Reason Rick Ross Crew JUMPED VLADTV
Sonata Mob
Song in intro -
Reason behind a infamous encounter between Dj Vlad and Rick Ross entourage, that led Vlad to sue Rick Ross for $4 Million Dollars.

  • Sonata Mob
    Sonata Mob

    Correction. The real rick Ross is from Cali... got mixed up with the fake rick Ross lol

    • illness shaw
      illness shaw

      TheTaylorkidd ha nice, but wrong... the CO Rick Ross is from Wyoming. Rock Springs I believe

    • illness shaw
      illness shaw

      CeddMack actually no, the real Rick Ross is from Lexington North Carolina good try though

    • Perseus of the PCT 2020
      Perseus of the PCT 2020

      Freeway Ricky Ross is from California

    • Nicole Martin
      Nicole Martin

      The real Rick got his people turned out on crack and messed up his neighborhood

  • YoungHerfner !
    YoungHerfner !

    Nigga sound like Cassidy😭😭😭😭

  • newfiesnowball nl
    newfiesnowball nl

    Because vlad is a narc.

  • Vincent Gigante
    Vincent Gigante

    I’m pretty sure ar-ab telling his whole criminal history is on him not vlad

  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker

    The dudes that sing "GRIIIINDINNN" LOL

  • Kenneth Tomer
    Kenneth Tomer

    Why you talk like that on purpose?

  • NPC .000000beta
    NPC .000000beta


  • Route Irish
    Route Irish

    If they are stupid enough to admit to CRIMES that can still prosecuted, then that is on THEM!! RETARDED rappers!! LMAO

  • Jorge Bello
    Jorge Bello

    Beats by Dre put on him 😂

  • Jorge Bello
    Jorge Bello

    Russian orange juice 😂

  • Velvet Darkness
    Velvet Darkness

    Vlad got jumped for being vlad


    Officer VLAD

  • wackedout13

    The real bitch here is officer ricky he was a C.O and he didn’t have the heart to put hand on vlad

  • Angel

    You sound like Steve-o🤣🤣🤣

    • Sonata Mob
      Sonata Mob

      Wtf 😂😂

  • ryublueblanka

    Rick Ross is Big Bad Los Angeles fool watch the documentary "crack in the system" about the U.S. bringing the drugs in for us to sell and use and then locking everybody up for it and having their correctional officers steal names and lifestyles in the process

  • Viking system vikingfitness
    Viking system vikingfitness

    Why would a real gangster go on a TV show and tell him about all the crimes they commit knowing millions of people are watching they're not real gangsters that's why you never seen a guy who's pushing way of killing motherfukers go and do an interview unless he's already did the time or he wrote a book or whatever he can't get arrested for it but to go on there and just snitched on yourself but you deserve to go to jail

  • Poppa WoLFF
    Poppa WoLFF

    Phaggot shit. Jumped a dude instead of 1v1 hands...sissy

  • Michiel Janssen
    Michiel Janssen

    Officer stealer

  • Damidas

    It makes me so happy to see vlad finally getting his comeuppance.. we all need to play our part getting rid of this ugly ass nigga

  • Jose Luis Desantiago
    Jose Luis Desantiago

    I saw this on vlads channel lol

  • Elm Haven
    Elm Haven

    Everybody hating on the BOSS.. While he in a mansion ownes lots of businesses.. He did something right.. The BOSS

  • Elm Haven
    Elm Haven

    At lease he was a BOSS in the picture... He a BOSS no matter what he does can't hate.. But I never heard him beating up that dude . All these interviewers now days be asking police questions..

  • 256 bradley
    256 bradley

    lol I always wondered what the back story was on this was

  • LVSkinny

    Grinding 😭😭😭

  • Rob Daniels
    Rob Daniels

    Rick Ross never put the work in to have dirt on his hands...tells ya something right there bwoy!! VLAD probably would’ve went to that ass! 🤣 if you gotta set someone up to get jumped, cause you felt he might be a soft! Plain and simple!!

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson

    That's how Haitians get down on the setup

  • Mark  Brown
    Mark Brown

    Whip is ass a demonic devil agent here to set up people

  • david lopez
    david lopez

    The real Rick Ross is from Oakland not the south.

  • Ratio Tuner
    Ratio Tuner

    Ecclesiasticus 12:10 “Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.”

  • JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again
    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    basically this generation so desperate for attention and desperate to be famous that they'll get themselves indicted in the process of doing that and it'll be worth it to them too they just want that 15 seconds of Fame

  • Anthony Salcedo
    Anthony Salcedo

    Jumped Vlad? that's not impressive, how about stepping to 50?

    • blue skies
      blue skies

      can't get close enough 🤷🏾‍♀️ & too hi profile 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Dia Camp
    Dia Camp

    The way he narrating it Lmao 😂🤣🤣 If that's your real voice No one taking you seriously

  • Aldo Vicuna
    Aldo Vicuna

    Cop on cop violence

  • Tyler Thames Comedy
    Tyler Thames Comedy

    The dude narrating sounds like a raspy Cassidy

  • jason sloten
    jason sloten

    That fat dude with the ink in the belly and sunglasses on is a turt!! Word up!

  • Dre Peso
    Dre Peso

    Miami niggaz work a 9 to 5 with work in the trunk ready to get in them streets soon as they get off

  • wIlLiAm 83
    wIlLiAm 83

    AR-Ab looking at 15yrs shits crazy.

  • Moe Terra
    Moe Terra

    That Young MA line is hilarious.

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller

    Ross music bang but damn bruh you a was a cop my dude. The fact you even was a cop means you went that way bro period.

  • Gutz Man
    Gutz Man

    This is pig on pig violence.

  • Hugo Gomez
    Hugo Gomez

    Even though I watch vladtv I'm not a big fan of him but Fuck Rick Ross hahaha

  • Liquid Golem
    Liquid Golem

    Lol dude you're so funny. Subscribed.

  • Mswahili Original
    Mswahili Original

    U shud make a career out of this 🤣🤣

  • Nick O'Conor
    Nick O'Conor

    Earned that sub at 3:30 😂

  • Astonvman007

    So basically fat Ricky got called out for being as fake as Nicki's booty by Vlad, so he had other people handle his own sbit?... Nigga.... You trash, fam!

  • BOOM 4
    BOOM 4

    Vlad still rocking the chin strap beard 😂😂

  • Bryant Pareja
    Bryant Pareja

    We all know vladtv tries to make people Incriminate Themselves so that’s why Rick Ross wasn’t having that shit around him

  • Hard Fighting Soulja
    Hard Fighting Soulja

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  • Eric Msemwa
    Eric Msemwa

    Bests by dre 😂😭

  • Peter Vanna
    Peter Vanna

    Everyone wants to be dj akadmiks

    • Sonata Mob
      Sonata Mob

      Everyone wants to eat 🍆🍆

  • Gregory Boehm
    Gregory Boehm

    SHIT CRAZY now days.... A correctional officer posing as a known drug king pin has his crew work over Vlad an industry plant (he hates when people call him that) that sets the stage/platform for feeble minded criminals to tell the fuzz their criminal history lmao smh all because Vlad repeated what others had said about him????? Fair enough as long as Correctional officer Rick ross goes after 50 cents badge for leaking the truth whom its alleged snitched also but I have no knowledge of that myself. So an alleged snitch leaks rick ross profession and Vlad the self help do it yourself snitch guider repeats it and the correctional officer has his brakes beat off him but still waiting for the confrontation between Ross and 50 that will not happen cause 50 wreck his world but he is smart enough to not go out putting hands on an officer. This is like an episode of twilight zone.

  • John The King Robinson
    John The King Robinson

    Vlad og he just sue a nigga.

  • Johnnie Hall
    Johnnie Hall

    Lmfao matt and jeff hardy ass whooping

  • Raw seduction
    Raw seduction

    There was a little scuffle well basically they kinda of jumped you! 😁 which 1

  • rvs planeetbewoner
    rvs planeetbewoner

    Rick Ross is a fat fuck

  • Kevin and Meghan Law
    Kevin and Meghan Law

    Ross soft ass came for the dj he knows won't retaliate, but 50 out shopping with your baby mama and he don't get touched, that's NOT gangster Stanley!


    Fuck Vlad!

  • Brittany Bonnie
    Brittany Bonnie

    Hope you know when men come on to Studs( masculine lesbians) people quickly find you suspect on the down low and we assume you gay...just a fyi

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams

    First of all, if a dude is dumb enough to snitch on himself on Vladtv, he deserves to be jammed up. Secondly, why the hell are several grown men "jumping" Vlad?! That's fn lame af! 😂😂 And I can't stand Vlad! He is weak, childish and a culture vulture.

  • Derrick Vineyard
    Derrick Vineyard

    300k for a weak ass beat down. Sign me up Rick the Bitch Ross. 😂

  • H. Jules
    H. Jules

    MOFO we know Clipse. Especially one of the illest rappers still spitting that street. DAYTONA!!!

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther

    rick ross still come beat me something for you

  • En3 Ultramega
    En3 Ultramega

    The real rick Ross is from Cali my g

  • TheRoadhammer379

    Fuck Vlad. Piece of shit culture vulture, low key confidential informant, instigating cunt. Nigga deserved it and a lot more.

  • Ann Ahl
    Ann Ahl

    I cant understand how people just overlook the fact that he was a officer, the whole rick ross persona is fake. He is like slim Jesus. He raps about his fantasies and people take him serious. Fuck the fake rick ross, hes a fucking fat clown.

  • frank barrios
    frank barrios

    So rick bitch ass could do his own dirt wow

  • dan coolinism
    dan coolinism

    Vlad hasn't switched on anyone cos if he had Tray Dee BG and many others would not do interviews with him so Budden is full of shit and Rick Ross is fat fucking lame phony

  • TheDon Willie
    TheDon Willie

    Damn Vlad only got 300k from Ross?

  • TKSS

    Is that Angela Yee’s lil trifflin ass? Loved when Gucci Mane called her out.

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor

    I thought vlad was a black dude 😂

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