REAL Newborn Night Time Routine 2019
Myka Stauffer
My REAL Newborn Night Time Routine for 2019. Onyx is officially 3 weeks old and for his newborn routine we try to spend time bonding 1 on 1. I share with you the entire night of events until he is finally asleep for the evening. I am so excited to share with you Onyx's night time routine and if you haven't seen my birth vlog check it out below! Labor & Delivery Birth Video -
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  • Jessica J
    Jessica J

    I use the calm app!!! The rain is my favorite

  • Selena Alonso
    Selena Alonso


  • Hailey Wheeler
    Hailey Wheeler

    Aww Onyx is Soo cute

  • Sugei Soto
    Sugei Soto

    I do

  • Caders 08
    Caders 08

    He's a handsome little guy. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • cooking with adiy
    cooking with adiy


  • Stefania Nastasi Beauty
    Stefania Nastasi Beauty


  • psn_mm156

    This is soo put together almost UNREAL.. myself and my house is a mess

  • Regina Ramos
    Regina Ramos

    I’m 9 years old my baby sister is 11 months old and my mom is pregnat its a boy. New born in,January 2020

  • Maddie Martin
    Maddie Martin

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my son is due november 15th🙌🏼 almost there, i can’t wait for this bliss

  • The Curious Haitian
    The Curious Haitian

    Bro. This video is so adorable. ❤️

    • Myka Stauffer
      Myka Stauffer

      Aww thank you!!

  • Nadia Rodriguez
    Nadia Rodriguez

    I have a question! I have a three week old as well and he does a lot of cluster feedings . Do you have any tips for spit up ???

  • nurEINMALkind !
    nurEINMALkind !

    Sooooo cute

  • Dovi

    I can't make it without crying😂 so emotional

  • Yareth Gonzalez
    Yareth Gonzalez

    How cute my baby is a month and 4 days but she won’t fall asleep on her bassinet she just wants to sleep on my bed!

  • Kim Dobeck
    Kim Dobeck

    Myka... Such a nice genuine video from you. I can tell this one you will treasure as Onyx gets older. You are so experienced and it shows. I love how calm you are even with all the snacking baby does in the late night. Keep up the good work, Mama! Hugs

  • AEJ Geris
    AEJ Geris

    I live for moments for moments like these🥺❤️ I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I miss their newborn phase.

  • The London Life
    The London Life

    Such a lovely video ! It's a big help to see how the motherhood looks like and that you are not shy to breastfeed in front of camera. Looking forward to watching your next video x

  • heidi rictor
    heidi rictor

    OMGoodness, you are making me baby hungry!

  • Silvia Calderon
    Silvia Calderon

    I have to swaddle my baby or he will awake every 10 minutes. My baby always cluster feeds. She is now 6 weeks.i smile when i get a burp out of my baby too

  • Hanna Øverlie
    Hanna Øverlie

    This video was really sweet!

  • haidyn Davis
    haidyn Davis

    Your baby is the cutest thing

  • Zozo Cosmel
    Zozo Cosmel

    You feed him like every two seconds

  • Stella Rose
    Stella Rose

    How cute I breastfeed my daughter while washing her hair too!

  • Aliya Jones
    Aliya Jones

    can you your husband and son night routine ?

  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson

    Mine kind of rolled also but when he was swaddled that prevented him from moving around and comforted him

  • Eman Saleh
    Eman Saleh

    The video was so relaxing I started falling asleep 😅

  • Brits Life
    Brits Life

    I am a new mommy to a 1 week old baby girl, and I enjoyed your video I also follow my babys shedule for feedings, I hear you about being hungry and thirsty with breast feeding.

  • Ingridlosneslokken

    You nursing him in the bathtub, that has to be the most beautiful picture I've seen! Everything in this video is just so beautiful ❤️

  • Kiran Anwar
    Kiran Anwar

    precious soul

  • Kara A
    Kara A

    Beautiful! What a sweet, loving mommy you are. 💗

  • Alycia & The Rest
    Alycia & The Rest

    Have you tried the halo bassinet insert ? My son also liked his chin on my breast miss the breastfeeding stage .. but only a couple more months and the opportunity is there again 👏🏻💙😘

  • Linda P
    Linda P

    Make a night routine of the hole family

  • The Kirrane Family Diaries
    The Kirrane Family Diaries

    I loved having baths with my two when they were newborns and will def do it with baby number 3 🥰 I find it easier and a great way to get skin to skin time in! How cute was he getting his hair brushed ❤️

  • Kayla Spangle
    Kayla Spangle

    I'm surprised she put the diaper over his belly button.

  • Peachiz Gilson
    Peachiz Gilson

    Radley, J and Nyx are daddy’s minis 100%!! Such a beautiful video 😍.

  • Ray An
    Ray An

    A tipp from a soon to be second time mum. You baby is very small so swaddle him that way he cant move his hands and feet and wont wake himself up alot. Also he will sleep mich better.

  • Ray An
    Ray An

    Nightime routine with new born. being stuck to your bed where you have to constantly feed and change and put your baby to sleep. A cycle that repeats itself every 2 hours and you cant just fall asleep no matter how tired you are

  • Katarina Grbin
    Katarina Grbin

    Onyx is so gorgeous 🥰

  • Holly Palmer
    Holly Palmer

    Awww Myka, you are just how I was with mine. A bath, massage and then feed to their schedule. You are an instinctive mother. Wonderful! X

  • Cheyenne Stewart
    Cheyenne Stewart

    Awe so sweet. Can't wait to have my baby boy in October.

  • Xoxo Loni
    Xoxo Loni


  • Erin Evermay
    Erin Evermay

    Such a beautiful and calming video! Just wondering if you ever use a swaddle?

  • Potato Hams
    Potato Hams

    Myka you should really consider swaddling him :D

  • Ezginur Agun
    Ezginur Agun

    So cute 😍 I hope I can be a mom one day 😊💞

  • Joseph Colunga
    Joseph Colunga

    My daughter is just over 3 weeks now wow

  • BusyMommyLife BySadie
    BusyMommyLife BySadie

    This is wonderful But not really ideal when u have other children that need to be bathed n have a night time routine as well.

  • მართა


  • F.B. Leach
    F.B. Leach

    Both my boys cluster fed. I demand fed as well. If they cried they went straight on the boob. I fed my eldest for 10 months and my youngest for 16.5 months before he started weaning himself.

  • Anjali yadav
    Anjali yadav

    Sooooo cute😍😢... U look like JLo

  • Brinniebee

    My baby doesn’t sleep very well or very long unless he’s swaddled up nicely.

  • Brinniebee

    You’re so lucky. My baby is 6 weeks and he wouldn’t latch at all so all I can do is pump to give him some breast milk. So envious of ppl like you whose babies just easily pop on there and feed.

  • isabelle lauret
    isabelle lauret

    He has totally jaka’s face

  • Kassandra Vela
    Kassandra Vela

    He's the cutest❤️ God bless

  • Jan Davison
    Jan Davison

    So sweet. Thank you for sharing this beautiful time of mummy and son bonding. Such a good little man

  • HerrEra

    Loved how realistic this is. Thank you Mika! I am 5 weeks from having baby #2 and I’m starting to get nervous all over again! But they grow so fast so I just want to cherish every moment 😭 he is so adorable and tiny 💕❤️

  • susan fraser
    susan fraser


  • katherine H.
    katherine H.

    he's so precious 😍

  • kaykay baby
    kaykay baby

    I had my wee boy four months ago

  • Annika Hayes
    Annika Hayes

    He looks so adorable and looks so much like Easley so happy for you you are such an amazing mom!😍😍

  • Aj’s world
    Aj’s world

    I’m new momma of 2 month old twin boys 👶🏽👶🏽💙 congrats 🎊🎈🎉

  • S E
    S E

    What an absolutely adorable baby and video too! God Bless you! ❤️

  • 4o'clock Moonchild
    4o'clock Moonchild

    I love how realistic this is! So beautiful, you’re doing great ❤️ ps, I would swaddle him. I totally regret not swaddling my LO (he’s 4mths now) and actually thought he hated the swaddle so we didn’t for about 2wks. Week 3 we bought the halo swaddle and he actually LOVED it. But it was too late as he grew out of it in a week or so and we didn’t bother purchasing another and let him sleep without it. But for my next baby 10000% will continue to try different swaddles and techniques from the get go!

  • Aicirt Ollitsac
    Aicirt Ollitsac

    What a beautiful bonding experience.

  • Kelly Trudersheim
    Kelly Trudersheim

    Love you guys so much. You're an amazing mom!

  • Loz

    How do you manage your time? PLEASE do a video on this! I have a 5 week old extremely clingy baby and a 5 year old clingy kid. I feel so guilty because for 5 years all my time was focused on my son and now my daughter is born and she takes up a good majority of my time now.

  • Leah Sliwinski
    Leah Sliwinski

    Omg yaaaassss I LOVE the kardashians & a banana with peanut butter but one of my favorite night time snacks is a bowl of cereal!☺

  • Halle Burch
    Halle Burch

    1st your voice is SO calming 😍 like amazing 💛 2nd baby fever 🥰🥰

  • beautyizeasy

    This is such a sweet video it’s like baby ASMR. He is seriously the CUTEST💕 I can feel the love you have for him through the screen

  • Linda Hughes
    Linda Hughes

    Oh my goodness! This was the most beautiful video Micah! You and Onyx are a perfect team!

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