REAL Newborn Night Time Routine 2019
Myka Stauffer
My REAL Newborn Night Time Routine for 2019. Onyx is officially 3 weeks old and for his newborn routine we try to spend time bonding 1 on 1. I share with you the entire night of events until he is finally asleep for the evening. I am so excited to share with you Onyx's night time routine and if you haven't seen my birth vlog check it out below! Labor & Delivery Birth Video -
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  • Himynameisfeee

    Does he sleep through the night ?

  • Mauricio Vazquez
    Mauricio Vazquez

    Mariel Sergio 💔💔💔💔💔🌘🌘🌘🌘🌘🌘🌘🌘🌘🌘

  • Munaza Hassan
    Munaza Hassan


  • Munaza Hassan
    Munaza Hassan

    Please prayer for me... I have no baby 👶☹️💔

  • Alina Lisa
    Alina Lisa

    Hey, can you tell us where you bought the bassinet for example. I love it. Love your videos , you and your sweet son🥰

  • vanitha vanitha
    vanitha vanitha

    Just found out that i was pregnant yesterday and was already in my 2nd trimester haha :))

  • Bookworm Bonnie
    Bookworm Bonnie

    It's really surprising for me how often a newborn baby feeds..

  • Bookworm Bonnie
    Bookworm Bonnie

    Doesn't blue light affect sleep?

  • 15heartz

    This video is really good and well made 🙂

  • Tia Glackin
    Tia Glackin

    Well this is just freaking precious! I miss when my girls were this small ❤️

  • MaMay Ahmed
    MaMay Ahmed

    جميييل 👶🏼😘😍❤️

  • Nini Nino
    Nini Nino


  • Wendy Duval
    Wendy Duval

    My hubby an I have a 17 month old daughter and we’re about to start trying for another rainbow baby . toddlers are a lot so this video brung me back to the real meaning of why we want another, baby fever is realll❤️

    • Bookworm Bonnie
      Bookworm Bonnie

      What's a rainbow baby?

  • Amanda Grace
    Amanda Grace

    sleeping the bath is not safe because they would think its safe when there older because its in there routine when they were young also kids can die because they drown in the bath when there older and your not there to watch

  • cayleigh heart
    cayleigh heart

    I’m 18 weeks pregnant and April 2020 can’t get here sooner. I find out the gender in 16 days

    • cayleigh heart
      cayleigh heart

      Bookworm Bonnie thank you 😊

    • Bookworm Bonnie
      Bookworm Bonnie

      Good luck for it :)

  • Kelly Barker
    Kelly Barker

    I love how nurturing and attentive you are. I have heard that blue light is not ideal before sleep as it can affect the quality of sleep

  • Enhelica Beauty
    Enhelica Beauty

    My son is almost three weeks and this made me so emotional 😭 i don’t want this phase to end

  • wotever1234

    Soooooo small🙈


    One of the loveliest vids I’ve ever seen. ☺️

  • Iram Naaz
    Iram Naaz


  • Iram Naaz
    Iram Naaz

    R u crazy he is so small baby he is feeling shivering from cold look his body

    • Iram Naaz
      Iram Naaz

      @Hapoom nothing

    • Hapoom

      Iram Naaz ??

  • sachi bhatt
    sachi bhatt

    Shoud i bath my new born baby twice in day?? One in morning n one in night??

  • PixiePeachPomme

    This is so beautiful.. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and can't wait for these moments

  • aya khane
    aya khane

    you the bust mum

  • Katie Hemson
    Katie Hemson

    I am 37 weeks pregnant, so scared and excited at this point 😍😍

  • luna italiana
    luna italiana

    Bellissimo un amore 😍😍😍😍😍💟💟💟💟💟

  • Odalys Murillo
    Odalys Murillo

    I just had my son a week ago and he looks just like your newborn 😭😭

  • LeiLani Avritt
    LeiLani Avritt

    I love being a mom I have a one year old girl. They grow up so fast😭😭

  • Dumba Kassim
    Dumba Kassim

    Thx dea i have learnt sth

  • Iram Mor
    Iram Mor

    Beautiful video..

  • Shannon K. Byrdsong - Your Fit Realtor
    Shannon K. Byrdsong - Your Fit Realtor


  • rehana malik
    rehana malik

    Thanks for sharing I love how patient you are

  • Doreen O-K
    Doreen O-K


  • Nosipho Nzimande
    Nosipho Nzimande

    So where does the husband sleep?

  • Stephii Loveless
    Stephii Loveless

    I love his name. What a cutie 😍 he's little feet❤️❤️ giving me hardcore baby fever.

  • Leanne Lillyrug
    Leanne Lillyrug

    My baby is 7 weeks old 💙🍼

  • Omega Das
    Omega Das

    I am going to give birth and I am sooo happy

  • TØP

    Why do you lay him on his side like that? (Not saying it‘s bad, just wondering)

  • Nate Krieger
    Nate Krieger

    Luv this!! What Specific Brand of Diaper do yu use on yur Beautiful Baby?!

  • Jennifer Nguyen
    Jennifer Nguyen

    I thought you couldn’t take a bath until 6 weeks pp?

  • Artman mego
    Artman mego

    Beautiful newborn. I wonder what great future has for him. Night time music is also on VN-my and it can have hours of listening

  • HeyItsKoffee

    Me in 3 months!

  • xythera laude
    xythera laude

    you are an amazing mom! I also have a 3week old baby now and we almost have the same routine.

  • Vy Nguyen
    Vy Nguyen

    Thanks for uploading this. I have read books about setting up a fixed routine for newborns and honestly those make me very upset because I just can't follow all those theories. I feel guity about not being able to help my son having a good routine because I tend to follow his needs rather than pushing him to do anything he doesn't want. Your style is a lot similar to mine so I feel very relief right now cause maybe I am not on a wrong track...

  • Irenne Rose Andaya
    Irenne Rose Andaya

    I have 1 month old baby now and we did this’s the first time he took a bath without crying out loud 😍but we just stayed in the tub for a few minutes as I’m worried he’ll get cold. How long is it advisable to keep him with me in the water?

  • Basia Basia
    Basia Basia

    Give Him A Bottle ! He’s Eating That Often Because He’s Not Getting Enough Milk Through The Breast. First Time Is Okay To Breastfeed To Bond Before Bed But After That He Should’ve Been Bottle Fed 💙

  • Suvanee xo
    Suvanee xo

    That’s crazy seeing you give your newborn a bath and creating memories makes me feel like I’m doing my job wrong by letting my mom and other ppl tell me what not to do with my newborn by not giving my newborn a bath . And other bs .

  • chiquis Castillo
    chiquis Castillo


  • Tashneem Jarawi
    Tashneem Jarawi

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant, and it's our first baby!! Im so excited to see him out. Pray for my safe delivery soon.. 😇🙏🏻❤️

  • A Soul Within
    A Soul Within

    I’m crying I don’t know why😭 oh I’m 33 weeks pregnant 🤰🏾 🤣 I love everything about this video. I can’t wait to meet my son😭

  • Aliyah Wellon
    Aliyah Wellon

    But he’s still really cute

  • Aliyah Wellon
    Aliyah Wellon

    The shushing thing is enoing

  • Angie Streeter
    Angie Streeter

    I am so doing this bath idea with my next baby! It looks so sweet and comforting!

  • Valk dee
    Valk dee

    Can’t wait to meet my baby 😍😍 4months left ❤️

    • Tati Kay
      Tati Kay

      Me three !

    • Ashley Powell
      Ashley Powell

      Me too

  • Ashour Taha
    Ashour Taha

    يخرب بيت كده بجد،،كل شويه رضاعه؟؟مش بقولكم بلاعات مفتوحه؟؟بقهم مفتوح علي طول وعاوز رضاعه،،حاجه خرا بجد.

  • Ashour Taha
    Ashour Taha

    صوتهم في البكاء مزعج ومقرف،،،جتكم القرف

  • Ashour Taha
    Ashour Taha

    كائنات مقززة

  • Ashour Taha
    Ashour Taha

    انا بكره المواليد حديثا لانهم في منتهي الازعاج وبلاعات مفتوحه عاوزين الرضاعه ليل نهار وكل شويه عياط ومغص وقرف،،،ببقي نفسي الواحد منهم وارميه من الشباك

  • Fati Taz
    Fati Taz

    It’s very lovely to watch, my baby is 48 days and i love her, when im watching i think its my baby all routines 💓💗🤱🏻🥰😚😘

  • Lisanne

    I am just in love with your beautiful baby. 😍

  • Ellen

    Enjoy this time ... i miss it so much... and my husband forbid me so much of the things you do with your little sweety... please enjoy it

  • Autumn Flower
    Autumn Flower

    This video was so beautiful, I am pregnant now with my rainbow baby and my husband works out of town so I will be spending lots of alone time with my little one . This video just made me so excited for it all thank you for sharing these precious moments with us ❤️

  • ayllaaylla1

    Your sweet little baby is beautiful. I love the blue lights. 💕

  • ayllaaylla1

    *I am wondering just one thing. Can someone please explain to me. What kind of person dislike a video like this? Please! I want an answer!*

  • Robin Speaks
    Robin Speaks

    Very calming Mama Bear💕💖

  • Sweet Fons
    Sweet Fons

    I am going to be a 2 Nd time Mom have toddler and taking care of 2 kids freaks me out 😕

  • Helen Limas
    Helen Limas

    I love watching your vedio, im a single mom too, the way you care you child,where almost the same,🙂.. I love you so much and God bless your family,

  • Alexandra Junikka
    Alexandra Junikka

    Cant wait to meet my baby

  • Sarah Pagan
    Sarah Pagan

    Hello my friend am new here and i love ur video. Am staying supporting love. I invite u to my chennal.

  • Kae Freeman Duchess
    Kae Freeman Duchess

    🔹️💜🔹️You are so WELCOME you have such a beautiful baby Congratulations best wishes and blessings to you and your husband and baby🔹️💜🔹️💜🔹️💜🔹️💜🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️

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