Reacting to 2019 YouTube Rewind (THEY FINALLY PUT ME IN IT)
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  • Jamal Shamandi
    Jamal Shamandi

    I really love rice man i truly wanna be his friend, he literally makes my day and i have been waiting for him to upload a video for so long and finally he did, thank you RICE

    • Maggie Yu
      Maggie Yu

      hi rice

    • Nekruz Ayon
      Nekruz Ayon


    • sweAt clan leader
      sweAt clan leader

      He need to move

    • Not Effort
      Not Effort


    • sweAt clan leader
      sweAt clan leader

      @Mosuss me he finna funny

  • TBC44

    0:52 untapped meme potential

  • i love spearfishing
    i love spearfishing


  • Nikolai Kjeldsen Myhre
    Nikolai Kjeldsen Myhre


  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles

    2020 VN-my rewind finna be crazy

  • Ugly Chip
    Ugly Chip

    Shut the fuck up you wanker

  • My Self
    My Self

    Just gotta love that he says "NEW VIDEO TOMORROW 100%" and 2 months passed with no video

    • Og Monkey
      Og Monkey

      My Self huh?

    • My Self
      My Self

      @Og Monkey 6 months after this video

    • Og Monkey
      Og Monkey

      He posted last week

  • SweetDreams

    I can't understand one word you're saying, dude.

  • Ignore

    the dog do be packin tho

  • Rollyth

    Hope you see this RiceCum

  • Human

    they didn't put afro Im sad

  • Rebecca Bibye
    Rebecca Bibye

    Who's also here in 2022? I used a time machine, wbu?

  • Feinsanity

    I think what's funny is that he was in the worst rewind ever

  • ꧁Sama꧂

    Look at all dislike



  • Purple Person
    Purple Person


  • Виктория Тасева
    Виктория Тасева

    You dont desirve it

  • skeletonx solitaire
    skeletonx solitaire


  • AnnaD 1249
    AnnaD 1249

    His little victory dance he did in the beginning was so bad it was good.

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    Am here in 2020 and this man kept his word he brought back his music and is now beefing with KSI

  • yes yes
    yes yes

    Haha they put you in the worst one

  • FloralCypress

    He didn't even watch the fucking video

  • Sore_dood3

    bruv dont celebrate about being in the most disliked video

  • Angel The boss 124
    Angel The boss 124

    người đàn ông thực sự nói chig chong

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez

    I searched VN-my rewind2019 it's not there

  • SummerPlayz

    Who is here because of the Odd1sOut?

  • Edp654

    My guy watched untill his part played then video ends. But i love ricegum

  • IZE official
    IZE official

    1:37 did anyone actually realize rice was there💀

  • Super Saiyan God
    Super Saiyan God

    😂 today I just Randomlythought of you so I looked up your channle

  • it'z weezy
    it'z weezy

    You ain't gonna do shit this year homie

  • Evan K
    Evan K

    I just realized he put like 10 seconds of the whole rewind in the whole ass vid

  • Kristine Bardsley
    Kristine Bardsley

    1:13 b roll

  • Debrianna Wagner
    Debrianna Wagner

    You finally got what you deserved!!!!

  • S4K4 too soon
    S4K4 too soon

    come on man be more active

  • Oinnk

    I know this man ain’t just say “William Smith”...

    • Ethan Johnson
      Ethan Johnson

      Walter Smiting

    • Tombe Andrea-Santos
      Tombe Andrea-Santos

      ikr his name is Willard

  • Abdullahi Shire
    Abdullahi Shire

    Ricegum vs Joe weller ricegum whould win

  • Abdullahi Shire
    Abdullahi Shire

    Team logan Paul

  • hrithik Mehan
    hrithik Mehan

    Keep it up bro, we are rooting for you and no matter what you’re never alone we got your back

  • Drenchn

    “William Smith”😭

  • Drenchn

    Ricegum got on VN-my rewind and all he had to do was not post

  • Clap _
    Clap _

    Th voice crack at the beginning

  • Miche Duran
    Miche Duran

    He didn't even watch the video

  • Robert Irving
    Robert Irving

    good im glad you havent gotten put in at all your a terrible youtuber

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      Robert Irving In terms of views and content yes he is

    • Robert Irving
      Robert Irving

      @Xx_TF Sas hes not the best streamer on twitch

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      Robert Irving Hes a great streamer tho the best on twitch getting all the girls rn

    • Robert Irving
      Robert Irving

      wtf you say '

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      Robert Irving A great streamer tho demon time😈 probably won’t get the reference unless u watch his stream but still he getting all the girls rn so he living his life

  • Henry Nalence
    Henry Nalence

    “William Smith” lmao

  • Kiyoshi Okamura
    Kiyoshi Okamura

    i hate this i just dont like ricegum he just over exaggerates and kinda annoying

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      Kiyoshi Okamura No it isn’t if you watch his streams you’d know this. He acts like a jerk on purpose. Girls that he brings over on his private insta literally say they like his personality and he’s funny and chill

    • Kiyoshi Okamura
      Kiyoshi Okamura

      @Xx_TF Sas his youtube persona is the same as his real life persona that means hes willing to tell people hes a jerk

    • Kiyoshi Okamura
      Kiyoshi Okamura

      @Xx_TF Sas his youtube persona is the same as his real life persona that means hes willing to tell people hes a jerk

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      Kiyoshi Okamura It’s his youtube persona

  • rolling cube
    rolling cube

    little pusseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      rolling cube English 💯 ^

    • rolling cube
      rolling cube

      @Xx_TF Sas is one of your chip fried or something? but sure, you're welcome, little sentient AI

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      rolling cube Thanks for proving my point thanks 😊

    • rolling cube
      rolling cube

      @Xx_TF Sas and you clearly can't read between the line

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      rolling cube Clearly you still have more to say...


    This sucks

  • 霍雨浩


  • Juan Elizondo
    Juan Elizondo

    Does anyone think old rice was better with longer vids

  • ivangamer67

    I'm still a virgin but I now have aids

  • Shufaat Alam
    Shufaat Alam

    Damn she left you

    • Xx_TF Sas
      Xx_TF Sas

      Shufaat Alam Nah he left her

  • Toaster Boi
    Toaster Boi

  • Kaitbro1

    This is so shit

  • Greyson Nealy
    Greyson Nealy

    90% of this video has absolutley nothing to do with the 2019 rewind. He didnt even get past the intro😅😅😅

  • Greyson Nealy
    Greyson Nealy

    I will admit, he has the talent of making every single video about himself somehow

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le

    Make more video dog I love rice gum

  • MANA মানা
    MANA মানা

  • IReplayys Bot_
    IReplayys Bot_

    Cállese Por si acaso la tuya

  • IReplayys Bot_
    IReplayys Bot_

    No te entendí una verga no hablo ingles

  • MistakenGaming17-Mobile Gaming Channel
    MistakenGaming17-Mobile Gaming Channel

    You didn’t make the cut because you are a AWFUL youtuber. So sad they could have put a better youtuber in place of you like theodd1sout

  • Hunter Duratti
    Hunter Duratti

    You are a loser

  • Grant White
    Grant White

    When VN-my sucks at their own videos

  • MacKenzie Coleman
    MacKenzie Coleman

    Nice. Rice Gum made it onto VN-my’s version of a WatchMojo list. Really should be proud

  • Shahminan Ahmad
    Shahminan Ahmad

    His voice is so annoying

  • cool mathgames
    cool mathgames

    I thought you stopped uploading

  • Cuhvvvhhvvjj Jbijbjccjokj
    Cuhvvvhhvvjj Jbijbjccjokj

    Post more , we need more rice gang shit💯💉💧


    I commented in VN-my rewind 2018 to include Rice and they did in 2019.. lmao

  • Alondra Vargas
    Alondra Vargas

    Finally gets what he wants and starts complaining smh

  • Nataly Liu
    Nataly Liu

    he is so..........................u know..................

  • kitty

    When u finally made the cut lol

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