Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo - EA PLAY 2019
EA Star Wars
The Empire won’t stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy. As a young Padawan on the run, the odds are against you-but the Force is with you. Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive.
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
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  • EA Star Wars
    EA Star Wars

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

    • Kestrel Huxley
      Kestrel Huxley

      Sorry, but I will be a Ghost from Oct 4, 2019

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      Subscribe to Acetic

      I'm going to

    • Bill Da Boss
      Bill Da Boss

      What about become a sith, i wanna do that more 😡

    • Rodrigo S
      Rodrigo S

      Mais um jogo de 2h de duracao sendo q 1h e cenas e creditos... ja desisti dr jogos de starwars, a ea so caga no peida.

    • mobfighter Boss
      mobfighter Boss

      The New Dark Side Well that dark trooper with the energy blade was powerful!

  • Liamation Spice
    Liamation Spice

    We have the high ground

  • MASS GAMING bubs
    MASS GAMING bubs

    EA please don't make this game a trashy money grabber we don't want this game to be like Sims 4 or battle front 2 or even Madden 19 in all of those games you need to buy this buy that buy those BUY BUY BUY you should see your ratings on your past game this needs to stop and please make a good game for once please care about your fans

  • Juan Jose Aguilar
    Juan Jose Aguilar

    Ea una pregunta en pvz3 va a volver el tejado y su musica original

  • Snapper 723
    Snapper 723

    Is this always gonna be the speed you can move at, It seems slow

  • Preservative Conservative
    Preservative Conservative

    Wow. They had a chance to actually create an exciting new Star Wars installment. From the looks of this, they didn't care to make a graphically good looking game, character/animation-wise, at all, nor did they care to go out on a ledge and make the force abilities, let alone the gameplay, look remotely fresh or fun. Imo. Disappointing

  • Feeling Alive Films
    Feeling Alive Films

    Nice a bipolar Jedi

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    Who would win Galen Marek or Cal

  • stylianos vargiamidis
    stylianos vargiamidis

    Bring juve and bayern

  • Gamers Perspective
    Gamers Perspective

    Here's another idea. Can you put fill squad off in quads on firestorm?

  • Gamers Perspective
    Gamers Perspective

    Here's a great idea. Sell firestorm only for $15-$20 and then the whole game for $30 to fill up more servers. Let's be honest. A next cod game is coming out and your still trying to sell your game $60. Come on work with us and make your money.

  • Smoos54

    Good thing they moved from service multiplayer money milking garbage and finally we get some single player BUT! I read the story and to my disappointment it feels generic and boring. I'm tired of being the same boring déjà-vu JEDI running away from the galactic empire and killing everything in his path. How about we get to play as a galactic empire commander and get to hunt down the last Jedi or even better how about we get to play some kind of galactic empire sith officer and deal with other things than ¨JEDI¨ They could also set a different time like being a Separatist Droid Army officer and get to deal with different stuff than JEDI bla bla..... We need something new, for the moment it won't cut it.

  • Sam Prescod
    Sam Prescod

    looks boring

  • Pavel Esenin
    Pavel Esenin

    That was boring to watch - walk to room, fight easy beatable pack of dumb AI, walk to another room after that, repeat. Thats a gameplay, thats way to go guys

  • Joaquin Aragón
    Joaquin Aragón

    This is a bad game, battlefront II are better in all the aspects

  • Kakalotto

    This is another anthem isnt it,? Because this demo is boringgggggggggggg and i used to played force unleash 1,2 so it hard to forget that good time

  • Kakalotto

    There gonna be lootbox or something to suck our cash for sure 99.0%

  • patrick O'flannigan
    patrick O'flannigan

    I see the stock price is fluctuating's the only time gamers are happy to hear your name. If only fans of madden and fifa would ever wake up. Looking forward to the next flop! I sure as hell know I won't be buying this game, Or Dragon age.

  • Frazix Xerox
    Frazix Xerox

    This better not be another MicroTransaction cause I’m not gonna pay my money on that.

  • uncreative14yearold 69
    uncreative14yearold 69

    Is it just me that thinks the movement is a bit weird?

  • Ssrenz ot
    Ssrenz ot

    I can trush you

  • Emma Peoples
    Emma Peoples

    Bring back knights of the old Republic

  • Tommy Jedi
    Tommy Jedi

    How is there is no dismemberment yet we hear the purge trooper say “fuck you” at around 4:30 lol

    • Tommy Jedi
      Tommy Jedi

      Gunners Game ooh thanks for clearing that up lol, it had me confused

    • Gunners Game
      Gunners Game

      turn on subtitles. He actually said ''caught you''.

  • Ty Burden
    Ty Burden

    The light saber doesn’t look right to me

  • Joe the Red
    Joe the Red

    PLEASE add dismemberment

  • Arthur D
    Arthur D

    Please add more speed of blasters. Its movement is too slow :s

  • LongLive LaFlame
    LongLive LaFlame

    I hope EA finally dies if they recover from this game I’ll be upset

    • Galaxy Hunter
      Galaxy Hunter

      EA is just the publisher. Respawn made the game.

  • Alexander Nicol
    Alexander Nicol

    Couple points that I’m sure will have been said many times in the comments: 1. The ai is slow and bad, like in the story mode of battlefield 2 2. The level design looked all to linear and focused and some of the interactive environments were a bit stupid 3. Character design, I’m sure everybody would like to see Xoom 2 level personalisation, but at least have the option of a couple species and lightsaber phase styles.

  • RazielTheLost

    because of the obvious in your face XBOX logo at the beginning we can assume this is the xbox one x graphics and gameplay and not pc which is fine but xbox is the worst console to bother with this generation, the only reason you can get away with it is that the game is SINGLE PLAYER since microsoft is ruining their multiplayer games by banning people for even low level smack talk, considering it hatespeech and shit, i guess microsoft is tired of having money xD wonder how much they paid to get EA to show the alpha off with XBOX footage instead of ps4 or pc. i mean that whole LIE they use as a catchphrase "games play best on xbox one" is insulting every gamers intelligence lol

  • Dylan Malzach
    Dylan Malzach

    Will this be avaible for PS4?

  • 조형기의푸드트럭


  • Haidar GK46
    Haidar GK46

    The game will be better if you can cut stormtroopers with lightsaber.


    the forced unlashed it's 100 time better of this scripted shit

  • Criminal Watch
    Criminal Watch

    Everyone needs to calm down, this is EA. Servers won't work, patches won't release and the game will look 1/4 as good as you see here. REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY PEOPLE.

    • alex duffy
      alex duffy

      its a single player only game though

  • Cognah Clockinstein
    Cognah Clockinstein

    Looks great! I want either the option or if I have to pay for the ability to have dismemberments... Just saying.

  • arie lathers
    arie lathers

    So like...when did Starkiller get nerfed

  • Valix_Assassin

    Cameron Monaghan?

  • GuardianKiss

    I hope the main player is customizable with a lot of options. I am tired of playing a white guy over and over again.

  • jesse allen
    jesse allen

  • Christian Cee
    Christian Cee

    Looks like Force Unleashed Lol

  • Fox Zone
    Fox Zone

    Bro i wand Star Wars the Force unlesht

  • Trent liles
    Trent liles


  • Trent liles
    Trent liles

    Why can’t we get a mortal kombat/for honor fighting game with just savers

  • バーチャ先輩


  • Александр Гунькин
    Александр Гунькин

    Это шедевр

  • manuel zuniga
    manuel zuniga

    It's the joker for the TV show Gotham

  • Space Life
    Space Life

    This is so unrealistic! How do the troopers aim so well?? Nice game by the way

  • M M
    M M

    I miss the old Jedi Knight series. Especially JK2 and JK Academy. Played it wit friends some months ago. Good times :-)

  • he likes to eat
    he likes to eat

    HEY GUYS remember that one game? where the guy has dual lightsabers and can force repulse? and a clone maybe

  • Dominik Figlhuber
    Dominik Figlhuber

    10:20 "At least we have the high ground." - Scout Trooper, 2019

    • {DDLC} Model
      {DDLC} Model

      They underestimate his power

  • Dominik Figlhuber
    Dominik Figlhuber

    Play 9:18 at 0.5 playback speed. I thought for sure that'd be a head-ripping fatality.

    • Noah Fessenden
      Noah Fessenden

      He has the power of main character.

    • Peter R. de Vries
      Peter R. de Vries

      He trains his neck

  • Deep Fractal
    Deep Fractal

    Looks super weeny

  • Simon Briggs
    Simon Briggs

    As good as this looks for its current state and for how proud I am for the developers working on this game, I don't trust those suits at the head of these companies. I will wait for the reviews and see if these people are going to hold their word and make us proud for once.

  • SqueakersGang

    Do y’all at ea think you could start to focus on the game itself and the community and not just money it’s greedy

    • M S
      M S

      I doubt they will ever focus on anything but money, they're all greedy to a fault

  • Ege Çalışkan
    Ege Çalışkan

    Looks like a sequel to Star Wars The Force Unleashed that is actually worth playing.

    • Jacob Hargiss
      Jacob Hargiss

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Eric Van Dyke
    Eric Van Dyke

    I think the blaster bolts move a little too slow; might want to fix that

  • Sevi

    I can see so many gameplay flaws already -_- this makes me sad. So easy and unoriginal. The fucking bugged jumped at him and I don't know if he failed the "press one button fast" thing but it seemed like he failed it and the big ripped his head of except he didn't and it didn't even do any dmg. The gameplay mechanics seem so basic and I haven't seen anything that would make me excited or that would surprise me. I would say it was disappointing but I didn't expect much from EA so yea. Jedi Academy had more interesting gameplay than this. This is like everything else from EA, shiny but soulless game with no passion put into it. Also, why can you do the Kylo Ren trick with the space-time? I bet it's not even explained properly coz why bother anyway right EA. Money is the only thing that matters -_- fml and f you for ruining Star Wars.

  • Муку Кейкей
    Муку Кейкей

    Игруха лють

  • kriss 25anime
    kriss 25anime

    i wanna predict dis game will be so bad it make the EA battlefront look like masterpiece

  • necromancerisme

    Battlefront 2 looks better than this

  • oriokot isaac
    oriokot isaac

    nice! but looks easy

  • לריסה אמ
    לריסה אמ

    פליי מאני

  • General Shadow
    General Shadow

    Reminds me of Star Wars the Force Unleashed

    • Jumbo Junyay
      Jumbo Junyay

      But with gameplay ripped from sekiro with force power gimmicks to spice it up yup just like force unleashed 😂

  • Yamaiko Hiro
    Yamaiko Hiro

    Hey... This actually looks decent. Can't wait to torrent it, cause I sure won't give a fucking dime to EA.

  • CS2013

    We want battlefront 3!!!

  • neko yashiki
    neko yashiki

    from Japan In STAR WARS, the colors of the lightsaber core is white. However, it looks blue in this movie. Why?

    • Aaron Stanton
      Aaron Stanton

      Their is more than just white and blue any lightsaber can have a different crystal just watch VN-my bout it

  • YT._. ABE
    YT._. ABE

    Who wants skate 4?!?! Like this comment if you want skate 4

  • ExceptionalGamer


  • Hamza Najji
    Hamza Najji

    it looks like the prince of persia style

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    EA Games!, challenge everything!. 59$ no catches full game with extras. 👋2000’s

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