Rod Wave - Freestyle (Official Music Video)
  • Kei

  • Fresh Sounds Florida
    Fresh Sounds Florida

    Shout out to Rod for paying homage to Drake with the tax free line. Borrowed it from Over My Dead Body

  • Idris Frm315
    Idris Frm315

    Who’s watching this on Aug 3

  • OG Stackz
    OG Stackz

    Hard to tell a nigga not to shine because I’m in a entanglement😂😂

  • Tatiana Delcroix
    Tatiana Delcroix

    what he only knows what I tell

  • Timothy Phillips
    Timothy Phillips


  • MF Grant
    MF Grant

    Somebody needs to show Rod how debit cards work.

  • Nba Justin Leaks
    Nba Justin Leaks

    Rod wave always make the bangers 🔥

  • Rod Brown
    Rod Brown

    :23 seconds nigga look like he wanted to eat the mic

  • Yaw On Demand
    Yaw On Demand

    I love this joint ! I'm bumping this all day

  • James Movick
    James Movick

    Rod wave doesn’t miss 😅❤️

  • Kiverse

    “It’s hard not to shine when all you hard times” 🆑

  • Jahbril coston
    Jahbril coston


  • MarcoG Hernandez
    MarcoG Hernandez

    Naw Fr💪🔥💯 Run It Uhp

  • Official Rockwell
    Official Rockwell

    This is so fire, u can tell the progression cuz now he jus straight flexin on em

  • boobam ware
    boobam ware

    His music be having me in my feelings every time his music needs to be more out there

  • عمر علي
    عمر علي


  • west baltimore
    west baltimore

    Ain’t Nobody Fucking With My Mans He on 🔥 Rn If You Think Different You Geeking ✨

  • Ian Wyndham
    Ian Wyndham

    This my shit keep playing it

  • Official-The Truth Serum
    Official-The Truth Serum

    Sell out

  • Torrey Bowling
    Torrey Bowling help me through a lot man god bless you 💯

  • Yellow Giraffe
    Yellow Giraffe

    Nice music

  • Vicentxiii

    One random people who like this will be Rich in 2 Years

  • Beat Commander
    Beat Commander

  • Hazeef Izz
    Hazeef Izz

    naaaaaaaa hes so talented

  • Bge Kidd
    Bge Kidd

    “shoutouts Too All My Niggas Living Tax Free , Nowadays It’s 6 Figures If They Tax Me” - That’s A Drake Line From - Over My Dead Body

  • Lorenzo Flynn
    Lorenzo Flynn

    Lend me your ear. Ear extacy.

  • Mrs Ada Adom32
    Mrs Ada Adom32

    My nephew hook me on him I like his vibe

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • jeremiah Ousley
    jeremiah Ousley

    Rod killed his freestyle 🔥🔥🔥

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • 《Ronaldo》 《YDK》
    《Ronaldo》 《YDK》


  • Dalton Valentino
    Dalton Valentino

    People think this is good? YIKES

  • Traxxas Smiff
    Traxxas Smiff

    😷✊🏽😷👌🏽😷 Let’3m knW‼️‼️‼️ ✊🏽😷👌🏽😷✊🏽

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Deonta White
    Deonta White

    Something about this one hit a lil different

  • We rap Now
    We rap Now

    Chosen one

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty


    Cause that tipe of shit

  • Miss Charms
    Miss Charms

    I love this boy😍😍😍

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Austin Menefee
    Austin Menefee

    69 is not to be compared to the wave facts

  • Alexis Tinoco
    Alexis Tinoco


  • Ben Real
    Ben Real


    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Tiffany Burrows
    Tiffany Burrows

    I'm 9 and I wish I could meet you one day I love you music and I got a big crush on you to love rod vave

  • Tanaka Timza
    Tanaka Timza

    this is the first song from this guy but man he is good

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Tanisha Williams
    Tanisha Williams

    Rod wave is better

  • Nino Arellano
    Nino Arellano

    Who else wanna see yungeen Ace and Rod wave on a track !! Ace and Rod be killing pain songs 👌

  • Uziel Pascul
    Uziel Pascul

    Smh this man be talking to my soul

  • plattenpapst1

    Rod Wave better show them kids how to invest 😂😂😂 someone told me don't wave your money into camera. Correct me if iam wrong 💸

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith

    Good fixer uppers. Bring your stacks.

  • Jah *
    Jah *

    He ain't need all them stacks for the vid

  • Backyard Heffalumpy
    Backyard Heffalumpy

    sweet and free time.

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • lilsma 333
    lilsma 333

    Praise goddddd

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Kalib Gibson
    Kalib Gibson

    Boy be slidin

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty I

  • Nettie Butts
    Nettie Butts

    We fighting and dying with the N word, Young men lay it down, no matter the capacity, Other wise Look at the amazing beautiful talent of one of our chosen, A talent that comes naturally.

  • Israeli SHALOM
    Israeli SHALOM

    Our world is full of violence, and our daily lives can be marred by conflict and turmoil. But God promises His people a peace that surpasses all understanding. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

  • Cameron Harden
    Cameron Harden

    Rod wave and nba YoungBoy need to do a song together

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Kavon Williams
    Kavon Williams

    Been listening this ever since it dropped its real 🔥 . Real asf 💯

  • MrMelgibstein

    George Floyd 💜 Kimberly Brinks

  • cory monfee
    cory monfee

    Repeat I stg

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Fistolover7

    I love Rodwaves songs

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Hailey Sanchez
    Hailey Sanchez

    666 333

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli

    Nobody: claim your “Before 1 Million Ticket” and “Only people who didn’t come from Tick Tok can like this.”

  • Kaitlin Michelle
    Kaitlin Michelle

    Here before 3 million!!! Where yall at?

  • fidelity

    Cocomelon is now #3 Cocomelon vs PewDiePie

  • Tyler Barnes
    Tyler Barnes

    I feel like Rod Wave and A Boogie on the same song would be fire if they go back & forth between their high & low tones they use.

    • Tyler Barnes
      Tyler Barnes

      @bilisha coli What's garbage? Those 2 collaborating together?

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli


  • Torren Melvin
    Torren Melvin

    I need to know which one better this freestyle or through the wire 🙃

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Leelee Victaria
    Leelee Victaria


    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

  • Taylor Chism
    Taylor Chism

    Straight 🗑

  • TOXIC mindset
    TOXIC mindset

    Telling my mama she ain't gotta work no job she thought her baby boy to h

  • I I
    I I

    Devil symbolism as his picture still.. they all sign a contract and pay with their soul for money

  • 30 Subscribers without video challenge
    30 Subscribers without video challenge

    They rather go blind then to see me winning 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ocean Kane
    Ocean Kane

    🗣St. Petersburg, Fl. come thru 🌊💪🏾

  • Za’Niya Daniel
    Za’Niya Daniel

    Rod Wave is the best rapper out rn. don’t try to argue with me cause it’s true 🐐💯

    • DMC Dirty
      DMC Dirty

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