Starship - We Built This City (Official Music Video)
You're watching the official music video for Starship - "We Built This City" from the 1985 album 'Knee Deep in the Hoopla'.
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Performers: Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears, Mickey Thomas, Grace Slick, Donny Baldwin
Songwriters: Bernie Taupin, Martin Page, Dennis Lambert, Peter Wolf
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    • Carole Wyn
      Carole Wyn

      Amen lol

    • Aidan Hartman
      Aidan Hartman

      80s forever.❤️

    • Cruceable

      I like the 80s but im black so it isnt as enjoyable


      Good bro

    • Jason Goodwin
      Jason Goodwin

      Ruben100200 IKR? Metal has come a long way since then. Now we have awesome bands like Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Beyond Creation, and Origin - to name a few.

  • Tedious

    the fact people in the comment section are loving this song means songs like gouba by 6ix9ine will have a similair fate in the future

  • Enrico Pallazzo
    Enrico Pallazzo

    Ok, 86/87 this was my jam at the skating rink. Lol

  • Milford Civic
    Milford Civic

    I like this song, but damn did they play the crap out of this song on the radio back in the day. Each radio station that played it in Boston dubbed in their own station identification @ 3:36. I was so sick of hearing it!

  • Kaboombox VA
    Kaboombox VA

    2:30 "We're all gonna DIE!" ...hehehe

  • Toxic SpecTor
    Toxic SpecTor

    I love you Family guy

  • punk rock with computers
    punk rock with computers

    Now Jefferson Airplane had true good songs.

    • Milford Civic
      Milford Civic

      Too bad Marty Balin has passed. His vocals were the best.

  • punk rock with computers
    punk rock with computers

    Oh my god This is so bad. I am 46 so I remember this time in history. Depressing crap. How plastic and boring. I don't even have a nostalgia for this crap.

    • Milford Civic
      Milford Civic

      That's because it was overplayed manufactured corporate pop. I was sick of this song back in the day as well. Along with "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us". Everytime I hear it, reminds me of the dentist office.

  • Napalm Strike
    Napalm Strike

    This feels more 80s than the 80s itself, like some kind of super 80s


    The switch from grass & acid to coke was complete.

    • Milford Civic
      Milford Civic

      I think they were past that. They were in the cocaine to Rogaine phase of their careers. Still counting grams, but fat grams. Oh how sterile and plastic the 80's were at times.

  • 1uckywanderboy

    If this was voted worst song of the 80s, it just proves that you in no way have any need to listen or care for anything anyone has to say in the present, because at some point they will just be proved flat out wrong.

  • Lee Parker
    Lee Parker

    They're always changing CORPORATION NAMES...LISTEN TO THE RADIO...

    • Milford Civic
      Milford Civic

      Yeah. All the radio stations are owned by a few conglomerates now.

  • Lee Parker
    Lee Parker


  • LJ PM
    LJ PM

    A 18 K reguetoneros bachateros tarados larvas nos gusta.

  • LJ PM
    LJ PM


  • mangoeZ

    we built choke city!

  • Soniccafe PL
    Soniccafe PL

    ....the city by the bay.... the city that rocks....the city that never sleeps...

  • Liberata Mac Lean Gray
    Liberata Mac Lean Gray

    1/3 of 3/4 4 grams

  • Purab Ahuja
    Purab Ahuja

    Ah i miss gta vice city

  • AE

    the year is 2100, and most of humanity leaves earth in a giant STARSHIP from LA, and the few that remain live in death valley. in death valley, the temperature is so hot that rocks move around on their own. the few people left in valley had what it took to build a bustling metropolis there. one of the elders who built the city is approached by a youngster that grew up in it. he asks, "Pa, this city, what was it built out of?" the elder smiles and chuckles to himself, before turning to the youngster and saying, "we built this city, we built this city on rock and roll!"

  • Eduardo Meléndez Rojas
    Eduardo Meléndez Rojas

    ¡How loves this song!

  • torreon001

    Gran tema de los 80 ..90..2000..2010.. 2020 ...For ever!!!

  • Bobbie Bees
    Bobbie Bees

    Back in the good ol' days when you could hang out with random people and not contract COVID-19

  • Curt Sellers
    Curt Sellers

    voted worst lyrics of the 80's. Marconi plays the mamba?

  • T - Squared
    T - Squared

    This is one of the worst songs?Good song,was jamming to it back in the day!!

  • Kevin

    The funny thing is, people think we liked this song in 1985. You can show me all the historical indications of it doing well on Billboard charts and whatnot, but I turned 15 the year this song came out, and I have never come across a single person who didn't claim to hate it (both at the time, and subsequently). I think a lot of old Jefferson Airplane fans bought this single when it first came out. But they didn't like it. No one did. In the mid-1980s, people would go to the record shoppe like once a week. Not most people, but big music enthusiasts totally would do that in those days. A lot of stuff got bought, by people who were disappointed when they got it home. But singles were dirt cheap, and no one really cared that much.

  • peter goodwin
    peter goodwin

    I like the new version by Fartshit, we trashed our city coz we're arsehoĺes.😉😉😉

  • Salvatore DeBella
    Salvatore DeBella

    I know this is considered the worst video and song of the 80's, but let's look at it this way. 1) It is a great song with a great hook. 2) The former version of Starship was Jefferson Airplane and they DID build this particular city on rock and roll. They are just telling the truth. (Look it up.)


    GTA V is keeping this song ALIVE ❤️

  • Debi Diana
    Debi Diana

    I never understood why this song was considered worst. No one paid attention to the tight harmony and great vocals, not to mention the social meaning of the lyrics. I love it.

  • Leisure Leverage
    Leisure Leverage


  • Stevie Mcdonut
    Stevie Mcdonut

    This is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. The lyrics don’t make much sense, the music video is awful, but it’s just so enjoyable at the same time

  • Shawn Kirkpatrick
    Shawn Kirkpatrick

    Creepy eyes around 1:43 left

  • Shawn Kirkpatrick
    Shawn Kirkpatrick

    I love this Song!!!! Say you don't know me.....

  • Inspector Javert
    Inspector Javert

    Even if you think this song is terrible, I bet you wouldn't say no to the royalties.

  • juLaSSS.

    0:00 GTA V is joined to chat 4:56 GTA V has left chat

    • Coolrobbie4377


  • wm nu
    wm nu

    we poopy shitty

  • moe legros
    moe legros

    chokehold 2020

    • nitpoon

      dana white has left the chat

    • nitpoon

      wow 😁

  • Sam Pendleton
    Sam Pendleton

    STARSHIP: "We built this city!" THIS CITY: "My name is Flint."

  • Ashutosh Bhadoria
    Ashutosh Bhadoria

    Absolutely in love with Grace Slick!

  • Darius Peters
    Darius Peters

    Gta 5

  • Erin Jamieson
    Erin Jamieson

    Me and my brother used to dance around to this when we were young

    • T - Squared
      T - Squared

      Cool,fun times!!!

  • Keiroh_

    Algun chileno que venga por sres papis?

  • Rosario Dominguez
    Rosario Dominguez

    Yeah 🤟🤘

    • Rosario Dominguez
      Rosario Dominguez

      Tu canción en genial me gusta mucho

  • Marco M.
    Marco M.

    Imma go to CHAZ, full 80s gear, boombox included, and start singing this. I might get shot... but so be it.

    • Francisco Franco - Chan
      Francisco Franco - Chan

      Film it please, I'd love to see anarchists reacting to that.

  • Christopher Neumiller
    Christopher Neumiller

    the video is sooo rough and this was cutting edge back in the 80's

  • Coguh

    On that times they were already preocupied about China dominating the world.


    From The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer

  • Miss Merry Berry
    Miss Merry Berry

    Reclaim your city ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧚🏻🧚🏻🧚🏻☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • VasileatsTea Epicly
    VasileatsTea Epicly

    Barely alive brought me here

  • Глеб Снигирев
    Глеб Снигирев


  • Carolsweet

    Compared to the music we have today, this song is a work of art.

    • T - Squared
      T - Squared

      Oh yeah,no doubt

  • Mitch Douglas
    Mitch Douglas

    Say you don't know me or recognize my face?

  • Justin Lariviere
    Justin Lariviere

    Song's great but i saw the Lincoln Memorial in the video that city you built is gonna need to be torn down because thats what we do in 2020 I guess.

  • Larry Moton
    Larry Moton

    Was that City built by slaves?

  • kuyang Agagon
    kuyang Agagon

    June 28, 2020, who's with me? junk the virus.. we rock!!!!! way far away the Philippines here people!!!! Things will fine i promise :)

  • pauls931

    Back when San Francisco was cool. :p

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Anyone have a time machine with an extra seat back to 1980? I'll take a one way ticket please.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    OMG... 1980's Fremont Street in Vegas. Oh the memories!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    I play this song on loop when I am playing Cities: Skylines.

    • NakedBiscuit

      Hahaha love this comment :D

  • MJG

    1985 ah yes I remember it all so well, of course, a great tune

  • Andrew Ma
    Andrew Ma

    The 80's was the best decade hands down

  • William Culpepper
    William Culpepper

    People!... I wonder if we can get this song to play several times a day on all radio stations during these times?????

  • John Holeman
    John Holeman

    People build 'em and people tear 'em down.

  • LNK RS
    LNK RS

    Where's that comment that has the lyrics so I can sing along?

  • Truth Shall Be The Victor
    Truth Shall Be The Victor

    Before BLM/Antifa burned it down...

  • ninerempire4life28

    Dipset sampled this

  • crisj45

    This sounds like Transformers the Movie soundtrack! Autobots Let’s roll out!!

  • Eric *****
    Eric *****

    we built this city on rocks and holes...worst song since The Night Chicago Died.

  • Rick Ferris
    Rick Ferris

    Poor Grace , no wonder she turned to painting these last 30 years. Her appearance in all these slock vids confirms the legend that she may have sampled the Brown Acid at Woodstock. What was the director going for Cats and West Side Story meets the Starship ?? The costume designer responsible for those outfits should be horse whipped!! Mickey's little turned up sleeves on the short sleeve shirt and whats with those band jackets ?? They must of got a deal on all those "wife beater " tees the cast are sporting. The drummer really looks fetching in his.

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