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  • mercy

    *Big brain*

  • Luie


  • Matt

    Omg I can't even. Thank you Jenna, for the joy and laughter you bring from even the simplest things in life.

  • Yori Yu
    Yori Yu

    Congratulations to 20 million subs Jenna! I subscribed in 2011 but with a different account for which I lost my data... Well haha I am still watching your videos, not every video I believe, and they still are entertaining although I would love to see some recent videos where you parody celebrities like your old Snooki, kesha, madonna or even Hillary ones hahahaha I definitely always lmao-ed and still do at your videos Keep up the nice and great work :3

  • Nyoom

    Jenna, you should try that double measuring cup art, it’s quite amazing and you love art so why not do it

  • Isabelle Vasquez
    Isabelle Vasquez

    Jenna said I’m gonna do whatever and we said fuckin go for it. What life goals. Gosh I love this thirty three year old ladyyyy

  • Maddie Grace
    Maddie Grace

    im actually watching this all the way through

  • LAP Shots
    LAP Shots

    3.1 million people clicked on this video. 3.1 million people would watch someone sleep think about that BTW I watched every second and I enjoyed it

  • Crissy Amethyst
    Crissy Amethyst

    At 6:35 when cermit goes under the blanket by Jenna's butt, there's a loud noise that sounds like a fart and it was perfect! I just about died 🤣🤣

  • Maddie Grace
    Maddie Grace

    mom pin thissss

  • clown party!
    clown party!

    nobody: literally no one: kermit, shaking: *SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP*

  • Peter Jacobsen
    Peter Jacobsen

    Kermit being a naystee gemini boi for ten minutes

  • Jacob Spradley
    Jacob Spradley

    Oh my lanta, I use to use rain noises to sleep. I will now turn this vid in when I try. Something about it is relaxing.

  • hayyopeople

    *Puts on this video to go to sleep* high quality CONTENT

  • Paulina

    might have been one of my favorite videos :D :D I just love how the dogs wanna be part of the nap :D

  • Téra Happygirl
    Téra Happygirl

    Did I just watch this entire video? Yes, yes I did. Thought this might help my insomnia from my brain tumor but nope. Still awake. Laying in bed with Marbles twin sister, rise my iggy, doodle my chimix, Liebchen & Sweetpea my chimix.

  • Aylin Avalos
    Aylin Avalos

    I love you

  • Dream Cx
    Dream Cx

    I just wanted to enjoy the sweet pups!)

  • Ahreum Plays Hybyul
    Ahreum Plays Hybyul

    y e s

  • Emilia Stockwell
    Emilia Stockwell

    Nap squad, reply saying how long your nap was today mine was 3 hours

  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson

    I just searched the comments trying to find what kind of couch that is and had no luck 😂

  • Jordan Time
    Jordan Time

    Do more prosthetic videos


    Yup. Ill be falling asleep to Jenna falling asleep, what a time to be a sleep

  • lame cosplays
    lame cosplays

    Oop- you uploaded this on my birthday and I wasn't even able to watch it then rip

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson

    This is my goal in life. I wanna be successful enough that millions of people will watch me take a nap online

  • Scott H
    Scott H

    I can't believe I've been watching this stuff for almost 10 fucking years lol

  • Adrien Johnson
    Adrien Johnson

    Jenna napping on the VN-my drama

  • alice smith
    alice smith


  • Abbey Vanover
    Abbey Vanover

    Jenna Marbles does ASMR. For Real.

  • amber hanif
    amber hanif

    do a podcast like this

  • The Boredom Channel
    The Boredom Channel

    Oh lawd she sleepin

  • вereттa

    I am going to be so mad if this doesn't make it into youtube rewind. 😂👌

  • Suzi Kourlas
    Suzi Kourlas

    Can you make a video of you and Julian do peel of face masks👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • BEZBZ1

    Jenna coming thru with the Jesus voice lmao

  • theoriginaljillybean

    Peaches little face at 9:99 lol

  • Wild Introvert
    Wild Introvert

    I just added a comment

  • Ava Simard
    Ava Simard

    Can someone please narrate this like animal planet

  • Zandibel R
    Zandibel R

    Why the fuck did I enjoy this Haha

  • Christopher Colliers
    Christopher Colliers

    I’ve been subscribed since before you had a million subscribers.

  • Little Miss Spaced Out
    Little Miss Spaced Out

    THIS is the content I signed up for

  • mlat305119

    Marbles looks so relaxed

  • aggie

    when i grow up i wanna be just like you!!!

  • ElectrixX


  • CaliforniaElevators 21
    CaliforniaElevators 21

    20M There You Have It

  • Deshawn Nicole
    Deshawn Nicole

    why did I laugh the ENTIRE time😂

  • Crystal Barajas
    Crystal Barajas

    Anybody else fully prepared to have watched the full 20 min with no voice over .. 😂😂

  • Monica Rosas
    Monica Rosas

    Marbles is such a cutie laying next to Jennas head how adorable is he 😍😘♥️

  • sprouting wings
    sprouting wings

    Dogs dab turd everywhere they sit it's discussing

  • Laas114

    I'm honestly blown away that I've been subscribed to you for 6 years already and I've never stopped loving your videos. They're such a great part of my week when I get to relax and laugh with you and I'm so happy that you get the love on VN-my that you deserve. Congrats bud ily

  • Marisha Rosalska
    Marisha Rosalska

    Hahaha you should watch this with sub titles on and the parts you speak quietly it makes up all these words 😂 you should do a video talking questly and fast and see what VN-my’s sub titles makes up of it!

  • Diana A
    Diana A

    Snuggled up Marble is EVERYTHING

  • Greeneeyed Gyrl
    Greeneeyed Gyrl

    Jenna can literally upload a video of herself napping and get over 3 million views 😂❤️🙌

  • L A
    L A

    This was more entertaining then the documentary about Jeffery star lol

  • Gab Toro
    Gab Toro

    is her voice over auto tuned??

  • Mikaela Smith
    Mikaela Smith

    Quality content

  • Cindy Eyler #2
    Cindy Eyler #2

    You’re hilarious and yes I watched. I’ve been a subscriber for 8 years and love your content. 😝🍒💋

  • Angie Elizondo
    Angie Elizondo

    So we gonna ignore peach humping Kermit @2:00 😂

  • Lindsay Perron
    Lindsay Perron

    Is the pillow you’re using a dog bed?

  • That Girl Hunter
    That Girl Hunter

    Jenna, Thank you! This is everything the internet didn’t know it needed. 😂✌🏽💕

  • Princhic

    Dear Jenna, you're such a benevolent queen. Will you, please, have a coronation ceremony to make it official?

  • Yolanda Larson
    Yolanda Larson

    I’ve been having the most stressful days in awhile and this video really calmed me down so much, idk how but Jenna always makes the most perfect videos ❤️

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug

    Jenna really put “I’d watch literally anything she posts” to the test, didn’t she?

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    Jenna: "I'm going to take a nap on camera literally just going to sleep here on the couch" Me: *expecting witty dialogue* Jenna: *naps* Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  • madeleine collins
    madeleine collins

    this is oddly calming

  • Coco Puff
    Coco Puff

    Pineapple is crazy

    • Coco Puff
      Coco Puff

      Jenna is awesome

    • Coco Puff
      Coco Puff

      Corpse in nosey

    • Coco Puff
      Coco Puff

      Pavement is loud

  • Lindsey LaRoche
    Lindsey LaRoche

    i just wanted to say i have that same blanket as jenna, it’s hella comfy, i feel proud to be a similar consumer as jenna

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      I’ve played this every night to go to sleep since.

  • Niran Sly
    Niran Sly

    I watched this girl when she taught me how to be hot by bleaching my hair and putting a ton of makeup on and crying over my diploma and now I'm watching her sleep. 😂😂😂 Love you Jenna

  • Reagan sahree
    Reagan sahree

    She looks like a SoundCloud rapper 😂😂 I love her

  • Lizzie Jean
    Lizzie Jean

    Why did you taking a nap inspire me to try to sleep

  • Monica Eguia
    Monica Eguia

    @jenna jenn-oa salami

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