Taylor Swift - exile (feat. Bon Iver) (Official Lyric Video)
Official lyric video by Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver performing “exile” - off her album ‘folklore.’
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  • Jessica Rodrigues
    Jessica Rodrigues

    Perfeição 😂

  • Matthew Tackett
    Matthew Tackett

    Also thank you Taylor for not getting supper political in this album.

  • Levys RST
    Levys RST

    Brazilian. M

  • Rosa EliaS
    Rosa EliaS

    One week past, but still some time for listening this wonderful album, I feel sad and happy and the same time for the world situation but I know that all the sadness is going to end soon.

  • Elaine Willey
    Elaine Willey

    Love this song.. ... not a TS fan but I like this one

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    Exile is my favourite song !!!!!! First time I heard it , Hooked !!!! Very rare ❤️💖❤️

  • Atikha Novesy
    Atikha Novesy

    Wow 14m view just in a week

  • Alisa Burnham de Avila
    Alisa Burnham de Avila

    How’d they know?

  • Catherine Bruno
    Catherine Bruno

    My favorite on the whole album! This song is so beautiful! I get goosebumps every time I listen to it.

  • sifa ul hasanah
    sifa ul hasanah

    Dad and momom should listen to this song. The first thing that i remember when im here is "omg, dad and momom should listen too". I really miss them

  • Fernando P
    Fernando P

    I would love this song if it was with another male singer :((( I would prefer a softer voice

    • Ands Hiddleston
      Ands Hiddleston

      You prefer Harry Styles?

  • Kameleon

    Awesome song taylor is the best

  • erika sarte
    erika sarte

    this isnt a music video yet the views are so high !!!

  • Megs Peralta
    Megs Peralta


  • Clement Ling
    Clement Ling

    I love this so much . Thank you Taylor swift .

  • Triển Chiêu Nguyễn
    Triển Chiêu Nguyễn

    I have been crying for a ưeek :)

  • Jean Rendon Mendoza
    Jean Rendon Mendoza

    I don't even like Bon Iver

  • Vincent Enecito
    Vincent Enecito

    UNPOPULAR OPINION Every song in folklore is unimaginable incredible.


    I can feel how people go through a terrible moment when bad people exiled their friends and family.

  • Katoratic

    This. Is. Everything

  • Neelanshi Varia
    Neelanshi Varia

    Haunted: You and I walk a fragile line I have known it all this time exile: All this time We always walked a very thin line

  • Genesis

    I give so many signs 💔

  • Saya Gillee
    Saya Gillee

    Taylor Swift knows the right words and the right melodies to capture your heart and cry your eyes out. 😭❤❤❤ "I think I've seen this film before and I didn't like the ending." 💔 "You never gave a warning sign..." "I gave so many signs..." I felt that. This song and this lyrics perfectly describes my recent break up 😭

  • Indonesia Gaming
    Indonesia Gaming


  • aya bouatmanr
    aya bouatmanr

    no one could've nailed it like bon did

  • snap xd
    snap xd

    Bon iver😍

  • Mari Biddle-Dyson
    Mari Biddle-Dyson

    I have not heard all the songs from this album yet... I know.. where have I been?” But this has just become my favorite. It reminds me of “Last Time”! His voice so deep and roguish and hers do soft and pleading. A great mix!!!! So in love with this . I want a real video!!!!!!

  • Ndiriseka Rachel
    Ndiriseka Rachel

    I really enjoyed this song if you did so too hit like 👍.

  • Aneeza Zafar
    Aneeza Zafar

    This song makes my legs go weak EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!

  • Layla

    Why does this song get more emotional every time I listen to it?

  • Matthew Notch
    Matthew Notch

    This one probably hit the closest on my first and second listen through this record, because I’ve been on both sides of this conversation: wondering how it went so wrong so quick with someone I cared so much for, and also contending with my own feelings of guilt even after admitting a relationship was toxic and getting out of it for my own sake

  • dennis mccarthy
    dennis mccarthy

    Wow !

  • Wolson Horthmeyer
    Wolson Horthmeyer

    Bummer to see Vernon/Bon Iver sell out so blatently. Of all the truely great female vocalists they could collaborate with they went with the corporate hack.

    • peanuts1605

      Maybe none of the females you said are better hadn't reached out to them like Taylor did and without Taylor there is not exile because SHE wrote it :-) Enjoy the music don't be a hater

  • Light Eagle
    Light Eagle

    justin vernon been hitting shit like this since 2005

  • Kenze Kid
    Kenze Kid

    Taylor you need to get tik tok!!! I’m like your biggest fan and I would literally pass out if you replied!! (I know your not going to tho)

  • Isabella Scoles
    Isabella Scoles

    If anyone has seen Merlin, this song works well for Merlin and Morganna

  • Serafina Aideen
    Serafina Aideen

    I'm so glad I listened to this, i have CHILLS. This is beautiful. I can feel my heart break just listening

  • miguel sarmiento
    miguel sarmiento

    Taylor Swift Becomes the First Artist to Get Simultaneous No. 1 Debuts for an Album and Song

  • Sunny Norris
    Sunny Norris

    This entire album just screams "play me during the fall" That's exactly what I'll be doing.

  • Raul Sandoval
    Raul Sandoval

    14M !!!!

  • Bushra Murtuza
    Bushra Murtuza

    Best song from Folklore ❤️

  • Joy Anne Calms
    Joy Anne Calms


  • Ant Honey
    Ant Honey


  • bilias hour
    bilias hour

    she was cast from. And Folklore takes things a step further by showing the world what she is capable of, rather than bluntly stating that she is done confirming to that image.

  • Alicia Souvelle
    Alicia Souvelle


  • Maria Ileana Oprea
    Maria Ileana Oprea


  • Naomi Alejo
    Naomi Alejo

    Am I the only one who listen "So many TIMES" in 4:07 ?

  • Hits Lyrics
    Hits Lyrics

    Tiktok is banned from Indian so Indians are truly a fan of exile

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour

      Did Harry really co write this master piece?👀

  • valentina castro
    valentina castro

    This is like the two points of view of a break-up

  • Stevent S
    Stevent S

    “I'm not your problem anymore, so who am I offending now?” I really really felt that 😭😭

  • abir abidi
    abir abidi

    This entire album gives me winter vibes

  • trinidad castro
    trinidad castro

    I think I've listen this song before and I did like the ending

  • Julio C TOCH
    Julio C TOCH

    N°6 en el Hot 100 y ni siquiera es single. :v Taylor Queen

  • N Allard
    N Allard

    This song breaks my heart into a thousand tiny pieces every time I hear it but I keep coming back.

  • Micael Brito
    Micael Brito

    BR ♥️🇧🇷

  • mehr Bano
    mehr Bano

    i love this song

  • Nick Rolèndo
    Nick Rolèndo

    Let's just be honest... We imagined and cried after hearing this song for the first time...

  • Nishant Goswami
    Nishant Goswami

    I was today years old.... when I got to know Bon Iver is a Band

  • Arty Geek
    Arty Geek

    Favourite song off of folklore for sure

  • Kev ETN
    Kev ETN

    Even if you can’t relate to the lyrics, these lyrics always hit deep…

  • Vee

    I just uploaded a cover of this song on my channel, please check it out!!😊♥️

  • White Cat
    White Cat

    Did Harry really co write this master piece?👀

    • AcM J
      AcM J

      No he didn’t even contribute to her album

  • Haiyang Wu
    Haiyang Wu


  • Mars


  • Shaznewa

    This is my favourite of the album

  • Adrija Patra
    Adrija Patra

    Why does the song become more and more emotional every time I hear it ????????????Does anybody have an answer ?????????

    • Layla

      Ikr! I don't know why.

  • Maryam Rizvi
    Maryam Rizvi

    This song reminds me of 'this is the last time' by TS♥

  • Kim. B
    Kim. B


  • That Money Guy
    That Money Guy

    Nobody cares what year you are watching this in or how bad your breakup was.

  • jidoribeer9

    This song should be dedicated to the final season of Game Of Thrones

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