Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)
Good Mythical Morning
Taco Bell may have limited menu space, but should these discontinued items make a comeback? GMM #1532
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  • Jess Pepper
    Jess Pepper

    I honestly feel that Rhett would give a confidence boost to any aspiring chef because he just loves food so much and he gets unbelievably happy when something tastes good.

  • Solomon Korte
    Solomon Korte

    Ya haven’t lived since you’ve had a good taco burger 🌮 🍔

  • Keena Bear
    Keena Bear

    I hope y'all do this again with more Taco Bell stuff, but if you do, please make a big deal over the BlackJack Taco. It's the best thing they had for a limited time 😂

  • NerdyLilVixen

    I really want the volcano menu like the volcano taco and thw burritos to come back

  • maygua cotto
    maygua cotto

    They don’t pay us enough to train us on making cheese cores 😭😂

  • Nico Pasanen
    Nico Pasanen

    my digestive system got discontinued after eating taco bell

  • Eddie Rivera
    Eddie Rivera

    You forgot the chicken ranch gordita 89 cents the best thing ever

  • eee-eee-clap-clap

    Is there discontinued KFC or Wendy's products that Rhett and Link can eat?

  • Jpr0ductionz

    Taco bell needs to bring back the volcano taco. I used to eat those all the time when I was a kid.

  • darkdialga777

    I want my XXL Grilled Stuffed Burrito back!

  • Enigmatic Casper
    Enigmatic Casper

    I did try the Waffle Taco, it was good and sweet

  • hellagood67

    Seafood extender yuck 🤢

  • CR sniper
    CR sniper

    I remember when Taco Bell had the south west steak bowl, that was delicious and pray that comes back

  • Heartworn Fox
    Heartworn Fox

    Waffle taco bring it back

  • [Sail Hatin] -Soap
    [Sail Hatin] -Soap

    "Let's kiss em... And.... EAT EM."

  • Pugtato Pug
    Pugtato Pug

    Taco Bell needs to permanently bring back the backed chicken chulupa.

  • alissadeanne

    I think we’ve officially reached the Apocalypse in 2020- is it time to scrounge for the items and make our own Bell Beefer?!?

    • Waternoose

      Oof- I think so

  • creepy clown
    creepy clown

    "Can you BELLieve fast-food items were discontinued?; Let's TACO about that." Genious.

  • XanthosAcanthus

    Taco bell needs to bring back the naked egg taco. It was such a help when I was on my keto diet.

  • Bailey Ferlita
    Bailey Ferlita


  • Overestimated Chicken
    Overestimated Chicken

    Does Rhett like the bean and cheese burrito? It's my favorite

  • nick amburgey
    nick amburgey


  • Nicks Vlogs
    Nicks Vlogs

    Ok I’m starting to see y’all as a food channel lol

  • Jack Munro
    Jack Munro

    And Rhett proceeds to grow a ponytail. Checkmate Grandpa.

  • Violet Caster
    Violet Caster

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that one of the slogans for taco bell was "the cure for the common meal?"

  • Twice Chaeyoung
    Twice Chaeyoung

    Americans really love their fast food. My country doesn’t even have these stores

  • Brad carr
    Brad carr

    they need to bring back my damn Volcano Burrito! :(

  • Ironic Animations
    Ironic Animations

    “Can you BELL-Ieve they discontinued some of these things?” “Let’s TACO bout that” The gods of puns-

    • Scott Young
      Scott Young

      They are dads and they make dad jokes

  • Led istic
    Led istic

    I laughed when he said "so if sea food salad is on me your in?"


    Lets eat the bell beefer🤦‍♂️😂

  • RonnieWolfe

    That made me want to go get a taco burger from Taco John’s

  • Brooklyn Witherell
    Brooklyn Witherell

    I remember the waffle taco😂

  • bmxdestroy

    Waffle tacos were GREAT

  • gaming with Zarif
    gaming with Zarif

    Thats what id do if i had a kid 2:55

  • PeytonBlogs :3
    PeytonBlogs :3

    I can’t have the sea food salad because I’m allergic too shellfish 😭😭

  • Midnight Coding
    Midnight Coding

    Link: Mcgriddle Pleural version Link: Mc riddles

  • Ahdoyyyyy

    What about the taco bel Grande That was the best item Taco Bell has ever had and I cannot believe it’s gone


    Spicy chicken crunch wrap!

  • lushiousification

    The cheese core looks like burrito sushi

  • Rian - Dj RainTree - Simpson
    Rian - Dj RainTree - Simpson

    Should have recreated MEXI NUGGETS!

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams

    Taco John’s has a taco burger that looks better than that

  • Toe Nail
    Toe Nail

    *Rhett has an Illuminati shirt on*

  • S.M. Newmaker
    S.M. Newmaker

    As an employee at Taco Bell, I can say that a lot of items are discontinued if they simply take too much time to make. Since there is so much focus on making time.

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee

    A sloppy joe is just a chilli sandwich

  • EpicBowMaster

    The first one, is a great Food Truck idea. That’s the only type of burritos they’d make. And fresh homemade tortilla chips.

  • Wylan Johnson
    Wylan Johnson

    Damn what about the Cookie Sandwich & the Brownie Sandwich?

  • J Vega
    J Vega

    What about the chilito???

  • adrian him
    adrian him

    8:50 Taco Bell is not mexican

  • Jsun Cook
    Jsun Cook

    Olives are grosssss AFFF

  • Stiffy55 channel
    Stiffy55 channel

    His waffle taco looked a million times more edible than taco bells

  • heather holt
    heather holt

    Lol! That opening comment about Stephen king novels is so true! I learned that binging his novels on audible and they were pretty bad! As a legally blind person I have learned to love details but that was way to much even for me! Anyways love this episode!!

  • Danielle Thibault
    Danielle Thibault

    I loved them Waffle taco😩😩

  • Trevor Umbarger
    Trevor Umbarger

    So I feel like they made actual burgers just with taco bell seasoning on it not a sloppy joe style burger lol

  • Josee .Flores
    Josee .Flores

    The nacho burrito at Taco Bell was literally my favorite

  • Alex DeAnda
    Alex DeAnda

    have they never heard of taco burgers that are like at every fast food mexican restaurant??????

  • Alex DeAnda
    Alex DeAnda

    have they never heard of taco burgers that are like at every fast food mexican restaurant??????

  • evilkitty2007

    Why not ship the cheesy core's pre made and frozen then you make the burrito around them and turn the burrito steamer temp up!

  • Asa Spencer
    Asa Spencer

    Taco time still makes the taco cheeseburger!

  • greg moses
    greg moses

    "Yea preach" lmfao

  • Leave the crowd wanting Brian Moore
    Leave the crowd wanting Brian Moore

    I wish taco bell would bring back the grilled stuffed nacho

  • Mrs. Thomas
    Mrs. Thomas

    I miss the green onions!

  • Hosigen -_-
    Hosigen -_-

    I want the chilli cheese burrito back it was the best thing ever honestly any1 remember them?

  • Rhenn Rainbow Reviews
    Rhenn Rainbow Reviews

    Cheesy Gordita Crunch (with Doritos cheese taco shell) will forever be the best item from taco bell.

  • Jonathon Sanders
    Jonathon Sanders

    60% of the items Taco Bell has ever released have been discontinued so you could make this idea alone a whole series!

  • Milky Whites
    Milky Whites

    Still waiting for the official taco bell youtube channel to comment BET

  • Lana Lundie
    Lana Lundie

    Is the item Moses?

  • Disco Quinn
    Disco Quinn

    Fun fact: in Germany we have a large fastfood chain called Nordsee that specialized on mainly cold fish sandwiches and I believe burgers and wraps also a similar kinda salad. Sadly we don’t really have Taco Bell tho

  • charlie vance
    charlie vance

    I want them to bring back the grilled stuffed burrito

  • texas flood, the
    texas flood, the

    I'd eat a bell beefer for sure. Especially if it was Kristen's

  • danil1311

    In the future there is only Taco Bell

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