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  • Wizard Wings
    Wizard Wings

    Y'know theres times when ya'll should just end a conversation at the nearest pause

  • weeb destroyer
    weeb destroyer

    who else read the whole paragraph

  • Death Is inevitable
    Death Is inevitable

    I love how soup doesn’t give a shit abt something offensive unless it wasn’t from him😂

  • Meiry Bean
    Meiry Bean


  • Raina Daniel
    Raina Daniel

    I will probably never trust a Harry again 😅😅😂🤣

  • Jory D
    Jory D

    The title of this video sounds like a Kevin Hart special

  • VirtueAce

    I feel like I got an award after reading that paragraph. I don't think it was a waste of time.

  • BroomGG

    How do you still get as revenue.

  • Storm Breaker
    Storm Breaker

    YOU LITTLE **zipppp**

  • Hacker-of-fandom 01
    Hacker-of-fandom 01

    I read that paragraph under two minutes. I'm very pleased with myself.

  • Dark

    I feel like I've ascended after reading that paragraph

  • Dusan Sagic
    Dusan Sagic

    Every f****** video i come in and say... Okey... This one is normal... 5 sec in... NOPE

  • Charger

    He missed the opportunity to say “two extremes, Yahtzee or nazi”

  • CR7_Panda _
    CR7_Panda _

    The Pigger hits different they keep finding loop holes to be racist but as a joke I’m dying

  • 7G-Tazbid-DJ109

    You guys will be severely punished for insulting muslims.

  • Marcus Ash
    Marcus Ash

    This rarity: rasled naw amurd 2 minules ie han mading this minconstant caresh flower R on: Orbang cantis tratou do not It urti now Ence ths vcid paregraphiernors traryourate dngsra oSa es , carita yuuals you are not using your time atsey You we been alain with your ow n your calo shira n d ondine bral, but no You want to read his naneri siataaraph and Xect something marvelous e h intel luni aasta N radikrull carppraph I you had not noticed. youve vasted an estimated time of about 60 second: imagine what vu COud ve done witt thoan 60 teoends besides reading this sIpid Thorodiclive e hings you could magnet i nul m ind you do not talion i Sem a saran ISIS Ser a la mine seen on realizada vet then you nee not the one calzgrapEienin you d o. resalmaling tse oorsD.6 dedieon to no tE pontess val of words. If sOL remembered from eat sentence. YOL Kuldre Della sangrado space, time illa Imagine you could dan hing m a tanto por NOW you bace na reacted the end yoponda n t auta na kiniagrosolong that th: to me and motivation firisti itis paintesa aarsgrapt leeie ni the e oakley m einai idiolia snd continuing is read mila sarsgraptu Serind of your la veu de arbi we play with you all your sal if you could have discovered who made the frontal a ding this? Hon sperare NOW w i s t die l'eat last Apri the 17h Then you care sa ne condusun tayoUKOGNISI d an Ion paragraph a Andrea but did not tte this and you sabe 60 amct yuare lilesie. Now thal Alull2maue Now t imieligence al u You have made it this far you wonder if yollame exhirt hol ne ou disney S t ar Oscars lacno on jouman you are the uge Dato reading bLt bet you carnot ar tha cararaphNC you say arawmont you to but you kaep an reading tha long wa, on iruvathu 14 Get Yunus and live your dream Sign you see yule binding in for a pot Hummus a so u nd a m a i nay Why would you aranfilled at the The point of e diEceris s0 ratE Coud be filled eDeferabv or reavoe een an olo an ButeE net wrat youe mo? Ondering ahs-alled papers on the texnol. Al ko Bal a nga decantes his excerely colle: Wo bubble and loving away f your life they bent D Hus a nlyidci altinamas will her til Then you start dating now that n's aimo time for the Iwe in the UK or at in its 8 AM, caune hen who pares Look at your Narsh What time s R2 Do you remember water is the Ate y Legintinin tesize theme rol wasted reading this? Well you should Thusparagraph co Like us There are thin il w e n n allemagne that is gone be some kind of horse or pro, or some kind of Do you in any way of a you're probably skip wo information about ou r A ODS. Mon sono co that nothing, id don 1 dog hit where on for about Z0 minute typing out? I TH la incasare Sending an ad Fast of a reader your own cahya 5-thica OneSITORUL Oostub, tly she ider read anyching tis long batenake reading text le lasa Barbarian wars expelled, and repede tednu sinna kawed from it Twant 3o conatate yuu or tennis risuu that being said, nl inte juny willime as naw e d nod taty Hradastrally in rating So sit my name is ons? let yo derrde. Enjiny the video. This is roughly what the paragraph at the beginning said

  • Bamboozle Bois
    Bamboozle Bois

    I read the paragraph. Why wasn’t there a warning saying it was a waste of time

  • Syden 801
    Syden 801

    Me reading the paragraph: 👁👄👁

  • CLEAD team 6
    CLEAD team 6

    i do not acoceate with PIGGERS

  • Mexicano watching YOU
    Mexicano watching YOU

    I knew they were going to make a lot of Mexican jokes, but as a Mexican, still laugh at it

  • Candy Rider 33
    Candy Rider 33

    "If there's one thing I don't eat it's a pigger " 😂😂 got me dead

  • X X emotions
    X X emotions

    There so pushing it but it’s hilarious

  • TatetheLocalBandNerd


  • Choobie Gaymz
    Choobie Gaymz

    I could've watched the whole video instead of reading that text at the start

  • Ethan Walker
    Ethan Walker

    Did anyone else take 20 minutes to read that entire book that popped up

    • CarsonbutnotCarson

      I don't have the attention span

  • godly_gameplay _
    godly_gameplay _

    I read the whole thing and he told me a lot about how i dont have a life

  • Chad423427

    Aight one more McNasty video then I’m going to bed

  • Steve Rincon
    Steve Rincon

    Dude. You guys are literally the funniest gaming youtubers out there. Definitely worth the sub.


    The all white party😂😂😂

  • Uriah Weaver
    Uriah Weaver

    I don’t get the zipper joke

  • BigB TheFatBoi
    BigB TheFatBoi

    That paragraph was a waste of time to read dude what the hell why didn’t you tell us

  • Cooper Witzberger
    Cooper Witzberger

    Literally anyone who says “As a (insert race)” definitely a pasty white dude.

  • Curlyfriesman

    How tf does this man have ads

  • Tyler Of Astora
    Tyler Of Astora

    Imagine being on the enemy team, thinking you gotta try hard and panicking about these guys playing strategically. But then they’re talking about preachers giving drugs after robbing kfc

  • It’s your Boy
    It’s your Boy

    Please never go family friendly

  • rukhsana kamal
    rukhsana kamal

    and that related

  • rukhsana kamal
    rukhsana kamal

    im muslim mcnasty

    • I hate humans.
      I hate humans.

      Okay so

  • carter wolfe
    carter wolfe

    it took me so long to read the paragraph that my computer went in sleep mode in the middle of it

  • Dalton Keck
    Dalton Keck

    I dont read all the comments, but I would like to see the pie chart of death threats, the offensive support group, oblivious, and everything in between.

  • WorldsTallestLeprechaun

    3rd time listening, finally got the “big ass zipper” comment, lol. (zipper: racist slang for Japanese person. “That’s a big ass zipper” “Me when I see a sumo wrestler”...god, can’t believe I didn’t catch that straight away, lol.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Am I the only one who read the pointless paragraph

  • Yaaa Yeet
    Yaaa Yeet

    I read the whole thing and I was looking down the whole time trying not to lose my place and now my neck feels like shit

  • Pacific Kitty700
    Pacific Kitty700

    I read the whole paragraph and it I dont regret it. 1:06

  • krabice 130
    krabice 130

    why did i read the thing in 1:05

  • just another account
    just another account

    10/10 title

  • Hannahiscool869 B
    Hannahiscool869 B

    Is it just me or does anyone else live TheDooos laugh?

  • FBI Leeroy
    FBI Leeroy

    "I'm a Sand Honk" God damn that was the most offensive joke I've ever heard

  • TopGunGoose90

    McNasty is the only guy I know that would take the time to write a paragraph about how mindless and stupid writing a paragraph is. Yes, McNasty, I did read the WHOLE thing.

  • Aaron O'Neill
    Aaron O'Neill

    What video is it where Mcnasty and Soup say " may I rape your wife sir" I fuckin died but cant find it anymore LOL

  • Tirrel

    The paragraph that ook me 1 min

  • STAR

    1:45 i am a muslim and i am so find triggered lol

  • [Anonymous]

    I got to the fourth sentence skimmed 2 more then i realized all it was say you where wasting your time reading it

  • Kevin Casillas
    Kevin Casillas

    What if McNasty is the Bimbo Bear

  • phantomghost431

    All white parties: it’s Yahtzee or nazi

  • ChokingOn Water
    ChokingOn Water

    That paragraph how much time I have really wasted on staring at a microwave

  • Techmyst

    When he said "This paragraph was a waste of time and space. If you had not read this and i had not typed it, you and i couldve done something more productive than reading this mindlessly and carelessly as if you did not have anything else to do in life. Life is so precious because it is short and you are being so careless that you do not realize it until now, since this void paragraph mentions that you are doing something so mindless, so stupid, so careless that you realize you are not using your time wisely. You could've been-playing with your dog, or eating your cat, or shitting into a bucket and tossing it into traffic, but no. You want to read this barren paragraph and expect something marvelous and terrific at the end. But since you still do not realize that you are wasting precious time, you still continue to read the null paragraph. If you had not noticed, you've wasted an estimated time of about 60 seconds. Imagine what you could've done with those 60 seconds besides reading this stupid, non-productive paragraph. Imagine the things you could've accomplished. Imagine the possibilities. But time is not irreversible and you still do not realize this. Somehow you've still managed to waste around 70 seconds reading this stupid, excessive, and long paragraph with your irreversible time. If you haven't realized that yet, then you have not read the entire paragraph. Even if you did, you're still making the conscious decision to read this pointless wall of words. If you remembered from the first sentence, you would remember that this paragraph was a waste of time and space. imagine if I had not typed this paragraph and you had not read it. Imagine all the things you could've done, the things that made you, you. Yet you still have the urge and motivation to read this pointless and long essay. Poop. Now you have nearly reached the end, you ponder, why am I reading this?Why is the writer making a paragraph so long that I have the urge and motivation to finish this pointless paragraph to prove him that reading is what makes me, me. If you had not made the idiotic decision of continuing to read this paragraph, use that mind of yours to think what you could've done throughout your whole irreversible time. You could've finished your homework, play with your cat, eat your seal, or you could've discovered who made the fire hydrant. Why am I still reading this? How does this paragraph know what I'm thinking? What did I eat last April the 17th? Then you come to the conclusion that you know that this useless and insanely long paragraph would tell you. And you are right, but I did not write this and you have wasted around 2 minutes. A full 2 minutes. Now, use that intelligence that you have, assuming that your IQ is above 60 and you are literate. Now that you have made it this far, you wonder if you learned anything, but no, you did not. Since you have made it this far on your long journey, you try have the urge to stop reading, but i bet you cannot finish this paragraph for which you are lazy and you want to continue on with your life, but you keep on reading this long, wasteful, barren, and non-productive essay that will not benefit you in any way, and take away your precious irreversible time. Soon you realize you've been reading this for a good 3 minutes. A full 3 minutes you could've spent listening to a song, or ordered a pre-filled diaper off amazon. Why would you want a pre-filled diaper though? The point of a diaper is so that it could be filled. By a baby preferably, or maybe even an old man. But idk. Is that what you're into? Ordering shit-filled diapers on the internet? Maybe not. All i know is that you're still consciously making the decision to waste your time reading this extremely pointless word bubble and throwing away precious minutes of your life. Then you begin to wonder how is this even a paragraph? Wondering if this blatantly idiotic, and pointless paragraph will ever end. Then you start getting nervous that it's almost time for bed. Unless you live in like the UK or something that its 8 AM, cause then who cares. Look at your watch. What time is it? Do you remember what time you started watching this video? Are you beginning to realize the time you wasted reading this? Well you should. This paragraph means nothing. Like seriously, there is absolutely no depth to it whatsoever. I know you think that if you keep reading til the end, that there's gunna be some kind of award, or prize, or some kind of revealing information about me. But there isnt. Just more words. More sentences that mean nothing, and don't benefit you in any way at all. You're propably asking yourself why is this guy talking shit, when he's the one who spent about 20 minutes typing it out? Well lemme tell you something bro. It's a lot easier to spew out nonsense than it is to read so done elses nonsense. Yet you continue to read along. Depending on how fast of a reader you are, you're propably about 5-ish minutes in now, and honestly, i'm proud. Like good job, holy shit. I know i'd never read anything this long. I barely even like reading texts, let alone entire paragraphs where it's explicitely, and repeatedly stated that you will gain no knowledge from it. With that being said, I want to congratulate you on taking this ridiculous, and pointless journey with me across this massive wall of information-less text. Yet you're just now realizing how much time you just wasted, and that you've gained absolutely nothing from reading it. So is it really a congratulations? I'll let you decide. Enjoy the video." _I felt that_ And now I can carry on with my day.

  • Zeternos

    I scrolled down here to see if anyone wrote that whole paragraph here

  • Thaddeus Bingman
    Thaddeus Bingman

    Why the hell did i read it 😑

  • Gil Nunez
    Gil Nunez

    I read the waste of time paragraph while taking a shit and it made me giggle. Still a waste? Definitely.

  • Yornov Playz
    Yornov Playz

    Anyone else acc just read that

  • Zygy __
    Zygy __

    I looked up *zipper sound grizzy* and it brought me here

  • Trent Mattern
    Trent Mattern

    I wasted 5 f$@king minutes on that paragraph

  • keith breuhl
    keith breuhl

    Hey what do you guys call 10 black people stuck in an elevator

    • I hate humans.
      I hate humans.

      Ha ha ha, that was so funny.

    • keith breuhl
      keith breuhl

      A box of chocolates

  • TheHiddenOne _02
    TheHiddenOne _02

    Susan Wahonky

  • Kenneth Driebergen
    Kenneth Driebergen

    What a useless paragraph 🤣🤣

  • valkarnitewolf999

    read the paragraph now wondering if you can actually order prefilled diapers from amazon and if so WHY?

  • • Drafty •
    • Drafty •

    1:07 Sums up the Bible

  • Nicholas Reynolds
    Nicholas Reynolds

    why would I eat my cat on my off time

  • Cristian Serrato
    Cristian Serrato

    Can someone explain the zipper joke to me ;-;

  • Alison Leaver
    Alison Leaver

    not quite sure how this was monetized but you know😂

    • Trader

      Alison Leaver VN-my has multiple personality’s one is NO CURSING the 2nd one is ok well let some people have while others do get demonetized

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