The Avett Brothers - High Steppin'
High Steppin' (Official Video)
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Video Director: Crackerfarm
Video Producer: Adam Rothlein
for Ghost Atomic Pictures
Music video by The Avett Brothers performing High Steppin'. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (American Recordings)

  • pressrolls

    sucks so bad

  • Ruby Olivares
    Ruby Olivares

    Scott Avett in THAT OUTFIT oh lord help me

  • TheCoffeyBunch

    I watched this music video and initially I thought... This blows.....I then watched a live show recording of the song.... I like it..A Lot.... I think its just a more mature, grown up, polished and refined song of the Avett brothers. Job well done...

    • TheCoffeyBunch

  • BeautyByHalia

    tf happened to the Avett Brothers?? they used to have such good music, now they're like country tryna be twenty one pilots with the music video, and the lyrics are pretty basic unlike what they used to do.. guess everything good comes to an end.

  • Justin Yoho
    Justin Yoho

    If you are a long time supporter of the avett brothers and you havent seen the hbo documentary I HIGHLY reccomend it! This whole group deserves far more than they get credit for they are living breathing jukeboxes when it comes to music and sincere laid back decent people overall! Ive held them dear since Emotionalism dropped until forever I am grateful for the avett brothers!

  • Jennahjoe Kay
    Jennahjoe Kay

    Crushing it. Like still

  • Ithinkhighlyofmyself

    Been following the guys since the early 00s, and this is the most excited I've been for one of their releases in about ten years.

  • jwlapham

    This is my first time hearing of these guys, and I gotta say, it feels like an acid trip. However, they do seem pretty genuine and passionate, so I'm interested in seeing their other works as well.

    • Eric Owens
      Eric Owens

      You will not be dissapointed.

  • Twiggiestnose 85
    Twiggiestnose 85

    Why is there a skull trooper

    • SuzN

      Twiggiestnose 85 - Lol. Skeletons existed before video games. He’s a skeleton. It’s nothing to do with a skull trooper, whatever that is.

  • Jeremy Bess
    Jeremy Bess

    who is the blonde???

  • Nicholas Stricklin
    Nicholas Stricklin

    Great to see them at Red Rocks this past Sunday!

    • Nicholas Stricklin
      Nicholas Stricklin

      ShadowHouseFilms Nice! our friend from Bozeman came down to meet us. We came out from Florida

    • ShadowHouseFilms

      Was also there on Sunday. All the way from Montana. Great venue and great band. <3

  • ynot zarm
    ynot zarm


  • Ruprecht Mboy
    Ruprecht Mboy

    I sure dig those Nudie Suits.

  • WM Adams
    WM Adams

    Just got home from their show at the USANA Amphiteater here in Salt Lake City and as always, it was terrific. I've only seen one show before, in Las Vegas at the Silverton Casino about 2005. It was just the 4 of them that night--tonight they had some extra players which they've had for quite a while. Anyway, they're still great, still v. entertaining and played nearly 2 hours. I went with my son and his wife (and their 2 kids) and my daughter and her husband and my ex-wife (!!). We're still friendly and our son got her a ticket and gave her a course in how to listen to the Avett's. Anyway, always fun to see most bands play live and they have always impressed...

  • просто дракон
    просто дракон

    🤠very cool🤠

  • x

    omgg, i love this song, really, this is amazing, i loveee it

  • Coywolf006

    all i go to say about watching this.....yup... maybe instead of hi steppin' its slack linin'

  • 62jape

    Flea wants his suit back

  • Wilfred DJ
    Wilfred DJ

    Clicked cos I saw a skull trooper

  • Jason Nguyen
    Jason Nguyen

    Is That The Skull Trooper From Fortnite?

  • Jason Nguyen
    Jason Nguyen


    • Jason Nguyen
      Jason Nguyen

      L Ray It doesn’t matter if it good or not it is still ripe off

    • L Ray
      L Ray

      the avetts wouldn't RIP off a song....especially one that bad.

    • Jason Nguyen
      Jason Nguyen


    • L Ray
      L Ray

      ripe off......?

  • Jitterpig Jen
    Jitterpig Jen

    I like that they’re stretching themselves. I’m sure they themselves need that as artists. Great lyrics too. Can’t wait to see them next month!!

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams

    Please don’t go this route.

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    I have been following the Avett Brothers for about 10 years now, and what I find is that their music has grown in line with their own growth and experiences. Music is a form of expression and if a keyboard riff is not your thing, that's ok. There are chances that there are 5+ songs on the album that are vintage(ish) Avett. When Ain't No Man came out, everyone roasted them, called them sellouts and asked for Rubin's head. Then No Hard Feelings comes out and everyone says that it's quite possibly Seth's best song (his opus, as commented several times). Sometimes it's fun to sit back and play their albums in order and see how they've evolved over the years.

  • Nurul Ashikin Alias
    Nurul Ashikin Alias


  • Mr. Musashito
    Mr. Musashito

    love this song

  • Nick Harrell
    Nick Harrell

    What a great song.

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear

    Ok, I love the Avett Brothers and this has zero to do with the song but your dancers' cowboy hats are on backwards! Look like city slickers trying to be cowboys. LOL Anywho, love the song! Keep it up!

    • SuzN

      Mama Bear - Mama Bear - That’s hilarious. You’re the only one to notice. Now I know for sure they intended some humor in this as well as depth. My guess is that was on purpose.

  • RedRiddin Hood
    RedRiddin Hood

    I’m wearing my yellow dress tomorrow 🤘🏻 Message is fabulosity 6/30 video soooo good.

  • Darcy Farrow
    Darcy Farrow

    Would’ve been a pretty decent song without the skeleton preaching. Why???

    • SuzN

      Darcy Farrow - I saw a comment that said there was a version without that part. I love it. Btw Great Name, Darcy Farrow. One of my favorite songs by my other favorite artist of all time, JD

  • Ottee2

    I lik it.

  • Clifton Bodenhamer
    Clifton Bodenhamer

    This is so good

  • Matt R
    Matt R

    this song has a "FUN" (the band) vibe.

  • Aaron Buckler
    Aaron Buckler

    "Who cares about genres anymore? - Jason Isbell

  • HotWheels K!NG
    HotWheels K!NG

    Play something from emotionalism

  • Heywood Jabuzoff
    Heywood Jabuzoff

    Anyone know who the dance group are?

    • Heywood Jabuzoff
      Heywood Jabuzoff

      @Amy Morton Ah, now I see the light - thanks! Never doubted you for a second. 😉

    • Amy Morton
      Amy Morton

      @Heywood Jabuzoff Yes, those are just costumes. Check out the PCSC fb page - there's a video of them practicing with Bob and a bunch of photos (or their insta page: @purplecharlottesteppersclub) . It was directed by @crackerfarm and filmed in the Concord/Charlotte area.

    • L Ray
      L Ray

      @Amy Morton thanks! i looked them up!

    • Heywood Jabuzoff
      Heywood Jabuzoff

      Are you sure? Purple Charlotte Steppers are from North Carolina, whereas these dancers are from Texas, judging by the mens' shirt patches.

    • Amy Morton
      Amy Morton

      Purple Charlotte Steppers Club

  • Norma M. Atchley
    Norma M. Atchley

    Oh my you are just rocking my world My this morning going for a drive up to the Dragon thru Wears Valley. I have paid a high price to be disables lost my liver, so gonna think on this one and listen to you, It’s a goos day to sip shine and go to the park.

  • Crafters101

    ring ring ring..."hi guys it Darius, do you have a minute?".... and the unscariest skeleton I've ever seen line dance! I dig it

  • Queen Meep
    Queen Meep

    :,) Thank You

  • junior third
    junior third

    What I'm wondering is if this video was shot in 2013 or has that truck not been tagged since then?

    • junior third
      junior third

      @killala10 nope I live in Texas and we only have one sticker on the windshield now. I work in a factory lol

    • killala10

      Traffic cop? 😉😁

    • L Ray
      L Ray

      the haircuts appear to be current.

  • TheKodester

    This is some real old country. Reminds me of Teddy Bear by Red Sovine, but with a modern twist.

  • Hansthehorrible

    Bit of a money grab jam.

  • Matt Hirn
    Matt Hirn

    Sure, it's commercial, but in an enjoyable catchy Avett Brothers way.

  • William Ramsey
    William Ramsey

    Many won’t share my sentiment but Rick Rubin has given these guys the confidence to evolve and stay true to their style. The most original band going right now and there isn’t a close second.

  • J D
    J D

    "You can only live one day at a time, only drive one hot rod at a time. Only say one word at a time and only think one thought at a time."

  • McCord Camp
    McCord Camp

    What truck model is that?

    • L Ray
      L Ray

      1960 i think

    • L Ray
      L Ray

      FORD @ 0:44

  • Kevin Mihalich
    Kevin Mihalich

    Didn't immediately like this song, but its such a bop, love it now.

  • Bringbackpluto *
    Bringbackpluto *

    Prof called he wants his beat back

  • Bill Bibo
    Bill Bibo

    Love this band!

  • Brandon Dennis - DCHS
    Brandon Dennis - DCHS

    Good message in most of there songs

  • Brandon Dennis - DCHS
    Brandon Dennis - DCHS

    Love the Avetts

  • Dennis Boyce
    Dennis Boyce

    This is fucking garbage

    • Jeff Dearborn
      Jeff Dearborn

      One mans garbage is another man's treasure...I love it.

  • ThaDirtyVicar

    Good stuff!

  • Jake Vander Veer
    Jake Vander Veer

    Doing it right, shibbie

  • Peggy Gibbons
    Peggy Gibbons

    CUUUTE!! Quadruple LOVE! But where's Joe, in the boot skootin?

  • Naydeen Birst
    Naydeen Birst

    mad rythm mad settin shyte red suit matchig the red dildo handle on the inner door all in all mad song but order a new suite or ute or be like me see it say it over it

  • Dillon Wiley
    Dillon Wiley

    Just so good

  • Joanie Strawbridge
    Joanie Strawbridge

    Cool song

  • 1Lt Uncle Jack
    1Lt Uncle Jack


    • SuzN

      1Lt Uncle Jack - Hi. Just fyi, It is actually not Blackface at all. From the Merriam- Webster Dictionary here is the definition. “ blackface noun black·​face | \ ˈblak-ˌfās \ Definition of blackface : dark makeup worn (as by a performer in a minstrel show) in a caricature of the appearance of a black person”. His face is white and he’s definitely a skeleton. Just thought you might want to know. So Avett on.

  • Honey Tree Farm
    Honey Tree Farm


  • Stefanie Kane
    Stefanie Kane

    Does anyone else love Avett and Twenty One Pilots? Bc I do, and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities with the vehicle driving and the skeleton costume... 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Africa Robinowitz
    Africa Robinowitz

    Serious question. Where are the black people who love country music enough to dance to it? I’ve never seen them. Beautiful people in this video. Love the dancing.

    • L Ray
      L Ray

      i love the dancers too! can't stop watching!

  • Beth Anne Sandie
    Beth Anne Sandie

    Expired car inspection?

  • Ant-Dawg

    I hated it at first but this has really grown on me. I’ve been a fan since gleam and this is not the stereotypical norm and I love it

  • Kaleigh Burmaster
    Kaleigh Burmaster

    I just watched them perform in Toronto! They are amazing

  • Noopy Bear
    Noopy Bear

    I feel the need to buy a fancy cowboy (or girl) shirt

  • Jason Dananay
    Jason Dananay

    I used to be a big fan. Now I'm an air conditioner.

  • Kathleen Tharp
    Kathleen Tharp

    Wow. I’m just sooooo in love with their music. This song really hits home for me right now. “Working against the clock just to stay afloat.” Agh, AMEN! I’ve been struggling with money here lately and I needed to hear this. ♥️

    • Eva J
      Eva J

      Kathleen Tharp you got this! Things will look up eventually 😊

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    So this is why Seth cut his hair..

    • Mike S
      Mike S

      @MusicLover Didn't know that. What a guy!

    • MusicLover

      Seth cuts his hair every so many years after it gets long enough to donate to a charity that makes wigs for kids with cancer and probably alopecia too.

  • Adriel Lee
    Adriel Lee

    I didn’t know that a og skin in fortnite was there to help lol

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