S2E1: "Mercy Part II”
Cobra Kai
Season 2 Episode 1: In the aftermath of Cobra Kai’s win at the Under 18 All Valley Karate Championships, Johnny questions his dojo’s philosophy and deals with a figure from his past. Daniel searches for the right way to respond to Cobra Kai’s dominance.
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  • Xacto Sharks
    Xacto Sharks

    *my question is, was that a real gopher, or...*

  • Kitt Spiken
    Kitt Spiken

    The episode where virtue junkies troll Miyagi Do's commercial had the comments shut down. I appreciate irony as much as the next guy but it's really to bad.

  • SS yelows
    SS yelows

    Esta temporada se viene con todo

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    Johnny a word of advice from me for season 3 preparation learn a new fighting style to beat kreese instead of karate use wing chun or jeet kune do okay

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    I choose to give Robby a big f###!#! Slap

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    You know what Robby I think Miguel is twice better than you because you have a dad who loves you a lot but you ignore him despite the fact that daniel the moron yelled at you so if anything happens to johnny I will whoop your skin till you scream like a prostitute getting banged understand

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    You deserve more johnny. You are my best friend. Larusso is a dump moron

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    And johnny is the hero of this series and at the end he will beat u up daniel by using Jeet kune do

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    You may know how to beat cobra kai but daniel you are always misunderstanding johnny's true intentions and you know he is a real hero 1000 times more than you . If miyagi was still alive he would be very upset

  • Vinnie The Head Sifter
    Vinnie The Head Sifter

    Daniel if you ever talk about Miguel again me and johnny and Miguel will beat you up . And it is not with karate . It is true martial arts

  • McKenzie Hope
    McKenzie Hope

    My bro is obsessed with this idek y tho 🙄

  • jmsk

    where on earth can i watch s2 if not on youtube

  • dolphinschild62

    I am really glad to see you all performing together. Great chemistry.

  • Matticus Barticus
    Matticus Barticus

    He should do what Mr. Miyagi did when he was challenged. Pack your things, leave the country and associate with nobody from your old life. Or the 2nd (probably 3rd 4th 5th), go fishing, never come back. The heart of Miyagi Do is to run away from your problems...unless you happen to join the military.

  • Andre Marques
    Andre Marques

    cobra kai is very good. the best

  • Rj HD
    Rj HD

    bro please upload all the episodes

  • Rey Ozymandias
    Rey Ozymandias

    Gracias VN-my por esta magnífica serie lástima que tuve que verla en facebook y no por aquí pero debo decir que hicieron una exelente serie con una primera temporada genial y la segunda temporada épica , no puedo esperar a la tercera y espero salgan todos los personajes de las películas, gracias VN-my.

  • Magazine Trete
    Magazine Trete

    Cobra Kai: the greatest subscription convincer ever!

  • Andy Perez
    Andy Perez

    Really good series. Except they should of actually filmed in the San Fernando valley haha

  • Jeffrey McGillivray
    Jeffrey McGillivray

    I really want to watch this. but you want money ? I ain't got no money man.

  • Niko Depalo
    Niko Depalo

    Where can i find web site for see all episodies cobra kai 2?

  • One killer de tweede
    One killer de tweede

    later you guys should do a cobra kai but Miguel is the teacher

  • Люляки Баб
    Люляки Баб

    Какого хуя это вылезает у меня в рекомендациях постоянно?

  • Daniel Coelho
    Daniel Coelho

    the best show!

  • Right To Censor
    Right To Censor

    what is the timeline for season2 ? because the all valley tournament is in December, and this picks up right after, so is this in December too? and if so, how come no one goes to school ? if the last episode is suppose to be the end of the summer and school starts back up, then which episode is the start of the summer holidays ?

  • Teh Best
    Teh Best

    okay wow it has been 1 month since season 2, ~11 months to go for season 3

  • Blue Flamez
    Blue Flamez

    I guess cobra kai season 3 is going to be free and have the tourtement in it. I HOPE IT DOES!

  • jake jahng
    jake jahng

    Who's here after they went back to watch season 1 and back here watching season 2 again?

  • Dan Maler
    Dan Maler

    33 million views in 1 month!!

  • Maniac536

    Kreese was supposed to be dead!!! Johnny said he was dead!

  • BanksysGirl

    Love me some Karate Kid! Just missing Mr Miyagi :(

  • LifestyleFutbol

    LaRusso girl has an annoying voice

  • Igor Freire
    Igor Freire

    Isso é bom demais


    no mams estos weyes estan bn puteados.....

  • Evelyn Acuña
    Evelyn Acuña

    Like si extrañas a miguel

    • Jacint Short
      Jacint Short

      ¿A ese пegrо de miеrdа? Por mi que lo saquen de la serie. Que lo deporten a mejico por oscuro.

  • jeday correa
    jeday correa

    Ya quiten sus mierda de comercial de todos los puntos videos.

  • lostcause78

    The only thing I dislike about this episode is how they want to blame Miguel for winning. The moment Robby chose to fight with an injury he's fair game. If I get a cut eye in a boxing match, my opponent has every right to go for the TKO - that's not cheating it's part of the fight.

  • I'm Tired Of It To
    I'm Tired Of It To

    I didn't like Johnny as an 80s kid, but I could definately use me some Johnny Lawrence now! 💜👍

    • I'm Tired Of It To
      I'm Tired Of It To

      +Dan Maler Lol 💕

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler


  • péinmundo

    E se o Daniel San pegasse a chu-li do street Fight.

  • Hyz

    I want all the season free, all we haven' t money

  • Ezekiel Tyrus
    Ezekiel Tyrus

    Dear Writers, I would like to see Aiesha have a relationship. She got prettier, lost some weight and got more confident in season 2. I'd like to see her have a relationship. Maybe Miguel. Maybe the black boy, Chris who joined Miyagi Do. Idk, but she's come a long way and it would be sweet. Best, Zeke

  • José Ignacio Silva
    José Ignacio Silva

    D E E P C H A R A C T E R S

  • Jason Bryant
    Jason Bryant

    The fact that we have NOSTALGIC television in such a MODERN (-IZED) way, in a "New Age Society", some will not enjoy, but I'm LOVING IT!

  • José Ignacio Silva
    José Ignacio Silva

    Johnny come torta de tres leches, espectacular

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy

    yeah right 6:51 your're the bullY and you understand the other side of the valley, DANNY BOY

  • Greg Wondra
    Greg Wondra

    This is so good! I loved seasons 1 and 2.

  • Gary Basciano
    Gary Basciano

    The VN-my app is garbage

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres

    I’m starting to kinda hate hawk. He’s becoming a jerk

  • Michael Emanuele
    Michael Emanuele

    Strike first, Strike hard, No mercy!

  • Derek T.Y. Wu
    Derek T.Y. Wu

    First rule of karate says: “No strike first!” Second rule: “Heart must first straight!”

  • usiruk

    This is so awesome!

  • Lucas Wang
    Lucas Wang

    I'm not japanese (i'm chinese) but the banner at 16:09 doesn't actually literally translate to "karate is for defense only," it actually means something like "empty hands are better than closed fists"

    • Magazine Trete
      Magazine Trete

      but the Japanese translation of Kanji are different from the Chinese, aren't? has similarities but with differences

  • Karate Blader
    Karate Blader

    Did Daniel thinks that cobra Kai’s top bully is Miguel he’s more bullied than anyone

    • IvyQwunch

      Karate Blader ayisha

  • Raul Garcia
    Raul Garcia

    Cobra Kai is better

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok

    We need the blond guy from karate kid 3.

  • Martha Lopez
    Martha Lopez

    Uggghhh why do we have to wait till 2020 for season 9

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      Season 9?

  • Benjamin LeBaron
    Benjamin LeBaron

    This show is everything. Could do without the Stingray character and Anthony character. IMO pointless characters.

  • Killeur Zeno
    Killeur Zeno

    I have free yes yes

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez


  • Annec Cour
    Annec Cour

    I came here only for beg to stop the excesive spam of this kind of double dragon fail serie. Two times in a song of 4 minutes is unreasonable

  • Greg McEntire
    Greg McEntire

    At 25:01, Robbie tells Johnny, “you don’t know Mr Larusso”. Ummmm, havnt Johnny and Daniel known each other 30+ yrs.?? Robbie has only known Daniel a short time and thinks he’s got it all figured out.

  • MashySob

    I actually learnt stuff today lol. brumation huh.

    • MashySob

      +Dan Maler oh thanks learning stuff again. When do I use learnt or learned?

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      You "learned"***


    Roses are red Violets are blue I ain't a poet Are You???

  • spearfishing moments
    spearfishing moments

    Arabic subtitle is needed guys

  • Johnny Reyes
    Johnny Reyes

    Yeah awesome... Can't wait to see the merging of Johnny Lawrence's karate spirit and Miyagi Do

  • Kush Kuniss
    Kush Kuniss

    Haven to wait for season 3 sucks .. loved both seasons

  • Scott Ross
    Scott Ross

    @3:02ff.... did this make anyone think of Return of the Jedi? When Palpatine says “take your fathers place at my side”?????....like Johnny (aka Luke) has a chance to cross over to the dark side and doesn’t????

  • dakkuri1

    i like this show

  • Cristian Fernando Ascui Dote
    Cristian Fernando Ascui Dote

    Subtítulos en español donde?

  • HummusMaster

    This helped me with my breakup too

  • ALI 《IRQ》
    ALI 《IRQ》

    2019 ?

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      Are you kidding me? You're asking people if they're watching this in 2019? This just came out last month!!!

  • Bael Coria
    Bael Coria

    parece un drama romantico... le falta mas escenas de entrenamientos y peleas. esa emocion que te producia ver a daniel pintando la cerca y que de eso aprenda su tecnica en las artes marciales era increible y no veo eso en esta serie.

  • Emma Flores
    Emma Flores

    33:26 💔 kreese me desagrado al final pero esta escena en serio me llego .

  • Cleerlox

    Movimientos de muñeco T2E1

  • Annika and Alivia Show
    Annika and Alivia Show

    I’m a big fan

  • Keith Walker
    Keith Walker

    When will this season see 61 million views??

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      It won't. It won't anywhere near the amount of views season 1 had. It MAY hit 41 million eventually, but I don't think it will go even that high. It's been a very slow climb the last couple of weeks.

  • See Forwards
    See Forwards


  • Sarahi Reyes
    Sarahi Reyes

    Que buena temporada, pero como lo dejan en suspenso caramba no puedo esperar la nueva temporada

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez

    Couldn’t care less for this, but I hate seeing this ad/video every time I go on VN-my

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      That's nice.

  • Dackenstack Studios
    Dackenstack Studios

    My premium just expired pray for me people


    karate ki 2.0

  • Julio CCL
    Julio CCL


  • Pimp Lotion
    Pimp Lotion


  • alberto D
    alberto D

    Creo que deja muchísimo que desear. La sobre actuación de Ralph machio como prepotente y presumido y una historia patética y vacía. Ojalá y Pat morita estuviera vivo trabajando con aquel director de los 80's. Mal gastado mi tiempo en ver esta aburrida y repetitiva serie

  • aurelien kasprak
    aurelien kasprak

    pour quand en Français ?

  • rosewinnie

    20k dislikes, what? Did they want Jaden and Jackie? Bieber in the soundtrack?

  • aurelien kasprak
    aurelien kasprak


  • 男暇


  • Sohel Khan
    Sohel Khan


  • FPSJungle


  • Peanut Buzzard
    Peanut Buzzard

    This writing is amazing. Disney hires Aids Johnson and Brie Larson. FUCKOFF AND LEARN DISNEY.

  • TheMan WhoLaughs
    TheMan WhoLaughs

    How gay.

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      Yes, your comment is gay.


    VN-my demostró que puede producir excelentes series UN EXITOSO!

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    Turkish subtitles?

  • Amilkar Luis
    Amilkar Luis

    Maybe Can be a Guitar the Rig Rundom of the Guitar of Queen Brian May but the Guitar was beat it in the pick up 3rd guitar red but if you wont more Work is easy i do it to not cheating entregarte mas trabajo esta fácil y encantado digo para que no digas que te estoy extorcionando atte Amilkar Luis Flores tu Amigó espero eso espero no defraudar y ya pero no dinero con la Guitarra estaría bien muy bien tan bien de Brian May the red guitar was it y es todo no mas suficiente para mi atte Amilkar Luis Flores tu Amigó espero no quedar mal

  • R4D_ Rushil
    R4D_ Rushil

    Cobra Kai or Myagi Do?

  • Amilkar Luis
    Amilkar Luis

    Hasta ahora no he cobrado nada y gente y personas de otras partes del mundo se están a sumando buenos muy buenos pero muy excelente proyectos que no todos pero que algunos hacen la gran diferencia y eso espero vale la pena Mónica Castañeda dice que me ven la cara pero por mi no se enserio no me gusta el dinero pero si trato de usar lo en excepciones como también ustedes se rigen por el dinero que la verdad no me copen porque pueden caer en bancarrota por eso trato de no ser charlatán pero si de entregar trabajos muy Original y Gran Genuino y espero les guste mi trabajo yo ya estaba retirado ya jubilado pero pues con todo respeto como se merecen mas mi esposa Laura Caro porque si antes las respetaba hoy las respeto mas mucho mas y espero corre poder a ellas Mujer Actual que espero estar trabajando para esta Revista por si ya la decisión de " VN-my " la tengan en concideracion si así " VN-my " lo quiere espero su respuesta no si franca honesta o rea o no pero espero su humilde respuesta atte Amilkar Luis Flores tu Amigó espero no defraudar eso espero ni extorcionar ni manipular que nadie los controla los maniobra ni quien los limite pero si he echo no perdona me ni Disculpa me ni cuanto lo siento ni cuanto lo la mentó pero si Perdón y gracias

  • Antonio Adielma
    Antonio Adielma

    Just watched an episode for the first time. Have not seen season 1 yet. Friggin' loved it! Awesome!

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      Why not start at season 1? You're doing yourself a disservice by starting at season 2.

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    OMG Season 2 is finally here? 😲😳😊😍😁 Best news all week.

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler

      Dude, it's been here for 1 month now.

  • Practice Speaking Now
    Practice Speaking Now

    Same music too

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