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Sanctuary · Joji
℗ 2019 88rising Records/12Tone Music, LLC
Mixer: Casey Cuayo
Masterer: Chris Athens
Recorded by: Francisco "Frankie" Ramirez
Producer: Justin Raisen
Mixer: Rob Kinelski
Composer: Daniel Wilson
Arranger, Composer: George Miller
Composer: Justin Raisen
Composer: Luke Niccoli
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  • Panda Lowe
    Panda Lowe


  • juku 56789
    juku 56789

    this is the guy that ate a human cake hated on everything with songs and videos and had the best youtube channel some how now hes makeing real music and not music about water melon pussy

  • keegan p.russ
    keegan p.russ

    so this is the final frontier how did he escape the peace wardens hmmm log 1 12:36 Fri, October 18 it seems Frank has been reincarnated as a popular singer I guess the investigation is at a halt until we find more Intel

  • Nonexistent Logic
    Nonexistent Logic

    I feel a statue of some sort erected in honor of this man is in order

  • Christina Olive
    Christina Olive

    I didn't like slow dancing in the dark but I FUCKS WITH THIS heavy my fucking dude

  • z x
    z x


  • Dustin Stafford
    Dustin Stafford

    More like soul boi

  • Dustin Stafford
    Dustin Stafford

    Not your basic sad boi

  • Ryanovthed3ad _
    Ryanovthed3ad _

    This song ends too fast...

  • Big Billy Willy
    Big Billy Willy

    Just discovered this song yesterday 1846th listen 💯💯

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    aight but this artwork next level

  • Isabel Ferreira
    Isabel Ferreira


  • Rob Ert
    Rob Ert

    Absolute bopper

  • Drice Baillet
    Drice Baillet

    Last comment from two days ago. Unacceptable behaviour! This is absolute gold

  • 부원용

    l love this song too much

  • skates

    i still trip how this was filthy frank

  • Redeyeball_ lost
    Redeyeball_ lost

    Joji In StarTreak

  • Saaku Tuju
    Saaku Tuju

    this is jpop I can get down with

  • yare yare daze
    yare yare daze

    I'm listening to this 8 Am CET.

  • Lavii

    at this point i dont even think joji fits in a genre

  • Lynn

    Is he comming out as gay? An angle not what he need and the music video he was talking about the other guy, if so this is so cool

  • Atomic Bezerk
    Atomic Bezerk

    Happy to see him being so successful

  • yougdaggerdick Mane
    yougdaggerdick Mane

    When he said " not anyone u one more that far ur the sanctuary " I felt that ✊✊✊❤❤

  • Isaiah Pribic
    Isaiah Pribic

    I wish I could just tell Joji that he is so amazing and that it is very nice seeing him do what he loves

  • Diego Bravo
    Diego Bravo

    Fun fact: The original name of the song was "Oasis" but they changed it due to copyright issues.

    • Atomic Fireball
      Atomic Fireball

      G R E E N T E A

  • Lewis Fewins
    Lewis Fewins

    shoutout george

  • Your a Noob
    Your a Noob

    i love u joji, or we love you joji

  • Kevin Desatoff
    Kevin Desatoff

    Who here after pimp my wheel chair??

  • nytemarish

    this song is a mood, as cringe as that is to say

  • anthony chavz
    anthony chavz

    From music like STFU then to asian pizza then to slow dancing in the dark then to sanctuary wow das lit 🔥

  • NYT Drip
    NYT Drip

    JOJI = GOD

  • Ming Deng
    Ming Deng

    The best song ever

  • 초코마루

    진짜 너무 사랑해요 오빠...

  • { Memegalodon }
    { Memegalodon }

    He Is The King Of Memes And The King Of Reality. *A True Legend.*

  • Lofi Chill hill3
    Lofi Chill hill3


  • Milktraap

    I can't wait to listen to this in 5 years and feel nostalgic for things that haven't even happened a decade ago

  • I have no money
    I have no money

    It’s my mental breakdown and I choose the music.

  • ᖇυmβ YT
    ᖇυmβ YT

    i literally thought this was god preaching verses to me

  • Sugar n Schizophrenia
    Sugar n Schizophrenia

    Imma be here when George blows tf up

  • Shlibba

    *sanctuary picture* when mom catches you on your DS after bedtime

    • Richie Kongwang
      Richie Kongwang


  • MercifulUser32 2.0
    MercifulUser32 2.0

    I’m so happy and proud of what joji is doing and the journey on the internet. Yes it’s sad he’s no longer going to make VN-my videos, but what matters most is that he’s able to follow his dreams and stop torturing himself making those videos. (He stated he faced health problems and his enjoyment for making videos was gone in the end.)

  • Alan Martínez
    Alan Martínez

    Parece canción para quinciañera xd

  • zakshei

    When you go to the second page on Google.

  • Skye Wright
    Skye Wright

    come back papa franku (but continue making music cause this is 🔥)

  • Upside Down Official
    Upside Down Official

    I made a drum cover of this, check it out if you wish!

  • Cpt. Nemo
    Cpt. Nemo


  • memecake factory
    memecake factory

    Best joji song ngl

  • Cielo Villarroel Soriano
    Cielo Villarroel Soriano

    Girl: Ah, Finally, this is the moment! Boy: Will you ever leave me? Girl: Nah! Boy: Do you love me? Girl: Yes, A lot! Boy: Have you ever cheated on me? Girl: Are you crazy?! Of course not! Boy: Do you want to kiss me? Girl: Everytime I get the chance! Boy: Would you ever hit me? Girl: Why are you even asking me this?! No! Boy: Can I trust you? Girl: Yes Boy: Darling Girl: Gasp No... Boy: Will you marry me? Now read it backwards

  • B. Licky
    B. Licky

    this man assaulted someone with a fish

  • hazel ;
    hazel ;

    Can we take a minute to appreciate the music and not talk about his older VN-my shit?


    Let's get this on borderlands 3

  • Chaise?

    I love this

  • Obzi

    IS it only me that wants full movie on this song?

  • passwordNerd

    is it just me or can i hear him singing really deep very quietly in the background during the chorus

  • Aidan Rains
    Aidan Rains

    "That's a car and this is drive time..." I swear if I get this add one more time I'm gonna DRIVE my car straight at the bit*h

  • Law & order and Chill
    Law & order and Chill

    2:05 most beautiful part

  • Shotou Todoroki
    Shotou Todoroki

    me: **listens to pink guy** me, four songs later: **listens to joji**

  • maria carlina betancur taborda
    maria carlina betancur taborda

    219 bichis

  • phil stockton
    phil stockton

    please take a look at this great acoustic cover of this - new guy deserves more views! thanks

  • 117Oddlink -
    117Oddlink -

    This is a welcome addition to the playlist.

  • Enderpig 87
    Enderpig 87

    Hey this guy looks like filthy frank

    • Gilgamesh Of Sumer
      Gilgamesh Of Sumer

      no he looks like pink guy

  • Chrysanthemum

    This is the same guy who put a hamster in a sock and wacked it on a table.

    • Chrysanthemum

      @Trapaholic lol i know

    • Trapaholic

      there was nothing in the sock.

  • colette collette
    colette collette

    pass the aux cord

  • D E P R E S S I O N Benjo
    D E P R E S S I O N Benjo

    Let's be honest.It's midnight.

  • NerfZone Gaming
    NerfZone Gaming

    Like of you came from shwerpy

  • Chrisacosta _1
    Chrisacosta _1

    Came back after breathe

  • DrunkenBear

    no joji

  • JooseMunkee

    This is my favorite song in the fucking world.

  • A sanctuary
    A sanctuary

    Go head and park after dark, fallen star I'm your one call away

  • DarkAlien

    Me: I don't know God Joji: Are you sure?

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