SML Movie: Jeffy's Birthday Trip!
It's Jeffy's Birthday!

  • Daabeastttyplayz Diamond
    Daabeastttyplayz Diamond

    True fact in mind on my birthday literally I gotta take the face LOL

  • Lucas Vlogs
    Lucas Vlogs


  • super pen Jacob
    super pen Jacob

    But jeffy: a m o o s e f u c k

  • Brayten Conkright
    Brayten Conkright

    Sml ideas jeffy field trip, jeffy plays football

  • Jill6Joc

    what a waste of cake

  • Yeeet Yeet
    Yeeet Yeet

    Who else saw the ad baby you got me feeling and then the jet one

  • Edwin Jr
    Edwin Jr

    Yoyo I need some girlfriends

  • Focus Interior Pte Ltd
    Focus Interior Pte Ltd

    This year I am 16 years old I go to the fun fair and arcade

  • Julian Chavez-Aboytes
    Julian Chavez-Aboytes

    hey I’ve been there

  • Em Dog
    Em Dog

    For me to die

  • Yihan Zheng
    Yihan Zheng

    I went to Disney World once and after watching this I’m like what did I just experienced

  • Jennifer Paquette
    Jennifer Paquette

    Idk if that makes sense ;-;

  • Jennifer Paquette
    Jennifer Paquette

    Pokemon Cards, because I collected some of them but I've known them for a while

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen

    Video idea jeffy lose his diaper!

  • Ayden Neep
    Ayden Neep

    for my birthday I want a new life, kill me

  • T-Jay Westall
    T-Jay Westall

    1:24 and 10:13 I can’t stop laughing at this XD

  • Crazy Midget
    Crazy Midget

    Whereas rosalina

  • Adan Corrilo
    Adan Corrilo

    U Q Ya Yay

  • Zeinab Ayyash
    Zeinab Ayyash

    I wanna go to Disney land with Jeffy so we can meet real Mickey and Minnie Mouse >:3 #TEAMJICKEYMOUSE =Jeffy+Mickey mouse

  • Johnathan Mireles
    Johnathan Mireles

    All of us have 4 fingers

  • Gaurav Gandhi
    Gaurav Gandhi



    I can't believe jeffys older than me. Why... I was born 8th September 2004. He's born 22 August 2004

  • Avie Miranda
    Avie Miranda

    The Emperor's New Grove Reference! 7:29

  • Dark_Shadow660

    Funny thing is I’m goin Disney world today ^^

  • Papa Solar777
    Papa Solar777

    My life was sad but now it’s PP

  • Ethan cahoon
    Ethan cahoon

    Happy birthday Jeffy

  • peter wolhok
    peter wolhok

    5:09 Jeffy: Daddy I wanna ride the cars. Mario: Jeffyyyyy u don't have a license u can't drive those cars

  • Ofemia Almoite
    Ofemia Almoite

    Hey Logan bring back rosalina 1 like to bring her back who's with me

    • DangerRushplayz

      Nobody I see

  • moua yang
    moua yang

    I what the sml meach

  • Thadshayini Suganthan
    Thadshayini Suganthan

    how is his face like that 4:12

  • Mystic StormzYT
    Mystic StormzYT

    So funny

  • Dino Puppet
    Dino Puppet

    Mario: "Stay Straight" Me: "Lol"

  • Angel Felix
    Angel Felix

    Can do a video that Jeffy is gay

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    Pls subscribe

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan


  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    I need subscribers

  • Rechilda Lontok
    Rechilda Lontok

    Jeffy likes gun and nife So you are cute Jeffy happy birthday For JACOB

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    🎩 😀 👕 👖 👟

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    PEE PEE!

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    Click me to see what I look like

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    🐷 👕 👖 👟 and this is Cody's dad

  • Ian Friswell
    Ian Friswell

    7:30 The lever guy is wearing Ash's Hat! From pokémon!

  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan


  • Jesse Dignan
    Jesse Dignan

    PEE PEE!

  • Lesser Friends official channel
    Lesser Friends official channel

    Oh yeah... it’s all coming together now.

  • Rayan Bouchghl
    Rayan Bouchghl

    for my birthday i want toddler toes

  • Holly Boswell
    Holly Boswell


  • Brady Thomas
    Brady Thomas

    hit me up friend

  • Brady Thomas
    Brady Thomas

    hit my friend up @

  • Brady Thomas
    Brady Thomas

    1 like = 1 jeffy hit his diaper!.!.!.

    • Brady Thomas
      Brady Thomas

      hit me up friend

  • BLAKETHEGAMER gamerboy
    BLAKETHEGAMER gamerboy


  • Houston Jackson
    Houston Jackson


  • Yt_Blaz-10 -
    Yt_Blaz-10 -

    Is that grapes on Mario's face because if it is I'll eat it while it's on his face no *homo*

  • DominicPlays D
    DominicPlays D

    I want jeffy as a friend because I have no friends

  • HomiePandaGAMING

    i want good sml content for my birthday

  • Fred The skrub
    Fred The skrub

    omg this vid was so. PEE PEE

  • Shrimpzy

    1 like = Jeffy goes to Disney world part 1 & 2

  • Emma LPS
    Emma LPS

    When will Jeffy ever go to Disney World?

  • Flor Gamez
    Flor Gamez

    Happy birthday Jeffrey Howell s birthday

  • Flor Gamez
    Flor Gamez

    If you're going to make a trip for this one world do you need a lot a lot a lot of money like $500 million-dollar oh and one more thing you need 1,000 million $500 and $1 no Dobby $15.99 so you'll pay like five hundred million thousand million thousand dollars that's how many you got to pay to go to work and what every single day please for congested have a nice birthday for he rest of his life he's never going to forget it it's going to be in case my forever

  • Jada Jordon
    Jada Jordon

    Lol Jeff is soo funny hes my star of the show

  • MysticbruhF

    Video idea:opposite day


    Jeffry or junior hits puberty

  • juju diaz
    juju diaz

    My birthday is today

  • Love Nordvall Sv5B
    Love Nordvall Sv5B

    Funny Can We get 45 likes

  • WordGirl Rules Est. 2007
    WordGirl Rules Est. 2007

    7:29-7:33 the emperor’s new groove

  • CJJC challenge
    CJJC challenge

    A life...

  • Mandy Paul
    Mandy Paul


  • withered bonnie 173
    withered bonnie 173

    Wow one more year and Jeffy can look at porn lol

  • elaine polintan
    elaine polintan

    Happy birthday 15th jeffy

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