Texarkana Phantom Killer - Q+A
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Did the Texarkana Phantom Killer inspire the Zodiac Killer?
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  • Tad Johnston
    Tad Johnston

    Ryans shirt is gut wrenching. Waterworld is a timeless classic.

  • singulariiity

    Can you do an episode on Leonarda Cianciulli?👀

  • bryon jackson
    bryon jackson

    By admitting that Water World is a good movie, Shane proven to be both the Phantom Killer and the Zodiac. Case closed!

  • May Hyman
    May Hyman

    I live in Texarkana

  • Paula Wagon
    Paula Wagon

    Maybe they went to prison for other crimes and thats why things just stopped.

  • Panjan Vanohyras
    Panjan Vanohyras

    10:29 Shane, that's not a booby trap, that's a freaking Saw trap!

  • Denise Uhlry
    Denise Uhlry

    I'm 55......EXPLAIN YOURSELF SHANE!!!!!

  • BatgirltheRobin

    “Mister squat factory” i laughed so hard

  • Flat Top
    Flat Top

    The background reminds me of “CLUE”

  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson

    10:38 I laughed way to hard at Shane just staring at the camera after he explained his "booby trap" XD

  • Lilah

    i keep getting trump ads GHOUL BOYS PLS MAKE IT STOP

  • Cactus Boris
    Cactus Boris

    Ryan is such a cutie in this one 💜

  • Brenton Hamilton
    Brenton Hamilton

    I have to disagree with you on Kemper, he puts it across like he wanted to stop, but I believe he only turned himself in because he knew he was going to get caught not out of guilt or because he wanted to stop. He comes across as though he feels remorse and deep just a nice guy but in truth his just as evil and twisted as Bundy or any of the others. But I love the series guys keep up the good work.

  • cara barbara butera
    cara barbara butera

    makes sense when someone gets high on anesthesia! they begin to say things they shouldn't have said 😦

  • CarlyA

    Ryan’s laugh gives me life

  • Licensed Cringe
    Licensed Cringe

    can we have a buzzfeed unsolved to figure out who the real freerangegrass is?

  • pew pew
    pew pew

    I need a playlist of just these guys and what they do please buss feed do and if you do respawn to this comment NVM I SEE IT NOW YES

  • Faith v.
    Faith v.

    I just started watching this channel. I love it, it's great. But I can't help but think it's the Buzzfeed child of Shane Dawson and Good Mythical Morning.

  • Soup Time Now time
    Soup Time Now time

    “So you’re a serial killer?” “Hypothetically” *sweats nervously*

  • Sabrina Schell
    Sabrina Schell

    On rewatch of the main video and the Q+A, I don't think it's possible that Peggy Swinney was the killer. She sounds very sketchy, but one witness said that the person who attacked him was a man, and a later victim was raped and murdered. Just seems unlikely that it was actually a woman, or that she did one murder in the exact same fashion as the active serial killer.

  • Rachel Burke
    Rachel Burke

    Ryan had dogs named Lucy and Ricky!!! How cute!!!

  • LaVonne Demers
    LaVonne Demers

    My oldest son he's 29 now used to get so mad at me and his dad bc every time we watched Home Alone 2 we would always tell him *That would kill you, don't ever do that" when the brick drop scene came. It was hilarious.. You had to be there.

  • Chloe Rene
    Chloe Rene

    Their shirts go well together in this episode and I love it

  • M W
    M W

    I think it’s so weird and ironic that Ryan, who believes in and loves crazy ghost and demon theories, is so vehemently against kooky absurdist comedy like the Hotdaga and free range grass. Like you’d think bonkers fiction would be right up his alley, as a believer...

  • Kelly-Alec V
    Kelly-Alec V

    Ryan: this week we deal with a crime that happened in Florida Me, a Florida resident: Haha I'm In Danger

  • Name2site

    Shane shouldn't rely on a tv show for factual depictions of serial killers. The majority of serial killers do not want to be caught.

  • Abigail Morrissey
    Abigail Morrissey

    i miss the hot daga :(

  • Rebekah Sechler
    Rebekah Sechler

    roast mortem is not as good as the hot daga. i said what i said

  • MoveOn

    shane? basic? shane is hilarious lol

  • (22) Bahar Baturoglu
    (22) Bahar Baturoglu

    rip Lucy and Ricky? 8.46? rick goldsworth and his mom lucy gold? coincidence???!!??

  • Pickle G
    Pickle G

    please respond

  • Nicholson Villar
    Nicholson Villar

    Just like movie the town that dreaded sundown based on true event

  • drama alert
    drama alert

    wow ma boi ahNE

  • AkeJay

    10:41 that's not even a booby trap, it's just Shane with a gun about to shoot you in the head

  • Tanisha Agarwal
    Tanisha Agarwal

    4:03 a GhOuLfIsH?

  • collin D
    collin D

    Mystic/Ultimate Shane

  • victoria lopez
    victoria lopez

    Free range grass needs to be the new hot daga, I love it

  • thisisthezodiacspeaking

    Are these two Twinkies gonna jerk off ?

  • Hannah

    "Look me in the eyes and tell me you aren't Free Range Grass." I was thinking the same thing lmao.

  • Kazandra Pena
    Kazandra Pena

    At the exact moment Ryan said “hold on I’m getting a call”, my phone rang!! It wasn’t him.

  • Richard

    6:45, uhhhh, problem with this theory. One of the victims was apparently raped.....not sure how a female perp lines that up....

  • DoubleDDos

    lol i live there

  • Team OP
    Team OP

    As far as their booby traps go, Shane is practical and Ryan is childish.

  • Shelby Rainwater
    Shelby Rainwater

    Ryan really wanted to make sure he said hypothetical when Shane said he was a serial killer

  • Elyza Perry
    Elyza Perry

    I just want to know what is happening with Ryans shirt

  • TogunsuaXx

    Free range grass is my idol

  • Appollos Harris
    Appollos Harris

    Inspiration comes from EVERYONE regardless of PROFESSION

  • bush baby
    bush baby

    10:41, Shane is very passionate about shooting people through the peephole

  • bush baby
    bush baby

    Me and Ryan thought the same thing that what FreeRangeGrass wrote sounded like the Hot Daga. I don't think Shane wrote that though. I don't think Shane is FreeRangeGrass but he could be. Who knows

  • Daydream _x
    Daydream _x

    You know both of you always laugh in EACH videos

  • Gabi Rodgers
    Gabi Rodgers

    Ryan looks like the manager of a failing bowling alley in a small town in this ep

  • 20Little Princess04
    20Little Princess04

    It was a group project

  • Mark M
    Mark M

    All hail free range grass

  • Hannah Free
    Hannah Free

    For post mortem: about 12:19 "shane: boi ya basic" I am creasing up!!

  • tifbug93

    I miss the hotdaga.

  • mrs worldwide
    mrs worldwide

    ryan,,, your shirt

  • Chloe Hepperle
    Chloe Hepperle

    I love how they give freerangegrass it's own little mini segment and theme music😂😂

  • Crazelord91

    Funny how people's tastes can vary incredibly. That guy wants more paranormal videos, but I couldn't care less for them. I love the True Crimes that take events that actually happened and try to decipher the mysteries aspects of it The supernatural episodes just feel like wild speculation and superstition with no basis in reality, as the events themselves even happening are often questionable. But then there are some that do overlap like the Phoenix Lights that is a mix, bc it is a real event but it also seems paranormal, so for me it's worth them taking time to also make the supernatural episodes to deal with events like those

  • Leilani H
    Leilani H

    shane wasn’t stuck in chicago- he was creating his free range grass ideas

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila

    Serial killers actually do in fact some times copy others. If they have that part of their brain broken that compels them to want to kill, sometimes they study other famous killers to see what kind of killing they enjoy the most. There was a whole episode of Criminal minds about this.

  • Chiara Serrano
    Chiara Serrano

    Wanna be detectives? that was TRASH. Two of the victims were raped, so it had to be a male.

  • Autumn Doss
    Autumn Doss

    Most serial killers are thought to be similar to addicts. They can't just stop without help or getting caught.

  • Alligator Tears
    Alligator Tears

    Ryan: "In this hypothetical." *looks at camera like he's in the office*

  • Kat Khan
    Kat Khan

    Free Range Grass is the west coast version of the Watcher

  • Kat Khan
    Kat Khan

    Free Range Grass is my favourite part of the show!

  • BuffaloBen


  • Jacob Takeover
    Jacob Takeover


  • Helen Myers
    Helen Myers

    Binge re-watching these postmortems and really enjoying seeing all the times they say the same thing at the same time one after another #BESTFRIENDSFOREVER

  • Fazlur


  • Nyboul

    But why did Shane not address the demon thing 👀👀

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