Surprising My Brother with his DREAM GIRL (Tinder Date)
FaZe Kay
My Little Brother @FaZe Jarvis Surprised Me with my Dream Girl on a Blind Tinder Date with @Lexi C
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  • Maya Ben
    Maya Ben


  • Boogz Productions
    Boogz Productions

    Lexi and fazier are a good ship

  • Hattie Schmidlkofer
    Hattie Schmidlkofer

    So acward

  • Kendrick Thomas
    Kendrick Thomas

    If I was Frazier bruh

  • sam khanzadeh
    sam khanzadeh


  • PuRe LAB
    PuRe LAB

    Kay be like 😳

  • Ali Elzeer
    Ali Elzeer

    I thought Frazier already had a gf.

  • xyuomi

    poor fraizer 🥺

  • Josaiah Reyna
    Josaiah Reyna

    Kay faces the 🤣

  • static scrimz
    static scrimz

    Can’t swolow eney thing lol

  • Goofy-_-

    She isn't for Frazier he acts all weird around her. It wasn't like charlotte

  • L2 Fyberzz
    L2 Fyberzz

    Adapt: “best bruver”🤣

    • Mwiz Playz
      Mwiz Playz

      😂🤣😂😂have a great day bro

  • TRAPZY on iPad-_- _
    TRAPZY on iPad-_- _

    Kay every five seconds: mbfffffffffffffffffff

  • Utsav Subedi
    Utsav Subedi

    Broo! If a man did those things that Lexi did it would probably called "harassing"

  • It’s me 01iv3r
    It’s me 01iv3r


  • Jakaria’s Creativity
    Jakaria’s Creativity

    This vidio is so funny 🤣🤣

  • Lxrd Dio
    Lxrd Dio


  • Lxrd Dio
    Lxrd Dio

    i want to die

  • kamariza beatrice
    kamariza beatrice


  • Paulo Garcia
    Paulo Garcia

    this is not kays grem grli

  • Pricila Huizar
    Pricila Huizar

    WTF I'm telling my mom I didn't want to see a normal video

  • Pricila Huizar
    Pricila Huizar

    WTF I'm telling my mom I didn't want to see a normal video

  • FurzyLove

    Faze Kay wat

  • William Baker
    William Baker

    She looks like Chucky

  • Ez Klapz
    Ez Klapz

    I can’t lol

  • Ez Klapz
    Ez Klapz


  • Dunker Bob
    Dunker Bob

    Bruh why you so weird around Lexi

  • Nnnukeddd

    She’s thicc

  • sulayman hussain
    sulayman hussain

    0:01 Oof Sexy

  • Nicks Kurualeba
    Nicks Kurualeba

    I literally think you should get another girl that her

  • Nicks Kurualeba
    Nicks Kurualeba

    Don’t ask too many questions that’s his own personal thing

  • Nicks Kurualeba
    Nicks Kurualeba


  • Lee San
    Lee San

    Frazier should've just stayed with CHARLOTTE it would've been better and lexi is just soooooo annoying

  • MR NUGGET need more subs
    MR NUGGET need more subs

    BUT CAM:)

  • Lee San
    Lee San

    I dont ship lexi or Frazier at all, lexi is soooooooo stoopid

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John

    I can sense a trace of awkwardness 👀

  • Gabriel Elias Fernandez
    Gabriel Elias Fernandez

    Girl: So do you want a free car and house Kay: Nah, I’m just chillin

  • justin simmons
    justin simmons

    I hate you

  • Arnold Khath
    Arnold Khath

    5:53 is it just me or was that not a fart ;-;

  • Connor Francis
    Connor Francis

    Kay:Why are we still here just to suffer

  • Khaled M
    Khaled M

    Wtf Lexi

  • The Speedy Gamers
    The Speedy Gamers

    Frazier is 100% piping her

  • OWB 56
    OWB 56

    Ting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • donovan greene
    donovan greene

    Kay in his mind HELP ME PLEASE If not call 911

  • Sonny and Ewan’s Videos
    Sonny and Ewan’s Videos

    IM GUNNA CRY😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣


    is it me or is faze kay dumb

  • Ruban Singh
    Ruban Singh

    These vids are so funny

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez

    kay be looking at her butt from the hot tub

  • KO TB
    KO TB

    frazier awkward as

  • o papas sou o papas sou
    o papas sou o papas sou


  • o papas sou o papas sou
    o papas sou o papas sou

    Kay was like lemme see some🔎🍑hahahaha

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    9:36 fraziers face brooooo😂😂

  • osman jalil
    osman jalil

    This is Kay oh my god

  • Juan Alvarez
    Juan Alvarez

    Kay made a video that said with his crush and it was lexi

  • Juan Alvarez
    Juan Alvarez

    Dont they both have crushes on each other

  • HxertFN

    Jesus Christ loves y’all

  • Xxx-Reczo-xxX C
    Xxx-Reczo-xxX C

    Sommer rays addy: 1432 lindacrest dr, Beverly Hills

  • KZzle

    bro adapt's looking like a homeless guy with his beard

    • _ GLopez _
      _ GLopez _

      he plays games all day so im not surprised

  • Jayden Parker
    Jayden Parker

    Yo Jarvis talks about tings like a chip bag

  • Airidasqt

    Bruh this girl is making my guy so uncomfortable like she's almost sexually abusing him

  • Elaine Young
    Elaine Young

    Kay is not straight

  • Kathy Hernandez
    Kathy Hernandez

    Jarvis over here making Lexi look freaky 😂

  • Zachary Fifield
    Zachary Fifield

    She looks like the chick on zombie land 2

  • Tony Romero
    Tony Romero

    Kay date another girl you will suffer being with Lexi

  • Minoss


  • OverDuckyII

    Bruh This man got his Dream Girl and when she doing something he's like Okey. I like my own comment

  • soda pop
    soda pop

    Who else thought that Kurtis Conner was in the thumbnail? 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Estrella Verduzco
    Estrella Verduzco

    Gfjfu Ggevessssjfgt To gg huh I’d together my kids to get the

  • Daniel Paglialunga
    Daniel Paglialunga

    Now I'm trippin

  • Show me Fortnite ?
    Show me Fortnite ?

    What happen to faze kay 6:06 😂

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