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  • SqueakySarah82

    I am loving the editor’s sass.

    • G0AT Sienna
      G0AT Sienna


    • BlocksRock_YT

      You furry... (I like that avatar)

    • anime kid
      anime kid

      damiens like the brooklyn t guy tryna be cool on dope. and yes this is a fake post i just want on the subred

    • Mohannad Almalki
      Mohannad Almalki

      EmKay you sound like your throwing up and coughing at the same time and crying

    • tapicyl

      Uncredited editor is best

  • Peter Nagy
    Peter Nagy

    I fricking love your laugh so much, it makes my day to hear it! XD

  • S l e e p i i
    S l e e p i i

    The insults in the video sounds like the script in amazing world of gumball

  • The Sweet Smell Of Fuck You
    The Sweet Smell Of Fuck You

    8:25 ...that made me die

  • I do stuff
    I do stuff

    the thumb nail looks so over the comment (little z btw)

  • KaiEmwraldMCL

    5:30 She looks like a younger Carrie Fisher

  • Sadie Rubio
    Sadie Rubio


  • PringlesAhoy

    Your laughs made my day, Damien :)

  • ForeverBitts

    0:35 True loud laugh.

  • jeffo

    Hi. #mysid

  • Sapphire Starship
    Sapphire Starship

    5:08 Lmao i love these sorta insults cause I get them when I go in the streets all the time and at this point it’s just funny

  • Not SwiftzZ
    Not SwiftzZ

    Poor Little Z

  • Solar_Eclipse1015 /Megalovania
    Solar_Eclipse1015 /Megalovania

    Why do Damien and Dream sound like an asthmatic tea kettle? 🤣

  • Ozzie 2.0
    Ozzie 2.0

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like he gonna get into thousands of dollars of debt

  • Connie

    9:56 because he looks like a 67 year old use a the snapchat baby filter

  • Ecu Laura
    Ecu Laura

    8:26 an air balloon is having a stroke

  • Carsten Hoppert
    Carsten Hoppert

    I think ima make that laugh me ringtone

  • sam

    Yo does anybody know the link to that sleep video where rhat blonde lady stares into that old guy's soul???

  • Kitsune

    6:58 H E Y A L L

  • -Saike DSHK
    -Saike DSHK

    The one in the thumbnail is little Z?


    6:16 dude lookin like parkergames was on LSD since 7 years old

  • Gisele Hamel
    Gisele Hamel

    I love this channel 🤩.makes me laugh and I don't laugh often!!

  • Youmu Konpaku
    Youmu Konpaku

    13:05 He looks like depressed Ninja

  • EspressoCookie89

    0:00 and my grandma wants her broom back.

  • Tae Evans
    Tae Evans

    Daimen: that's mean chief I cant

  • idontknow YT
    idontknow YT

    damien sound like the kind of guy to have a genuine conversation with while ur in the supermarket buying cheese

  • Ethan Osborne
    Ethan Osborne

    I like the content and I’m saying this because of the video your laugh sound like a car going 100 mph hit the brakes

  • Genriel Kiraka
    Genriel Kiraka

    12:20 he looks like he's from one of Neru-P's songs

  • Riley Freier
    Riley Freier

    4:07 the bottom right just looks like linus

  • GrapeSpaghetti

    Don’t do that to my boy little z he did that for a challenge

  • haha I can't read you've yeed your last haw
    haha I can't read you've yeed your last haw

    0:22 that's a 10 stop train ride from one tooth to the other

  • Just some guy without a mustache Worker
    Just some guy without a mustache Worker

    Little Z is in fact, a tape dispenser.

  • [name undetected]
    [name undetected]

    6:28 That’s a woman?

  • honk

    Emkay laughs like an empty air freshener struggling for life

  • Xx_Wild Horses_xX
    Xx_Wild Horses_xX

    Homies laugh sounds like when my mom try and start her 10 year old half dead car on a snowday

  • Vixxer

    9:44 he's looking for his precious

  • Loaf of Bean _
    Loaf of Bean _

    The devils *doorbell*

  • JONNY on RR and more
    JONNY on RR and more

    I love his laugh it makes me happy

  • RelliK

    Saw little Z in the thumbnail, had to click

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager

    Damien's laugh is like the Lebanon explosion happened in his throat

  • Anonymus Asexual Demon
    Anonymus Asexual Demon


  • Liggliluff

    (13:25) Ah, yes, _the_ sign language. And that is also not how you do sign language, but sign spelling. For Emkay, you could shorten it to just M-K.

  • pony boy
    pony boy

    3:21 bruh he's from my hometown😂😂

  • Toxic Watermelon
    Toxic Watermelon

    The line “punched lasagna” made me laugh way harder than it should have.

  • Just an egg With internet access
    Just an egg With internet access

    1:44 MAL ACK E EN and he’s from system of a down. My favourite band :3

  • Octüs

    little z in thumbnail

  • BlocksRock_YT

    11:33 Hey what's wrong with Weebs? I happen to like Japanese anime, technology, etc. Did you know the Japanese made a spherical keyboard.

  • Lil_Hole

    Dude in the thumbnail looks like the default Mii character

  • death ddog
    death ddog

    The women at 13:00 looks like the decal on whiskey eminem used in Godzilla

  • rocky dill
    rocky dill

    3:30 he got 87? I didnt know that was possible....when I was 10 I got 152

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man

    11:10 mans coat looks like it has a six pack

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    Angry squirrel dude doesn't look like an angry squirrel JUST because of his teeth. Its also the shape his mouth is making at that moment

  • JoystiX

    Round 1:30 you kinda sound like Sanji from one piece

  • Meme_man

    Damien your the person that calls people poor because they don't use apples pcs when you can get a better ryzen setup for less money

  • Unknowned Leaf
    Unknowned Leaf

    👌🏼 /|\ /\

  • Oogman

    bruh dont do my boi little z like dat he was forced to become a tape despencer

  • SpeedStar69

    The guy at 1:22 looks like he lives in South Carolina and lives behind a gas station The woman at 7:14 looks like the crackhead that lives in the sewers of New Hampshire

  • NCRSlaughter 360
    NCRSlaughter 360

    Damn she roasted u so bad u couldn’t even find the culprit cuz of wut she wearing

  • Zeel

    1:46 as a massive System of a Down fan I find that as a rather gut buster right there chief

  • mayjic boi
    mayjic boi

    Ok so why do girls go "I'm so ugly I dont like how I look" but I mean ur posting 20 vids of urself dancing to ur phone cam while ur phone is propped up on a windowsill or a whater bottle on a Chinese app that's getting the us government wondering if they should ban it or not wtf u mean I'm ugly I dont like the way I look

    • mayjic boi
      mayjic boi

      I stand by my words

  • Smackstar101

    4:11 Zach looks like he has a lot of regrets

  • Mikey_man117

    1:19 that’s Ellis from left 4 dead 2

  • charles carlisle
    charles carlisle

    8:21 Bet they can hear a no sound movie

  • Snoweeh

    4:12 As a fnaf fan he looks like circus babies brother with that hairline

  • Sardine002

    So that's how Sero is doing after graduation

  • dbzfan9001

    Why the internet is attacking Billie. Is because she exists.

  • Lythex

    RIP Little Z

  • snorlax1756

    Little z in the thumb nail oh yes

  • Alex Belgium
    Alex Belgium

    3:46 why does he sound like my southern uncle?

  • Gaming Chad
    Gaming Chad

    8:21 she can hear low frequency radio waves

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