Rush!!! GsxR 1000 Onboard!!!
SuperBike Racer
Creating this Video from an old footage (6 months ago) just to hear some opinions about my new intro. Riding with Suzuki Gsxr 1000 2009 with some upgrades like Akrapovic full race system, Ohlins front cartridge and rear Shock and a lot of other gadgets. Camera : Gopro Hero 4 Black and Gyro mount from Motogyrovision. Country: Cyprus, City: Limassol. Following a Gsx-R 750 2008 on twisty roads. Love the corners but afraid of the straights (at the moment) :) i hope you enjoy the video.

  • cannibis sativa
    cannibis sativa

    (8:25) is where shit gets real ,keep up the great riding man and you may just have the sexiest sounding gsxr on youtube in my opinion (=

    • vitorio ivankic
      vitorio ivankic

      holy fuck so much of idiots great riding as always keep it safe

    • tanmay Sonwane
      tanmay Sonwane

      Hi my is tanmay by

    • Thùy Dung Dương
      Thùy Dung Dương

      cannibis sativa k

    • Danger Joker
      Danger Joker

      SuperBike Racer what did you use for this video? Like a gimbal? Could you give me the link of the product if you bought that online?

  • Роман Андреев
    Роман Андреев


  • Smiles2U4Ever

    This is insane.

  • Bud Bauer
    Bud Bauer

    as we see road is made for 250+ and speedlimit is 30-50 -.-

  • Misko J
    Misko J

    Amazing, perfect, enjoyed it.

  • 93lukinho

    i love you ♥

  • Ariel 86
    Ariel 86

    Que belleza de moto y parece muy simple de manejar 😘👌

  • Unraveling Mind
    Unraveling Mind

    Did I just see him crossing 260 mark !!😍😍😍😍

  • Jacob Harrison
    Jacob Harrison


    • Jacob Harrison
      Jacob Harrison

      @SuperBike Racer thanks bro

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer


  • Relax

    You can set these up real nice. This one needs different gearing and a steering damper and it would be perfect.

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc

    Apparently he knows that road pretty well or he's got a death wish or both. I was hitting 140 on mine down this road I know very well when there was no traffic but sure as s*** somebody f****** pulled out there in front of me they were far ahead but when you're going that fast you're up on that s*** before you know it. Ended up having to go into oncoming Lane right between them and a truck coming right at me. I made it no sweat but I was thinking God for all of my riding time in California and being used to splitting lanes and riding real close to cars like that and in between them

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc

    And I'm hauling ass on mine I'm just like holyfuck I still have three more gears... long live the f****** GSXR 1000

  • Murat Yildiz
    Murat Yildiz

    Sanki bn sürüyor gibiyim

  • Booba Network
    Booba Network

    Conduite insolente 😂

  • Mohd Ismail
    Mohd Ismail

    shit i could feel this bike is good where you point it goes man such agreat bike.......

  • Bernando Turner
    Bernando Turner

    This dude is on A Suicide mission😄😄😄

  • MachineGunIt

    Please be careful going over the white line my dude! Specially during cornering. I noticed you did it a lot! I’m nowhere near as good as you(not even 5% good as you) but still... only takes 1 little hazard to cost you your life


    Awesome video, enjoy the ride🤙

  • Reckless Hoax
    Reckless Hoax

    What a savage

  • dan savin
    dan savin

    buuuuni frate...

  • Memo Ramos
    Memo Ramos

    Wow you made my heart pump faster and my blood pressure went up and what a rush and I got to give it to you your a very good and you got nervous of steel two thumbs up for you

  • Juan José Navarro
    Juan José Navarro

    For What are the green and blue buttons??

  • Towing towing
    Towing towing

    Excellent camera position. Dam near like being on it. 👍

  • laura ls
    laura ls

    Putain de merde la poussée à la moindre ouverture des gaz 😳

  • C&B Lay
    C&B Lay

    This video makes me want a GSXR !

  • Gornik LecznaMan
    Gornik LecznaMan

    ::.. Who the fuck taught people in Cyprus riding on the left?! ::..

  • Рустем Камалов
    Рустем Камалов


  • Karl Heinz
    Karl Heinz

    He: 2nd gear 160 and me with my xj600 6 gear 160 max. :D

  • SurfCasting -DZ
    SurfCasting -DZ

    هل تعلم عزيزي المشاهد أنه وصل سرعة 280 كلم في الساعة عند 8:43 ثانية ؟

  • Luis Ernesto Silva Garzon
    Luis Ernesto Silva Garzon

    Wooau dreams beautifull...

  • Steve Mware
    Steve Mware

    the kind of music i listen to

  • Ádi Channel
    Ádi Channel


  • fenderfan85

    Must be nice when people move out of your way. Here in Canada people mainly try to run you off the road. By accident or on purpose.

    • John Colburn
      John Colburn

      Same in the US.

  • Христо Неделчев
    Христо Неделчев

    hello all friends :) i have question did you know this is soft material from the Go Pro or is mixed with some program because i buy a gold pro hero 7 black i place it on my helmet and the wind noice is so fucking destroyed my video so after that i start to look video for other spot for camera so i check this video here the sound is so PURE and GOOD ther is 0 % wind on it but after that video i check other videos with the same camera spot and the sound quality was shit to . So i think ther is a program that can clear the wind can you help me with it

  • Diablo Diablo
    Diablo Diablo


  • Amun Anubis
    Amun Anubis

    Thank god these are still legal.

  • Sakis Sks
    Sakis Sks


  • Nikolaj Rømer
    Nikolaj Rømer

    i get bad nerves of watching them driving that speed in turns and that! is it not hard to drive like them?? :)

  • Гомер Симпсон
    Гомер Симпсон


  • Видеопортал Спортбайкера SPEEDRAPTOR2013
    Видеопортал Спортбайкера SPEEDRAPTOR2013

    Top Video ! Like

  • Xxale43xX

    Hello bro, one question, sorry for my English, when put you camera??? Anda how you hace this beatifull angle oficina image

    • Shemaiah Gordon
      Shemaiah Gordon

      Wtf is u trying to say

    • Shemaiah Gordon
      Shemaiah Gordon


  • Unknown Caller
    Unknown Caller

    Ela re megale. 1000 K7 londino.

  • Petar Jovanovic
    Petar Jovanovic

    Too fast ¡!!!!!!!¡

  • Moufdi Ben Baddi
    Moufdi Ben Baddi

    Dickhead 🖕🏾

  • MrGibspoon

    I'd give my left nut to be this good.

  • Fedup Englishman
    Fedup Englishman

    you ride well enough to enter the tt race on the isle of man,tops speed 200 mile an hour round an island on the streets 230 deaths in its history

  • BGB

    Where in Greece is this? Left side driving?

  • Özgür AYAZ
    Özgür AYAZ

    09:11 sign

  • shan6a7

    cant wait for summer to ride my gxer 1000 ,2 more months of sh**** weather , i wish i lived in Arizona :(

    • P99 Medina
      P99 Medina

      yessss Az is the best place to live ..I live in Fl ,great that it doesn't snow but from june till nov it rainssss a lot..

  • John

    Something tells me that these bikes will be illegal some time in the future

  • pat loydd
    pat loydd

    une moto pareille , le gars reste sur le meme rapport, truc de fou !

  • Izuky

    Pannel : pls stay safe (50) You : xd (280)

  • sean b
    sean b

    I will give credit he sure knows how to ride like a fucking drop kick round other people

  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles

    Nice video 👍🏽

  • Shkelzen Selmonaj
    Shkelzen Selmonaj

    Where these kmh or mph?

    • Abhishek Pawar
      Abhishek Pawar

      Kmph ofcourse

  • Marco lito
    Marco lito

    Great video and very nice bike ! What do u think about the brake Tokico ? thx

  • rahul dipankar
    rahul dipankar

    Which exhaust do you use bro

  • Lino dias
    Lino dias


  • Marcus Z.N
    Marcus Z.N

    What mic and where do you place it? :) Awesome riding btw

  • 헤이

    299km/h crazy crazy crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N NN
    N NN


  • Christopher de Vries
    Christopher de Vries

    Some bad@ss riding dude! Watched the vid twice 😂👍. Ride safe 😎.

    • SuperBike Racer
      SuperBike Racer

      Thanks bro


    Love it 💖

  • Suzuki Gsxr
    Suzuki Gsxr


  • Beni Négele
    Beni Négele

    Thanks for you the video.It is a very nice bike,and racer.☺ 8:25 is my best moments.Good luck with the bike.Sorry to the errors,but I am not English...

  • Sercan Cindarik
    Sercan Cindarik

    Oh may god

  • giorgi giorgitko
    giorgi giorgitko

    Wow this dude is not using countersteering

  • Ivan


  • KamK1937

    What exhaust is that?

  • Heroes & Generals
    Heroes & Generals


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