Recreating Discontinued Taco Bell Menu Items (TASTE TEST)
Good Mythical Morning
Taco Bell may have limited menu space, but should these discontinued items make a comeback? GMM #1532
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  • Madison Martin
    Madison Martin

    The enchiredo is gooooone

  • Julius Kingsley
    Julius Kingsley

    Please Taco Bell. The Volcano Burrito. I need it in my life again.

  • Kimmy Hays Stephens
    Kimmy Hays Stephens

    grilled chicken flatbread was the best!

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    That intro was cheesy and not very punny.

  • ozzy the goat
    ozzy the goat

    GMM: *enjoys the waffle taco* Also GMM: nah thats whack

  • TehPinoyOrca

    Josh did way too good on that Waffle Taco.

  • Jay Nicole
    Jay Nicole

    They need to bring the doubledilla back!!😋

  • Sweetiebelle/Twilight

    Hey you forgot about the naked chicken chips

  • Dano Da Zombie
    Dano Da Zombie

    Taco Time sells the burgers!

  • Akyanos

    Josh's quiet little "Yeah, preach" is so relatable

  • Kite Catloid
    Kite Catloid

    well rhett and link try shrimp tostadas from a mexican resturant ._. its good

  • Angie Malone
    Angie Malone

    Del taco has burgers lmao 😂 but del tacodoesnt give u the runs

  • PigMine 6
    PigMine 6

    In-house fried taco shells, tostadas shells, taco Salad shells, nacho chips and cinnamon crisps all lost in their expansion

  • Sohnia Fairbanks
    Sohnia Fairbanks

    Taco Bell needs to bring back the volcano burrito ASPA

  • unfortunate teller
    unfortunate teller

    Daniel definitely grew a pony tail... but he tells everyone it’s a man-bun.....

  • Nicholas

    I miss the cheesy core burrito.

  • Eskil

    Wheres the lava sauce

  • millenniumf1138

    I love the nearest approximate to the Bell Beefer you can get in 2019: the taco burger from Taco Tico. I get it every time I eat there, and something about it just hits the spot!

  • Amber Kizer
    Amber Kizer

    The burger is from taco casa

  • Andy

    7 layer crunchwrap!

  • Kaelob Schroeder
    Kaelob Schroeder

    Josh did you remember the 33% sand

  • Hope Johnson
    Hope Johnson

    Where I live, the Taco Bell and McDonald's are right beside each other😅

  • Zinger Zinger
    Zinger Zinger

    That Seafood Salad was fire!!!

  • ElviraPhins

    Bring back mexi nuggets!!

  • elipse97

    I can't believe taco bell quit making the beef meximelt. I'm really going to miss it.

  • Ian Alderson
    Ian Alderson

    The quesrito replaces the first one

  • Caitlyn Morelock
    Caitlyn Morelock

    God, I miss the Waffle Taco 😭😭😭😭

  • RubyG2034

    Has no one noticed that a version of the "cheesy core burrito" is suddenly a "new" item at taco bell

  • Lemon2tehmax

    Rhett did did it... he said “let’s taco bout that” Yaaaaaasss

  • Holly Rodgers
    Holly Rodgers

    The chili cheese burrito and the beefy potato burrito will forever be missed.

  • Mya _
    Mya _

    Bring back fruitistas 😰

  • Kreeesta Moon
    Kreeesta Moon

    What about mexi nuggets 🤪

  • HIPnosisGamer

    Flatbread quesadilla needs to come back

  • Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin
    Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin

    Baja sauce. Come onnnnn!!!!

  • Kelsea Neal
    Kelsea Neal

    Taco Casa has the chili burger like the bell beefer and they have enchiritos too.

  • tryforheads fortnite
    tryforheads fortnite

    You need to get him to recreate the lava sauce from taco bell. And tell us the ingredients so I can make it because it was the best sauce ever. Not sure why it's not permanent item

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson

    The spicy chicken burrito was the best!

  • Mr Broke
    Mr Broke


  • SkwitchIzPlaying

    I remember the waffle taco. Lowkey wasn't good

  • orquidea0105

    I want Taco Bell now...

  • Ron Hillier
    Ron Hillier

    I miss the encharito. They even discontinued the combo burrito and frijoles. You can't get beans with cheese anymore even though they have the stuff there!! WTF !?!?!?!

  • Alex Kalafut
    Alex Kalafut

    Me and the boys loved the potatorito

  • Ian Darmetko
    Ian Darmetko

    I loved those Cheesy Core Burritos. They were only like $1.99 yet were so filling.

  • Andy

    The sriracha quesarito back in like early 2015 was my absolute favorite

  • Nibrock Gath
    Nibrock Gath

    they could do "yeah return it" or "no just burn it"

  • Chaz3r 22
    Chaz3r 22

    The cheesy core burrito was replaced by the quesarito

  • Christian Cooper
    Christian Cooper

    I have never had taco bell

  • Aaronypoo

    “Let’s Taco Bell that”

  • Sharky Playz
    Sharky Playz

    Lol 666 dislikes

  • Tom Olson
    Tom Olson

    I am very surprised that you didn't do the BLT Taco. Those were GREAT!

  • Blackman HD
    Blackman HD

    The dislikes are the 👹

  • Ethan Lesser
    Ethan Lesser

    Neither of them deserve the grace of taco bell obviously.

  • Graverobber D. Sable
    Graverobber D. Sable

    Actually, if you're ever in southern Oklahoma or North Texas, you can go to a place called taco casa, and a taco burger is a permanent staple in their menu. (I know bc I worked at one lmao) but it's pretty good.

  • sophie

    Am I the only one imagining that Rhett is actually wearing a matching pj set in this video? I totally think that top could come with matching bottoms!

  • Leeo lim
    Leeo lim

    "U said McDonald's"

  • Justin McCreary
    Justin McCreary

    Truly great opening joke

  • Dustin Tolley
    Dustin Tolley

    I’m genuinely mad they discontinued the Crunchwrap sliders from 2014. They were $1 and came in 3 flavors. I worked at tb at the time and I knOw they still have all the ingredients on the menu so it would be no extra cost to make them. Wtf Taco Bell

  • Susan

    Daniel didn't grow a ponytail but he does have a man bun

  • Jason King
    Jason King

    We said McDonalds. R/unexpectedcommunism

  • Panic. Lauren
    Panic. Lauren

    There’s a local restaurant in my town that has a taco burger

  • judith schram
    judith schram

    This is nothing I would want under any circumstance.......👍🏼🤣🤣🤣 good one! 💕

  • Melissa

    "Enough time in the bathroom to finish a Stephen King novel...." lmao

  • Heaven Green
    Heaven Green

    Rhett-I’m compelled to take another bite.. Link-which means NOTHING

  • Grady Moxley
    Grady Moxley

    Who cares if taco Bell discontinues something, order something else, it will taste the same...

  • giovanni sarcone
    giovanni sarcone

    yo rhet yo link

  • Ems Ems
    Ems Ems

    Great pun intended.

  • Westcoast Livinlife
    Westcoast Livinlife

    I was a manager there, the TRIPLE STEAK STACK is all that matters. Bring it back

  • Sam Bell
    Sam Bell

    Taco Johns is superior at least in my town it is - but some times you just crave taco bell and when your craving it, it's so good

    • Mary Ann Johnson
      Mary Ann Johnson

      Dun bed now 😴 ky aikpu

  • DramaticFool

    12:38 yeah Rhett you can roll burritos all day.... into your mouth

  • deboraloverose

    I want my Cheesy potato burrito back Plzzzzzz. 🌯🥔🧀

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