Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)
Good Mythical Morning
Taco Bell may have limited menu space, but should these discontinued items make a comeback? GMM #1532
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  • Jake Dwinell
    Jake Dwinell

    "Sign the petition man, Ive got one going"

  • Mudusa I
    Mudusa I

    Is this how you normally eat food

  • JD1911

    Taco Johns still does the taco burger 🍔

  • Fuzian

    the taco burger may have been discontinued at taco bell, but there’s an alabama exclusive restaurant called taco casa that still has it.

  • Verdant Fox Gaming
    Verdant Fox Gaming

    That little “you said McDonald’s part” was funny

  • Chade Hogan
    Chade Hogan

    I ordered many a waffle taco in the short time it was around. God do I miss it

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Where do you guys manage to get all the vintage packaging? That's what I'm curious about.

  • Sadie Flores
    Sadie Flores

    They need the doubledilla back for real though

  • dutch plan der linde
    dutch plan der linde

    I miss volcano nachos so bad

  • cookieman

    4:03 you will be missed waffletaco

  • Stephanie Saathoff
    Stephanie Saathoff

    Where were the Cinnamon Chips??? Classic Taco Bell dessert from the 80s!!!

  • PumpkinEater69

    I started working for TacoBell soon after the waffle taco was discounted so I never experienced it but I’ve heard positive things. The fried chicken chalupa and loaded tacos with the sweet and sour sauce was my favorites, I wish they’d stay

  • otterpuplover

    This just made me realize I subconsciously missed the olives in taco bell :(

  • xmypantsx

    They got rid of the waffle taco at the same time they had the chicken strips for the first time

  • John Sadler
    John Sadler

    Bell beefers were delicious they came wrapped in paper not a box they also need to bring back the chili cheese burrito a Chilito it was called

  • Gaming4Life 0280
    Gaming4Life 0280

    Bring back the Volcano taco/burrito line up!

  • Henry #3 Productions
    Henry #3 Productions

    With these items, sometimes it’s a regional thing. You should ask.

  • pando226

    When it comes to Taco Bell items, I think that everyone has a "one that got away"

  • TheSaltyCandy

    So i just watched this with my mother who worked at taco bell, made all these items, and got to listen to her complain about the items.

  • Alex Rada
    Alex Rada

    As I uncomfortably grab my pony tail...

  • Callan Roper
    Callan Roper

    Waffles for breakfast??? Wtf

  • Ryan Watkins
    Ryan Watkins

    You never called it a sloppy Juan and that’s a travesty

  • Earl's Chibi Phantom
    Earl's Chibi Phantom

    I would have wanted them to bring back the ORIGINAL grill stuffd burrito back!

  • william w
    william w

    I miss the chicken and biscuit breakfast tacos with the jalapeno honey. Those were great.

  • Hector Cuyar
    Hector Cuyar

    Taco Bell NEEDS to bring back the Quesalupa

  • XxAverageG1107

    I honestly thought Taco Bell still had the waffle taco

  • A Person
    A Person

    NO BROWNIE?!?!?!

  • punk frog
    punk frog

    i miss the waffle taco so much i remember it

  • Nick Maloney
    Nick Maloney

    Now if only Taco bell brought back the chili cheese burrito or Chilito as it was called.

  • Jonas Urena
    Jonas Urena

    omg i have that sweater

  • DylansInsane 999
    DylansInsane 999

    Taco Bell bring back the “Naked Chicken Chips” who else remembers those!?

  • Todd Paone
    Todd Paone

    I like Mc griddles. But they’re like 4$ a piece.

  • ghostface killah
    ghostface killah

    Rett- is that a sloppy joe? ME- it's a sloppy jose

  • chris86simon

    That cheesy core music reminded me of Flat Eric. Flat Eric anyone?

  • Evan Rieux
    Evan Rieux

    Were I live we only have one taco bell and it is in the mall

  • Steven Hood
    Steven Hood

    Best thing they discontinued here in illinois was the Baja chalupa

  • Venom Mom
    Venom Mom

    Everyone talks about Taco Bell giving them the bathroom rush, but the only fast food that did it to me before was Burger King. Is it really a thing or just a very longstanding meme?

  • TheNightWatch001

    ya there was a mid season rough patch, but link has definitely gotten back into a groove with the wheel of mythicality outro line

  • Frans Malan
    Frans Malan

    Sloppy José

  • Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media
    Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media

    this years intro isn't bad. But the previous one is so much better.

  • sebas l
    sebas l

    Lol it never looks like the picture even in other fast food chain ....

  • assuck4

    They need sauce

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever

    Flatbreads need to come back!!! Also fiesta potatoes!! And make the beefy crunch a permanent menu item!!!

  • lawrence shadow
    lawrence shadow

    they steamed the buns on the taco sandwich which made a big difference. I liked one once and a while.

  • Shan Clark
    Shan Clark

    No one ever talks about the volcano burrito.. :(

    • Chelsea B
      Chelsea B

      I don’t know if I ever had it, but the volcano burrito and the verde sauce are the 2 things I’ve seen people want back the most. So now I really want one 😂

    • Shan Clark
      Shan Clark

      Chelsea B love y’all then

    • Chelsea B
      Chelsea B

      Everyone in the comments did

  • steve gatt
    steve gatt

    I loved the bellbeefer- thank you for featuring it - no one remembers it- one difference- the bread was defiantly not toasted-

  • Kyle Whitstine
    Kyle Whitstine

    Should've done the Southwest steak bowl!!! That was the bomb!!!!!!!!

  • corganic

    There’s a woman that straight up comes in with a bag of buns and buys all the sides to make a bellbeefer lmao. I had never heard of it before

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas

    " It tastes of desperation " I believe that was Taco Bells tagline from the 80s

  • Two_Characters

    I want everything volcano from Taco Bell to come back 😭😭😭😭


    Rhett be deep throating that burrito

  • Marius x
    Marius x

    I really don't like the "discontinued" series since what they are tasting is just an attempt at recreating the items and most certainly is often a miss.

  • amdnivram

    musical comedy, the lowest form of comedy

  • Alexandar Hossler
    Alexandar Hossler

    No Spicy Chicken?!?!

  • Victor Storm
    Victor Storm

    “Let’s taco bout that”

  • PuertoRicanGuy85

    New to your channel, could you create the southwest steak bowl if you haven’t already

  • Nasty Nate's Music and Reactions
    Nasty Nate's Music and Reactions

    I want a friend that looks at me the way Rhett looks at Link when he tells a DAD joke.

  • Jessica Rabi
    Jessica Rabi

    Should have tried the chili cheese burrito!! That was my favorite back in the day!

  • Brae M
    Brae M

    Y O U. S A I D. M C. D O N A L D S

  • Moose

    The waffle taco wasn’t great, I got it when I saw a sign on the way to a friends house and tried it. Neither of us thought it was amazing. It was mediocre

  • Jegnur

    You didn't do the Beefy Crunch Burrito....

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith

    I miss the “Taco Lite” i also ate a lot of “Extreme Nachos” which was like a hot seven layer dip with the chips on the side. Yum.

  • Ryley Duffy
    Ryley Duffy

    Loved the waffle taco so damn good the cap n crunch delights were also amazing unfortunately they get rid of great stuff

  • Joel Ruvalcaba
    Joel Ruvalcaba

    They have the waffle taco at the Taco Bell near my home

  • Adrew

    I think they have brought the cheese core at least in slc

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez

    Grande soft taco

  • Kimberley W
    Kimberley W


  • Sports IQ With Pat
    Sports IQ With Pat


  • Scotty Birtciel
    Scotty Birtciel

    I was so excited for this episode. But you didn’t do the chilito aka chili cheese burrito. So I will never know how to make it at home. Or you telling them to please bring it back. So still a sad dark day for me.

  • Alexzanderson JRG
    Alexzanderson JRG

    Taco Bell needs to bring back the Mexican-nuggets.

  • Shawn Kosa
    Shawn Kosa

    Okay, but the 💕 rattlesnake 💕

  • Solomonbow •.•
    Solomonbow •.•

    Where is the choco taco?!

  • PereMarquette1223

    Wendy’s and Arby’s next?

  • Evan StJohn
    Evan StJohn

    the burger looks so good

  • Dalton eaves
    Dalton eaves

    Why fish salad and not a fish taco?

  • Olenhol

    Xavier would be proud

  • Harrison Renaud
    Harrison Renaud

    Loved the intro 😂😂😂

  • Spencer Speer
    Spencer Speer

    I remember eating the waffle tacos hungover

  • rcmrover

    they need to bring back the jalapeno honey grillers and chickstars. Those were awesome.

  • Sevenftazn

    Mexican Nuggets need to be brought back damn it 😤

    • Alexzanderson JRG
      Alexzanderson JRG

      I know right? Lol I thought I was going crazy cause I remember eating those, but no one ever mentions it, or that it was ever a menu item.

  • Henry #3 Productions
    Henry #3 Productions

    Do To Be Discontinued: KFC Edition

  • Marc guy
    Marc guy

    Hope they continue to make the fire Taco Bell chips. I'm hooked on those!

  • evan miller
    evan miller

    Quesolupa was amazing while it lasted

  • Gary St. Peter
    Gary St. Peter

    The waffle taco was the best thing at Taco Bell!!! They NEED to bring it back!!

  • wetheau

    Listening too EDM at the time? EDM isn't a genre

  • MstrAdos

    Bring back the volcano menu!!!

  • Danny M
    Danny M

    Olives and green onions are naaasssttyyy.

  • Father6ix

    tacobell’s mexi-nuggets 😭


    We need poop

  • Tyler

    They need to close down Taco Bell. There is not a single good thing to eat there.

  • Ebony Harrison
    Ebony Harrison

    Shane Dawson should have been a guest in this episode 😂😂

  • Clutch Honor
    Clutch Honor

    when a mcgriddle is almost pushing $5 by itself it should come in plural but no I'm sorry Link it does not.

  • saneh lata
    saneh lata

    Will it series: Dink it and Sink It Recreate Discontinued Foods Series: Kiss it and eat it

  • Dakota Summers
    Dakota Summers

    Like, Dope or Nope, but more centered around food

  • Bfb Animations
    Bfb Animations

    Are you gonna eat that? Like if you get the reference.

  • badmintongrrl

    Taco Bell still has seafood during spring time for Good Friday; or at least they used to. My grandmother used to get their shrimp tacos there

  • Crazypjk 1973
    Crazypjk 1973

    I worked in the factory that makes the "pancake buns" for the mcgriddle.....let me tell you you are taking your life in your hands eating that stuff!

    • Baekhyunnie ASMR
      Baekhyunnie ASMR

      Please explain lol

  • afkdisaster

    Taco John's still serves a taco burger. It is still one of my favorites.

  • Maryann

    Oh yeah...bring back olives and the Enchirito!!!!

  • Meha Madan
    Meha Madan

    *GORDON enters the chat*

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