson
    Paris Patterson


  • Simba Gill
    Simba Gill

    only real polo g fans will understand this song and love it

  • 317- fortnite
    317- fortnite

    Only people who brush their teeth can like this🤢


    5.1k white people disliked this video,this stuff is real stuff.

    • Adam Noyb
      Adam Noyb

      I doubt it. Us white people love polo

  • Kaliya walker
    Kaliya walker

    We all know that belt Gucci 💯

  • Queen Rubio
    Queen Rubio

    Polo G is Real ASF NO Cap

  • Queen Rubio
    Queen Rubio

    He is ma inspiration no cap thx Polo G

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB

    Felt like he was talking to me

  • d maze
    d maze

    "223 spit out quick when that choppa ringing"🔥

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB


  • elijah logan
    elijah logan

    big hack polo g aka polo g gang

  • adam 1
    adam 1

    Nipple Hussle flow 💪🏿💪🏿

  • Taya the queen cool
    Taya the queen cool

    Man this song sings true facts🔥🔥🔥

  • Arthur Williams
    Arthur Williams

    Video and song is🔥🔥🔥 That car and that suit he got is 🔥🔥

  • fallen angel90
    fallen angel90

    U have beef with Polo g u got beef with me

  • RiZE H8ReD
    RiZE H8ReD

    why his Gucci belt blurred?

  • CenZ

    Yo every song is a big hit and it's all talent no bs rap cappin and shii. Album is fire and the lyrics really hit me :) wish the best for you Polo g and everyone who sees this. Go hunt your dreams

  • Hajara Tanko
    Hajara Tanko

    It's a rolls Royce

  • Yoey Robbins
    Yoey Robbins

    Top 3 polo g song Battle cry Deep wounds Last strike

  • MasonFilmz ,
    MasonFilmz ,

    Leave a like if this is one of his best songs ⬇️

  • MasonFilmz ,
    MasonFilmz ,

    Best song from polo g

  • Mb Ty
    Mb Ty

    My little niggas about that action they be glock squeezing

  • JRyan FromTheBlock
    JRyan FromTheBlock

    He gasps for air so weirdly I thought it was a sample at first but all respect not hating this song deep fr fr

  • Eqal SAGE
    Eqal SAGE

    Polo g I went to your concert in Chicago at the Vic theater that was lit man I give all my blessings to u

  • Horizon

    beautiful. Respect

  • Casio selfmade
    Casio selfmade

    Can someone see the gucci logo? haha

  • The Official Will54
    The Official Will54

    Still listening to this song in September 2019 Low key this shit is DEEP🥶🥶🥶

  • Yusuf Abdur-rahman
    Yusuf Abdur-rahman


  • some weird guy thats dumb
    some weird guy thats dumb

    All Of This Is Actually True You Do Live Of Witch Decision You Choose To Make

  • Torrence Westbrook
    Torrence Westbrook

    Sub to me exotic t color

  • John Hakes
    John Hakes

    No thots just 💯 talent in all his songs

  • Mike Britner
    Mike Britner

    Im sadd it so emotional

  • Kessandrah Persue
    Kessandrah Persue

    Everything he drops just🔥🔥🔥

  • Ancient Soul
    Ancient Soul

    Soul** AncientSoul 3May$un

  • #FullSend City
    #FullSend City

    If chief keef spoke english

  • 50cent VEVO
    50cent VEVO

    Everything can change depend on what you do today

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