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We're Not In Hawkins Anymore
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  • Eric Statler
    Eric Statler

    If anyone is struggling to see what the sign in the background says, it says: "Welcome to Hawkins"

  • ChoccyMilkCGZ

    Is that Hoppers cabin in the background? And why is the light on?

  • Memer bois 69
    Memer bois 69

    "We're not-" those first two words made me shit my pants into thinking it was gonna say "we're not doing stranger things season 4"

  • zoeyzoo

    Guys they just revealed the title of S04 E01 "The Hellfire Club"!!!!! I HAVE QUESTIONS, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?????

  • אדיר ויצמן
    אדיר ויצמן

    it's real???

  • Aiden Lopez
    Aiden Lopez

    (PLEASE RESPOND) when will yall hire ive been looking Forward into coming into to working with yall. *If your interest please. Give me a call* but if your not interested at least respond so i know when to drive to Atlanta and sign up please respond its been my dream to work for yall. So all you have to do is tell me when yall are hiring.

  • Henfer

    YASsssss SEASON 4

  • Peter Haywood
    Peter Haywood


  • Babita Patwal
    Babita Patwal

    When will stranger Things season 4 come

  • Max Dave
    Max Dave

    My 100th time watching this Still not bored of it

  • Mr Krabs Is Choking
    Mr Krabs Is Choking

    That’s it

  • ღღ She don’t love ღღ
    ღღ She don’t love ღღ


  • Ech0_ 0GGz
    Ech0_ 0GGz

    Don’t end stranger things it’s my life😢

  • Eden The savage
    Eden The savage

    I forgot how hopper died I haven’t watch stranger things in a while but I watched all the seasons

  • Eden The savage
    Eden The savage

    Are you gonna make a season five though even if six comes out will David be a different creature and guess how many times I’ve wanted to be an actor in in Stranger Things how many times I wanted to be an actor in Stranger Things still like button👇

  • Sara Dias
    Sara Dias

    Alguém que mora na Brasil

  • GamingWithFireboy 19124
    GamingWithFireboy 19124

    An we’re not in Hawkins we’re in Russia

  • angela schrader
    angela schrader

    🛑🛑🛑Important note!!! The “welcome to Hawkins” sign in the trailer in the trailer is in a different location than the one in the season 2 teaser image. Could this mean that season 4 won’t be in the timeframe directly after 3? The cast have gotten older and it will be hard to mask their age

  • Heyitsme Harlie
    Heyitsme Harlie

    Best Trailer Ever!👏

  • Maleah Smith
    Maleah Smith

    I thought it was gonna say we're not doing a season four anymore I was bout to cry

  • Cayden Eli
    Cayden Eli

    Yay! Road Trip To Russia!

  • GD_FireWarrior Fire
    GD_FireWarrior Fire


    • GD_FireWarrior Fire
      GD_FireWarrior Fire


  • Leandro Gonzalez
    Leandro Gonzalez


  • why do i exist
    why do i exist

    everyone : *are we in russia?* no we be in the upside down you cold corn dog, that’s why hawkins turns to the upside down in the trailer.

  • Sparks

    Oh noes

  • Olle Esbjörnsson
    Olle Esbjörnsson

    Hype for stranger things season 4

  • PacyBits King
    PacyBits King

    I love sam

  • Bckstabber2006 _
    Bckstabber2006 _

    Yay yay yay is it going to be in the time where we thought the world was gonna end

  • Dxrk Tofuu
    Dxrk Tofuu

    Netflix:We arnt in Hawkins anymore 6ix9ine: There is Russia and hopper isnt dead

  • witek sritek zamknij morde
    witek sritek zamknij morde

    i think that the machine send hooper back when they try to activeite the machine and put him in the upside down

  • Lavra-

    Почему не в Украине? Сейчас там все что угодно произойти может!

  • Leanne Gilbert
    Leanne Gilbert

    Season 5

  • kunal singh
    kunal singh

    Season 3 was not as good as previous one..overacting done by every actors..too much time spent to show love story only.. Whr is eleven partner shown in season 2...bad girl who becomes invisible.

  • Chahed Dwalibi
    Chahed Dwalibi

    Thid is not the real announcement.

    • Chahed Dwalibi
      Chahed Dwalibi

      @nut puncher IT IS NOT REALLL

    • nut puncher
      nut puncher

      Chahed Dwalibi It is. Check the Netflix Stranger Things page, it says "It's Official. A new season is coming."

  • katia francese
    katia francese


  • katia francese
    katia francese

    0:10 0:11 0:9 0:8 0:12

  • My roch is hurting You do not need to know
    My roch is hurting You do not need to know

    I wish they still stayed in hawkins

  • Kevin The Bear
    Kevin The Bear

    “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” Russia: May I explain myself?

  • Alhammadi Game
    Alhammadi Game

    Beware, this theory might be a bit long. Press read more at your own risk. There have been several theories about what and when things will happen in Stranger Things, a more popular one is that the upside down is the future of Hawkins. If this were true, this could mean that they’re actually in the upside down. Based on this video, it says “WE ARE NOT IN HAWKINS ANYMORE.” It never actually says that they went anywhere, just that they aren’t where they were as we’ve last seen them. They are still in Hawkins, just not the Hawkins we all know and love. Basically, they’re not in Hawkins. 😑

  • ღ Maviuna ღ
    ღ Maviuna ღ

    Dustin and Suzie : "to a never ending storyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Trailer : "we're not in Hawkins anymore" Dustin and Suzie : "*cough* , To an ending stoooooryyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" 😂

  • Louis Deviller
    Louis Deviller

    J'ai hâte

  • IDK studios
    IDK studios


  • Nico Hall
    Nico Hall

    Hopper!!! Is in the upsidedown

  • Airwaves and Angels
    Airwaves and Angels


  • Maximilian Eriksson
    Maximilian Eriksson


  • DarkOperative

    Hopper has got to have slipped into the upside down when Joyce shut the thing.... just has to given the fact that the gate was left open, not completely closed.

  • YouTube_ Jaroy
    YouTube_ Jaroy

    We,re not in howkins anymore JOYZ WIlL MUm .WILL WILL

  • 만 반예쁜
    만 반예쁜

    release the season 4 pleaseee😭😭😭

  • foda-se safada
    foda-se safada


  • Bunty Jangra
    Bunty Jangra

    Just tell me... Hopper is alive and Eleven gets her power back

  • Itsme Abbey
    Itsme Abbey

    I can’t wait

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips

    I am squeeling

  • neeraj loveable
    neeraj loveable

    I can't wait 🤗

  • Marigold Magic
    Marigold Magic

    Me: *Smiles In Russian*

  • Dr. Alexei
    Dr. Alexei

    Can we go to 711 now

  • Fluffy Lama
    Fluffy Lama

    We’re not in Hawkins anymore Me:well we’re are we then, in Russia

  • Rainy Skys
    Rainy Skys

    Nobody: Joyce: mAgNeTs

  • Sonic Paul
    Sonic Paul

    Am I going insane

  • Sonic Paul
    Sonic Paul

    Is this real

  • Brqdes

    Everyones saying that hopper jumped into the gate. I dont think he did, he waited too long and accepted the fact that hes dead. I think a similiar thing happened to el when she killed the demogorgon in s1. The amount of power from the explosion could have sent him into the upside down, like when el used heaps of her powers. And then brenner is the american in russia, how else did they find out about the upside down?

  • Channel 2Hoob
    Channel 2Hoob

    *Doctor Samuel Owens* = some anagram for Monster Lol

  • Li Mooney
    Li Mooney


  • Spiezy Yt
    Spiezy Yt


  • ᑕOOKIᗴ_ᒪOᐯᗴ ᑌᗯᑌ
    ᑕOOKIᗴ_ᒪOᐯᗴ ᑌᗯᑌ

    My siblings think hopper is in the upside down I think that to ;-;

  • DangerSnaek YT
    DangerSnaek YT

    We’re not in Hawkins?

  • Dalton Dickson
    Dalton Dickson

    I think that they are leading us on to think that Hopper is in the Russian base. As I re-watched the last episode of season three,I realized that Hopper seems to look back and forth at Joyce and the portal. I was skeptical of what I was thinking but as it zoomed out I realized that Hopper was not there anymore. I was wondering where he was when I saw a ladder leading to the platform in front of the portal. I think Hopper is in the upside down and that maybe Dr. Brenner could be the one at the Russians base,Otherwise how would they open the gate? We are told in season two that Brenner is alive so it is a possibility that Brenner is in Russia and Hopper is actually in the Upside Down. This is just a theory and no spoilers intended if it were to be true.

  • Donovan Conway
    Donovan Conway

    Teaser: we are not in Hawkins anymore Everyone who watches strangers things: Interesting.....

  • Lal Lal._.loseryt
    Lal Lal._.loseryt

    Is it because hopper is in the upside down or he died I don’t get it ?

  • Rye

    It’s all fun and games until it comes out in 3057

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