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  • safir khan
    safir khan

    crap i have the same brain :D

  • Cristina Solis
    Cristina Solis

    4:24 Who Laughed At That Part?

  • Chloe Alpasan Yong
    Chloe Alpasan Yong

    But my name is Chloe

  • Eli P
    Eli P

    6:00 wear head phones and go fullscreen with max volume

  • Lemon Cake
    Lemon Cake

    Dan:I wasn’t expecting this level of extremism to the levels Me: hi dan this is seven second riddles where murders happen ever day Also dan EVERYONE pauses seven second riddles

  • Folgo Red
    Folgo Red

    Yes lol I got it

  • Kris Lee
    Kris Lee


  • Kris Lee
    Kris Lee


  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee

    The florist one was so EZ

  • aqua ratツ
    aqua ratツ

    dan: wondering how to survive me: wondering how glen is still wearing a hat UNDERWATER

  • Jack Pruitt
    Jack Pruitt

    Dan this is easy

  • Brittany Graves
    Brittany Graves

    Your awesome dan 😁😁😁😂😁😁

  • Saeed Abdullah
    Saeed Abdullah

    My brain is normal

  • Rayen superbowserrayen
    Rayen superbowserrayen

    6:00 Lol

  • Alasia's Funclub
    Alasia's Funclub

    Did anyone hear a sound at 6:12 ? It went BEEP BEEP BEEP

    • Alasia's Funclub
      Alasia's Funclub

      Meh need an someone to tell meh

    • Alasia's Funclub
      Alasia's Funclub

      IT went BEEP BEEP BEEP

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson


  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson


  • nana robbiyana
    nana robbiyana

    Besose my brain

  • The Dispenser
    The Dispenser

    I call woman walking the robo dog

  • Kid Cheeseburger
    Kid Cheeseburger

    The reflection was the monster

  • Fat Bill
    Fat Bill

    i actually got the green riddle

  • limcl28


    • limcl28


    • limcl28

      -hehehe- I solved so little riddles! Most times I can solve most of them now I lost my skills

  • Joshua Davies
    Joshua Davies

    THATS FINE? 6:21

  • Playful Dreamers
    Playful Dreamers

    so funny hahahhhahhha

  • Yvonne Duckhorn
    Yvonne Duckhorn

    Dan: Alison better not die Narrator: Allison died with flowers in her hand Dan: Dang it...

  • Genocide Scissor Killer
    Genocide Scissor Killer

    Dan the flowers: who would spot that Me 9th grade art class : hey look they make green

    • Genocide Scissor Killer
      Genocide Scissor Killer

      & Knuckles 101 no I meant 9th my screen is cracked so it’s hard to tell the diff between 9 and 0

    • & Knuckles 101
      & Knuckles 101

      0th grade..? You mean Kindergarten?

  • Cade Doolin
    Cade Doolin


  • Joy H
    Joy H

    Bum bum bum bum bum bum

  • Jed Kurt
    Jed Kurt

    A dog robot it

  • Sanna Parvez
    Sanna Parvez

    Dan:can join the police force Me:no you have a small brain Others:IDC

  • Ashton Sisco
    Ashton Sisco


  • yousif baldi's basics and his Friends
    yousif baldi's basics and his Friends

    Thats how many dan laughs too much in this video 0:23 0:34 0:50 2:50 3:00 3:10 3:26 4:03 4:25 5:10 5:17 5:39 5:49 5:56 6:01 6:28 7:33 8:07 8:22 8:37 9:04 9:19 9:59 10:25 11:09

  • Plushie Burst
    Plushie Burst

    6:00 is me is the shower

  • Braden Nolan
    Braden Nolan


  • Julie Thompson
    Julie Thompson

    i got it

  • KaiNn YT
    KaiNn YT

    10:49 it’s the horse statue it moved it’s head

  • Julie Thompson
    Julie Thompson


  • Shahan Salman
    Shahan Salman

    Man is British and said soccer

  • XiTz_kaylie

    oH NOoOooOOooOoOoOoOoOo

  • Joy H
    Joy H

    You are smart

  • Cerys Nutley
    Cerys Nutley


  • Rezh Qubbadi
    Rezh Qubbadi

    For Amanda colour I did

  • OreoGameZ YT
    OreoGameZ YT


  • ashley nolan
    ashley nolan

    It was the blue ballerina

  • Sarah Mcneilly
    Sarah Mcneilly

    In find the monster the girl had no eyes 👈🏻☠️

  • Ray - Chalunthorn, Wikrantanakul
    Ray - Chalunthorn, Wikrantanakul

    5:55 this is the part where you will laugh so hard xD

  • Zachary Chau
    Zachary Chau

    Does anybody else FREAK out when Dan knows a Chanel u know? No j-just me ok.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • gacha life lucas 33 Taylor
    gacha life lucas 33 Taylor

    Yes is so easy

  • Kids Rule
    Kids Rule

    Me I’m 19 lol I watch him during school on my phone with really small volume lol 😂

    • Kids Rule
      Kids Rule

      This was for j stickman but sense I just watch dans vids and get stupider I forgot 😸

  • david walker
    david walker

    Dan: it was the pink ballerina Answer: it was the blue girl Dan: I quit....

  • jose murrietta
    jose murrietta

    It’s ok

  • Casey Cole
    Casey Cole

    Its not the cat its the mirror when she looked the mirror smiled

  • Cindy Kumala
    Cindy Kumala

    Not Me

  • Shoda

    that channel is just copying the bright side

  • Meeka Lee
    Meeka Lee

    Seven second riddle

  • Zak Gilfillan
    Zak Gilfillan

    Pencil head

  • victoria upendo
    victoria upendo

    No is blue

  • Javier Herrera
    Javier Herrera

    When I was asleep does the this songs Jump scared me

  • Josie Torres
    Josie Torres

    Round 1 Me: 1 points Dan: 0 Riddle: 1 Round 2 Me: 2 Dan: 1 Riddle: 2 Round 3 Me: 3 Dan: 1 Riddle: 3 Round 4 Me: 4 Dan: 1 Riddle: 4 Round 5 Me: 5 Dan: 2 Riddle: 5 Round 6 Me: 6 Dan: 3 Riddle: 6 Round 7 Me: 7 Dan: 4 riddle: 7 Round 8 Me: 8 Dan: 5 Riddle: 8 Round 9 Me: 9 Dan: 6 Riddle 9 Final Round Me: 9 Dan: 5 Riddle: 9 Game over Me and Riddle wins! the Riddles! Congratz me!

  • Jacquelines's Animations and More!
    Jacquelines's Animations and More!

    RIP Glen XD Man That voice tho "Someones gonna die for sure!" XD 0:45 " Oh nuuu " and 4:09 "her shoelace" My fav parts U-U

  • Vihaan Budarap3psss
    Vihaan Budarap3psss


  • TDMFan 123
    TDMFan 123

    “Her name was chloe....” *BASS DROPS* I’m dying 😂

  • zak and bro
    zak and bro


  • NotAhyanPlayz RBLX
    NotAhyanPlayz RBLX

    5:56 hehe 6:00

  • JordyIsSupa


  • Vihaan Budarap3psss
    Vihaan Budarap3psss

    There is a cat not a monster u poop man

  • Collin’s Vlogs
    Collin’s Vlogs

    on the one with the girl doing her makup with a time bomb look at the merror before she looks at du cat

  • Lindsay Hommel
    Lindsay Hommel

    My name is Chloe so I guess I should watch out for guys named Kevin trying to take me on a wine date

  • Alanna Ralston
    Alanna Ralston

    Dan that dancer was not missing her point shoe riboon

  • Unwitheredbonnie 123
    Unwitheredbonnie 123

    “my name is glowy” DA DA DA DA DAA DAA DAA DA

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