Pulled His Tooth out For New iPhones!!
Roman Atwood Vlogs
Sit back and buckle in. Today is long and super funny. Hope you enjoy.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on VN-my since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    This is some of the hardest I have laughed in a long time. I hope you can watch the whole video today. Its super funny.

    • AaronHeidi Scheidel
      AaronHeidi Scheidel

      you are the best

    • Tisovskiy 25
      Tisovskiy 25

      Guys not trying to promote my channel honestly but go check out I added ace family music into romanatwoods new intro it turned out so perfect!!! If your a day one fan you have to go check it out it’s on my Channel and it’s only 40 seconds long

    • Bailey Livingston
      Bailey Livingston

      Only 1.2 million views 🥴

    • Dylan Schleede
      Dylan Schleede


    • Daniel Raphael
      Daniel Raphael

      Ha ha ha ha ha that was so funny

  • AaronHeidi Scheidel
    AaronHeidi Scheidel

    o and also pls reply to me

  • AaronHeidi Scheidel
    AaronHeidi Scheidel

    hey roman i,ve been watching 2013 when you stared you make laugh all off the time.

  • Carolyn Scheaffer
    Carolyn Scheaffer

    Roman was a emo boy

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith

    Wanted Emily to win lol Brian

  • Karina Chicas
    Karina Chicas

    cora’s getting so big and smart!🥺

  • Astro

    Great vid idea by Brit!

  • police piggy189
    police piggy189

    Loved this video. Smile More + I Love EVERY video. So Good!!!

  • Carolyn Scheaffer
    Carolyn Scheaffer

    The iPhone pro is a lie cause only one camera

  • justdanNamy

    I wanted Emily to win but I thought Brian would win and my name is Emily

  • angel living
    angel living

    Brian is a character also with his wig! He needs to be in that poster also!

  • Presto101

    break pads

  • Junior Franco
    Junior Franco


  • Junior Franco
    Junior Franco


  • madison mancini
    madison mancini

    I am a big fan of you I just can't buy anything I am a big fan I just can't buy anything I wish I could buy anything but I can't

  • Athalie Millard
    Athalie Millard


  • Elizabeth Bettini
    Elizabeth Bettini


  • Glenda Pope
    Glenda Pope

    What are you guys favorite colors

  • NickTV

    Now I want to watch this a year from now

  • v SupremeZz
    v SupremeZz

    Paper rock scissors. I thought it was Rock Paper Scissors 😂😂

  • v SupremeZz
    v SupremeZz

    I remember when flash was a tiny puppy he’s so big now

  • Adam R
    Adam R

    I felt so bad for Emily during the challenges but the reaction at the end was priceless.

  • Orabelle Malubag
    Orabelle Malubag

    are Brian and Emily actually related?

  • gamer Angelxp411
    gamer Angelxp411


  • Itz_Mark13

    watching from my new iphone xs

  • Dave Reyes
    Dave Reyes

    I miss watching your vlogs roman! it's been 2years since i've watch your last vlog. Im glad that im watching yourdaily vlogs again :)

  • DieDK

    I thinking about buying that ugly Christmas shirt

  • Puna J
    Puna J

    What happened to all of the employees that used to work there, including Brittany's sister?

    • Evelyn Cuevas
      Evelyn Cuevas

      Puna J and amber.. I thought amber and brian were married?

  • Dawn Chappel
    Dawn Chappel

    Yo are the best

  • GehleyGamer

    Dude did you get a iphone11 pro?

  • Katoon Phithavong
    Katoon Phithavong

    Emily win

  • •x2SAVAGE4Uxツ

    42:00 The moment u clicked on this vid for Ur welcome 😃

  • frostytuber

    I wanted Ryan to win

  • Rico Williams
    Rico Williams

    Is Roman holding a gun in the Simpsons-style picture?

  • daily warface
    daily warface

    fart more 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Clcjiujitsu1620

    Rooted for Brian since brit was being so toxic towards him threatening to take it away

  • Wheelz

    I wanted Brian to win but when he started gloating I was like no.

  • Malcolm Lang
    Malcolm Lang

    TBH...Did want Brian to win, nice work both of you.

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta

    Bro plss make short video

  • not_ randall
    not_ randall

    I still dont get y I'm so excited for Brian I'm literally shaking

  • Antek 1
    Antek 1

    Roman I think you went too far

  • Junior C
    Junior C

    I'm rocking my iPhone 4💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Luxe

    Never heard anyone say paper rock sissors

  • Xx s3th_d4wg10 xX
    Xx s3th_d4wg10 xX

    Did cora ever meet zeus?

  • Richard A Rios
    Richard A Rios

    that was so awesome of you guys 👍👍

  • Brittani L
    Brittani L

    This was so funny!!!

  • Corey j
    Corey j

    I feel like Emily actually wanted to break up

  • ceo7619

    BEST VIDEO EVER!! Brian isn’t competitive at all Laughing out loud for real

  • Victoria Harris
    Victoria Harris

    Did Brian actually pull his tooth out

  • Jaden L'Hirondelle
    Jaden L'Hirondelle

    Rock Paper Scissors shoot

  • codycbanks

    Thank you for all the laughs 😅

  • Jeffrey Gillespie
    Jeffrey Gillespie

    25= the price is right

  • Wyatt D
    Wyatt D

    No she would hate me

  • Derek 0Green
    Derek 0Green

    that's not fair because i still have the iPhone 6 plus and the screen is cracked

  • Mike Luis
    Mike Luis

    I love you

  • jenny k25
    jenny k25

    How they really exploit the working class

  • Fredo Killshit
    Fredo Killshit

    Paper rock scissors? Wtf m8

  • Catherine Simpson
    Catherine Simpson

    I wanted Emily to win

  • Kaitlyn Tran
    Kaitlyn Tran

    i enjoyed this video so much. pls do more videos like this

  • alba F.V
    alba F.V


  • Tyler Carter435525
    Tyler Carter435525

    he needs to lift the truck and put dual flows on it and big tires

  • manny zendejas
    manny zendejas


  • kalle Mobjörk
    kalle Mobjörk

    Everyone know Roman´s to kind to not give both a new iphone :))

  • IiMrFlashyiI

    This vlog brought laughter to my day and I can’t thank you enough for it Roman, your vlogs really do help the bad days❤️

  • Ismael Martinez
    Ismael Martinez

    Emily was the under dog

  • Phantom Games
    Phantom Games

    Amazing video had the biggest smile through the whole video

  • Gamer Makenzye
    Gamer Makenzye

    I wanted Emily

  • Pamela Jeruzal
    Pamela Jeruzal


  • Crimson Gamer
    Crimson Gamer

    I was hoping Emily would win

  • Crimson Gamer
    Crimson Gamer

    Can't even buy anything from the Smile More store, so not even gonna bother

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