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  • Juliana Knight
    Juliana Knight

    So basically it’s a pool of ice and smoke

  • Gabe Lovefist
    Gabe Lovefist


  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller

    I watched the bath bomb vid that one was CRAZZY AND I SUBBED 😁😁😁 and what just happend about the Lego pool was so sad

  • Caleb Warner
    Caleb Warner

    You are cool

  • W C
    W C

    your a wizard harry

  • W C
    W C

    your a wizard harry

  • Cupcake &Brownie
    Cupcake &Brownie

    you should do a lego pool full of legos

  • robin nolan
    robin nolan

    Oh my god my aunt lives there to!

  • Christopher DeShon
    Christopher DeShon

    Hi it’s Maria um I love Lagos

  • Alexander Michel
    Alexander Michel

    Nathan you should do a nerf battle in the backyard but with dry ice so it really fogs up

  • ItzViolet_Gaming123 and wolfy the pup
    ItzViolet_Gaming123 and wolfy the pup

    I know why always the water come out because you guys add to much water 1 like=for them not to forget to close the water

  • Gillian Uzuntok
    Gillian Uzuntok

    I think 30 degrees is cold I live in glasgow

  • NostalgicGamer9507

    Your back yard looks like heaven, all that smoke LOL

  • Queen Moya
    Queen Moya

    prank james with lego

    • Queen Moya
      Queen Moya

      and like if you think he should do it

    • Queen Moya
      Queen Moya


  • Carter Conover
    Carter Conover

    It’s a fog machine

  • Emilio Fernandez
    Emilio Fernandez

    And they always tell me to "chill" out

  • Sheyla Duarte
    Sheyla Duarte


  • Z GalaxyFox Games
    Z GalaxyFox Games

    At 0:13 in today’s video we get frost bite and hypothermia from Dry ice and we get are toes and Fingers chop off 😁

    • Z GalaxyFox Games
      Z GalaxyFox Games

      And I know it’s not at 0:13 And I know have to edit your own comments

  • Pro Coolkid
    Pro Coolkid

    Hit that like button ⬇️

  • carlos farnando
    carlos farnando

    Did you cut your body😢

  • The llama bomba Lol
    The llama bomba Lol

    Roses are red I got a like Pls you make it blue

  • Lord GoldenGod
    Lord GoldenGod


  • Mohamed Farghaly
    Mohamed Farghaly

    You are photons of wiggles or 1000 acres money on the 1000 LEGOs 1000 LEGOs mean 1000 dollars for 1000

  • Mohamed Farghaly
    Mohamed Farghaly

    You're a cool masticable I don't know what I'm saying anymore

  • Jonathan Silva
    Jonathan Silva

    Okkkk that’s so cool

  • jonathan chappell
    jonathan chappell


  • jonathan chappell
    jonathan chappell


  • jonathan chappell
    jonathan chappell

    One of the days this summer in New Mexico it was about 126

  • Jordan Kaufman
    Jordan Kaufman


  • CodeNameElf

    00:01 dont try this at home Me: okay ill try this at Mcdonalds

  • Cryomancer

    The thumbnail was better than the video

  • Chavin Munoz
    Chavin Munoz

    All us Oklahomans questioning if he knows what a tornado is

  • Koda Burdick
    Koda Burdick

    Unspeakable:get A in freezing cold pool Gabe:gives I've cream Me:should of given him not coco

  • Aaliyah Henderson
    Aaliyah Henderson

    Isn’t that Kayla’s hat that Gabe was wearing? 😂😂

  • Ladean Ross
    Ladean Ross

    This is a new u peakable video

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez

    Everybody subscribe to unspeakable so he can get one million likes 👌😎

  • Gaming9911 Singh
    Gaming9911 Singh

    7:55 such beautiful music

  • M Dorsey
    M Dorsey

    I'm in Texas 🤔😐🤐

  • Alexander Mora villa
    Alexander Mora villa

    I did it in my giant pool it was like -110

  • Sean Norton
    Sean Norton


  • Lisa Krause
    Lisa Krause

    unspeakable i have a can i be in your vid

  • Russell Henderson
    Russell Henderson

    3:22 what'cha buildin there.

  • Cheryl Price
    Cheryl Price

    Is nobody questioning Gabe at beginning in their neighbours garden I hope they allowed that!

  • Jeremy Delgado
    Jeremy Delgado

    My sister Iso mean she slapped me so hard my head hurts

  • Sydney Boris
    Sydney Boris

    You will get a really BAD burn if you touch dry ice

  • G johnson
    G johnson

    Dry Ice becomes so cold that it is hot

  • Jude Knaysi
    Jude Knaysi

    at 14 59 it looks like the pool is going to break

  • savannah stowe
    savannah stowe

    That was 8 seconts...

  • Jude Knaysi
    Jude Knaysi

    why dose he not do 2 layers of legos

  • Jude Knaysi
    Jude Knaysi


  • Chickennugget lover 673954
    Chickennugget lover 673954

    Six seconds actually.

  • Tami Reid
    Tami Reid


  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown

    I ❤️ your videos

  • Anna Aliyev
    Anna Aliyev

    I love ice in a pool on a warm day but i don’t have a pool 😭

  • Lisa Hodge
    Lisa Hodge

    Put 20,000 drily iec in your pool

  • JustinGodOrUWU

    Now that is how holly wood make there horror movies lol

  • Latoya Holloman
    Latoya Holloman

    Did you say h20delirous

  • Mason Speck
    Mason Speck

    you should get lots of dry ice and spin the wheel of fortune and whatever it lans

    • Mason Speck
      Mason Speck

      sorry i pressed comment-whatever it lands on thats how long you touch it

  • spatariu david
    spatariu david

    R.I.P Piscina 2019

  • Kenna Perez
    Kenna Perez

    Trust me I have felt it before

  • Pariza Hazarika
    Pariza Hazarika

    I dont even have DRY ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👇

  • Rumi J
    Rumi J

    2019 anyone ?

  • Ethan Kondratyev
    Ethan Kondratyev

    Poor hot water in to the cold water 💧💧❄️❄️

  • Joseph Anderson Anderson
    Joseph Anderson Anderson

    You should put dry ice in your makeshift pool and play hide and seek with boxes all over the place make sure you wear googles

  • Elizabeth Black
    Elizabeth Black

    Well an ooo

  • Elizabeth Black
    Elizabeth Black

    Well An Ooo

  • the puppet land
    the puppet land

    That is hefen

  • 24k luxe
    24k luxe

    hi i love ur vids please reply

  • Katie Friend
    Katie Friend

    7:28 "Back to phase one" Me: lol just like last time😂


    make the floor out of legos and tthat might work

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