Rappers Mind Blown By Nardwuar Part 1 (Compilation)
Maritime Boy
Just sharing these clips of rappers reactions to Nardwuar because I know I’m not the only one that loves watching these! Obviously not monetizing these videos and all copy rights respectfully reserved to its respectful owner, Nard

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman

    I can watch this video a million times and still smile every time. Nardwuar, you’ve made yourself an icon. Thank you.

  • An Account
    An Account

    “It amazes me, how do your pants stay up when you perform?” *”Belt”*

  • Mar


  • DaVein OntheD
    DaVein OntheD

    😭😭😭😭😭lmfuckingfamoooooo i honestly would knock him out


    does Nardwuar have a team of researchers or does he do it himself?

  • Kyle Dickson
    Kyle Dickson

    Does this mean he has the n-pass?

  • Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson

    Its like watching rappers on Christmas Day. 😂

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    he got a familiar devil right? Easy junior devils follow people and report to supervisory devils and familiar devils get that Intel to make people interested in people possessed by familiar devils and to plan attacks and see weaknesses to send more people to hell.

  • Christian Hansen
    Christian Hansen

    There is a festival in Denmark called Smukfestival.

  • Shannon Pearson
    Shannon Pearson

    Hip-hop police

  • Team Rogue
    Team Rogue


  • Joey T
    Joey T

    C.I.A. confirmed

  • よしの

    This video made me remember I was playing The Game.

  • Luke Allmon
    Luke Allmon

    How do none of these artists get suspicious and come after this man

  • winkey 1eye
    winkey 1eye

    9:08 A RAT

  • RiZe DarkKnight
    RiZe DarkKnight

    drake gay wit tht white guy

  • EPrimeify

    People know Nardwuar that aren't Canadian? AND HE'S STILL INTERVIEWING PEOPLE? Damn undercover celebrity to come out of Much.

  • Meme man
    Meme man

    I bet Nardwuar was the type of kid who could roast or expose anyone on sight😂😂😂😂

  • Erilis000

    lol, Nardwuar just interviews their moms.

  • sir shigaraki aka my ashy shister
    sir shigaraki aka my ashy shister

    Good godness

  • Rosie Puplett
    Rosie Puplett

    "We have to know' love this so much haha

  • Bean

    Drake hahaaa classs

  • xxx stonedaf xxx
    xxx stonedaf xxx

    Nardwuar: so did u put plunger up your ass? Me: wooow thass crazyyy how do you know that?

  • Aiden Brown
    Aiden Brown

    5:52 that’s a weird ass name.

  • wolfgang amadeus gokart
    wolfgang amadeus gokart

    it's a good thing Nardwuar uses his stalking superpowers to bring smiles to people's faces because there's an alternate universe somewhere out there where he's got like 27 restraining orders under his belt.

  • 😶

    Intro song?

  • Rabei Shan
    Rabei Shan

    Give this guy the N-Word pass


      You sound dumb as hell

  • Vince Jascha Orcullo
    Vince Jascha Orcullo

    6:48 Best reaction so far


    I love how naurdward makes hard ass rappers laugh like a little girl 😂😂😂

  • william abe
    william abe

    Ngl but if nardwaur is able to spill private info about a rapper then someone from their crew snitching#69

  • Giovanni Candelario Pedro
    Giovanni Candelario Pedro

    Kendrick reaction was like he got caught up wit that shit

  • Matthew Witt
    Matthew Witt

    9:10 “... A RAT!”

  • Jeremy Ellis
    Jeremy Ellis

    He really opens them up with these interviews

  • ivan morales
    ivan morales

    Who is “we”

  • Aaron Comeau
    Aaron Comeau

    Dude we have the same name

  • mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)
    mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)

    You are x, we have to know!

  • MonsterSketches

    “Good godness”


    6:58 he scared Drake haha

  • reed

    I loved this video until desiigner’s girl came on & started being loud for no fuckin reason at all

  • Joseph Mathieu
    Joseph Mathieu

    he shocked Desiigner so bad he back somewhat intelligible.

  • Trippy Please
    Trippy Please

    She had the big titties lololol

  • asilva5021

    Dude gets the craziest shit

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer

    You a fuggin sidekick genius

  • Lastt Feverr
    Lastt Feverr

    Nobody: Lil yachty: GooD GoDneSs

  • Tyler Bugica
    Tyler Bugica

    *Cia has left the chat*.... *Running*

  • M X N A C E
    M X N A C E

    i was grind*EEEEEE*ing

  • Achack

    This is what happens when someone who could use their investigative abilities to be a medium that makes people cry decides to be an interviewer that makes people laugh.

  • Nate Stewart
    Nate Stewart


  • Ricky Conner
    Ricky Conner

    These ppl are the best interviewers

  • Ricky Conner
    Ricky Conner

    Chance was so high

  • Trey Abbate
    Trey Abbate

    I be thinking all these rappers about to start crying

  • Jimmy Butler
    Jimmy Butler

    Ugly god

  • Doodle Bob
    Doodle Bob

    Drake sound like a lil hoe

  • TLil21

    Nardwuar: "So do you remember the needle you stuck into Eazy E that night on the balcony, when you were trying to force him to sign some documentation papers? I got a present for you..." Suge: "Wtf!? How did you...it still has blood!"

  • Ch!n0

    I skipped the mgk part ew trash

  • Sam Bossn
    Sam Bossn

    Lil yatchy- “good godness”

  • RICKYBO510

    6:55 woahhhh did I hear tht right 😅

  • Quick Dimwit
    Quick Dimwit

    Nardwuar is where the lost memories go.

  • Hannah deNevers
    Hannah deNevers

    It’s literally like watching ppl open Christmas presents .

  • Fishflick

    Anyone know the intro song


    What's the intro song??


    0:01 What’s the song called

  • Slumps

    Good godness-Lil yachty

  • Lazy

    Thx for the earrape...

  • Blurz

    “You wit the feds nigga!?”

  • Mister Bubbel
    Mister Bubbel

    I do the shit with the sun in the corner of the page too no way Am I gonna be a rapper now 🤔🤔🤔

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    Is Nardwuar a god?!?

  • staelx

    vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-VewQqlYQsuw.html Go LISTEN

  • seyoum G
    seyoum G

    7:21 nigga??,,,wtf

  • Topanga YT
    Topanga YT

    Im in nc hasnt seen chance or a tobacco feild

  • TwiSt3d_ DreamZ
    TwiSt3d_ DreamZ

    Did this mans follow or stalk these rappers everywhere when they were born to when they were an adult

  • Menelik The First
    Menelik The First

    As soon as Pusha heard the words “Virginia Williams” in Duppy Freestyle, you know who his first call was.

  • WebbstR _
    WebbstR _

    Nobody: Ugly God: Saut to my homies

  • Reese Davies
    Reese Davies

    What’s the opening songgg

  • black guy
    black guy

    if Nardwuar goes to work for the feds, it's a rap

  • 10,000 subscriber 1 video
    10,000 subscriber 1 video

    we got ignore the fact that drake the only one who don't know his own lyrics

  • Lilrex12345765

    Nardwuar know so much even travis scott asks if what he did is true

  • Lexi Blake
    Lexi Blake

    Intro and outro songs?

  • CarpRunner

    It's like he wants to blackmail them but he doesn't need any money so he just goes ahead and tells everyone.

  • Oallright

    Ugly God had me dying bruh

  • AK47 DaGunSmoke
    AK47 DaGunSmoke

    Waka flocka reaction to the kool g rap puzzle was priceless like u know he had one way back in the day

  • Oli Mercer
    Oli Mercer

    Everybody starts talking to him like wtf is this guy And 10 seconds later sound like they're talking to their headteacher

  • Alexandra Lynn
    Alexandra Lynn


  • Bigge Cheese
    Bigge Cheese

    I feel like nardward talks to there mom

  • The_Brown_Beaner_memer

    Fucking designer was inaudible

  • Andrew O'Brien
    Andrew O'Brien

    6:49 when people bring up ex's

  • boylame

    Ugly god really shook LMAOOO

  • Damn you
    Damn you

    He has more knowledge and power than master yoda, fbi and cia together

  • keyon164

    Nobody travis Scott yeah she had the big Titties

  • HomeSliceKal

    What's so impressive about this guy I'm sorry if you wanna call me retarted go ahead

  • Jose Fuentes
    Jose Fuentes

    Jus imagine leaving yo childhood friends and forgetting about them

  • MiST VM
    MiST VM

    This is so entertaining 😂😂

  • Imaan Soltanalipour
    Imaan Soltanalipour

    Bro he must have powers it can’t be

  • Jii-El

    So, is this one of the bodies Jesus uses?

  • Sam Clayton
    Sam Clayton

    *Shout out to Bret, he actually taught me how to catch lizards* Damn Bret

  • Jay Bay
    Jay Bay

    nardward; u like chicken🐔 rapper; 🙆

  • Vivares 76
    Vivares 76

    1:50 That time you hear colours

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez

    Is it necessary to put the mic in their mouth. Lol


    Drake was the only one that didn’t make me smile.. actually made me uncomfortable. I felt like drake didn’t know what he was talking about at all.

  • GhoST 47
    GhoST 47

    Plow twist nardwuar is the feds

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