Talking to Strangers
I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • mick cv
    mick cv

    Wait wait wait, you would move urinals midway? That may be the weirdest thing I’ve heard

  • cOOLkIdD 777
    cOOLkIdD 777

    thd guy in the brown coat has a pizza hut logk on his head

  • _Selia _
    _Selia _

    2:39 oohh I'm sorry😅

  • Wicked Marc
    Wicked Marc

    It's a gamble. Even if .01% of people are ax murderers, are you willing to risk getting murdered by an ax to find out?

  • Anonymous RUS
    Anonymous RUS

    You from Russian?

  • Anonymous RUS
    Anonymous RUS


  • Anonymous RUS
    Anonymous RUS

    What? Russian ?! I'm from Russia.but i me speaking english

  • Jordan Bell
    Jordan Bell

    J: Just A: Another M: Man E: Eating S: Sooubway

    • Mischka Meharg
      Mischka Meharg


    • Cark

      good job, you can copy a comment

  • Sonicgame132

    Wait May is your b day mounth? That’s mine to!

  • Laura Knighton
    Laura Knighton

    Me when talking to a random person:😰 James:well hi there blah blah blah blah...🥔

  • Heart GaCHa
    Heart GaCHa

    1:07 hah i dont have to deal with that ima girl who has stalls to divide everyone :DD

  • Caleb hope
    Caleb hope

    4:53 wait why did you check there

  • Jade

    3:55 😂😂😂 the duck song😂😂😂

  • LeleTheCupcake 035
    LeleTheCupcake 035

    Random guy:Hello! James:How? I LAUGHED SO HARD😂😂😂

  • David Mendez
    David Mendez

    I Remember once you my cousin walks to say flav and we went to this person that was restocking shelves and really go yeah they totally work here so we're like Hey can you help us find a certain thing in life I don't work here then why you freaking restocking the shelves!!!

  • Empreendorismos Sucesso
    Empreendorismos Sucesso

    Oi você eo melhor youtube que eu já assisti apesar que eu não sei inglês

  • Humorous Pickle
    Humorous Pickle

    Wait you think the earth is flat

  • logan henley
    logan henley

    wait if u jumped out a window and fell to ur death...then how are u still alive ;)

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART

    I laughed without stopping for 8 minutes and 30 seconds

  • Araceli Diaz
    Araceli Diaz


  • reverse vocals
    reverse vocals

    A donkey hole ok ok

  • Magdalena Garcia
    Magdalena Garcia


  • Nightmare SDP
    Nightmare SDP

    Why did James stop?

  • Haarunen

    Hah, bus’ in finland have only two seats in a row!

  • Tofu Time
    Tofu Time

    I would move jammmmmmmmmmmmmessssssssssss

  • Afra Almehairi
    Afra Almehairi

    Hello+how’s its going=how

  • CaptainMoreMight Y
    CaptainMoreMight Y

    3:45 Oh youre approaching me Instead of running away youre approaching me I cant beat the shit out of you without getting closer

  • clara clara
    clara clara


  • Carey Joyce
    Carey Joyce

    One time I was talking to someone and I was saying bye and i mixed see you later and bye so i said see you bye


    Lol why you wearing a anime dress!? 🤣🧐😀

  • Giggle Bits
    Giggle Bits

    Some advice when you’re in the middle seat just move and don’t tell the other person to move because someone did that once and I was not happy.

  • Gabriel Michael Nares
    Gabriel Michael Nares

    Hey whats wrong with anime shirts

  • Trash Beetle TEXT STORIES
    Trash Beetle TEXT STORIES

    Robloxian girls are my biggest fear because they say "hi, do you want to be friends?" to everyone they see...


    Кто из России?

  • decently19

    0:16 which one is the real james?

  • Salty Leaf
    Salty Leaf

    Roblox Refrence

  • Paul Playing Now
    Paul Playing Now

    I know imsomethingelseyt

  • Rose the Boy girl
    Rose the Boy girl

    I live in India and I love you

  • AWMmusic Official
    AWMmusic Official

    James? What day is your birthday!?

  • S 0 C
    S 0 C

    you have a book !!! god damn

  • Mikhail Bukhari
    Mikhail Bukhari

    I’m also bday in May!

  • bill 8 sayf
    bill 8 sayf

    Ммммм... Супер.

  • Kid Austin
    Kid Austin

    Mouth opens starts talking🤦🏿‍♂️

  • marvin abrigo
    marvin abrigo

    This is so relatable...I once combined, how's it going and how are you doing to "how's it doing"

  • dragon knight my user is idali4901
    dragon knight my user is idali4901

    Also that the stranger has the name john doe like a roblox hacker ;&;

    • Cark

      You don't need to know roblox to know John Doe, roblox didn't create that name, it's an alias used for people who don't have a known name, like any stranger you walk by on the street is a John Doe, or Jane Doe if its a woman.

    • dragon knight my user is idali4901
      dragon knight my user is idali4901

      If you dont know roblox dont read beacuse you wont under stand

  • körii Stär
    körii Stär

    Los dibujos que creas son tan bellos, y se que es muy pronto para confesar esto, porque prácticamente eres un desconocido... PEro si tus libro (si estube investigando ji) son igual que a los dibujos que creas... QUIERO comprarlo, lo traduciste al español?? PORQUE ENSERIOOO son tan bonitos y divierten bastante, y ya de hace mucho quería comprar un libro tipo comic y realmente siento que el tuyo puede ser perfecto para lo que yo busco. PROBABLEMENTE no besas mi comentario, porque daah 12M se subs, pero lo intente pues. PD: Gran arte el que creas.

  • Giovanni Hernandez
    Giovanni Hernandez

    You watch morgz!?

  • Jack Chisholm
    Jack Chisholm

    0:54. ????????

  • S Bray
    S Bray

    My name is James too......

  • ImVietNamXD

    James: And i make some money from stranger (heyoooooooo) Stranger: ReAdY tO sEe uR dEad gRaNDmA

  • Jake gamerdaily
    Jake gamerdaily

    I bought the book

  • Antonio Zepeda
    Antonio Zepeda

    You know the guy with the pajamas on he beat you in your family game night video

  • Demonitize _
    Demonitize _

    note to self; don't touch James's shoulder.

  • HonestAbe DoubleU
    HonestAbe DoubleU

    1:11 i did that before XD

  • Canucks Fan
    Canucks Fan

    Don’t judge someone on there appearance 2:40

  • 陈书会

    I have your book

  • olive joon
    olive joon

    I’ve worn blue scrubs to Target and I’ve had people come up to me thinking I work there...

  • Obverser Reds
    Obverser Reds

    6:10 HeOw

  • Susan Cooley
    Susan Cooley


  • Sheila Snarr
    Sheila Snarr

    Ha JAMES can you give me a heart cuz your my favorite you tuber and It would Make my day and I did not have a good day today

  • killer bean general
    killer bean general

    3:53 is that a JoJo reference?

  • Florez Florez
    Florez Florez

    is that john doe from roblox AHHHHHHHH 2:05 THE SRANGER AHHHHHHHHHH'

  • Deadly Films
    Deadly Films

    2100 Anyone?

  • Davian Olivarez
    Davian Olivarez


  • •Gato Blanco•
    •Gato Blanco•

    a n d h e w a d d l e d a w a y

  • landsgaming

    J just A a M man E eating S soobway

  • Sonam C
    Sonam C

    just a question: is James taking a break from YT?

    • Anais Acosta
      Anais Acosta

      He uploads only once a month

  • Demon Gameplay
    Demon Gameplay

    John Doe huh

  • Narancia Ghirga
    Narancia Ghirga

    ... Was... That a jojo reference...

  • Michele Luzier
    Michele Luzier

    I like your video they are funny

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