Re-Creating A Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #5
Moriah Elizabeth
Hey guys! Today I am doing another "squishy bakeover" where I take one of my squishy creations from my squishy makeover series and attempt to bake and bring it to life. These are always such a cluster of fails and struggles since I obviously have no clue how to bake properly. But you guys ask for it, so here it is!
Today I attempted to bake a"strawberry lemonade" swiss cake roll for the first time. It was a little tricky and has a lot of steps, but I managed okay for a beginner I think?
And yes....I changed my intro. I am so nervous about it because I know you guys are used to the old one. But I really like the new one, I think it fits my current content style a little better. I hope you like it! This doesn't mean that anything big is changing right now, I am not ditching any of my current series, nothing like that. I just want to freshen up my branding a little bit.

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  • angie currie
    angie currie


  • Artstar2222 Cowey
    Artstar2222 Cowey

    There is a faster way to sift you need to use a spoon not your hand.👍🍥

    • Artstar2222 Cowey
      Artstar2222 Cowey

      I sift a when I use a spoon it’s faster

  • Quinn Faircloth
    Quinn Faircloth


  • Quinn Faircloth
    Quinn Faircloth

    Ok I love the new intro

  • Sarah Clarke
    Sarah Clarke

    Moriah: Coughs without covering mouth Everyone: OMG CORONAVIRUS

  • MiniWaffleCat !
    MiniWaffleCat !

    Maybe you should have added a little bit of blue or a little bit of purple because, the squishy is a little purplish-pinkish

  • Ruby Freeze
    Ruby Freeze

    I cringed when Moriah kept adding more food coloring its just-

  • sealy c
    sealy c

    I love the new intro!

  • eva jordan
    eva jordan

    I sived once and mine lookes exactly the same as when u sived it once

  • Rennie

    always use red food dye, not pink. pink is just a weaker red basically and is unneeded with white batter since the white will dilute the red dye. also adding a tiny bit of blue to red dye will give you a more bubblegum pink. but just a TEENY bit. like an atoms worth lol

    • Rennie

      also the whipped cream isnt the problem the cake just needs to cool more. my first swiss roll turned out way worse so dont feel bad

  • Susmita Barman
    Susmita Barman

    I really love your new thoughts........

  • 「LuvinqMaddie」


  • Abi Renninger
    Abi Renninger

    I AM WATCHING THIS Moriah: does sifting Moriah: "I'm bad at sifting" Me: WELCOME TO MY WORLD

  • Thea Westner
    Thea Westner

    i am hear

  • Melanie Duncan
    Melanie Duncan

    I love it so much!😀

  • Dollspital

    All the dislikes on this video are the people that are jealous of her baking skills(she's really good!)

  • pooja raja
    pooja raja

    You could also put the icing in squeezy tubes and use it for icing your food

  • Artistic Aadya
    Artistic Aadya

    Looks so Yummy 😋

  • Caylin Tolmay
    Caylin Tolmay

    Can I please get a bishop

  • Subbu Ramanathan
    Subbu Ramanathan

    Who agrees moriah should call this series squishy BAKEovers?! Also who's watching this b/c coronavirus? Like if u agree. Also dis is my dads account. I'm a girl.

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy

    I want it to be called squishy bakeovers too. You are not the only one

  • Hardy Media
    Hardy Media

    I love 🎂

  • Vanacha Gacha
    Vanacha Gacha

    Moriah I love your vidz and your content!!!

  • Ashely bunnie
    Ashely bunnie

    Hi I like the intro!♡

  • that strange kid :3
    that strange kid :3

    What’s ur tik tok

  • Blue Syco
    Blue Syco

    I'm here from year 2500. Heres what's happening Corona virus is still here People can now live past 200 Emotions are controlled by robots The population of human is 10 billion Robot population is 1billion Plastic has been banned Time travel is a thing(that's how I got here) The human brain is replaced with a robotic one Flying cars exist If you have a car on ground, its controlled by google maps Roblox is the 3rd best game on the gaming chart Autocorrect has updated School has been canceled for the rest of our lives President is President Wales Trees are not free, you have to pay for air We dont live on the earth, we live on mars Corona virus passed on to mars The iphone 30x came out Your welcome by me telling your future, I shall go back home now. Goodbye fellow humans!

  • Kinda Grewal
    Kinda Grewal

    You are drama queen

  • lanie Fessler
    lanie Fessler

    I love the new Intro

  • Richelle Sudama
    Richelle Sudama

    Why don't you do something easier like a cupcake

  • Eleanor Perese
    Eleanor Perese

    she is really following the recipe exactly...

  • -Lxser Abbie-
    -Lxser Abbie-

    Moriah: ~rolling the cake thingy~ The cream: *o o z e*

  • Nyah Paris
    Nyah Paris

    Who else got the notification that said “ Bake with ME” it should say..” Bake With 𝓜𝓮“

  • Edith Seiler
    Edith Seiler

    Duh! Do you not know how whipped cream works? (I mean no offense. I Love your channel!)

  • Daisy May
    Daisy May

    I'm literally the opposite of moriah, I'm horrendous at art stuff but when it comes to baking, ooh mama look out, your tastebuds are about to have their minds blown, lol, I'm the best baker in my family

  • stefan godfrey
    stefan godfrey


  • Isla Hocknell
    Isla Hocknell

    Omg that is amazing

  • Helena Carpenter
    Helena Carpenter

    You can use a spoon to no SHIFT

  • Emma Ander
    Emma Ander

    did you notice the "I'm a little donut so depressed' on her shirt?

  • DeerCookie LPS
    DeerCookie LPS

    Three people said in the poll that they liked the old one. That is three out of the 4.91M subs 😐

  • Jessica Nugnes
    Jessica Nugnes

    Hey Moriah! 💓🌈love your channel and I have a tip! When sifting, instead of bashing your hand against the sieve, use a spoon and mix inside the sieve, then it won’t make as much mess! Hope this helps!🌹✨x

  • Pink princess
    Pink princess

    Thank you, I will learn from your failures!

  • Charlotte Hellyer
    Charlotte Hellyer

    Love it

  • Evan Peters
    Evan Peters

    Why did u put the squishy ghost on your shirt

  • Mark Jernigan
    Mark Jernigan


  • Gacha Doggy
    Gacha Doggy

    Moriah Moriah Moriah Artist Funny Rich Famous PERFECT PRSON

  • Ghalya Al sheeb
    Ghalya Al sheeb

    I’m fasting and I’m watching this I just love Moriah😂

  • Millie Wilkie
    Millie Wilkie

    Put Jordan in one of your vids please love you

  • hogwurtz gurl
    hogwurtz gurl

    it was so satisfying when she peeled the cake of the baking paper at 13:06

  • Sophia Isabella
    Sophia Isabella

    Is it just me or did anyone else spot 1 red sprinkle in the yellow sprinkle bowl

  • Dolores Hummingbird
    Dolores Hummingbird

    Literally all the comments are wHo Is WaTcHiNg DuRiNg CoRoNa?? Like, we get your bored but geez, we lived through Corona too! Btw, I love you Moriah ❤️💛💚💙💜💖

  • Shalaka Potdar
    Shalaka Potdar

    was there food coloring on the paper or the recipe or what was that or was it just me


    Hey, I just have a (stupid) question -_-...Errrrr, By the way the question is "Do you eat the cake or the stuff that you baked?I mean even though you said they werent really good but I think they good and cute...So,do you eat them?"

  • Anna Soffia Olafsdottir
    Anna Soffia Olafsdottir

    Ur supposed to put the butter under the parchment paper😂😂💕💕💕💕

  • ZehraGülfem Aydın
    ZehraGülfem Aydın

    _6:14_ The egtharedy

  • ZyannaLeigh Coleman
    ZyannaLeigh Coleman

    I don't understand you I like the new intro do you like the new intro it's amazing and I like sweets

  • Aiden’s Playtime
    Aiden’s Playtime

    a red was in the yellow cup

  • Eden Ooraikul
    Eden Ooraikul

    is liza Kochi in the intro ?

  • The Candy Sisters
    The Candy Sisters

    do more of these!!!!

  • June Mushfield
    June Mushfield

    She should be on nailed it


    Yo ate so carietiv 😱

  • Chez Beers
    Chez Beers

    Moriah: Doing great things for the world! Me: All of us are now

  • Emma Faith
    Emma Faith

    Moriah- puts eggs in water* Also Moriah- “why are the eggs so watery?”

  • WiteDragon Playz
    WiteDragon Playz

    YOU NEED MERCH THAT SAYS “I don’t have the answers, I just ask the questions”

  • Jazzy Slytherin
    Jazzy Slytherin

    4:38 Nicki minaj is that you?

  • sriracha chicken
    sriracha chicken

    it should be fun and interesting nonetheless. me who's watched it before: fun? no. Interesting? that's a way to put it.

  • Dani3ldraws

    2:42 corona got me like

  • Lilac White
    Lilac White

    0:26 corona: well see about that...

  • Bianca Fiestas
    Bianca Fiestas

    woah I'm just rewatching your videos and I completely forgot what your old intro sounded like lmao

  • Kristen Waychowsky
    Kristen Waychowsky

    Can I have the phone cases because those are soooo cute

  • Jennifer Royall
    Jennifer Royall

    I am like your freaking biggest fan!!!!!!!!!! U dah best

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