S2E1: "Mercy Part II”
Cobra Kai
Season 2 Episode 1: In the aftermath of Cobra Kai’s win at the Under 18 All Valley Karate Championships, Johnny questions his dojo’s philosophy and deals with a figure from his past. Daniel searches for the right way to respond to Cobra Kai’s dominance.
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  • anner morales rojas
    anner morales rojas

    Castellano por favor traducir

  • ser humano ex nerd
    ser humano ex nerd

    Fogó oleoleola thiquere milherada eu vou pegara

  • Стас Штайнеот
    Стас Штайнеот

    насчет того что люди стали слабые старый сенсей прав! увы это так!! даже бухать и курить бросить по силам единицам , что говорить о каком то саморазвитии!?

  • Nicoli Dominn
    Nicoli Dominn

    S2E1: "Hi Johnny, we'd like to show you how psychological trauma-bonding works. It's the end of the episode, and your abuser is literally counting the seconds until you welcome them back into your life to screw it all up again. Do you believe us now?"

  • GravityLee

    Wow its doctor claw

  • codykaratedude603

    Am I the only one cheering on Jonny?

  • Fernoll

    What's the music that starts at 3:28 called? It's so awesome I rewinded it several times before moving on with the episode.

  • z_thinktdm_z

    best yt orgianl i think is how u spell it

  • Sebastien Marc Arthur Senestor
    Sebastien Marc Arthur Senestor

    I like that

  • Sebastien Marc Arthur Senestor
    Sebastien Marc Arthur Senestor

    The serie is very good

  • Ryan Poke
    Ryan Poke

    Ugh i wish youtube premium is available in my country

  • Fachry Mubarak
    Fachry Mubarak

    I am waiting for season 3!!

  • Kiran Puri
    Kiran Puri

    Miguel better be okay 😢

  • veronica zazueta
    veronica zazueta

    Omg, how did I not know this was up already???!!! Binging now!!! 😁

  • O

    22 likes lmao

  • Diego aldahir Hipolito armas
    Diego aldahir Hipolito armas

    En español plis😕

  • Kamko Beats kaname 1
    Kamko Beats kaname 1

    Season 3 bring back Mike

  • Stormcrow's Hideout
    Stormcrow's Hideout

    *The Making Of A Bad Guy* It hurts to see Miguel turn bad.

    • killer knight
      killer knight

      Did you see ses 2

  • thrashingjustin

    I never like daniel laruso. This show really shows a different side. Showing a side that yes, daniel laruso did instigate alot when it came to johnny and that johnny had a terrible upbringing that allowed creese to mold him into something he isnt. So glad this came out

  • Miguel Ramos
    Miguel Ramos

    Amo esta serie

  • Kc Fox
    Kc Fox

    moon is a totally hot babe

  • Kc Fox
    Kc Fox

    You've got to admit that Krease has some balls you would definitely want him on your side and jungle warfare

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall

    Wish they had stuck with this arc for kreese. Redeeming the monster would have been more interesting to me.

  • pressp p
    pressp p

    So awesome seeing Martin in this episode. I may have to break down and get premium.

  • Shurpenio

    2:47 RKO!

  • carlossanchez31

    Johnny lorence golpea a su maestro lo que no hizo en karate kid 2 lo hace en la serie cobra Kai segunda temporada

  • KevAng039

    If Daniel would have spied on the first class after the victory he would realize Johnny was not behind the cheap shot for victory.

  • Phantom SwAyxz
    Phantom SwAyxz

    Johnny looks like elderly tfue

  • K x The x God
    K x The x God

    My dawg romanatwood in the cut 🤣

  • Faizan Boy4
    Faizan Boy4

    That’ll be cool if I had stingray as a teacher

  • 倉持誠作

    ダブドラBGMがコブラ会へよく似合ウが何故だか付けたくナルナ、、、 →DOUBLEDRAGON Thema

  • Samantha


  • Vlad Myshta
    Vlad Myshta


  • William Fajardo
    William Fajardo

    Great episode! 37 million plus views! Wow!!

  • marc flaherty
    marc flaherty

    this show is so fuckin cringe but i can’t stop watching

  • Eugenia Piñeiro
    Eugenia Piñeiro


  • tonnymarrufo123

    Really awesome episode!!! Congrats VN-my, keep it up :)

  • stripedshirts

    Johnny & Kreese, omg

  • MrCemal1990

    Artik türkçe altyazı yüklemenin zamanı gelmedi mi youtube yoneticilerii

  • Nicegy019

    Honestly, one of my biggest gripes with the show is that Daniel never outgrew his childhood arrogance. Sure he became a successful adult with a family and a business, but he's still just as cocky as he was when he was younger. It's like he forgot all about that respect Johnny gave him at the end of KK1 and how Kreese treated his students at the beginning of KK2.

  • Sandra Lazaro
    Sandra Lazaro


  • Diego Perez
    Diego Perez

    Cagate aqui

  • dj M.
    dj M.

    Ahhhh man! I want what Kreese said at the end to be sincere and genuine so bad that you can almost taste it! sighhhh...doubt it though.

  • Alerixon Kery
    Alerixon Kery

    Solo vengo a decir que en la temporada 3 quiero ver a tory y miguel juntos , por culpa de sam miguel esta en el hospital .

  • Alerixon Kery
    Alerixon Kery

    Temporada 3 por favor

  • Itamar Ribeiro
    Itamar Ribeiro

    You're still second place Johnny

  • Joan Martinez
    Joan Martinez

    1:39 A wise man once told me “Fighting You is only going to make me stronger because I learn from it”

  • BlooBear Yt
    BlooBear Yt

    Wait cafe 80s is from back to the future

  • Johnny Castle
    Johnny Castle

    When I watch Kreese give him the 2nd Place Trophy. It Completely Broke Me. *I don't want know "likes" at this time but comments are welcome.*

  • Alex the Lego guy
    Alex the Lego guy

    I’ve watched the two seasons at least 4 times now. No boredom. No second guessing. No nothing! This series is true! They stick and veer from the original plot and concept. Let me explain.... they stick to the story with Daniel amd Johnny having a rivalry, that will always be there! Count on that! But they veer by taking Johnnys side! He may not be right (most of the time) but! He actually cares! He wants to be better than the person who taught him his morals... he knows that and wants to embrace it! It’s just his demons keeping him down.

  • Jamie Carter
    Jamie Carter

    Shoes on the mat am i the only one who noticed

  • Brett Jackson
    Brett Jackson

    John Kreese walks in like he's Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Israel Ernesto Palacios Villarreal
    Israel Ernesto Palacios Villarreal

    Cuando el doblaje español latino de la primera temporada al menos.

  • Jefferson Santana
    Jefferson Santana


  • Michael Giannace
    Michael Giannace

    Wait Myagi sold the truck on Karate Kid 3, why is it there lol

    • dj M.
      dj M.

      Daniel bought it back I believe in a different off story that was never aired (thats what I choose to believe lol)

  • Michael Giannace
    Michael Giannace

    I want to see Daniel Fight Kreese in season 3

  • sanket patanwadia
    sanket patanwadia

    Premium always fell best

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl

    Love this and can’t afford to get red VN-my and so want to watch the rest anyone know any free sites it’s on to watch thanks 🙏

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy

    If anyone here disagree !?!!, rewatch the original karate kid and nowww

  • Jake Kong
    Jake Kong

    Actually Diaz has good point, Johnny had no problem with him fighting back against kyler and his gang?! 20:25

  • Lucas Soares
    Lucas Soares


  • Jonathan orlando.
    Jonathan orlando.

    Cant wait for season 3 its gonna be Awesome.

  • Maverick Hunter X
    Maverick Hunter X

    William Zabka IS Cobra Kai. I love how he is almost frozen in time technologically and culturally lol Johnny Lawrence is a breath of fresh air, and you can't help but root for him!

  • Demonmixer

    Not sure about this red tube thing. Doubt it's worth subscribing to. Karate kid needs Mr Miagi or it's not Karate kid.

  • La Ars
    La Ars

    Nice to see that child labor is still disguised as karata training. And those old cars look like just came out of the body shop with just a rag and some wax

  • ROB V
    ROB V

    End of season 1 made the Hispanic kid the bad guy and the white boy the good one.. interesting

  • Shyro _
    Shyro _

    Got premium trial for this and Wayne

  • Ross mathias
    Ross mathias

    Which month next year is season 3 coming out ?

  • Effy on the Edge
    Effy on the Edge

    4th viewing, Still wondering how all those students got black belts. Doesn’t take away from such a well made show!

  • Max Bayne
    Max Bayne

    So anyone else picking up the "please come hump me eyes" from Migules mom? 😏

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