Rudy Giuliani Associates Arrested as Support for Impeachment Rises: A Closer Look
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates getting arrested as support for impeachment rises in the polls.
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Rudy Giuliani Associates Arrested as Support for Impeachment Rises: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • FromBeToReality

    i now HATE the word "perfect"!!!!!!

  • Claudette S
    Claudette S

    Don’t bring Transylvania into this, this weirdo is from New York. He’s yours, Lol! Also, lots of people say Minneapolis wrong. #dyslexic #Cinnamon lol

  • ernie martin
    ernie martin

    Fake news

    • Claudette S
      Claudette S

      Hahahahaha... bless you 🙏😂😇

  • Miles Charles
    Miles Charles

    Why are people so stupid? I'm gonna lower my intelligence quota a 100 points to make it fair, make that 200 points. .

  • Mountaga Tall
    Mountaga Tall

    8:26 this will never NOT be hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Terri M
    Terri M

    WTF does perfect have to do with legal? Hasn't he ever heard of a "perfect crime"?! Trump is such a moron! Love you, Seth! ( My son's name also)

  • Dirty Mike & The Boys
    Dirty Mike & The Boys

    Thank Fred Trump for this GRIFT to humanity!

  • Cynthia Richardson
    Cynthia Richardson

    Our Country is in a mess...

  • Cynthia Richardson
    Cynthia Richardson

    Enough is enough

  • Betty Houk
    Betty Houk

    When I see Trump trying to explain how he isn’t guilty of lying or a questionably action. look at the faces people standing behind him ! Some look like they are trying NOT to roll on the floor in laughter ! 😂🤣


    I was not the one who lessening to dumb people.

  • David Esposito
    David Esposito

    The phone call was perfectly illegal

  • Fabian Bembridge
    Fabian Bembridge

    This is so funny i can't stop laughing

  • suzanne Bruner
    suzanne Bruner

    I'm howling with laughter. Hey, you're good!!

  • Douglas Hanson
    Douglas Hanson

    @ 3:30 (ish) Mr. Meyers/ writing staff-- Maybe try n do something relating to trump's verbage "the 'conversation' was perfect," and use a clip from "The Last Samurai," where katsumoto tells Tom Cruise's character "I will miss our CONVERSATIONS." And then finish up with a final clip from when katsumoto is dying on the battlefield, and, noticing a nearby flowering tree; he simply utters, " PERFECT." I'm sure you guys could do a pretty good piece with that, assuming at least someone has seen that movie.


    Fox viewers have seen the light of Truth !


    Trump never stands alone at the podium always have back up to help him if screws up with no do overs !

  • Michel Lacroix
    Michel Lacroix

    Trump is always saying " a lot of people are saying " how many voices does he have in his head.

    • Michelle Johnson
      Michelle Johnson

      Hahaha, that's pretty damn funny!!!

  • Howard Griego
    Howard Griego

    M- Manipulating A- America's G- Gullible A- Assholes 😎👋😂

  • Robert Garrison
    Robert Garrison

    trump is an ugly human being who brings out the ugly in many people. very flat personality like a xan of beer left open beside the cold pizza all night

  • Robert Garrison
    Robert Garrison

    Fyck trump& the horse he rode in on

  • Bob Orsini
    Bob Orsini

    So when a MF boasts on and on that something was perfect, you know it wasnt! Dumb, ignorant MF!

  • Mai Phan
    Mai Phan

    That is your bias opinion ,to me it opposite ,I rather love someone like Pres Trump than obama who has been well said, sweet talk but inside liar, coward ,selfish especially ganged up together incited people against Pres Trump blatantly without self-dignity

  • Mai Phan
    Mai Phan

    That is your bias opinion ,to me it opposite ,I rather love someone like Pres Trump than obama who has been well said, sweet talk but inside liar, coward ,selfish especially ganged up together incited people against Pres Trump blatantly without self-dignity

  • michael preston
    michael preston

    Trump is perfect...........A Perfect Idiot.

  • Peege Clarke
    Peege Clarke

    Sorry you blew it trumpydumpy. Paper Tigers in a shitstorm. Good luck with History .

  • Lakesha Goodwin
    Lakesha Goodwin

    Damn it. I always drinking tea and almost choked on that Big Bird comment. 😂😂😂

  • changingmyself

    I literally have to come on here and listen to you to hear some form of sanity. Too many tRumpdumbster relatives...

  • Antonio Grancino
    Antonio Grancino

    Tell a big lie, tell it often, in the most stentorian tones, and the Trumpen proletariat will believe it.

  • Bobbie Davis
    Bobbie Davis

    Wow Mike just cant get his lie straight and to think pence is from INDIANA now the state of INDY shouldn't be suprised it's out in the open he's a quite crook

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent

    damn capt kangeroo has more brains then trump under his big toe

  • A. Lerner
    A. Lerner

    ALL the best people.... when you (S)ELECT a get f**cked

  • California Intrigue
    California Intrigue

    Impeachment will only work if Pence is also impeached - otherwise, he is worse!!!

    • Gina Ke
      Gina Ke

      @California Intrigue: Fair point.That’s why the Republicans are fighting so hard. Pence is implicated and they can’t bear the thought of handing the presidency to Pelosi.

  • Debra Boaze
    Debra Boaze

    how did u guys miss the honoring of the Native Americans by P. Trump & I support him, but he kind of messed up by praising Pocahontas???..........The Code talkers really were a huge part of America defeating Korea or N. watch that clip & notice....I do stand high for Native Americans the Federal Gov........needs in my view to help them....not knock them down.

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    Impeach Mike Pence along with all who are involved with treasonous activity by not keeping their oath to protect our Democracy.

  • x24 agthorn
    x24 agthorn

    Does he mean perfectly normal or perfectly ordinary, but cannot bring himself to consider himself just "ordinary".

  • Eddie Cossey
    Eddie Cossey

    Is it me or does it look like Rudy's missing a neck ? That damn shiny liver spotted dick headed corruption Warrior . So proud , he needs a spanking . 😒

  • phoebe armstrong
    phoebe armstrong

    Brainwashing, he thinks if he says this crap long enough it will start being believed.

  • phoebe armstrong
    phoebe armstrong

    Get him the heck OUT!!

  • Morten Toni Vinther
    Morten Toni Vinther

    The Ukrainian guys should start "singing" because, honestly, you have a problem in Washington and...... A big AND, Mr Lev Parnas, you don't want to go in jail with a name that's rimes on Let's Porn ass.....

  • John Winchester3567
    John Winchester3567

    What is he talking about? Perfectly legal or perfectly illegal. Perfect doesn't mean anything.

  • Margaret Opine
    Margaret Opine

    AT A FAMILY DINNER RECENTLY.....ONE OF THE KIDS ASKED A QUESTION: "''IF EVERYBODY USE TO LOVE MR. RUDY AND HE WAS A BIG HERO MAYOR AND HE DID GOOD AND GREAT THINGS....AND EVERYBODY LOVED HIM.... IF HE GOES ON TRIAL NOW FOR BEING A CRIMINAL WILL NOBODY LOVE HIM ANYMORE?'''' The adults went quiet. Did the kid think he could do something bad and never be loved again? After a long while one of the adults said, "We will always love Mr. Rudy and be grateful for all of his good stuff but we will be angry with him for all of his bad stuff."""" Everybody joined in, "That's right. That's right. When you love somebody you always love them but you may not like what they're doing doing.''' ; ''''Yeah. That's right.'''; ''''You pray for them.''''; """Yeah! You pray that they will turn-away from evil and doing the deeds of the devil and turn back to do good....the deeds of God. You love and appreciate what they did for their family or for the country but you have to punish them for what they do wrong.""" The kid said, "Okay." And left the room. The grown people whispered together, "That's why you got to watch what you say and do in front of kids. He may have been asking about himself trying to figure out if we would still love him if he did something wrong."----margaret opine, cultural anthropology

  • wayne garrett
    wayne garrett


  • Bud Tommy
    Bud Tommy

    GOOGLE: match-ups in Wisconsin, a poll released Wednesday found. Trump leads in Wisconsin amid impeachment, and Democrats ... IMPEACHMENT BACKFIRES ON DEMOCRATS GOOGLE: Marquette Poll: Support for Trump impeachment slips in ... Too bad TRUMP now leads in battle ground states. WHY DOES'NT SETH MENTION THIS

  • Betty Houk
    Betty Houk

    Well we in America believe in giving everyone a chance to be President ! But sometimes we get bored with the run of the mill politicians a just for the hell of it do the old pin the tail on the Elephant ! Well the party is just about over ,time for the cleanup crews to take over ! Sanity ,like a breath of fresh clean air !

  • Geneva8181

    The mini series is going to be riveting !!! 😁😆🤣

  • Girliejax

    The "perfect phone call" bit though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dandmpeck

    If the call is SO PERFECT, show congress the version you perfectly threw in the secure server 🤨

  • Ty Rinck
    Ty Rinck

    Based on how the impeachment is going it appears that call was MORE THAN PERFECT 👌

  • Keira Annunaki
    Keira Annunaki if Jordan Klepper was arrested you would be guilty by association? great logic there, pretty funny too.

  • Sadie

    Scripted call center employees do say, "That call was perfect." You know how anal the FCC is.

  • Wim Delmee
    Wim Delmee

    Sad thing that the majority of the USA dont know or care about this monstrocity

  • Lin Hun
    Lin Hun

    YEARS ago, I dated a neanderthal (I was a teenager, no sense) who used to say Chicgargo. No matter how many times he tried, could not say Chicago. Same idiot that though the 'harder you push on a car's brake light, the brighter the lights get. I must have missed that feature on EVERY car I've ever owned ... or seen.

  • Richard Pruett
    Richard Pruett

    While SNL was drawing snickers from its woke audience with another unfunny skit parodying Pres. Trump, he was busy killing the top terrorist in the world. Now, that's what I call COMEDY!

  • Richard Pruett
    Richard Pruett

    Polls are not "damning." Evidence is damning. Facts are damning. The Dems have neither.

    • Chunkboi

      Richard Pruett so you dismiss proven facts and remain willfully ignorant, rather than actually examining the evidence. Trumptards like you eschew facts, evidence, logic, reason, and critical thinking in favor of fabrications, unfounded allegations, conflations, libel/insult/slander, projecting 💩’s (and their own) faults onto others, and willful ignorance. Thank you for providing the evidence which proves this statement of fact.

    • Richard Pruett
      Richard Pruett

      Chunkboi, too bad you wrote so much, because I'm not going to waste my time even reading your response, much less responding to it point by point. I knew I could safely dismiss it as total nonsense after you began with "ten points of obstruction." The only ones obstructing justice have been Hillary, her allies in the Deep State, and the Congressional Democrats. If there were really a case to be made, it would have been brought by now. Many claims of "obstruction" are just the normal actions of someone wrongly accused or of a president simply exercising his lawful prerogatives under the Constitution. And you might want to change your childish silver-haired elf cover photo if you really don’t want people to believe you identify as such. LOL.

    • Chunkboi

      Richard Pruett and that is a false statement which makes about as much sense as if I said “you think of yourself as a subway line.” President 💩 has been committing real crimes since his inauguration in 2017. (Bear in mind that these are citations of evidence of commission, as would pertain to delivery of an indictment. Guilt or innocence, on the other hand, requires a court of law. Don’t try to conflate the two.) *Obstruction:* Ten counts are in there. Furthermore, he refuses to comply with congressional subpoena, which constitutes an additional crime (felony contempt). *Emoluments:* Here's a legal analysis: And here's some more information pertaining to 💩 himself: Trump has been golfing at his own resorts, having US soldiers stay at those results on refueling/resupply stops, and having foreign dignitaries stay at his which all goes right into 💩's pockets. *Fraud:* First, he defrauded the nation by claiming he would divest from his business interests, which he did not do. (Emoluments, above). There's also tax fraud: (Note that this is an analysis, not an opinion piece). *Kidnapping:* "In criminal law, kidnapping is the unlawful transportation, asportation and confinement of a person against their will." President 💩 has ordered kidnapping of refugees at the Southern border of the Continental United States. While child separation is necessary when parents have been accused of a crime, illegal immigration is a CIVIL, not a CRIMINAL, offense. He has effectively conspired to abduct children with no plans to confirm parentage, let alone return them to their parents. He has also violated immigration law by closing legal ports of entry to refugees, issuing orders to deny entry by legal means for asylum seekers. These people are escaping lethal threats, and "going back where they came from" is not an option. *Gross Incompetence:* The economic growth is due to Obama's policies, not 💩's ( and for proof, as the recovery and boom begin 7-8 years prior to 💩's inauguration). 💩's trade war has been causally linked to losses of 1000 jobs for every job they created (e.g., steel production has expanded, but manufacturing has cratered or moved overseas), and yet he continues to push these tariffs. Shelves are emptying out in brick-and-mortar stores not because of high demand, but because of low supply. Sure, people can order online, but there are shipping and handling costs to consider. And yet he still deliberately pushes policy deleterious to the US economy. That action is grossly incompetent. In addition, his "peace" with North Korea is the result of 💩 pushing on Kim, and then 💩 caved, ending military exercises with our allies in South Korea for their defense in exchange for a vacuous and ultimately broken promise of denuclearization. Destruction of test sites was an empty act, as they already have a working bomb design, and after Kim-💩 summit 1, they continued to test the delivery systems. And yet, 💩 kisses Kim's behind and the US gets nothing for it. *Extortion:* This is the one that finally got the Impeachment ball rolling. 💩's phone call with Ukraine might be loosely interpreted as 💩 using a "go to" phrase by a defense attorney...what clinches it as an actual crime, however, is that he put a freeze on congressionally approved military aid to the Ukraine. THAT is what confirms the commission of a crime. This is a particular kind of extortion as defined under the Hobbs act of 1946.

    • Richard Pruett
      Richard Pruett

      Chunkboi, says the guy who thinks himself a silver-haired elf! LOL

    • Chunkboi

      What you posted is the exact opposite of objective reality.

  • Meadow Apple
    Meadow Apple

    But asshat, you must remember that those polled pretty much only get the fake news media said of the story. You know, fake news and events like what you have. 9 points is NOT double digits. But you do not mind lying. Seth I love he canned laughter.


    What I know about you Seth Myers is that you are a pervert...


    How do you get to determine that someone else's site is a conspiracy when you spout conspiracy daily?


    Starting with this Seth guy.


    I may file a federal lawsuit against the media trying to lie to me about our president.


    Yes Trump set up the democrats with a perfect telephone call with the President of Ukraine. He knew the Democrats would use it to throw a fit about nothing so he could get all the free press himself before the next election. That way all Americans can see how insane democrats really are and vote pure republican in 2020...

  • P Lightfoot
    P Lightfoot

    Now I know why they call this fake news with all these bozos that say they are journalists

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds

    yeah but most registered voters wanted hillary to be president so....

  • Gregory Mullins
    Gregory Mullins

    He's useing mind control. His base is uneducated idiots in his mind and ruteenly test his theory by spitting out fake words. I honestly don't think Trump is that stupid but just playing the fool like George Bush jr. Double talk and confusing so each is both a test and nessary for mind control.

  • Te Manman
    Te Manman

    Perfectly illegal, malevolent and a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America 🇺🇸

  • Rich E&r
    Rich E&r

    You’re one of my favorite comedians Mr Seth.

    • Richard Pruett
      Richard Pruett

      Eva Wallace, Seth your favorite comedian? To each his own, I guess. To me his humor is pretty pathetic. While SNL was drawing snickers from its woke audience with another unfunny skit parodying Pres. Trump, he was busy killing the top terrorist in the world. Now, that's what I call COMEDY!

  • Ann Roberto
    Ann Roberto

    Meanwhile his wife is in heels with her skirt blowing up in the wind.

  • lisa lisa
    lisa lisa

    How come when some official of some sort starts there commentary with let me be clear you know that it's going to be like muddy as a freaking drainfield

  • Jeanne 54
    Jeanne 54

    WHY the “F” is Trump allowed to have Giuliani running around the world on Trumps behalf? How is that legal?

  • AmeliYah Barboza
    AmeliYah Barboza

    Word of the day is Perfect.......

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