Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!
Ryland Adams
I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)
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  • Sarah

    So achievable......that's why I luv it!!!!!!!!!!! X UK fan xxx Devon x England xxx

  • Claire Begani
    Claire Begani

    No one: Ryland: Ooh I LooOOoOOoovE Tacha (Disclaimer, I don’t know how to spell it)

  • Destiny Buchanan
    Destiny Buchanan

    His skin looks amazing!

  • Epic Kins
    Epic Kins

    I can’t get enough Andrew😍😭

  • Haneen Hy
    Haneen Hy

    Shane didn't even say thanks :/

  • Ro'Marie

    I love you and Shane’s relationship 💖 And so happy Shane has a space to get more inspired 💕☺️

  • Kaley Gatten
    Kaley Gatten

    Ryland really did that 👌🏻👌🏻😍

  • Madie T
    Madie T

    Im so poor in crying watching rich people use their money.

  • Whatsername

    Imma need for the Not Cool poster to make it to the wall somewhere fam

  • Alma Iboa -19
    Alma Iboa -19

    what is that ikea storage unit called? link? lol i rlly like it

  • Marilu Foshee
    Marilu Foshee

    Come make me one pls

  • Jennifer Robin
    Jennifer Robin

    @Ryland Adam's do yall have an address I can send some goodies to I'm trying send yall some cute fun stuff

  • Dabbz_tv

    Morgan... stop with the face stuff...

  • Luna San
    Luna San

    I love it!! I love Ryland sense of style. Shane Dawson has literally inspire me to do make-up. It's hard for me to do make-up because I have sensitive skin and my face gets really dry. I'm proud of him and hope to see some make-up videos from him on youtube.

  • Kiwi yaya
    Kiwi yaya

    I am now motivated to clean my room

  • Keighly Scally
    Keighly Scally

    Am I just a germaphobe or was anyone else cringing when morgan touched his makeup brushes lmao

  • hamster chick
    hamster chick

    lmfaoooo the rich lux clip K.O.ed me i am deceased

  • Olivia Gonzalez
    Olivia Gonzalez

    nobody: litterly nobody: not god but...: 21:45 andrew:Jesus.......

  • Rosemarie Jones
    Rosemarie Jones

    visit @t for all your hair bundles and beauty needs

  • Alicia Nicole
    Alicia Nicole


  • birdwithabrokenwing

    Seriously Ryland did such an amazing job! 😍 Also, Shane looks like he’s aging backwards- his skin is literally glowing! Loved this video, thanks for making me smile today 😁

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali

    Morgan is getting fat and sexy as fuck

  • Lety Gonzalez
    Lety Gonzalez

    I ♡ you and shane! Very beautiful room! 😍

  • leyna Gould
    leyna Gould

    I absolutely love the support you give each other! Honestly the best thing ever! Love your family!❤️

  • 랩몬형VN

    Oh my gosh uno has gotten so big

  • Clint Dub
    Clint Dub

    But the incomplete stripes accent wall. 🤨

  • Modesty Wilson
    Modesty Wilson

    Shane’s so humble

  • Nanni Villa
    Nanni Villa

    When is Shane gonna post

  • Tina Choiselat
    Tina Choiselat

    I absolutely love following your life. If you and Shane ever want to come to Maui and film, I can get you a discount on a room! Come visit me!!!

  • Vicky Cloutier
    Vicky Cloutier

    You shouls start your own designing business

  • Catherine Ives
    Catherine Ives

    the mermaids of rylantis frame really maid the room.

  • Heather Ball
    Heather Ball

    I didn't know how badly I want a Shane Dawson Line of Candles until now!

  • Dianna Nolan
    Dianna Nolan

    i want to see you do your whole house like renovation you’re so good at it

  • Catsnnoodles

    This was wholesome as fuck

  • Stephanie Brizuela
    Stephanie Brizuela

    Wow shane's skin looks AMAZINGGG - drop the tea sis

  • Bitter Gamer
    Bitter Gamer

    The new series on shamed channel is gonna be sum to do with makeup tbh I can already twll

  • Kay Williams
    Kay Williams

    Okay but why does Shane have more of a makeup problem than I do?😂

  • Stephanie Ann
    Stephanie Ann

    Shane needs a snap fan

  • TheCindygg

    what happened to shane’s diamond play button????

  • chloe gallivan
    chloe gallivan

    everybody looks so good and healthy, im loving it

  • Cat

    Shane has been doing his brows and I love ittt.

  • Patricia K
    Patricia K

    Looks amazing balls😍

  • bonapetit

    Honestly you are so rich... cant you give away some of that makeup? Its literally wasting away in your cupboards....

  • Hannah Weiss
    Hannah Weiss

    20:33 im fricken dying

  • Aba Aba
    Aba Aba

    Rich Lux the House!

  • Kelly Hensley
    Kelly Hensley

    ryland! where did you get your glasses? i love them

  • Theonne Clea
    Theonne Clea

    Is it just me bc i reaaaalllyy want to organize Shane's make ups...

  • Sky Hayward
    Sky Hayward

    I don’t buy beauty guru products but any products shane comes out with...I WILL BUY, I support him so much ❤️❤️

  • Nikayla Hyatt
    Nikayla Hyatt

    Use me as a “Ryland be an interior designer” button 😉

  • Wallis Shamieh
    Wallis Shamieh

    I really enjoyed that peter impression tho

  • Hiba Kali
    Hiba Kali

    Full house tour please 📝

  • Jorschach

    You are the best boyfriend/fiance EVER!!

  • Nic

    Shane’s skin looks 💯💯💯💯

  • Ostrichized

    Why are they trynna get a free vanity? Like otherwise they wouldn’t be able to afford it? I love these guys but damn, y’all are rich, just fucking buy it yourself.

  • Allaesha Lehman
    Allaesha Lehman

    You did fucking awesome! I’m so happy for y’all! It’s so pretty 😍

  • Cambree Griffin
    Cambree Griffin

    drops= bad makeup flops= runner ups

  • Jaydee1203

    When Jeffree gets his own shelf in Shane's beauty room

  • Samani P
    Samani P

    Is it just me or does Ryland kind of look like zack from the try guys?

  • Queen Qualities
    Queen Qualities

    It looks great

  • touchy2017

    Shane is a scumbag

    • hello dipsy
      hello dipsy

      touchy2017 TRASH has no right to call other as scumbag tho

  • Me E
    Me E

    Omg brooo Shane has always been hot but now it’s like next level. His acne has cleared up and I think he did his eyebrows. His face just looks so clear.

  • beāte krūmiņa
    beāte krūmiņa

    give me all that shit

  • Jayden Guzman
    Jayden Guzman

    Everyone: *obsessing over the room* Morgan: woah *touches brushes*

  • Koko Mmc
    Koko Mmc

    Shane’s skin looks so good I’m so jealous x

  • Lovely Ybanez
    Lovely Ybanez

    jeffree really has a big influence on shane

  • Oj John
    Oj John

    If you could combine the past and present videos. What about you, taking Jeffree on a haunted place.

  • Krista vlogs
    Krista vlogs

    Conference lol

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    I love Jeffree but those Gucci pigs are just ugly...they look like dollar store decor 😳

  • Emily Ní Maoilmhiadhaigh
    Emily Ní Maoilmhiadhaigh

    I want Ryland to design every part of my house. I feel like interior design is actually his calling!!

  • Melissa Seng
    Melissa Seng

    Wow!! Stunning beauty room makeover!!

  • Jerónimo dlT
    Jerónimo dlT

    Major give away!!

  • Kiwi Cares
    Kiwi Cares

    Ryland can you and Morgan react to Red Velvet’s new song ZIMZALABIM!

  • pako joe
    pako joe

    This made me so happy to see Shane while he is not posting!

  • Dreetine Curley
    Dreetine Curley

    Hahaha Shane and ryland low-key fighting on jefferee bought and what for them both 😂😂😂 "oh jefferee bought me this" 😂😂😂😂 love you both!!!

  • Dreetine Curley
    Dreetine Curley

    Jeffree Star x Shane cosmetics

  • Shae Garwood
    Shae Garwood


  • Gema Garza
    Gema Garza

    I feel like shane is more dedicated to the beauty community than christine has been

  • Amy G
    Amy G

    this is amazing. this is crazzyyyyyy. the transformation is perfect

  • Mia die lustige Socke
    Mia die lustige Socke

    Great video but aren't you scared that you accidentally showed shanes stuff ? I mean somebody who really wants to find out what it is, is probably going to find out through this. You blur something, but then in the mirror you can see it in the background

  • XxLunarEclipse

    holy smokes Ryland that's amazing!! I love this,, like you could be someone who comes in and remodels people's houses fdsgdfgfsdg IM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!

  • Absolute Trash
    Absolute Trash

    Every time Andrew speaks I just......💕💗💖💘💗💖💖💖💓💘💗💓

  • Meibelline 10
    Meibelline 10

    Ryland can u please react to the band Why Don't We they make boom music and I think u will really enjoy it love u

  • Julia Ramirez
    Julia Ramirez

    their house is hella nice

  • Amber Cull
    Amber Cull

    Shane’s skin looks so good I’m so jealous x

  • Rachel P
    Rachel P

    I think this is one of my favorite videos! ❤️

  • Kahlen Dolan
    Kahlen Dolan

    I love how he went from *doesnt care about how he looks or what he has* now he is at *wearing expensive clothes and shoes with loads of makeup* kinda living for it 😂❤️

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea

    Ryland giving us the Shane content we need

  • Janet Ramos
    Janet Ramos

    I wish I can go to your beauty room and do my makeup I been doing the same thing playing with makeup

  • Natalie Doughty
    Natalie Doughty

    He can practice on me🥺 if he needs someone to practice makeup on

  • tawney smith
    tawney smith

    Ryan just gave the high sign for the He Man Woman Haters Club @ 13:49. So funny!! Oh Lawd, I am old, referencing Our Gang.

  • grace suzanne
    grace suzanne

    shane is GLOWING

  • grace suzanne
    grace suzanne

    i miss shane

  • fsoon yoog
    fsoon yoog

    This made me so happy to see Shane while he is not posting!

  • Connie DeShazo
    Connie DeShazo

    Do any girls even live there ? Who’s going to use that crap ?

  • Josephine Stone
    Josephine Stone

    Why is Shane not blogging anymore😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cleveland Equestrian
    Cleveland Equestrian

    We need to see Jeffrees reaction!

  • 21stcenturymermaid

    ryland the best bf everrr

  • dejiah cato
    dejiah cato

    ok thanks for ryland he told us Shane is making a whole ass series with Jeffree star again about making his own make up palettes

  • 21stcenturymermaid

    someone please tell me where they got the white corner couch from

  • H.M Cross
    H.M Cross

    Love this room 😍❤

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