SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!
Bowser junior has a big summer vacation!
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  • superbowserlogan

    Go watch the NEW SML video:

    • Lizbeth Hernández
      Lizbeth Hernández

      superbowserlogan bowser Junior new toys. Please do it tomorrow

    • Lizbeth Hernández
      Lizbeth Hernández

      superbowserlogan bowser junior go to toy Store

    • Lizbeth Hernández
      Lizbeth Hernández

      superbowserlogan new. Bowser junior new toys

    • Matty Ice
      Matty Ice

      superbowserlogan How did you get the junior doll back

    • Tootie Davis
      Tootie Davis

      I did

  • Chrisandcaiden Constantine
    Chrisandcaiden Constantine

    Is chef pee pee work for me I will tell him to go to the store everyday to by my favor food which is Mac and cheese cup's and som condom's

  • Lizbeth Hernández
    Lizbeth Hernández


  • Hatib Khalid
    Hatib Khalid

    Part one🐭vs🧽 Part two🐱vs🌲 Part three🤡vs🤡 Part four⭐️vs🐶 Part five💀pool vs 💀🔫 Part six⚫️🐱vs🦇👱🏻‍♂️ Part seven🦹🏻‍♂️vs🦹🏻‍♂️ Part eight💩vs🦔 Part nine🧽vs💀pool

  • dan7eh second channel
    dan7eh second channel

    Bowser Tito come outside inspired logan to make Tito come outside Tito kill me

  • Heavenlei Jones
    Heavenlei Jones


  • Heavenlei Jones
    Heavenlei Jones


  • Logan Payne
    Logan Payne

    Loganiloveyourvideos ilovejeffy

  • Melvin Bussie
    Melvin Bussie

    Bowser jr. Deserves a friend cuz he's so dumb cuz he's so dumb and he's so stupid he can't even do anything and love Junior and Junior is the same person as Mario so what's the point I was uses use los mareos that likely

  • Clayton Nguyen
    Clayton Nguyen

    SuperMarioLogan SuperLuigiLogan SuperBowserLogan SuperToadLogan

  • Enrique Castillejo
    Enrique Castillejo


  • Dorjvuren Enkhjavkhlan
    Dorjvuren Enkhjavkhlan

    Do it. Pee

  • Jared Salazar
    Jared Salazar

    wait if Joseph’s jail cell mate kissing him? Does that mean josephs gay?

  • Foxina

    Bro, I would totally make him buy me a hoverboard. I wanna crash into walls and stuff

  • callum

    did anyone else know jr wanted to go to Disney land so he went to disney world

  • Gavin Goldatein
    Gavin Goldatein


  • Dannyboy 3011 Boy
    Dannyboy 3011 Boy

    I just came back from there

  • Chris lil mlp Ricardo
    Chris lil mlp Ricardo

    How the f”uck cream

  • Ebony Boyd
    Ebony Boyd

    there are 127,675 piece of sand.

  • Mj Briones
    Mj Briones

    Sml answer:I would give him everything he wants when hes sick and take care of him

  • The Beta
    The Beta


  • Coolsuperbab Crew
    Coolsuperbab Crew

    Even though your a brat your my brat

  • Måns Stolpe
    Måns Stolpe


  • Sean Matthew
    Sean Matthew

    I Will Be Nice To Him and I Will Go Hangout With Him But Nicely To

  • Sean Matthew
    Sean Matthew

    I Thought They Will Going To Trip To Disney world But It's Really Not Awesome But I Kind a Like It Little Bit

  • Sean Matthew
    Sean Matthew

    But Jeffy Love Mickey Mouse Right But I Don't Know Why Junior Didn't Say He's Going To The Disney World

  • Sean Matthew
    Sean Matthew

    But I Don't Know What Just Happend on Disney Park But It's Abandoned now

  • Reyna Espinosa
    Reyna Espinosa

    Make a pirtle war where browser junior goes in to for night and then hes trapped there and then coding finds it and then heat golden sided to save junior and now now Joseph gets inside there to make it tomorrow

  • Hazaam720

    "you're my brat." that got me😊

  • Willis Jr Davis
    Willis Jr Davis

    Make him get me a ton of super cars and women and money

  • ninja jingyong
    ninja jingyong

    Hey Junior did you forgot toad toad the mushroom

  • Betmen

    13:54 turn on subtitles

  • Ahmed ALTAMIMI
    Ahmed ALTAMIMI

    Who still watch this in 2019 or 2020 then like 🔽

  • Gerard Garza
    Gerard Garza

    🐷 ,

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia

    I got a ad

  • Kimberly Juarez
    Kimberly Juarez


  • Aziz Shaya
    Aziz Shaya

    If chef pee pee work for me I will immediately fire him without thinking twice

  • JASON Blake
    JASON Blake


  • Showbiz Boblover
    Showbiz Boblover

    Oh I get it JEFFY doesn’t want the Wall to go to Walmart.


    I thought those "bullets" we're Batteries


    I bought your merch (lunchbag,junior puppet)

  • Marioandluigifan8689

    If chef pee pee worked for me he will take me to kings dominion. Am great wolf,lodge Williamsburg

  • Rachel Swisher
    Rachel Swisher

    Please pin me 🙏🏻😢

  • OrdinaryWinter3045 boi
    OrdinaryWinter3045 boi

    Wait, weren't they humans in the last video?

  • El Clapo
    El Clapo

    When the video intro was done I got a add using it

    • El Clapo
      El Clapo

      Life 360 btw was the add

  • g fio
    g fio

    Bowser Juniors logic. If you like something I dont like then you’re a nerd Glasses make you gay.

  • dark chrome
    dark chrome

    Oh yeah Tom thumb the best gas station in Pensacola 😎

  • Elliott Gordon
    Elliott Gordon

    If Joseph's poor y dose he have a phone 🤔

  • Jovicat 2009
    Jovicat 2009

    Make him spend all his money on me

  • laylay.qween tillman
    laylay.qween tillman

    I would make him make me food every day

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj

    yo i have been watching your vids sence i was 8 and i am 11

  • fedesco teah
    fedesco teah


  • fedesco teah
    fedesco teah

    Wait chef pee pee has skull in his eyes in 7:36

  • Guydon 465
    Guydon 465


  • Poke Lord
    Poke Lord

    I would say chef pe pe your cooking sucks and every time I eat it I want to 🤢

  • Team Fortress 2 Fan
    Team Fortress 2 Fan

    Never thought I would see Tito dressed as chef peepee

  • Laiocea Davis
    Laiocea Davis

    For me it only takes me like one day to go to California so that means I might see you if you’re on your way to California

  • superBowserkeyon jr
    superBowserkeyon jr

    Did you actually drop the junior in the Grand Canyon

  • superBowserkeyon jr
    superBowserkeyon jr

    Ha jr is funny

  • David Madar
    David Madar

    I LOVE SML❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mr Panda 123
    Mr Panda 123

    DISNEY↙️ Bowser Jr: Dad! Dad! Can we go on a vacation?! Bowser: What do you want? Bowser Jr: Can we go to Disney land? Bowser: Go ask Chef Pee Pee. Bowser Jr: Chef Pee Pee, can we go to Disney land? Chef Pee Pee: No you brat. Bowser Jr: I WISH CHEF PEE PEE Was nice. Real chef Pee Pee: I want a happy meal? Like for part 2 | |

    • Jawad Harb
      Jawad Harb

      Mr Panda 123 no point

    • Jawad Harb
      Jawad Harb

      Mr Panda 123 no

    • Don't Ask
      Don't Ask


  • Bryan Pineda Pinon
    Bryan Pineda Pinon

    Those are Miniature batteries not bullets

  • Anna Ladwig
    Anna Ladwig

    I’d spank chef peepee on the peepee if ya know what I mean

  • Alex jj
    Alex jj

    Chef peep peep is so funny😂😂😂😂

  • Super Thomas The tank engine
    Super Thomas The tank engine

    15:37 is my favourite part

  • Javier Afamasaga
    Javier Afamasaga

    Chef pee pee sounds like the terminator

  • Jayden t
    Jayden t

    If Joseph is poor then why does he have a new phone

  • ADT

    18:27 I rather give 50 dollars an hour

  • Hydreigon Commander 204
    Hydreigon Commander 204

    2014: Joseph is poor 2019: Joseph is SAVAGE!!! 1:28

  • José Rosales
    José Rosales

    Disney land is not the happyist place

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