PZ9 MELVIN vs HACKERS in Philippines Battle Royale in Real Life to Reveal His Family Secrets
Vy Qwaint
BATTLE ROYALE in the Philippines!
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "CWC PARENTS MISSING! Project Zorgo Hackers Break Into Minnesota House and Take Chad's Gadgets", Vy Qwaint created "VY QWAINT MOM CLUES - Spending 24 Hours on Scavenger Hunt Solving Riddles about Minnesota Parents", and Daniel uploaded "REGINA'S SECRET PAST - Face Reveal of Baby Regina while Spending 24 Hours Finding Parents Clues" to the Exposing Project Zorgo VN-my channel, Daniel finds another route into the safe house! We accidentally locked him out after changing the passcodes, in order to defend the spy ninjas' home against and Project Zorgo threats, or even the mysterious MR. E, who has been leaving behind serious clues about all of the team members' pasts! Melvin, the newest spy ninja, has traveled to the Philippines; following the cryptic clues left behind by the strange caller. It's time to see if Melvin has the skills and the camera work to make it out there and deliver a fresh and interesting perspective from the other side of the world! It's not only a mission for himself, but also a good test to see just how much of a Spy Ninja he really is! Do you think this is an elaborate plan set forth by Mister E? Will there be any Project Zorgo members there? What will he find out over there? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    How does PROJECT ZORGO know PZ9 Melvin would be in the Philippines?

    • Louise Howard
      Louise Howard

      I love your voice vy

    • Lewis Rs
      Lewis Rs


    • Anti Tube
      Anti Tube

      Idea: They r tracking his phone

    • Chris Stewart
      Chris Stewart


    • Nardos Amanuel
      Nardos Amanuel

      Im a big big fannnn

  • Adrian Mackie
    Adrian Mackie

    Project zorgo might be watching your VN-my channel and following you

  • Miguel Joshua
    Miguel Joshua

    My look is there lives on cavite region 4

  • Charlene Olanna
    Charlene Olanna

    I like all spy ninjas skills

  • Joy Dyana Cervantes
    Joy Dyana Cervantes

    I live on the Philippines but not on manila but I live in butuan

  • Oscar Tagudando
    Oscar Tagudando

    i'm iloilo

  • Jamar Yeldell
    Jamar Yeldell

    I love ❤️ you. Vy

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  • Jason Peeling
    Jason Peeling

    Thanks for helping pz9 rj

  • Seth Register
    Seth Register

    Because protect zorrgo is always watching

  • Dayana Blanco
    Dayana Blanco

    Did you see mevlin tattoo on his back comment if you saw

  • Hallison Morales
    Hallison Morales

    At 8:35 n 8:36 In the back are hackers

  • Mahnoor Ch
    Mahnoor Ch

    No ofens i love you guys vut Melvin you shouldn't be jumping over people graves

  • Victor Barboza
    Victor Barboza

    Tell Melvin I think it is a trap

  • DJ spy Pikachu
    DJ spy Pikachu

    Did you never know what it is omg PEOPLE WHO DIE THE PUT THE AT CEMETERY A SAD STUFF HAPPENS

  • erinmarie2784

    Hi Chad and vy

  • Lana Huseynova
    Lana Huseynova

    mr e is a hacker spyninjas

  • Fadil ali
    Fadil ali

    project zargo is always watching and better watch out

  • mandeep bahia
    mandeep bahia

    Highspire ninjas I like to spy as well like you guys at Spider-Man I think the code to the safe is pz 715I hope I can meet you guys at VidCon one day I don't know if it's kinda is but I hope I can meet you guyswhen a motor or I'm still the same I hope I can meet you guys there soon I love you to watch your guys's videos every single day that make me happy happy happy happy I love love to watch them every single day I would love to meet you guys one day you guys sound like some nice people I hope I can meet you.

  • gamer tube
    gamer tube

    Maybe MR.E is telling the hackers where Melvin is going to be

  • nathalie Kithambo
    nathalie Kithambo

    My birthday is today January,16,2010

  • Camren Cook
    Camren Cook


  • Camren Cook
    Camren Cook


  • Hanifazuber Iqbal
    Hanifazuber Iqbal

    tell him that you are VN-my

  • Jana Melak
    Jana Melak

    Did you notice that Melvin has a tattoo on his back

  • Cassandra Jones
    Cassandra Jones

    Hacker:grabs Argeh Melvin:give me back my scooter boi

    • Cassandra Jones
      Cassandra Jones

      He's doing a lot for that watch

  • Jessie Roderick
    Jessie Roderick


  • Cassandra Jones
    Cassandra Jones

    What if Mr. E means me 😱

  • Maria Guadalupe Lopez
    Maria Guadalupe Lopez

    Hi. Spy. Ninjas

  • Selena Chau
    Selena Chau

    People can have the same last name as you.

  • miguel angelo tiu
    miguel angelo tiu

    15:24 we have that motor cause i live in the philippines

  • Yeezer Peezer
    Yeezer Peezer

    How is it that Melvin claims that it's going to be a battle royale right when it turned 16 minutes. It's a bit suspicious if you know what I mean.. Or I it a quintessence that it happened at that time.


    who want to learn. 1 link 1.RBLX.CITY


    Me at school writing in this 📝 and I was writing with this pen✏️

  • Batool Alsaleem
    Batool Alsaleem

    How does project Zoroaster know pz9 Melvin would be in the Philippines?

  • Duc Phan
    Duc Phan

    I wish I was a spy ninja cause I really want a big adventure of the world of the hacker black pyramid and everything where you guys go

  • Lynne Irvine
    Lynne Irvine

    I think jb is misr e

  • samuel brashears
    samuel brashears

    They are hackers they just hacked into his phone and track him

  • Michael Neal
    Michael Neal

    I like pz9

  • Jayden Spencer
    Jayden Spencer

    You shouldn't unmask him because you needed to go back and project zorgo a man can become the highest person the highest level and then he gets shut them down at the top of the Black Pyramid

  • Lakeisha Atkins
    Lakeisha Atkins

    Mr. eIs Joses Banks Joseph

  • CookieCaptainJr

    That’s weird

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God

    Chad: that’s a big staff Me: that’s what she said

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God

    Melvin has a tattoo

  • Rachel Straker
    Rachel Straker

    M .r. E. Is. A. Hakar

  • Asma Belaid
    Asma Belaid

    The code to de safe is 1626

  • Sodanita Houn
    Sodanita Houn

    Why are you at the airport

  • JAT BK
    JAT BK


  • Daanish Dar
    Daanish Dar

    The paddles to the safe is 1626

  • Kitti Arpasi
    Kitti Arpasi

    Regina has a batch in her secret room

  • kaye anarcon
    kaye anarcon

    The Philippines is nice btw i live in the Philippines and nice video maybe the code is 5980 that is just a guess but maybe it will work

  • gacha cookie
    gacha cookie

    Go to da bacoor cavite

  • Brian Adobo boy
    Brian Adobo boy

    I am from the Philippines

  • Baylee McKinney
    Baylee McKinney


  • Maria herrera
    Maria herrera


  • Vinuta Aghore
    Vinuta Aghore

    Vy pz48 has a crush on you he even put a love song about you 😇

  • Candice Hernandez
    Candice Hernandez

    Shout out to rj

  • Zaryah Wilbert
    Zaryah Wilbert

    Mr. E it is

    • Zaryah Wilbert
      Zaryah Wilbert

      Mr. E is pz leader brother👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤔🤔🤔

  • Julia Wojtala
    Julia Wojtala

    Pz sqire is mini morgs

  • Amanda Head
    Amanda Head

    Mr. it’s Melvin and Regina‘s dad.Ok

  • Jeffrey Pope
    Jeffrey Pope

    Bro do u even know Arjay .-.

  • Papa Willi
    Papa Willi


  • Sheyla Torres
    Sheyla Torres

    Spy ninjas you know that project zorgo is olwas woching

  • M&M Family
    M&M Family


  • Raizenian Dereyes
    Raizenian Dereyes

    Im in the Philippines nooo hacker 😭😭

  • Janet Christian
    Janet Christian

    Remember they are watching and listening.

  • Ina Hay
    Ina Hay


  • Sonja L
    Sonja L

    Lol Lol

  • SuperSlashKiller

    PZ9Melvin=Parkour King

  • Clare Williams
    Clare Williams

    I'm Mr e

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