Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11!!📱📞 (Giveaway)
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  • ZHC

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    • Isaiah Mendoza
      Isaiah Mendoza

      I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

    • TTV dudeyguy 11789
      TTV dudeyguy 11789

      Who won???

    • Hey SHANE
      Hey SHANE

      Woke up at 4:30am but this is a great experience lol

    • Ben Lev
      Ben Lev

      ZHC 🤩🤩

    • Dayy

      i can’t download the app because i don’t have enough storage 😭

  • Sai Labida
    Sai Labida

    You need to get 1 of your iPhones you’re using your old iphone x “cracked” you just making your fans happy but in your self you didn’t get new iphone 11 i’’ so proud of you

  • Ashley Troy
    Ashley Troy

    Can u make a ROBLOX iPhone 11 pro max

  • ???????????

    Jimmy: What did my guy do wrong??? His Guy:I pooped my self and ate a brownie

  • Krunal G
    Krunal G

    Biggest wish to win 1st ever time. Thanks a lot.

  • Jeremy Odom
    Jeremy Odom

    Is it me or did jimmy sound not loke the others

  • Colene Belino
    Colene Belino

    Umm zack why don’t you get yourself an IPhone 11?

  • kevinwalker C
    kevinwalker C

    How about the stickers

  • Muhammad Aidhan
    Muhammad Aidhan

    That crazy

  • John Bernard Alzate
    John Bernard Alzate

    Can i have one?😅

  • KiNG༒ KB
    KiNG༒ KB

    Why is chandler upside down

  • Ashley Martinez
    Ashley Martinez

    Watching him prepare the phones to customize them is so satisfying

  • Steven Park
    Steven Park

    Today is my bday

  • Rajat Agarwal
    Rajat Agarwal

    Lovely Video bro. ❤️ I really want to win an Iphone bro plzz ❤️ I will not be able the one to comment first coz the time you uploaded the video it was midnight here India like almost 2 a.m. Bro plzz i really want to win an Iphone ❤️


    Omg Number 1 trending now hahahaha

  • Sonia Cabrera
    Sonia Cabrera

    I could really use an iphone my Samsung j7 recently broke where you connect the charger:(

  • xbaby queeenx
    xbaby queeenx

    I miss when u did drawings on paper and not on apple products

  • CivesX- Edits
    CivesX- Edits

    Yo bro do you got a guilt a clan on there so i can join it

  • jlove osias
    jlove osias

    "The best iphone 2019" Never had an iphone and my android is broken haha

  • zixed gaming
    zixed gaming

    Is it just me or Garrett had Preston plaz merch

  • Mpho Papole
    Mpho Papole

    Can I pls get the next I phone 11 it would really mean the world to me My mom doesn’t have enough money to get me a new phone because the phone iam using is like at its last widths My Instagram is :thee.wife.of.cinnamon__ Twitter:MphoPapole

  • iiBxnny

    0:37 phone went sksksks

  • Cats ForLife
    Cats ForLife


  • Avishek Bantawa
    Avishek Bantawa

    Wow man... Keep it coming.... Love your channel... Hope to win one someday...😇😇😇😇

  • Tim Bauer
    Tim Bauer

    You also Put clear coating on the phones? Or how are you providing that the colors Last?

  • C A M
    C A M

    Why is garret wearing a Preston styles shirt

  • Big Savage Lit
    Big Savage Lit

    Plz zhc I watch you from 2019 can I have a iPhone 11 pro

  • Thomas Chirila
    Thomas Chirila

    U should customize a phone for urself and go ham



  • Thahseen Marliya
    Thahseen Marliya

    Hi I entered your giveaway. I love ur artworks and can I pls win one of the iPhones

  • Pawesome_ Playz
    Pawesome_ Playz


  • Parichit stha
    Parichit stha

    I am also big fan of yours . please can i get one iphone 11 plz .I have never missed your evey videos. I am from nepal.i. Am your biggest fan.can you give me on iphone , I can't afford to buy this iphones .plz plz 😔😔😔

  • seif alaa
    seif alaa

    Man this video is dope 🔥🔥 the these custom designs are really mind blowing keep going man u r awesome ❤️

  • j v
    j v

    Me needing a new phone and this dude happily giving them away just like candy. I honestly want to achieve this level of coolness when I finish college

  • john smith
    john smith

    put sticker on phone, phone now custom

  • superduperjoi

    Finally Chandler wins something

  • Ishaan Win
    Ishaan Win

    How does he get the money for 50 iPhone 11s Are they like 600$

  • Sophia Catalina
    Sophia Catalina

    I subscribed and liked. Btw I love how you do your phones !

  • dream bts
    dream bts

    The whole process of customizing is so satisfying.🤩🤩 The sounds.😁

  • luqman 66
    luqman 66

    I want one gimme

    • Cats ForLife
      Cats ForLife

      luqman 66 hola

  • superduperjoi

    Finally Mr. BEAST wins something

  • Gang club Sponsored by katie
    Gang club Sponsored by katie

    I wish I had an iphone 11 pro pls could I have one any one case I’ve always wanted one it’s my birthday in 29 days I’m turning 16 years old

  • Gacha Music
    Gacha Music

    Does dis man really have TikTok bruh

  • Miu Tsutsui
    Miu Tsutsui


  • - DORA IS COOL -
    - DORA IS COOL -

    I wish i can download the game but i dont have any storage in my phone😭

  • ann hayek
    ann hayek

  • Galaxy Ghoul
    Galaxy Ghoul


  • Cats ForLife
    Cats ForLife

    ¿La gente aquí me entiende

  • Lucky Lucas Crafts
    Lucky Lucas Crafts

    Can you costomize my AirPods

  • Louisa Lathaaa
    Louisa Lathaaa

    aaa .. i want it 🙃 . it's amazing with creative paintings🥺❤️

  • Hope S
    Hope S

    Can i please win the iphone i got a samsung s4 pls

  • InRoneyWeTrust

    19 more subscribers and I’ll be at 300 subscribers 🙌🏽 , please wish me luck guys ! 🤞🏽

  • ah tynn
    ah tynn

    love your art ♥️ xoxo from Malaysia 😘

  • Vharick Jaire
    Vharick Jaire

    Keep smiling the people zach

  • Kitkat Minion
    Kitkat Minion

    I don't own an iphone can't download the game can't win ahahaha lmao

  • VisionAskew Innovations
    VisionAskew Innovations

    Garrett requests a green phone which immediately gets painted black...

  • Saifudeen ebrahim
    Saifudeen ebrahim

    #challenge 😜 give me iphone😁

  • Jerrymc

    have u tried put a clear coat of paint over the designs, so they dont rub off.

  • Ayma Tamanna
    Ayma Tamanna

    Give an iPhone. Please

  • Mohammad Ihtimam-Al-Noor
    Mohammad Ihtimam-Al-Noor

    Lol wish I could get it!!


    Imagine if I win Never gonna happen

  • superduperjoi

    Video editor Appreciation button

  • SjkNak

    Please tell me they didn't come with air pods

  • Nater Tater
    Nater Tater

    Hey my name is Nathan Curtis I downloaded the game and I want to try to win a iPhone 11 bc I need a new one because I have the iPhone Se I want to try and I will play ur game all the time

  • MandarPlayz

    Who else noticed the Preston playz Merch at 9:20

  • Augustine Bott
    Augustine Bott


  • Vamsi B Rishi
    Vamsi B Rishi

    I'm so sad I'm a guy who never wins a giveaway . congratulations to winners.

  • Cats ForLife
    Cats ForLife


  • ezzat namazi
    ezzat namazi

    Plz give me the iphone in subbed and press the bell of your channel

  • Kaubi Ritete-Marlow
    Kaubi Ritete-Marlow

    Ha done

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