The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star
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Rich Lux - Clock it the House
Caleb Hurst - (Baby) Blue
Johnny Guilbert - Song Without A Name
"l u v t e a" by Autumn Keys
Instagram: @autumnkeys
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
Andrew Applepie

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Kara C
Mary E Makeup
Lauren Godwin
Izzie Raine
Theme Song:
Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
“Time of the Season”
Written by Rod Argent
Performed by Ben Taylor
Courtesy of Iris Records
Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.

  • O Strawberry O
    O Strawberry O

    Sister shook

  • georgina hernandez
    georgina hernandez

    I hope my broke ass has money when his pallet comes out 😂 Bc period

  • TheRindyrae

    I can’t wait to see the palette. Shane don’t be worried, your palette is definitely going to sell out and the Internet is going to blow up with the amount of sales. Much success to you.💜👍💄

  • Tyler Long
    Tyler Long

    Oh my gosh when will this guy get off the Internet he doesn’t belong here he should go to bravo instead I bet he would love it there with below deck and all the other losers

  • Krys Rodriguez
    Krys Rodriguez

    CONGRATUFU*KINGLATIONS !!!!!!! I don’t know a pair more deserving!! It will sell out faster then a Kardashian selling sex....but why is it not on preorder yet?! I’m not trying to wait for the restock. Lol Love u both 💕

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    Bitch i dont even wear make up and im buying this.

  • Ella Exclusive
    Ella Exclusive

    22:39 I have never laughed so hard in my life

  • Lexi Martinez
    Lexi Martinez

    God I love you Shane!!

  • Jhon jhon Ligotan
    Jhon jhon Ligotan

    I love you both jeffrey and shane 😢😢😭😭💕

  • Chained Angel
    Chained Angel

    Nearly had a heart attack at seeing the launch date. FUUUUUUCK! I'm totally going to have to wait for a re-stock, because bills and holiday gifts for my kids. But when it's my birthday, I'm so buying everything I can get my hands on!

  • Misty DaMaemae
    Misty DaMaemae

    Just finished watching.. wow shane and jeffree wow,

  • Kayla Chereice
    Kayla Chereice

    shane’s half cut crease at the end is so fucking good wtf

  • Sarah ?
    Sarah ?

    Lmaoo from the time i started to when the video ended it went up on trending 45 places !!

  • Kaela Tucker
    Kaela Tucker

    Cheeze-Itz needs to sponsor Jeffree already 😂

  • Brian Toscano
    Brian Toscano

    I'm so happy seeing shane grow

  • Halie Parker
    Halie Parker

    I’m crying I’m so fucking excited for this!! I’ve separately loved both of them. I literally met Jeffree star at Plano centre in Plano texas years ago and well I’ve always watched shane haha I need Jeffree to make business how to be rich books

  • Kristen - yayaaks ca
    Kristen - yayaaks ca


  • Jessica Harris
    Jessica Harris

    I don't even wear makeup and I want Shane's pallet.

  • AnthonyOVOXO

    *_I’m so emotional because I’ve never been happier for Shane than now. He deserves this. I don’t even use makeup AT ALL and I’m getting the makeup collection, that’s how much I love Shane. He deserves all this success and support, he’s worked SO HARD for this. Shane we love you!!!! In the words of Jeffree Star........... Y O U B E T T E R W O R K_*

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt

    #You've-Changed.. :( not my dawson's creek anymore

  • Jaycie Wagner
    Jaycie Wagner

    Where is the shade of shane's green underwear?!?

  • McKenna G.
    McKenna G.

    Shane, I’m so excited for you! I plan on buying my sister your palette because she’s been getting into makeup lately and honestly your palette maybe make me want to play with it a little bit lol also I’m loving the eye shadow shades and the lipsticks! They are beautiful!! I cannot wait for the release. Though I won’t be able to buy it till January I bet because your palette is just constantly going to be sold out over and over again!!

  • Peter Trannn
    Peter Trannn

    Shane’s palette is going to sell out in seconds

  • Khloie Alysscia
    Khloie Alysscia

    That green shade needs to be named Illuminati or Area 51! Definitely a conspiracy theory inspired name. 🙌🏻

  • Samantha Ross
    Samantha Ross

    That metallic green!!!😭

  • Valerie Place
    Valerie Place

    Girl order 2 more ain’t enough for sure... lmao I’m already at checkout 💰

  • Chelsi Benson
    Chelsi Benson

    Shane with the cut crease skills!

  • Janin Griebel
    Janin Griebel


  • Rasmus Mogensen
    Rasmus Mogensen

    First, the audio is still absolutly horrible. And I am starting to think, that schools should start teaching children the difference between reality and "on screen reality". Seems like absolutely everybody just goes along, without realizing that this is one, big, heavily edited, marketing scheme, that has just one ultimate goal. WTF??? AND why the **** does Shane always, ALWAYS just look dirty and messy, like he just woke up from a 12 hour nap in the dogs bed, and couldn't be bothered to even change his clothes, before leaving the house?? If you are serious with the make up, then shower, shave (!), and put on some f****** clean clothes! He might be "poor", compared to JS, and really, really lazy - but you can maybe hire someone to explain to Ryland, how the washer/drier works, so he can get those filthy hoodies washed for you, while you lay around?

  • ellen paul
    ellen paul

    i was dying at jeffree before they had the meeting on the phone 😂😂😂

  • Lucrecia Cámera
    Lucrecia Cámera


  • Melissa DropDead46
    Melissa DropDead46

    OMG! I got so emotional when Shane was applying his own makeup! He did such a great job...lashes and all! I CAN'T WAIT! ❤❤❤❤

  • Randa Panda
    Randa Panda

    I never want these videos to end!

  • Nell Balliet
    Nell Balliet


  • Kristen - yayaaks ca
    Kristen - yayaaks ca

    Omg I’m so obsessed with this series, that all the 50mins episodes feel like a 5min episode 🤧🤧🤧


    shanes merch sold out quick g

  • Sabrina Brown
    Sabrina Brown

    Does anyone know the price of the pallets yet?

  • Kattie Haun
    Kattie Haun


  • Kaylee Weiss
    Kaylee Weiss

    Tell me why my own eyes watered when Shane poked his eye with mascara 🤕

  • Nia Turl
    Nia Turl

    please clock the neutrogena makeup wipes being scribbled out 😂😭😭

  • circus niko
    circus niko

    Gyahhhh you did your makeup so well at the end♥♥♥ you really have been working so hard, and it shows. SO proud of you ♥♥♥

  • Geanny Oliveira
    Geanny Oliveira

    I'm so emotional because seeing how far Shane is going it makes me so proud I'm in tears😪😪🤩🤩🤩

  • pawsshls

    At 25 years old I've never worn any sort of makeup besides mascara but I cannot wait to buy this palette. This launch will be SO HUGE because of how much this series just expanded the market.

  • lil shoto
    lil shoto


  • Sara Whitehead
    Sara Whitehead

    Wait he could turn his old house into the Shane Dawson hotel!!! Lmao 😂

  • Cat N.
    Cat N.

    If I had more money I’d buy it all :/

  • foreverandalwaysiam

    No, does that mean they are getting rid of the unnamed green? :( I loved that color.

  • Jacey m
    Jacey m

    i need a shane photo shoot immediately. like damn he really ended peoples careers

  • Melody Hernandez
    Melody Hernandez

    was it just me or did it seem like Andrew is getting close to them its nice he feels apart of everything I like that

  • Estefani Bowen
    Estefani Bowen

    Shane you are so beautiful! Wish I could look you in the eyes and tell you that and then give you the biggest hug ever. Be blessed.

  • Samantha Mangum
    Samantha Mangum

    I’m obsessed with this series! I love how it is all playing out! I WANT THE WHOLE COLLECTION!!!! #shaneandjeffree

  • Sara Whipkey
    Sara Whipkey

    I remember when i was in middle school watching your videos i remeber your first video whwn you came out ! Im so happy for you to see the growth and you getting comfortable in your own skin. Im so proud of you ! Keep growing friend you are such a beautiful person!


    I love jeffrees goofiness 💙🖤💖💘💕

  • itsrilie

    The editing quality

  • daisy ortega
    daisy ortega

    i love andrew “i’ll take anything of whatever you wanna give me”

  • Hex Maniac
    Hex Maniac

    My immediate reaction to the Shane Dawson logo ideas, “Scooby Doo”

  • RomanASMR C
    RomanASMR C

    The house part made me tear up

  • Victoria Preston
    Victoria Preston

    Y’all better order more units for that gloss!

  • Sabrina Vsco
    Sabrina Vsco

    Who thinks Shane will sell out in less than five minutes ?

  • Genesis Perez
    Genesis Perez

    This is such a moment 😭💕 Inspires me to make boss moves and know my worth 😅🤷🏻‍♀️ Jeffree & Shane are the nacho fries to my quesadillas 😩🧡

  • MissDermDoc

    Eveything about this series is pure genius.

  • An Nguyễn
    An Nguyễn

    What’s your hoodie Where I can buy it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Caitlin S.
    Caitlin S.

    Ive never cared about launch dates before, but best believe that entire day im gonna be clicking refresh and trying to buy it before it sells out.

  • Luchee Postans
    Luchee Postans

    I’m so excited I’m gonna cry

  • Jessica Blau
    Jessica Blau

    I’m so scared everything’s going to be sold out before I can get to it!

  • Lupy Mom
    Lupy Mom

    Green should be " oh hi "

  • Trinity Grace
    Trinity Grace

    I’m so excited for everything to come out 😩😩🤩🤩

  • Ari R.
    Ari R.

    I want/need the emerald green 😍😍😍

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