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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Will Russell Westbrook ever win a championship with the Thunder?

    • Rhubarb Cigar
      Rhubarb Cigar

      +Steven Hutchens Russell Westbrook is possibly the hardest player that we've ever seen so yes there will be big name players that want to join him for that fact alone.

    • kobe bryant24
      kobe bryant24

      no. not in a thousand years, Next question??

    • shigeolincolntaco


    • Bili Brig
      Bili Brig

      Please die .pleasee!!!

  • Scott Amon
    Scott Amon

    He is telling the truth. Russ chased away so many great players and now they are stuck with him for another 4 years.

  • Danny Kim
    Danny Kim

    Westbrook should do some meditation 🧘‍♂️ he is a great player but when a player gets into his head he loses calmness to move his teammates around. Curry is scary cuz his calmness when opposing side pleasure him (except when he threw the mouth piece lmfao) Westbrook need to lower his ego a bit, only player can play with ego is only Michael Jordan.

  • Green Midas
    Green Midas

    you make sense but people think you're a hater because you're repeating your points too much talking in circles, which is somethng you do when you're emotional. just saying.... a little more efficiency maybe rehearse first Colin

  • Quillz Kid'Swiper Holiday
    Quillz Kid'Swiper Holiday

    Still rock with Russell over everybody🙏

  • Derek Walker
    Derek Walker

    Colin showing his ignorance toward the crypto game, ha. Do your homework, Cowherd.

  • Coty Johnson
    Coty Johnson

    His only chance of ever having a ring passed when OKC lost Harden.

  • Kris Bishop
    Kris Bishop

    Westbrook was enabled for the wrong reasons. Gotta love we in this together but refuses to let his teammates answer questions at a presser. That was laughable at Russ trying so damn hard to control the narrative.....can you say control freak! On and off the court literally!

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker

    As an OKC fan you are already saying something I already knew

  • Tanius Scott
    Tanius Scott

    Idk about that D Rose comment😒

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio

    underdogs in the playoffs he losses. He's losing to mediocre teams.

  • Frank Tuck
    Frank Tuck

    You will do or say anything for ratings having never played the game. It is hilarious to hear and see such comments about the character of a man like Westbrook. Who made you God so much so you can question this man's make up. You never make these silly comments about other men to this degree, and you wonder why he has a problem with the media!!! Really!!!! You are a freaking idiot!!!

  • Jai Lesani
    Jai Lesani

    Did he say Brad Stevens...hmm ok then

  • Twinn Official
    Twinn Official

    DAMINAN LILLARD If you read this like this comment

  • Jordan Terry
    Jordan Terry

    I’ve come to Colin for a long time for truth in sports but I can’t think of very many times where he’s been more accurate than this

  • Neil Arredondo
    Neil Arredondo

    OKC needs to trade westbrick before Paul George leaves ya'll build around Paul George shoot maybe get Kevin Durant back

  • Marko Radovic
    Marko Radovic

    this video is 9 minutes of the guy justifyng himself he doesnt hate russel. he is also very repetitive

  • Rado Solis
    Rado Solis

    Y’all hating the Brodie is gonna come back with a vengeance

  • Leanzzro

    How Dare you say that Derrick Rose isnt built for the playoffs.

  • Sean Bessey
    Sean Bessey

    Having Westbrooks mole blown up that big all video makes me nauseous.

  • jvaldez5

    I don’t usually agree with this dude but on this occasion I have to agree with him.

  • Tyler Reed
    Tyler Reed

    Remember when marshawn Lynch would say “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” yeah everyone thought that was funny but when Westbrook says “next question “ it’s bad for the league.

  • Tyler Reed
    Tyler Reed

    I agree with the adaptability part but I don’t get why people say he pads stats that’s ridiculous in my opinion.

  • SP

    I second everything just said here. I appreciate the honest breakdown of Westbrook's character.

  • Orlando Pioquinto Jr
    Orlando Pioquinto Jr

    Westbrook is a bad investment to OKC, open your eyes Team owners.

  • rodney216cle

    What does Colon Cancer and WestBRICK have in common? They both SUCK AT WHAT THEY DO!!

  • Dewan Foster
    Dewan Foster

    Paul George go to LA and play with lebron and win a title bruh

  • William Crew
    William Crew

    As an OKC fan you are already saying something I already knew

  • Gerald Schutte
    Gerald Schutte

    I hate Russell Westbrick

  • More Skittles
    More Skittles

    It took at least 5 hall of famers to bounce wilt chamberlain out of the playoffs and he was a stat padder. What's your accuse westbrick. Westbrick teams have never been underdogs in the playoffs he losses. He's losing to mediocre teams.

  • Alemany Auto
    Alemany Auto

    He is right.

  • Buster Cherry
    Buster Cherry

    I watched almost every game the thunder played the last 5 years. What kills them is these 3 basic things. 1) to many threes that they can't make 2) poor def and too much gambling on screens. They never fight over them 3) to many sloppy turnovers. All 3 of these things fall at Westbrook's feet. I love ya russ but Come on man!

  • Wally Payton
    Wally Payton

    Joy Taylor gets Hotter by the Day...Smokin..

  • Jaylin Walker
    Jaylin Walker

    WHo hired this guy?"

  • Nakima Williamson
    Nakima Williamson

    Stop hating on this Man...

  • climax050

    His a professional stat padder that’s it, most overrated player ever, he gives max effort and is athletic that’s it, his just a trash pg with a lot of attitude and is a glory and attention seeker all the time, that’s why they lose in the clutch cause he wants to do it himself. Most overrated player ever imo 🤷‍♂️

  • Ben Flis
    Ben Flis

    I gave up on okc because they have 0 future as sad as it is

  • Valux (le Velux)
    Valux (le Velux)

    1:55 does he say "he is kind of ridged" ? what does that mean please... google translate can't help :/


    He suck just like Carmelo Anthony all for the money

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow

    What is ur problem with D rose.

  • Sean Young
    Sean Young

    I agree with everything except the D. Rose comparison. D. Rose almost beat Lebron and D. Wade single handedly.

  • Damen Williams
    Damen Williams

    This is Chess not Checkers

  • Yannick da Silva
    Yannick da Silva

    Thats not truth! The guy went from being just an atlethic player to became a posting guard. A guy that has made the playoffs in the west regardless the roast and the coach cant be seen as undeserving of postseason. The problem, as i see, is the fact that Westbrook can not be the number on option of the ofense and OKC needs a Real Coach built for the playoffs... They should get Mark Jackson or one of the Van Gundys

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense


  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver

    The biggest issue with Westbrook is he's simply not a point guard he's a shooting guard and Charles Barkley is right about this. He simply makes too many bad decisions with the ball in his hands with stupid shots and turnovers but if you got the ball out of his hands more and let him post up and come off screens for pull up jumpers he would be a much more efficient offensive player. I've been saying this for years.

  • Cheez

    Westbrook is only build to be hated from fans around the globe.

  • Mister Clutch
    Mister Clutch

    I knew all of this about Westbrook in his rookie year. His attitude is jacked up. And attitude is everything. Westbrook was self destructive right out of the gate. And the saddest thing about it is that society and some in power act just like Westbrook. Its detrimental. All of the greats possessed the art of finesse and coexistence to some degree. You can tell who bites the hand that feed them and those who were given grades. Westbrook is a 2 guard or 6th man. No hate.

  • Big Chief342
    Big Chief342

    #OverRated😂 #OkcGoneFishing😂

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    they don't have to face Lebron. They will be what Boston Celtics was in 70s

  • lifetimeskater24

    I do not like this guy but this one time he is right.

  • Drazen Maric
    Drazen Maric

    Westbrick is the WORST in NBA....He simpli SUCKS.

  • josef ang
    josef ang

    Next question pls

  • Jesse Alexander
    Jesse Alexander

    Pg13.. why dont you make a documentary on this? The aftermath to your decision... no opt out???

    • Chur Bo
      Chur Bo


  • TheRossini72

    I said this for years..Russell's like Sharif Abdul,lotta scoring..but he will never win a title in okc.

  • Trae Fittz
    Trae Fittz

    What’s Sad is Westbrooks is like D Rose, they both go hard & thats their only level... But Rose has had better Playoff moments than Russ and he was injured all the time!! Russ needs to adapt and start Shooting like LeBron did. As Athletic & Quick as he is, he should model his game after Lebrons right now, Average Triples, Shoot well & carry the team - Not Hard.

    • Chur Bo
      Chur Bo

      'not hard', my friend, there's a reason only lebron is able to do that and there's also a reason why westbrook was voted 'most overrated' by the nba players and media... it's just an unfortunate fact.

  • Фоппа

    you got to feel for KD, Russel is cancerous and he got out for good reasons

  • ?

    Lmfao I thought you were going to say "Oklahoma city is absolutely TRASH" @ 5:19

  • Big Jackpots
    Big Jackpots

    He is a different player after signing max contract. Does he work as hard as Curry, Harden, James, Durant, Lillard just to name a few in training?

  • Cameron Kauhega
    Cameron Kauhega

    Someone that never wants to change for team and for that people around him will get traded

  • Torrance Harris
    Torrance Harris

    I'M SORRRY but Cowturd broke this down completely on Westbrook. I'm saying so far yes you are right about Westbrook

  • Rey Legend
    Rey Legend

    My friend got mad at me cuz Okc lost🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Aaron Ignacio
    Aaron Ignacio

    I bet westbrook's brain is as big as his ears

  • Gerald Vaughn
    Gerald Vaughn

    Your So Right.

  • MrFraiche

    Westbrook only knows how to win battles, not wars.

  • rcsc824 sc
    rcsc824 sc

    While Russ keeps acting like a child with reporters "Next ?" Lillard be like "Next round"

  • Gustavo Finklestein
    Gustavo Finklestein

    Can't play with him, can't win with him can't do it, won't do it... Mikey Singletary.

  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier

    When you watch all the debates and listen to all the endless views.....just to come to the same conclusion that the GOLDEN WARRIORS going to win the whole thing cause now they don't have to face Lebron. They will be what Boston Celtics was in 70s

  • The GREY Era
    The GREY Era


  • FufNgags

    He would probably be coachable under Popovich

  • DiaperBomb

    Colon coward .

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam


  • Chi Dalli
    Chi Dalli

    Likable, correct, non-coachable suspect and liability I doubt. In order to know the last part then you'd have to know the bottom line and the total amount of profit that is generated from Westbrook being a part of OKC's roster and I don't think many of us know this including Cowherd.

  • Chi Dalli
    Chi Dalli

    Your theory sounds emotional to a degree.

  • Will 33
    Will 33

    I just know how Westbrick made it in the league. Someone wasn't pick from that class which can actually play Basketball.

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan

    Agree with everything except the Derrick rose comparison. Rose doesn't and didn't go one speed. Contrarily, he adapted and worked his game to not only play to the best of his ability, but also to work with his teammates and try to minimize the weaknesses in his game as well as the void present with the bulls at the time due to their lack of a star aside from Rose himself. That's why I've always said MVP Rose was significantly better than any iteration of Westbrook

  • Richie Hussle
    Richie Hussle

    Russ Westruck 😂🏳️🏳️🏳️

  • T Moore
    T Moore

    Chexk out this new sports channel. Fist video out

  • Norman Harris
    Norman Harris

    Wonder if Russell will re-evaluate himself....

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor

    True! ... but you are STILL A HATER!

  • Medy

    Derrick Rose was extremely adaptable !!!!

  • sailsail sailsail
    sailsail sailsail

    Westbrook and Cam Newton not built for media.

  • Daniel Tomazzelli
    Daniel Tomazzelli

    This coming from the same guy that was going to go ALL in on the thunder winning the first game. Collin is a joke

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson

    So smart! Colin you are the smartest pundit in sports!

  • BubbaSteve Garcia
    BubbaSteve Garcia

    "next question"

  • Motor City Muscle
    Motor City Muscle

    Wanna see how Russ respond next year. Hope he humbles himself

  • Anthony Clay
    Anthony Clay

    Paul George killer turnover and missed free throws down the stretch!

  • Anthony Clay
    Anthony Clay

    Westbrook is STILL my favorite player. Its like watching an action movie. Westbrook never loses, he just plays!

  • Edub Jackson
    Edub Jackson

    Lets get Paul to come play with lbj23

  • WorldwideO

    most of his arguments are stupid af, especially nfl arguments but this is fine.

  • Yamah's World 1⃣6⃣3⃣
    Yamah's World 1⃣6⃣3⃣

    I feel you on this

  • Ramiro Rojas
    Ramiro Rojas

    it's a very good player but he want to play solo. not a good team player!!!

  • SaVeDaL00T BRO
    SaVeDaL00T BRO

    Don’t compare Westbrook’s failure to Derrick Rose ever if Derrick never got injured he would still be the #1 pg in the nba

  • Parker Dolan
    Parker Dolan

    Westbrook's LEGACY is toasted!!!

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe

    I root for him cause I'm a fan

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #38 on trending street

  • bong hits
    bong hits

    Imagine KD,HARDEN,OLADIPO....

  • dragonfilms

    Westbroke is not a point guard. He is a shooting guard.

  • Broncos Stampede
    Broncos Stampede


  • Quintin Trotter
    Quintin Trotter

    i remember when they lost to miami back in 2012 & i told people Kevin was going to leave because westbrook isn’t/wasn’t as good as people thought. yes, he’s an incredible athlete but he’s not a great basketball player-his stats support my stance. i hope westbrook changes & switches because if not, he’s going to be what he is now 5, 6 years from now and that’ll be 💩.

  • John Park
    John Park


    • John Park
      John Park

      plus d Rose is coachable, almost sixth man of the year? Coming off the bench doing his role wtf.. last year in playoffs he came thru

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