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  • Ethan Sabrsula
    Ethan Sabrsula

    My little cousin asked me if the reason I don't have a girlfriend is because I'm super ugly

  • The PS4 player Sneeker2019
    The PS4 player Sneeker2019

    Me at 10:00 : well it’s jacksfilms so it’s not new of types of posts he makes

  • -DivideScar-

    Is responding "K" to a person frowned upon? Its just easy to understand.

  • Game World
    Game World

    Jojo fans at last meme: Visible crying

  • Ayla bozsoy
    Ayla bozsoy

    How many people work for emkay seriously

  • les potos
    les potos

    you put the table first? i put the floor first

  • Noodles AreDelicious
    Noodles AreDelicious

    That Karate one hit me hard-

  • EspressoCookie89

    14:51 whenever I get lost in the grocery store I just say to myself "welp. this is my life now. guess I'm fucked."

  • 3chtkh

    7:49 is wat i use to think aswell XD

  • AVgaming-Roblox

    At 14:42 its just a "Tis' but a scratch" reference.

  • Gaming Cyborg - dead channel
    Gaming Cyborg - dead channel

    13:12 war

  • MISTA Bombastic
    MISTA Bombastic

    i mean she's emily

  • az0306 rm
    az0306 rm

    I love Bleach 😍😍

  • satan

    can we just appreciate the off-white background at the beginning, thank you for not making me go blind

  • Sphinx

    "Since when do girls say 'get in my gut(s?)'" Well wouldn't you like to know.

  • Apple Saucer
    Apple Saucer

    I was not expecting a team fortress 2 reference, *But I'm glad it's there*

  • Pv Up Greninja
    Pv Up Greninja

    15:44 annyone else noticed that they comentet that people has horribel taste in jokes them self?

  • Kid Breen
    Kid Breen

    12:08 Easily the best clip

  • Gaeb Malicz
    Gaeb Malicz

    Um is anybody else wondering why lord tachanka is here... oh no

  • シEmma

    Dear EmKay... Your videos make my day, everytime im sad or feel a little depressed y watch any of your videos

  • katr1440 katr1440
    katr1440 katr1440

    So Mario goes “WAA!” when he loses and he’s depressed because he lost, But Waluigi always goes “WAA!” meaning he’s always depressed and it’s very sad because I have so much respect for him

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston

    0:36 🎩 oh is this yours?

  • Pierson M
    Pierson M

    12:09 Just realized you can't have horsemen without "semen"

  • logan jenkins
    logan jenkins

    i watch everything with subtitles even netflix

  • Jaxson Cottontail
    Jaxson Cottontail

    .....yay I was a very mature child?..that’s all I’ll say on the matter

  • brittany westmoreland
    brittany westmoreland

    At 14:56 I'm 12 and when my mom is gone for more than an hour I worry alot

  • Fifi Playz
    Fifi Playz

    My brother actually did this at our school *(Hes a 2020 senior and got accepted in a university recently)* At our school theres a room called the itl its where we do our exams on a computer Then one day the seniors decided to leave half an hour early while the ninth graders *(We have assigned seats next to lower graders seniors and ninth graders sit next to eachother)* were chanting "SENIORS, SENIORS!" as they walked out the door My brother is a true mad lad

  • Horrendously

    everything about siblings i can realte to but only when thinking about the friend ive had for *years*

  • NavalCraftAnimates

    12:43 Me: Boy oh boy im thinking about... VPN: ENCRYPTED Google and Facebook: awww

  • Christinewho Gaming
    Christinewho Gaming

    5:07 same! Most of the time I just end up forgetting them, I mean the secret not my friends.

  • Whistler

    lol "world tours" including south america

  • Aidan Dooley
    Aidan Dooley

    The dishwasher is hiding the power of the unholy

  • Kim Corrupted
    Kim Corrupted

    Me: watches this upside down Blood: rushes to my head Me: AhhHhhHHhHHhhhHhhH CONFUSED AHHHHHHHH

  • Vortex Superior
    Vortex Superior

    13:20 "What would you have to do it you share a bed". My family moved to a new house and we needed beds. Me and my bro were on one bed and then China happened. We have had literal barriers for the past 4.5 months and have rules on the bed divisions. I just want my bed back but it's dangerous to go shopping in these times...

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas

    subtitles are superior

  • Chris Merrell
    Chris Merrell

    14:50 To be fair, when my mom took too long at the store, it was by like 2-3 hours extra.

  • Kosaku Kawajiri
    Kosaku Kawajiri

    15:50 didn’t he just comment on his own tweet or am I just stupid

  • Caitlin Barter
    Caitlin Barter

    Take all the blankets. Only the strongest may live!

  • Phoenix Gamer
    Phoenix Gamer

    "what would you do if you had to share a bed" i actually have to share a bed with my little sister, and i put up blankets so that she doesnt come over to my side of the bed

  • Marnie F.
    Marnie F.

    9:19 As someone who has Dermatillomania, I relate on a spiritual level.

  • riot x frosty
    riot x frosty

    3:52 this tweet annoys me so much i watch netflix with subtitles because I WATCH ANIME ON NETFLIX WITH SUB NOT DUB, PEASANT

  • Psycho_Unicorn Xx
    Psycho_Unicorn Xx

    I love how community memes are making a comeback

  • Jason Pritchett
    Jason Pritchett

    I always feel called out when I watch these

  • Quinn EM
    Quinn EM

    Emkay at 6:17 that helmet is tachanka from rainbow six siege, our lord and savior

  • Veljko Rajic
    Veljko Rajic

    15:9 if thet is scp 096 we are all doomed

  • Fluffy Potato
    Fluffy Potato

    AgaIn wtf why is your accent back

  • birdy studios
    birdy studios

    16:43 Andy-R . SUBSCRIBE TO HIM

  • Mud Fox
    Mud Fox

    3:51 haha Imagine being deaf and needing those Ha

  • ___

    10:49 thumbnail

  • cammy kunn
    cammy kunn

    11:35 stewie? That you?

  • AmikaRk2

    Wait what was Jacksfilms doing there lol

  • Carson Pickens
    Carson Pickens

    quick entomology fact, that spider at 5:18 was a black widow, not a red-backed spider as the red-backed spider has red markings on its back. However a black widow has them on their abdominal regions.

  • Amos Birb
    Amos Birb

    16:00 I lost all of those in college. If I had anything to lose in the first place that is! Eyyyyyyy

  • Otsii Playzz
    Otsii Playzz

    8:00 when this happens on my ipad ill just close the app and reopen the app and itll skip ads. hasnt been patched yet so-

  • Carl wheezer
    Carl wheezer

    It's 2 Am and I suddenly want a pretzel

  • leErik

    these are so old...

  • Loneamaruq

    iCarly Don't fly too close to the sun!

  • MikeyMan FryingPan
    MikeyMan FryingPan

    Adidas = Added ass

  • Mx. Phoenix
    Mx. Phoenix

    ...technically, that's a skater chick

  • Mando

    the internet: says sniper is 28 everywhere i look me: *visible confusion* yanno i was gonna use another obi wan kenobi meme for this but i forgot what it said so i used another one unknowingly that made me realise that there are more obi wan kenobi memes than we first thought ewan is taking over

  • Arianna Renee
    Arianna Renee

    So, funny thing, I'm apart of the senior class of 2020. For my school, the day before Spring Break is always Senior Skip Day. Instead it turned into Senior Skip the Rest of the School Year. We (hopefully) can't be topped

  • Pandia 427
    Pandia 427

    What did he call a Black Widow?

  • Aki Chan
    Aki Chan


  • KC

    7:26 I relate to this so much because my mom literally said "just. Go out. Go to that party that one guy I hate is throwing. Wanna have a movie night with your best friend?? Have fun here's all 8 Harry Potter DVD's. Your friend wants to take you to an amusement park though she lives a 2 hour trainride away? Here's a train ticket you can stay there for 5 days" And I just go "nah I've got Netflix and food I'm good"

  • Jacob Gish
    Jacob Gish

    We had too chainsaw a whole king size for me and my two sisters

  • Kailee loves Sans
    Kailee loves Sans

    The chameleon thing Me a the clock fan:ah yes

    • Kailee loves Sans
      Kailee loves Sans


  • BombyGaming232

    Wahhhhhh-luigi time!

  • pudding and kpop
    pudding and kpop

    "i never knew the rock had a little pebble-" yagami yato fans: *heavy breathing*

  • Omega

    Unfortunately i do NOT lose at Mario Kart so i have to dislike.

  • Rovin Animated
    Rovin Animated

    7:34 Addidas

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