The Avett Brothers - High Steppin'
High Steppin' (Official Video)
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Video Director: Crackerfarm
Video Producer: Adam Rothlein
for Ghost Atomic Pictures
Music video by The Avett Brothers performing High Steppin'. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (American Recordings)

  • tarheelmtl

    You guys are no nemo 1934

  • William Trevino
    William Trevino

    What’s the meaning of this song???

  • Rachel Green
    Rachel Green

    ​@PIxs God has called me to share the good news! Revelations 22: 17-21 #COME!

  • Rachel Green
    Rachel Green God has called me to share the good news! Revelations 22: 17-21

  • One-jedi

    There are some things in life that make you just believe....and there are things that are...just there for you.. and you want to believe....this is one of them.

  • Alan Hawkins
    Alan Hawkins

    Let's all Line Dance!

  • Justin Myslive
    Justin Myslive

    Lot of truth to that...........the best lovers never been loved

  • Sean Lancaster
    Sean Lancaster

    This songis mediocre from their other stuff

  • Tamryel

    When I hate a song, I listen to it to make myself suffer.

  • Zsavage1

    EWWWWW... just goes to show you that Country and Music do NOT belong in the same sentence.....

  • Marcus Rainwater
    Marcus Rainwater

    Seriously tho where can I find these skeleton jeans.....

  • James Langkamp
    James Langkamp

    Why when he starts do I get tears in my eyes? This song is so perfect for the right moment.

  • tarheelmtl

    Too chorney. Hipsters ruined this band. Fan since 04. Judd Apatow puppets. I don't need a speech from Seth with some generic lines that only add up to him saying "well I don't know if all that's true but.." You had 3 years and this is what you came up with?

    • Jack D
      Jack D

      They haven't been ruined. If you don't like it fine but don't be total dick.

  • mike shaw
    mike shaw

    What is happening to this band?

    • Jack D
      Jack D

      They are growing, evolving and getting better.

  • p kerit
    p kerit

    I drive a 1960 Ford truck like that

  • Hirightnow

    Thought for a minute I was re-watching the "abandoned F-250" video...

  • Jim Livio
    Jim Livio

    I love this song. But...I don’t like Seth’s spoken part in the middle. Aahhhggghhh! I think it kills the whole groove of the song. Oh well. Just my two cents. Still love the song.

    • Jack D
      Jack D

      I agree, it ruins a great song.

  • jim catalfamo
    jim catalfamo

    this should have a ton more views!

  • jose botero
    jose botero

    hi I'm from colombia, what's the meaning of high steppin...Thanks, I love this song

    • jose botero
      jose botero

      @Space Ghost thanks

    • Space Ghost
      Space Ghost

      Means be confident and do not settle for bullshit.


    Thought the thumbnail looked like a country song. Wow am I disappointed for clicking on it.

    • Cassady Alberico
      Cassady Alberico

      Welcome to 'The Avett Brothers'! Please leave your genres at the door good sir.

  • Jacob Edward Munkus
    Jacob Edward Munkus


  • Collin Gecko
    Collin Gecko

    I went to your concert my cosine help you up when you were running up the stairs a red rocks in July

  • Mighty Hiker
    Mighty Hiker

    You guys are💯🤘😜

  • teresa williams
    teresa williams

    Can not wait for the new tunes! Love you guys!

  • Hayden Girard
    Hayden Girard

    Bruh he got da skull trooper skin😳

  • Nicholas Sullivan
    Nicholas Sullivan

    these boys are as good as music can get.

  • Nicholas Sullivan
    Nicholas Sullivan

    ohhhhhhhh boy... these guys keep killin it!

  • Michael

    These guys just get better and better with each album... Bravo!

  • Dave Cooper
    Dave Cooper

    Such a fun song but true on so many levels love u guys keep it up!

  • Emily Pollifax
    Emily Pollifax

    I work a 5am freight shift... it sucks. But I'm allowed to listen to music so it's all good. This song came on and I had to put down my box of tractor parts just to see who was singing...then I had to start it over to catch the lyrics. Then i came back hours later when i was finally home so i could see the video.....which was interrupted by someone telling me my two horses had escaped. I gotta say it was not the worst day I've had but it was pretty shitty.... however the positive vibes were more helpful than i expected... as i was wading through shoulder deep weeds trying to catch two wild ponies the chorus was going on a loop in my head..... high stepping indeed. So after all that, i FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE REST OF THE VIDEO.

    • Nicholas Sullivan
      Nicholas Sullivan

      these boys are as good as music can get.

  • Eric Zuzek
    Eric Zuzek

    Been a fan for a long time. But for me the song was okay, then the speech in the middle ruined it. Reminded me of the time I was having sex with this girl and she stopped in the middle to tell me about her yeast infection.

  • Dianiel rentolads
    Dianiel rentolads

    Hey wanted be five finger death punch you can wear that in the band

  • Dianiel rentolads
    Dianiel rentolads

    Arch angelmicheal me lord

  • Jen Fugit
    Jen Fugit

    This song confuses me. Have enjoyed a lot of their music, and it never sounded "Country". My local "alternative" radio is playing this song and I turn it off every time. Not because I despise country music, this song just hits the ear wrong when you are used to NIN, 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.

  • superbford

    Also, you have to love that truck in the video. So sweet.

  • superbford

    Not loving the talking is almost one minute long.... just too much of a lull.. but I almost never do on any song by anyone..... but it is just one song.... and I love the rest of the song... would love an edited version or remixed version without that part and some extended choruses to go along with it.

  • vixen7980

    Is that Randy Jackson?

  • Nicole Fisher
    Nicole Fisher

    Just heard this for my first time on my way to work today & I feel like I've missed out on something. I'll be digging deeper when I get home tonight. Love this.

  • Alannah Bilton
    Alannah Bilton

    Best Avett song yet!!! PS: Confused about skelly suit though?!!

  • John Knelange
    John Knelange

    This one was tough for me to warm up to....but saw them play it live earlier this week....and it was a genuine highlight.

  • Joyce H
    Joyce H

    This is good!!

  • tavis Foster
    tavis Foster

    Anyone that gives anything they do a thumbs down should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Daniel S.
      Daniel S.

      tavis Foster Amen... They’re the real deal in every sense of the phrase. 🙌

  • Michael Craig
    Michael Craig

    Love it. Much love! 💘

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall

    Don’t know ‘bout all that 🙂

  • Francois Van Zyl
    Francois Van Zyl

    full of meaning! :)

  • Steffen Byberg
    Steffen Byberg

    I'm just glad as hell to see a bunch of people getting to dance together on a road and smiling so much for such a great set of lyrics... No more no less why ask for more?

  • Curt Hinson
    Curt Hinson

    Scott and Seth this is a great song. I hope yall can do John Hancock's last show. From a guy out south of Rock Hill in the sticks of Chester County, it has been a blast following yall's ride... Good shit done sincerly. BTW nice duality.

  • Christian Gardecki
    Christian Gardecki

    I love this band, this song, and video. But it’s missing Joe Kwon!

  • Garrett Pierce
    Garrett Pierce

    The registration on that truck is way out of date

  • jay annan
    jay annan

    Fuckin great song!!!

  • M Pendleton
    M Pendleton

    Craven attempt to crack the shitty modern country charts.

  • Katherine P
    Katherine P

    Terry Allen’s “Amarillo Highway” comes to mind

  • DarkoDynamite


  • Magnolia Sunshine
    Magnolia Sunshine

    I want to hang with you alll!!!!!!

  • Yoatzin Popoca
    Yoatzin Popoca

    These are the Avett Brothers I'd listen to.

  • Brandi Weber
    Brandi Weber

    mmm.. did the Git Up come before the High Steppin' or did the High Steppin' come before the Git Up??

  • Xed D
    Xed D

    Some girl in my school is related to these guys I’m pretty sure

  • John Bolton
    John Bolton

    When a Bluegrass band tries to make a video integrated with 90% Black dancers but it ends up like they are slaves...

    • MusicLover

      John Bolton - Nobody is seeing color. It makes no difference. I just see people dancing. They’re a dancing club btw, I forgot their name.

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith


  • matias86273

    0:01 what???

  • brent henderson
    brent henderson

    so good.

  • William Woods
    William Woods

    Every now and then when things get rough, and I start to doubt things can just be good, these guys drop a new single and I calm the F down. Thanks avett brothers.

  • AaronAudio

    This is fucking retarded.

    • Ivan Drago
      Ivan Drago

      Thats yo momma

  • fresh produce
    fresh produce

    Wow this is pretty bad! How the mighty have fallen!

  • jim catalfamo
    jim catalfamo

    one of the best modern folk bands

  • LoveFlatfootin1

    LOL, I've got a dot for a circle of friends. Love the video!

  • The_Punchy77

    Ah yes, this has been stuck in my head for a long time

  • Reactionary Rag II
    Reactionary Rag II


  • Dave Nielsen
    Dave Nielsen

    Whoops! I meant to watch the Avett Brothers. Must have mis-clicked on a Jason Aldean video.

  • JMI:BuffaloRiverEnlightenment

    What's up huge fan hit me up

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