Pulled His Tooth out For New iPhones!!
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Sit back and buckle in. Today is long and super funny. Hope you enjoy.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on VN-my since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    This is some of the hardest I have laughed in a long time. I hope you can watch the whole video today. Its super funny.

    • Kathlien Healy
      Kathlien Healy

      Jordon Tucker 6

    • Dustin Davis
      Dustin Davis

      Love the vlog Roman

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      Logan Adams


    • Heather Blackmon
      Heather Blackmon


    • Alison Somerville-Vella
      Alison Somerville-Vella

      Nate sxe

  • ahmed md
    ahmed md


  • ahmed md
    ahmed md


  • Ryan Brooks
    Ryan Brooks

    Hi Roman

  • Saige Harrison
    Saige Harrison

    am i the only one that noticed they were flipping DASANI water

  • trey wilson
    trey wilson

    paper rock sissors? lmao

  • Nicolas Lopez
    Nicolas Lopez

    Your videos are cool I love them thank you for supporting all of everybody in the world and I’m one of your biggest fans

  • M A
    M A

    That’s the Easton mall!

  • Wesley Mcright
    Wesley Mcright

    When will you post another video it's getting annoying how I run out of watching your amazing videos

  • Owen Nolan
    Owen Nolan

    Whey did I watch this

  • Alex H
    Alex H

    I’d like Emily to win

  • Lindsey McClaren
    Lindsey McClaren

    what do you mean about your friends turned yellow

  • Autumn Coffman
    Autumn Coffman

    I like the variety Bow .

  • Fiendツ

    42:04 btw

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias Reyes

    When are you going to post again

  • Landon Endsley
    Landon Endsley

    You guys are the best ❤️

  • MayaKate Jenkins
    MayaKate Jenkins

  • 2023 Fernando Yanez Ramirez
    2023 Fernando Yanez Ramirez

    becareful roman dont catch corona virus

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R


  • UnicornsFor Life1243
    UnicornsFor Life1243

    Wait so did Brian actually pull his tooth?!?! 🤣

  • Samantha Tompkins
    Samantha Tompkins

    I wanted to see Emily

  • 637 Gang
    637 Gang


  • Shannon Wims
    Shannon Wims


  • Kim Schultz
    Kim Schultz

    I think Emily would win but she didn’t get that much points so I feel real bad and I just wanna cry

  • Penny Portner
    Penny Portner

    I was hoping Brian one

  • Quantumbeef912

    There no way this is real

  • Damien Johnson
    Damien Johnson

    Your so strong, LMFAO... IM WEAK....lol..lolahahaha...wow stop bro stop

  • Miles Martin
    Miles Martin

    I watch your videos every day am a fan of yours Roman

  • Austin Belcher
    Austin Belcher


  • Duane Loeder
    Duane Loeder

    More Vlogs please!

  • Mohammed Alabbas
    Mohammed Alabbas

    Brian is such a buttface

  • Kratos Rage
    Kratos Rage

    The poster needs Zeus himself the dog man i missed him but everyone will loved him

  • Stacey Paul
    Stacey Paul

    i never get something from you

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ


  • Ahmed A
    Ahmed A


  • Anna Murry
    Anna Murry

    yes i will Roman

  • Janine Lopez
    Janine Lopez

    I never got smile more Mirch

  • Tiko Hype
    Tiko Hype

    I’m happy that Brian one

  • Snyder

    I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 46 seconds.

  • Charlie Carter
    Charlie Carter

    On the wooden box one in the shop, he got the closest, not her

  • Deborah Kennedy
    Deborah Kennedy

    To Roman, his beautiful bride, et. al... You Rock! My Story! Sticking to it! Right people? 👍👍👍❤👍

  • Deborah Kennedy
    Deborah Kennedy

    For all 5 of us kids (me and 4 sibs), our family motto has always been: SPAZZES HAVE MORE FUN. Mom? Not so much, right? 😎 So one Thanksgiving a few years ago... we sibs were in the living room chatting while mom was in the kitchen whipping the mashed potatoes with a hand blender. Whirr. I said, loudly, of ourse, "We all know that our family motto is Spazzes have more fun." The hand mixer stopped. Mom says, "NO IT'S NOT!" UNREHEARSED, IN UNISON, WE ALL SAID, "YES, IT IS!" The whirring continued from the kitchen... True story! Smile More, peeps! 🤗😎😋😊😉😆😅😄😃🤣 🤣🤣😂😁😀👍🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Ryan Tumey
    Ryan Tumey

    roses are red violets are blue i dont have a rhyme but i believe you are looking for 42:02

  • Danielle Doggett
    Danielle Doggett

    I wanted Emily to win

  • Rosa Benson
    Rosa Benson

    i wanted Emily to win i was so sad when she lost but i was laughing because she is getting one to

  • Jake Reiff
    Jake Reiff

    hi i am a girl and i will be sending you a letter for school and we got to chose who we are going to do and i chose the best people in the world from grace reiff

  • Sulli 123 4
    Sulli 123 4


  • LandonClaps Landon
    LandonClaps Landon

    Y’all should make a pop head of y’all

  • Ana Soto
    Ana Soto

    33:33 - 33:35 Roman and Brit both just laughing at Emily and Brian

  • pro gamer Bordessa
    pro gamer Bordessa

    You are crazy

  • Big Chungus09
    Big Chungus09

    The good old days with sues

  • Bleach

    Ok, this was really good. Great idea, Brit! And I love Emily. Was rooting for her the whole time

  • AaronHeidi Scheidel
    AaronHeidi Scheidel

    o and also pls reply to me

  • AaronHeidi Scheidel
    AaronHeidi Scheidel

    hey roman i,ve been watching 2013 when you stared you make laugh all off the time.

  • Carolyn Scheaffer
    Carolyn Scheaffer

    Roman was a emo boy

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith

    Wanted Emily to win lol Brian

  • Karina Chicas
    Karina Chicas

    cora’s getting so big and smart!🥺

  • Astro

    Great vid idea by Brit!

  • police piggy189
    police piggy189

    Loved this video. Smile More + I Love EVERY video. So Good!!!

  • Carolyn Scheaffer
    Carolyn Scheaffer

    The iPhone pro is a lie cause only one camera

    • Your ordinary SCSI hard drive controller
      Your ordinary SCSI hard drive controller

      Carolyn Scheaffer what

  • justdanNamy

    I wanted Emily to win but I thought Brian would win and my name is Emily

  • angel living
    angel living

    Brian is a character also with his wig! He needs to be in that poster also!

  • Officer Frito
    Officer Frito

    break pads

  • Junior Franco
    Junior Franco


  • Junior Franco
    Junior Franco


  • maddie mancini
    maddie mancini

    I am a big fan of you I just can't buy anything I am a big fan I just can't buy anything I wish I could buy anything but I can't

  • Athalie Millard
    Athalie Millard


  • Elizabeth Bettini
    Elizabeth Bettini


  • Glenda Pope
    Glenda Pope

    What are you guys favorite colors

  • NickTV

    Now I want to watch this a year from now

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