Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Live From The Artists Den)
Live performance of “Black Hole Sun” from Soundgarden: Live from the Artists Den.
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Captured by The Artists Den at the Wiltern in 2013
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  • malleyc

    He had such talent. As I watch all of them here I feel so sad for them. The true meaning of their lives evaded them. God have mercy on his soul. He really never understood.

  • Josh Dil
    Josh Dil

    q hermoso

  • John Clifford
    John Clifford

    That fuckin guitar.

  • freek musbach
    freek musbach

    damn so sad rest in peace my friend. it hurts so bad mate!

  • Rikswordfyr

    Chris Cornell 😢

  • Nitzan

    one of my favorites songs, but this version sound awful...

  • Gary Cederblom
    Gary Cederblom

    P I'm 58 years Soundgarden audioslave rage against the machine prophecy of tool a perfect circle and and puscifer and I think that's what keeps me f****** young

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor

    Jealous I wasn't there that night

  • Dav Le88
    Dav Le88

    very good song!!!!!!!!! merci....

  • Disgrace Ayala
    Disgrace Ayala


  • languis1


  • xxxVivaElPeruxxx

    Por que no seguiste haciendo mas musica Chris , descansa en paz

  • Carlos Renato
    Carlos Renato


  • Oliver Eastman
    Oliver Eastman

    The other guitar guy sounds outta time

  • Trent Boots
    Trent Boots

    what a fucked up audience...

  • Asad Mansoor
    Asad Mansoor

    fuck you all you guys for calling this off its there song they can play this whatever the fucking way they want!

  • Achilles Heel
    Achilles Heel

    Why you left us?

  • Schumi

    One of the greatest voices in rock music ever

  • Rod Noga
    Rod Noga no estaba loco andaba estudiando.

  • M Giovanni
    M Giovanni

    Chris lost his voice, he sounds horrible! I think that was the reason why he killed himself.

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.

      Dude, Chris didnt loose his voice. He had been touring for 30 years, singing almost everyday for 30 damn years!! Plus his vocals were strained after singing with Audioslave. He had to retrain his vocals. And everyone's voice ages. No, he doesnt have his 1988 Beyond the Wheel voice but he didnt have that in 1994 already. Youth is precious Lol. Chris lent his voice to Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, solo albums, Mad Season and Audio Slave. After all that i think he sounds AMAZING ! I bet you cant sing a tenth as good as he does right here!

  • Rafael Rodrigues
    Rafael Rodrigues

    Sem sombra de dúvidas, o Soundgarden, é uma das maiores bandas de todos os tempos. Músicas marcantes, um vocalista singular, guitarrista, baixista e batera, fora do comum. Que banda , maravilhosa!!

  • Kelly S.
    Kelly S.

    This song is eternal. 💕

  • Ryan Silver
    Ryan Silver

    I wish I had the chance to meet you 😓

  • Andrei Alferov
    Andrei Alferov

    Чего так слабо?

  • xxx-OtakuGirl YaoiFanxxx
    xxx-OtakuGirl YaoiFanxxx

    RIP Chris ;-;

  • Svein Bjørneseth
    Svein Bjørneseth

    What the fuck was this shit!! Worst I`ve heard from this great band!

  • Martin Seitune
    Martin Seitune

    No se porqué dicen que suena mal, a mi me gusta.. aunque tiene un aire deprimente

  • Steve Ferrer
    Steve Ferrer

    chupapinga :3

  • tooklongenough

    I didn’t realize all of the band members were gay too.

  • Mr Rommell
    Mr Rommell

    so out of tune

  • Lyydee Montoro Rojo
    Lyydee Montoro Rojo

    Perú aquí.

  • kaceybellanero

    What a phenomenal live performance of BHS! R.I.P. Chris! This album was far superior! Soundgarden will be missed!

  • alan alfaro
    alan alfaro


  • Andrea Fichera
    Andrea Fichera

    no one camera on the bass Player...

  • Obionenobi '
    Obionenobi '

    Too loud guitar

  • Simone Gobbato
    Simone Gobbato

    A me è sempre piaciuto Cris,che riposi in pace,ma dal vivo ragazzi,fa moooolto desiderare,e in questo live ancora ancora si è salvato,ma in altri davvero faceva pietà!

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo

    Mestre !! Brasil rio

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward


  • Lucas Nunes
    Lucas Nunes

    Gareth Bale on drums kkkk

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson

    A very lack lustre performances he was even singing out of tune at the beginning which is so sad to see him so depressed because he had so much energy, RIP Chris 😞

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.

      @David Thompson if you've ever watched any live performances of theirs, then you will know that Chris stopped jumping around on stage back in 1994. He not fucking jumping around on stage anymore, its time for the audience to jump around and entertain me (94). So, he matured quite a bit over the years. How was he suppose to act for a man his age that had been singing for 30 years straight? Doesnt seem depressed at all. This is the same Chris performance he had given for 20 years. Ever watch one of his solo shows? Same thing as here.

    • David Thompson
      David Thompson

      Ashley S. I didn’t say he was tone def far from it he had one of the best voices in the business and after watching this again, he wasn’t out of key just very depressed. 😢

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.

      Chris was never tone def or outta tune...EVER

  • Aquiles Hernández
    Aquiles Hernández

    Wtf with chris in this concert .... :(

  • Cool Guy24
    Cool Guy24

    If only silverchair still doin this ...

  • Fernando Curillo
    Fernando Curillo

    I thought he died

    • Mr. Jinx
      Mr. Jinx

      He died 2 years ago

  • damachine3

    The singing was uninspired (for Chris) and the guitar was too loud. The sound technician did not do his job well.

  • damachine3

    No way, I've seen it said so many times...666 likes or comments...but I've never seen it for myself until now. And neither will you, because I am the 667th comment. ;) That is, unless the poster of this video keeps deleting comments to keep it at 666.

  • Wandering Sailor
    Wandering Sailor

    Poor Chris looks frail and tired here. His arm kinda just falls limp while strumming.

  • Blake Gregory
    Blake Gregory

    RIP Beautiful Soul

  • TheCrystalyne

    Kim's guitar is too loud...

  • Steven Traughber
    Steven Traughber


  • Ganglord

    Bless everyone here. My personal blessing.


    Not the best performance I’ve ever seen

    • Fish Tv
      Fish Tv

      Was terrible man

  • Doncol ON
    Doncol ON

    arnold schwarzenegger on drum

  • Thunderturbine88

    How long ago was this performance?

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.


  • Vinícius Serpa
    Vinícius Serpa

    que diabo de musica doida

  • luis molina
    luis molina

    Thanks Man!! 1991 & 2019 time good forever!!

  • Anthony G Strand
    Anthony G Strand

    In my opinion. Best band of the grunge era, and Chris Cornell had the best voice.

  • Anthony Staten
    Anthony Staten

    People still looking for "clues" in how distant and strange Chris was acting during his last performance...and yet here's a video from four years before he died where he was acting the same way. It's almost like that was just his typical late-era Soundgarden stage presence and people keep trying to make something out of nothing, huh?

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.

      Exactly right. Chris was always settled down. If anyone was truly a Soundgarden fan, they would see the gradual evolvement of the music & Chris' more laid back stage presence through the years. Chris his self said on stage in 1994, that he wasnt fucking jumping around entertaining anymore and he wanted the crowds to entertain them!!

  • ashton r
    ashton r

    Wheres Chris Cornell oh wait

  • Chase RH
    Chase RH

    The mix is terrible

  • Rod Noga
    Rod Noga

    NO + COCA Paris: fuerte despliegue policial por nueva manifestación de "chalecos amarillos"

  • sikama rota
    sikama rota

    if ur a newbie ul like nirvana bt wen ur veteran ul love soundgarden

    • Moistman Sol
      Moistman Sol

      thanks kanye

  • myearsloveit

    peace on Chris

  • Mason DeFoe
    Mason DeFoe

    R.I.P. Chris Cornell❤️✊

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin

    His depression showed here.

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.

      ? Makes no sense whatsoever. He had been singing this way for years. He stoped jumping around on stage in the 90's!!

  • El Mundo del Rodri
    El Mundo del Rodri

    Siempre odiaré esta canción, porque como nunca me gustó me hizo creer que la música de Soundgarden era esto, cuando fue más bien una excepción en la carrera y el estilo de esta banda. Perdí un montón de años de mi vida por culpa de esta maldita canción. Viva Soundgarden y Chris Cornell por siempre, excepto esta (repito) maldita canción.

  • Ale Astorga
    Ale Astorga

    Miss Chris. KIM ALWAYS FUCKING THE SONG DOWN. Man, 40 years playing guitar and cant notice his parts (the slide at the intro missed, the awful distortion at verse,...) At least I am sure Chris almost recorded Superunknown in his entirely.

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley S.

      ? Surely you're a troll

  • 개비정한세상

    "Black Hole Sun" In my eyes Indisposed In disguise As no one knows Hides the face Lies the snake And the sun In my disgrace Boiling heat Summer stench 'Neath the black The sky looks dead Call my name Through the cream And I'll hear you Scream again [Chorus:] Black hole sun Won't you come And wash away the rain? Black hole sun Won't you come? Won't you come? Stuttering Cold and damp Steal the warm wind Tired friend Times are gone For honest men And sometimes Far too long For snakes In my shoes A walking sleep And my youth I pray to keep Heaven send Hell away No one sings Like you anymore [Chorus 2x] (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Hang my head Drown my fear 'Til you all just disappear [Chorus 2x] (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? (Black hole sun, Black hole sun) Won't you come? Won't you come? Won't you come?

  • Vitor Quarelo
    Vitor Quarelo

    Adoro essa Música, mas não gostei do timbre da guitarra nessa apresentação, muito distorcido e alto, quase na mesma altura do vocal! Abraço a todos!

  • Andy Jor
    Andy Jor

    Thank you for the wonderful music Chris.

  • Rush Shukla
    Rush Shukla

    Kim Thayil is an (Asian) Indian who originates from the southern state of Kerala, India.

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