Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser
Star Wars
Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

  • MR PANDA Almer Zada
    MR PANDA Almer Zada

    Anyone watch this from indonesian

  • Maxwell Luong
    Maxwell Luong

    Unless the memes fix it... I think this is worse than the prequels

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper

    ‘No one’s ever really gone.’ Tony Blair: ‘I know, right?’

  • Autism Spectrum
    Autism Spectrum




  • Alvin Nova
    Alvin Nova


  • Justin Everett
    Justin Everett

    I hope this one is a lot better then the last jedi.

  • Tidal Studios
    Tidal Studios

    Wheres Officer Earl?

  • Owen Racker
    Owen Racker

    The millennium falcon's new satellite 1:26

  • Vlad Miziuk
    Vlad Miziuk

    RISE of the Skywalker - Anakin finally gets the high ground

  • Yustin J.
    Yustin J.

    "No ones ever really gone" *Ever heard of Darth Plagueis the Wise?*

  • Tony Caesar
    Tony Caesar

    “No ones ever really gone “ Trump heads back to Russia for more pee

  • LeFetish

    If I inherited the greatest movie serial in history along with story treatments for a new trilogy, from the very creator and author of said franchise, here's what I would not do: I would not throw away those treatments and say - Let's start from scratch, and just play this by ear as we go. But hey, that's just me.

  • The little Pro
    The little Pro


  • Yeshaan Woohoo
    Yeshaan Woohoo

    No one's ever really gone until they leave for cigarettes

  • J K
    J K

    Wow Disney is killing the market, all the marvel movies and all star wars plus all their kidbased movies there isn't much space left

  • Lord Revan
    Lord Revan

    I've watched it at least 100 times! Leave a like if you too!

  • Jonathan Barker
    Jonathan Barker

    Yeah looks all right .But it could just another Disney flop ,Since Disney does know to screw up Star Wars so good !

  • John stitt
    John stitt

    Eerirly close to Hillary Clinton's cackle.

  • CasMusThai

    No ones talking about Lando here?

  • CasMusThai

    "No one's ever really gone" (Ship crash landing) Obi wan: Another happy landing

  • Christoph Hueffer
    Christoph Hueffer

    Palpitine back 😱😱😱😵😵

  • WhiteDragonDancer

    I know a name which suits better in the context of episodes 7-9: Star Wars: The fall of white male

  • Gleb Tsedzik
    Gleb Tsedzik

    To be honest I'm kind of disappointed. After seeing The Last Jedi, I wasn't really looking forward to J.J. Abrams' return. Sure, The Force Awakens was good but I think that Star Wars should really explore something philosophically new and not simply be an existential escape for nostalgic audiences. Let's hope that the last installment will be something similar to The Last Jedi: familiar but boldly thoughtful.

  • Alex Emel
    Alex Emel

    1:30 It's Venator. Oh, my God, then there's a chance the clones will come back.

  • Mountain Man Plays
    Mountain Man Plays

    Does no one see the Bat-signal in the clouds??? Also Rey is totally Leias kid. Just saying.

  • The Dark Side
    The Dark Side

    I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this on VN-my (sarcasm)

  • Alls1814

    Emperor is BACK!

  • Adam Soel
    Adam Soel

    no one's ever really gone... Ouch! no one's ever really gone! Don't worry, no one's ever really gone That's gotta hurt! no one's ever really gone...

  • Cameron Mitchell
    Cameron Mitchell

    Hmmm 27m views. 2% positive upvotes, .002% downvoted. And I’ll split the comments in half, 001% no ones ever really gone memes, and negative “haven’t seen the movie yet, but already deeming it a failure” comments. So pretty good overall reaction I would say

  • Jan Kaczmarek
    Jan Kaczmarek


  • alexanderalexandrou

    We 👏 do 👏 not 👏 care 👏 about 👏 a 👏 character 👏 who 👏 is 👏 perfect 👏 from 👏 the 👏 start 👏 and 👏 has 👏 no 👏 arc. 👏👏

  • Arda Sözen
    Arda Sözen

    No one's ever really gone Final Boss Ricardo Milos

  • Keith Rodriguez
    Keith Rodriguez

    Show them teeth lol

  • Daniel Curtis
    Daniel Curtis

    Since no one's ever really gone we know that Porkins is back baby!!!

    • Mountain Man Plays
      Mountain Man Plays

      If only that actor was still alive. Sadly Jack Nicholson shot him in Batman 89.

  • Meavy Hetal der zweite Graf von Alles
    Meavy Hetal der zweite Graf von Alles

    They just put Skywalker in the title to get back the star wars fan base and the sad thing is that it will probably work and disney will make millions with another shity star wars movie

    • The Ridiculous Otaku
      The Ridiculous Otaku


  • TripleR3D

    Looks pretty boring, I gotta say.

  • One of the last surviving doges
    One of the last surviving doges

    "No one's every really gone" *porg chewie cooked in tlj falls onto stage*

  • Bishop

    Star wars episode 9: I AM THE SENATE

  • Nucleotide


    • Edorion

      Why ?

  • T-Man

    Suffering through that crappy trailer to hear papa laugh at the end is worth it.

  • daniel-ray rodriguez
    daniel-ray rodriguez

    Will The Rise Of Skywalker get a best picture nomination at the 2020 academy awards? having a LOTR return of the king scenario?

  • daniel-ray rodriguez
    daniel-ray rodriguez

    is the any chance The Rise Of Skywalker can match or surpass The Empire Strikes Back as the greatest Star Wars film ever made?

    • The Ridiculous Otaku
      The Ridiculous Otaku

      no because most star wars fans are literally can't be satisfied

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments

    “We’ve passed on all we know” apparently they don’t know much.

  • Marcellus Wallace
    Marcellus Wallace

    Rey is Leia`s and Han`s daughter. They brought her to Jakku because they did not want that Snoke gets her like Ben Solo! That`s why Rey cries when she holds Leia. It`s the Moment Leia tells her she is her daughter! Watch Close! The tear tells it all!

  • Rustled Jimmies
    Rustled Jimmies

    Last Jedi so bad they retconed Luke Skywalker's whole character arc back to the way it should be

  • George Feb
    George Feb

    Finally the end!

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    "No one's ever really gone." *Mace Windu flies into the window*

  • coolcoolcool 95
    coolcoolcool 95

    "No one's ever really gone" I wanna have Qui-Gon Jinn in this.

  • Nav The Plague Dr.
    Nav The Plague Dr.

    Still not better than revenge of the sith or the prequels..

  • xXWillePonken Xx
    xXWillePonken Xx

    The rise of skywalker? Anakin? Luke? Ben? ........?

    • thesilverspider

      A Native Indian warrior?

  • Ungodly 01
    Ungodly 01



    Rey is Luke Skywalkers daughter

  • R.

    No one is ever really gone. Donald Trump builds a wall all by himself..

    • thesilverspider

      After he's finished being blown by Sean Hannity.

  • ice wallowcome
    ice wallowcome

    Has ANYONE got their hands cut off? No? Dissapointing

    • The Ridiculous Otaku
      The Ridiculous Otaku

      Snoke got both his hands cut off

  • Dustin Dixon
    Dustin Dixon

    not sure all the star wars hate, and i dont understand the love for avengers

    • MasterMike 000
      MasterMike 000

      Because Marvel is giving fans what they want...while the new Star Wars movies and everyone who is working on these new movies, openly said that they don't care about the fans.

    • The Ridiculous Otaku
      The Ridiculous Otaku

      both are great franchises

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    I already know J.J about to kill it. The force is strong with this one.

  • ChristianMuscle

    Female dominant movie roles is irritating to normal people.

  • Harriet Eyia
    Harriet Eyia

    "THIS CHRISTMAS" were 4 month in mate 😟

  • złoty mapper
    złoty mapper

    1:46 Jar jar binks cominh

  • Kuzis Ono
    Kuzis Ono

    90% - "No one is ever really gone" comment 10% - normal comment

  • evzie

    If force ghost anakin isn't in this I'm flying out to LA to fight jj abrams.

  • Lieke

    Me: it would’ve been better if Palpatine was a surprise in the movies My friend after seeing tlj: I’m not even going to see episode IX anymore My friend after seeing this teaser: I CANT FREAKING WAIT TO SEE PALPATINE AAAAAAAAAAAA

    • ForceWave 1139
      ForceWave 1139

      Lieke That’s why they did it. The Senate unites us all.

  • MinatoOnimaru


  • MinatoOnimaru

    “No one is ever really gone” Except Rian Johnson. He better be gone for good.

    • panicked honk
      panicked honk

      why'd you want an accomplished director to be gone?

    • Aiden Delaney
      Aiden Delaney

      Nah, he coming back my dude. He's got a whole trilogy in the works. Accept it.

  • immaculateboy

    What a hot mess these past two movies have been and I doubt this one will be any better. Ruined the franchise for me so I’ll probly wait till it leaves theaters to see it.

    • Aiden Delaney
      Aiden Delaney

      You still saw them though, so how does that exactly justify your point?

  • P H
    P H

    I hope this movie is not as much trash as the last star wars movie

  • Gargathuloth Hastur
    Gargathuloth Hastur

    I truly hope it starts off that Finn wakes from a nightmare and nothing in the Last Jedi happened. 😂 Anyway, this is a pass for me.

  • Mech Steve
    Mech Steve

    An android named dio Muda muda muda

  • flarS

    Why is the Star Wars logo blue??? this is frightening

  • JJPatty

    Thanos: I will be the villain of 2019 Palpatine: Hold my blue milk

  • Dennis Horne
    Dennis Horne

    Oh dear. Bring back George Lucas.

  • Account Bag
    Account Bag

    The trailer is a Disney ad + an Apple ad. But I have hope there's a storyline.

  • Jaycito

    We still don't know the power of the dark side

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker

    This is great and all guys but what about the droid attack on the Wookiee’s?

  • Create Account
    Create Account

    I already know J.J about to kill it. The force is strong with this one.

  • Денис Любавин
    Денис Любавин


  • Movie New X
    Movie New X

    Good movie

  • GalaxyParrot

    JacksFilms Made it Better

  • saibor800 X
    saibor800 X


  • A Koss Productions
    A Koss Productions

    No one’s ever really gone when there’s still money to be made

  • DriftedPianist 49
    DriftedPianist 49

    Palpating laughs at the end

  • Thorstein Malkjærn
    Thorstein Malkjærn

    Star Wars Episode IX Return of the Senate

  • AugmentedGravity

    Woun't even come close to Endgame.

    • Johan Kampen
      Johan Kampen

      The endgame has more power

  • Richard Grafton
    Richard Grafton

    “No one is ever really gone. Eat your oatmeal.” - Noa Briqualon

  • DanitZa -'
    DanitZa -'

    Daisy Ridley ♡

  • 6lemans10

    “No one is ever really gone"....Admiral Holdo emerges out of hyperspace.

  • RedHeadphones6

    2014 - Skip work to watch trailer. 2019 - Waits 2 weeks because I can't be bothered.

    • The Ridiculous Otaku
      The Ridiculous Otaku

      ok lol

  • MOO

    No one is ever really gone? We need to get this information to Gary Busey.

  • águila

    Why would anyone thumbs up this garbage. Star Wars ended at episode 6. This recent trilogy is an insult to actual fans.

  • Max Lewing
    Max Lewing

    Luke: “No ones ever really gone...” Mace Windu: “Sheeiit, negro that’s all you had to say”

  • Memeilicious

    But what about the return of the droid attack on the wookiees?

  • -喝-デイダラ

    JJ Abrams fixing all of Ruin Johnson's b.s. from TLJ. I believe this will be the best out of the three.

  • Lamiek Laurence
    Lamiek Laurence

    No one: Me: BRING BACK JAR JAR

  • A Person
    A Person

    This is great and all guys but what about the droid attack on the Wookiee’s?

  • Sean Ramzan
    Sean Ramzan

    Knew you were still out there Jar Jar

  • John Cordeau élève
    John Cordeau élève

    That new mask do ⚡️🏧🏧😍😍

  • Cloudy

    I loved episode 7 and loved episode 8 even more! Hoping episode 9 will be awesome !!!!! :):)

  • Yuki Eiri
    Yuki Eiri

    So ... what's with the Ray vs. TIE running competition?

  • Culichi Channel
    Culichi Channel

    No one is ever really gone. Spider-Man: Mr. Stark, I feel good.

    • thesilverspider

      Freddy Krueger: HaHaHaHaHa!!!!

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