Rappers Mind Blown By Nardwuar Part 1 (Compilation)
doublé please
Just sharing these clips of rappers reactions to Nardwuar because I know I’m not the only one that loves watching these! Obviously not monetizing these videos and all copy rights respectfully reserved to its respectful owner, Nard

  • 失恋Peachy Cheddar
    失恋Peachy Cheddar

    Yeah Her What the fuck

  • Ask MiName
    Ask MiName

    drake with Moby chillen behind him....

  • TJxThunder

    Does anyone know the intro song name?

  • amélie lafrenière
    amélie lafrenière

    i want to get interviewed by nardwuar just so he can pull up with my father

  • Denis Pepic
    Denis Pepic

    Love the big boi intro

  • A Wise Pirate
    A Wise Pirate

    Not saying Drake uses a ghostwriter but man didn’t even know his own lyrics 😂😂😂

  • mimicry radio
    mimicry radio

    Pharrell Williams ain't a rapper he a singer

  • Juan Molina
    Juan Molina

    intro song tho?

  • delson Seow
    delson Seow

    What if nadwuar works for Satan?

  • Nick Koorsen
    Nick Koorsen

    You should’ve showed the part Newaur: How do you keep your pants up on the stage? Travis Scott: BELT

  • Poloking 808
    Poloking 808

    Intro song?

  • n gomez
    n gomez

    ugly gods reactions were the best


    Ugly god low key sound like mike Tyson

  • ZGhost Gaming
    ZGhost Gaming

    He knew all dat but didn’t know ASAP Fergs father passing away, I think he was mocking it tbh😂😂

  • Lance Marzula
    Lance Marzula

    Plot twist: Nardwuar is a deep cover Cia operative..

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen

    Most iconic line that rapper has during the interviews is “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU KNOW THAT?”

  • J P
    J P

    i too was grinding on the floor at the skating rink

  • Ralph Matthews
    Ralph Matthews

    You are a great guy, please keep interviewing people and help make these talented Artists shine more, they all have fantastic storytelling, and great music for the universe listen to. Maybe one day you will interview me and my network of wonderful people who are also helping others and making awesome music and video's, films, producers, musicians, I hope all the people that you have interview get music awards with lifetime achievement awards they all deserve it, Bless you them and all also these in the future you will interview.

  • KingJay

    Who actually is this guy tho? Is he playing a character

  • Sosa Keef
    Sosa Keef

    2:25 I was high asf shit had me rolling 😂

  • money Mig MM
    money Mig MM

    Nardwuar knows all of that because they all in the elite and do not have privacy in the spot light

  • Matt Stryker
    Matt Stryker

    Best interviewer of all time

  • A G
    A G

    DJ Khalid looked scared shitless.

  • Marshy Marsh
    Marshy Marsh

    00:20. “You wit the, you wit the feds nigga?”🤣

  • Bob Cliff
    Bob Cliff

    Nardwuar: gives desiigner a cd Desiigner: *Makes Pony Noises*

  • ZGJ Finance
    ZGJ Finance

    Narduwar does this on a creepy level

  • Peter DeMoor
    Peter DeMoor

    I used to make jury

  • derek.

    Ugly god actually seems like a smart guy, too bad his music sucks

  • Vic Sax
    Vic Sax

    Whats the name of that gucci track on the intro

  • RedLemons

    I wanna become a rapper just to see what nardwar can uncover

  • Alex

    This man prolly knows where we can find an ender portal in the real world

  • Myrdred Deceiver
    Myrdred Deceiver

    So Jesus what can you tell you us about this shroud of Turin? "What the fuck woah where did you find this? Can I have it?" And Jesus what can you tell us about Peter? "Wow ok, yeah I knew him, yeah he was my apostle way back man, where do you even get this?" Blessed are the poor in spirit "For theirs is the kingdom of heaven? dude I'm impressed man, really that was so long ago. Why do you know all of this?" You are the son of God we have to know! "no i mean like for real man"

  • Keegs MKF
    Keegs MKF

    I wish I could do this to my girlfriend

  • Ryder Darvalics
    Ryder Darvalics

    Uzzzzzzzzi bro

  • Nabong's Greatest Hits
    Nabong's Greatest Hits

    Nardwuar’s the fucking goat

  • Mundane05

    It's easy, you gotta google them, and then go to the last pages.

  • Juli Strandberg
    Juli Strandberg

    1:53 when you get a dm from a girl

  • John Henne
    John Henne

    He is a great interviewer but didn’t know ASAP Fergs dad died

  • prod.9082

    1:51 omg wth

  • Aaron Soard
    Aaron Soard

    This is dope

  • Gael Nzembi
    Gael Nzembi

    6:00 wow I never seen Travis laughing

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson

    He’s literally robin williams from Santa Claus when he’s giving presents away

  • Lil Quest
    Lil Quest

    2:12 yo who squrting the febreeze bottle

  • Bubby Cthulhu
    Bubby Cthulhu

    “My Spanish teacher from highschool with the big toddies I wonder where she’s at right now”

  • Octoberzzz z
    Octoberzzz z

    3:10 Nard brought K Dot back to some bad times when the Louisiana chicken place got shot up lmao... Nard: “the chicken spot with the bulletproof glass???” K.Dot : “yea.....”

  • Nesto

    7:20 9:32

  • Arthur of Legend
    Arthur of Legend

    6:46 when yah homie keeps baby sitting the blunt


    Nardwuar: Wiz Kalifa of the homewood library Wiz: the homewood library *HAAHAAAA*

  • Jude Joly Dioneda
    Jude Joly Dioneda

    Travis Scott with the spanish teacher and started to lick his lips

  • nottacop

    little known fact : Nardwuar actually has REALLY bad BO. Like serious bad. I think it's been mentioned by at least one of his interviewees before. edit - it was the Eric Andre interview.

  • Flawless Victory_YT
    Flawless Victory_YT

    nardwuar for president anyone?

  • Gyriah 1
    Gyriah 1

    Ugly God 😂😂 gotta go watch the whole one

  • jeezuschryst

    nardwuar makin new friends eyywhere

  • SweetJello _
    SweetJello _

    0:26 when you find out she a man

  • Central Fights
    Central Fights

    Dj Khalid was so shook his ass couldn’t even speak lmaoo

  • Kpopfap with Kraft Cheezwhiz
    Kpopfap with Kraft Cheezwhiz

    Question... why does he hold the mic so close to their face...

  • Besouro Mangangá 24
    Besouro Mangangá 24

    I got a plan I got a dream... if I got to waste my money give up everything to get it I will do it... so ok hopefully ima get rich... then I will set up a meeting with him gonna go all serious with him and then I will say... " this might not seem serious at all but you know to much about alot of people, here is the check 15 million 5 million and the house with the Cars everything... just tell who killed pac or wherever he is

  • Dreaming Dogs Studio ECT
    Dreaming Dogs Studio ECT

    snoops gotta be soo stooked. i would be, gj nard

  • Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson


  • Brianna Wright
    Brianna Wright

    It’s like he stalks the celebrities before they even become celebrities.

  • phuryus styles phuryustyles
    phuryus styles phuryustyles

    these rappers hella stupid asking nardward how he knows all this shit about them. that dude works for the NSA CIA and the FEDS😟

  • jeon jungoo
    jeon jungoo


  • Sayvion Brown
    Sayvion Brown

    0:50 sooo is that a cig in his hand????

  • SNMtv

    This guy could cancel every single artist in the world

  • Giulia

    wiz's laugh has me dead

  • Ivan Vazquez
    Ivan Vazquez

    Nardwuar be doing his homework son

  • Barbie chanel
    Barbie chanel

    I like how he brings out the softer/geek side out of people

  • Y C 5 6
    Y C 5 6

    This man knows what’s in area 51


    When you step on your dog toe 1:52

  • Noah Haberman
    Noah Haberman

    Nobody: Nardwuar: So you were born at 1:23 right?

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