The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson
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  • somebody you know
    somebody you know

    Why were they on edge with their heart's racing unless they knew about it before hand? I remember watching it and thinking "Oh okay she doesn't want to be friends with him anymore and she is just letting us know to stop asking for another collab. K, cool"

  • hunt faulk
    hunt faulk

    Beautiful world of little kids

  • Thuyvantrangtinu Nguyen
    Thuyvantrangtinu Nguyen

    The her can not the realazxill rung her just whaythier something for liverd goen

    • hunt faulk
      hunt faulk

      do what now?

  • Mama Day
    Mama Day

    Oooooh when Jeffrey starts getting mad 😂😭😍

  • kiki castaneda
    kiki castaneda

    From Shane’s taking accountability video @12:13 “I would never talk about a child that was in any way inappropriate” blah blah blah “that’s not me” blah blah blah “I need therapy”. Look up rain on Twitter: “Shane mas children” This man is disgusting and needs to be put in jail. Why is a grown man doing and verbally admitting he’s a pedophile. How come no one put him to jail? We are ALL mandated reporters. His content was not OK! I didn’t know Shane until his documentary series with jefree star and I thought he was a really sweet and cool guy. But then I came across this thread on twitter and it BLEW my mind! He’s only mad at Tati because he was caught doing the wrong in his past. Ok, it was in his past, but no justice was provided for those young girls, including his NIECE!!! Yea, keep supporting the pedophile. What accountability is he talking about? Sir you need to turn yourself in to the authorities. Why do people think his content was ok? His own aunt thought the content he did with her OWN daughter was funny. Think about it, would you let your daughters be around this grown man? He said he’s not like this in real life, but he did it. He posted those videos. Watch the thread and then ask yourself that question. Take accountability by turning yourself into authorities! This has NOTHING to do with cancel culture. Oh and just so you know, he was still making some money off those videos before he was caught just recently! Let that sink into your head!

  • Sarah Gracey
    Sarah Gracey

    It’s clear that he had a part in this since he knew, 11 minutes after it was uploaded what it would be about, and that he was ready to watch it 11 minutes after it was uploaded.

    • Netsirk84

      I see videos come up all the time mere seconds or minutes after they are posted. So something comes up on my recommended videos just minutes after it posted, and I knew it was coming or must have been a part of it? That doesn't really make sense. On top of that, if you look next to the "11 mins" it also shows that there had already been 96k views... And let's say he did know that she was going to do one...that doesn't mean he knew what was going to be in it. Im sorry, but I dont believe Tati's video for one second, it was so fake.

  • Bulletproof Army
    Bulletproof Army

    01:05:08 It's so hilarious 🤣.

  • • Moonlight •
    • Moonlight •


  • Stella Schmocker
    Stella Schmocker

    I love Shane ❤️

  • Paris Duggan
    Paris Duggan

    when shane basically vultured the beauty world. It was slowly built up and then he swooped in, made money off of these people and left, insulting them on the way out.

  • Paris Duggan
    Paris Duggan

    it's so upsetting that this has 1m likes

  • hannah azaira
    hannah azaira

    i just realised that shane isn't really that funny lmao

  • mary lukasik
    mary lukasik

    who’s watching the series in quarantine

  • starriix

    I loved these series, it brought a smile to my face, it gave me hope, that i can reach something like that. Shane, thank you for all the dreams and hopes! I know that we will meet in life, remember this comment. When we do i’ll tell you :)

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      be careful if you're underage

  • blake mcmurray
    blake mcmurray

    Jeffrey star looks is like an evil legolas

  • Cassandra LuLu
    Cassandra LuLu

    whos here after he was exposed

  • Netsirk84

    Everybody wants to come for Shane for being in the middle of the Tati/James drama...but y'all just remember he tried to stay out of it and constant comments, videos, DMs, etc, made him go ahead and put it in the series when he had already decided to leave it out.... And yes, I know there are other things that people are coming at him for, but this drama is what started the ball rolling.

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      @Netsirk84 whoops sorry didn't see the read more, my bad

    • Netsirk84

      @Paris Duggan I already have, and I already stated above that there are other things that people are coming after him for. Don't just read a partial comment.

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      im coming after shane because of the stuff he did on his own, watch the dangelowallace video

  • Clarence Chloe
    Clarence Chloe

    he private some of the series and now they're back with deleted comments, why?

  • paige smith
    paige smith

    that girl at 42:46 pretending to cry for a free palette lol i see you girl

  • Future Dad
    Future Dad

    I bet shane would vote pedophilia to be legalized that gross looking piece of human garbage shite

  • Chiara B 34 a
    Chiara B 34 a


  • Jack Ammo
    Jack Ammo

    People are literally repeating what they did to James last year, to Shane: never ending cancel even if he was not yet proven guilty, like, people there are no receits yet

    • Scoot • 5 years ago
      Scoot • 5 years ago watch this video its long but it explains everything perfectly

    • Jack Ammo
      Jack Ammo

      @Scoot • 5 years ago can i see it? There must be copies, just give me links or some shih

    • Scoot • 5 years ago
      Scoot • 5 years ago

      No theres receipts he just deleted all of the evidence

  • Jack Ammo
    Jack Ammo

    Shane looks like concerned for James and shocked about the "bye sister" video?

  • Yolande Thompson
    Yolande Thompson

  • Maria Venus Ver
    Maria Venus Ver

    I couldn't explain why I was just sobbing and crying from watching the entire video... it's full of excitement, anxiety, anticipation, authentic thrills, ups and downs, pure happiness, frustration, success, real deal business, emotional journey and (insert how else you felt)... This is a masterpiece Shane! I wanna congratulate you and Jefree for doing such an iconic collab with my virtual hand (real hand full of nose liquid and tears). 😅

  • amani rae
    amani rae

    Like he is like lonely please love him more than everyone else

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      please watch the dangelowallace video (but careful it's quite disturbing, there is a lot to unpack)

    • Kill this love
      Kill this love


  • amani rae
    amani rae

    I hate that everyone hate Shane Dawson

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      please watch the dangelowallace video

  • Whoaamanda !
    Whoaamanda !

    100% bet he didnt send the girl a pallet and it was for show I only came here to see shane be rude to people 38:00

  • Cxtiie ;
    Cxtiie ;

    Courtney is so happyyy

  • Megan Tipton
    Megan Tipton

    This is also proof how big of a manipulator that Tati is

    • S. K
      S. K

      So shane and Jefree isn't so manipulative?

  • Megan Tipton
    Megan Tipton

    Wow. So this is my 1st time seeing this. & after all the "drama" I've noticed like.. damned if u do, damned if u dont type shit. These ppl literally begged him to talk more shit about James. (Even tho he really didn't) anything he said after this was "analyzed" & turned against him. My opinion. Shane is genuinely a good person. Ppl feel like just bc they follow u, u need to put every sec of ur life online. & if they don't agree, they'll bring ur past up that uve apologized for literally a million times (every few years) up. Just so they can put ur name (plus) their drama in a title & make money off it. I'm over it. I'm one of the few that has followed Shane from the beginning. He has DEF changed! Also... if every bad thing you've ever done was publicized, I'm 100% sure ppl would try to "cancel" you. We've also done & said some fucked up shit. LEAVE SHANE THE FUCK ALONE!!!

  • true jacky
    true jacky

    Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down !! Ur pathetic I regret that I supported you, plus ur a Jaafar Starfish friend another toxic person so what can we expect.

    • true jacky
      true jacky

      Severn NOO U

    • Severn

      Shut the fuck up your spamming piece of shit fuck you

    • Matt V
      Matt V


  • Grace Bethany Scott
    Grace Bethany Scott

    I appreciate everything that goes into launching beauty products now. I was touched by how concerned Jeffree was about Shane. Congratulations guys you deserve the success!

  • FranFlix

    Am i the only who just saw this episode and dont no who the fuck is tati?

    • Brandon G
      Brandon G


  • •Lemon bee•
    •Lemon bee•

    M8 no one fucking cares about Jeff it's like you were planning your downfall

  • Debra Smit
    Debra Smit

    I love you Shane don’t worry about this is the time to see the real fans

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      dude, i was a real fan but after seeing the dangelowallace video I cannot support hi, you should really watch it, especially if you're so sure that you will still like him

  • you’re in the matrix
    you’re in the matrix

    bruh seeing all the red flags

  • Laiba Liba
    Laiba Liba

    Conspiracy pallette SD X JS❤

  • Jill

    So this video alone made almost $2M???

  • Nostalgia

    Notice how he keeps covering his mouth, he’s lying through his teeth.

    • Netsirk84


  • Kys

    Why do you act surprised about tatis video when you stated you knew she was gonna make it lol

    • Netsirk84

      Just because he may have known she was going to make a video, doesnt mean he knew exactly what was going to be said..

  • MunchyMonster 32
    MunchyMonster 32

    Theres a person in that big room got the corona, coughing and stuff... Just thought I'd point that out

  • Carlton Davis
    Carlton Davis


  • Carlton Davis
    Carlton Davis

    Fuck shane. That nigga stupid for that drama he caused.

  • Music Mochi
    Music Mochi

    Shane, in concerned. You haven’t posted in a while and it’s scary. You aren’t okay. You need to get your mental health okay and at least give us a sign you are okay. Please and thank you ~ Sam

  • Ash raf
    Ash raf

    Yall need to get a life

  • Caitlin Cook
    Caitlin Cook

    I wanna go back to these times... SO bad😞

  • iheartciara

    Didn't age well....

    • Caitlin Cook
      Caitlin Cook

      iheartciara nah profile pictures don’t mean shi and love how you didn’t deny it cuz yk I’m right lmfao

    • iheartciara

      @Caitlin Cook come up with a better profile picture

    • Caitlin Cook
      Caitlin Cook

      Come up w something more original lmao 😂

  • Gratifruit

    Funny how Sacha Baron Cohen can joke about rude stuff and its all ok. But when Shane does it everyone goes crazy....Accusing someone falsely is infuriating me!!!!!!!

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      in all those clips that shane said were out of context, the only thing context adds is him saying "Is this gonna get in into trouble" and the people he's with being VERY uncoumfortable

    • Nekri

      Falsely? Shut the fuck up

    • an oroc
      an oroc

      Go watch d'angelo Wallace video then come back because you seriously must be underestimating what Shane did

  • Charlotte Gilligan
    Charlotte Gilligan

    I love how Jeffree and his crew are all dressed up then theres Shane and hi crew in casual clothes XD

  • J Howard
    J Howard


  • Dangerous BLR
    Dangerous BLR

    I dont think he laughs out of fun but i think he was so broken he fake laughs because everyone is begging him for a launch etc while its not their buisiness i find those kind of fans toxic you dont even know what thats like all that stress

  • Terra Boo
    Terra Boo

    I don't even like cancel culture, but can we please cancel this man....

    • Caitlin Cook
      Caitlin Cook

      Paris Duggan I have...? The points they made were logical and well thought out but Shane isn’t a p3dophile and or a racist. He made dumb offensive “jokes” years ago for shock value that people actually enjoyed and cheered him on for and now has resurfaced when more and more people realised it was wrong and Shane realised it was wrong a long time ago that’s why he stopped doing those “jokes” and being those characters. Plus he’s done so much for so many his supporters aren’t just gonna up and leave because his past “jokes” have resurfaced.

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      @Caitlin Cook please please please watch the dangelowallace video

    • Ashish Agrawal
      Ashish Agrawal

      He should be in jail.

    • Caitlin Cook
      Caitlin Cook


  • Virginia Ivanovic
    Virginia Ivanovic

    So crazy their collection was called The Conspiracy Collection. If Tati is telling the truth(who the hell knows with that woman) makes me think it was an inside joke to call the collab Conspiracy(to ruin James) . I know Shane had that Conspiracies show but it could’ve been called that for both things. So wild. I’m not sure what happened but I believe none of these people. They are all confirmed liars at the very least.

  • Angie Ando
    Angie Ando

    I can’t stand either of these “men”… just unsubscribed from both!

  • Ann


  • Pamela Phillips
    Pamela Phillips

    Who knew fickle Morphe would drop them over PEER pressure less than a year later.

  • Kat

    ✨🧚‍♀️Shane Dawson does not exist in my life and he should not exist in anyones🧚‍♀️✨

  • true jacky
    true jacky

    Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down !! Ur pathetic I regret that I supported you

    • an oroc
      an oroc

      @Netsirk84 I misread apologies for that, and I won't forgive him, thanks have a great day too

    • Netsirk84

      @an oroc obviously you didn't read what I said. I said that I'm not asking/telling you to forgive him. I wouldn't tell anyone to. That's your choice. But have a great day!

    • an oroc
      an oroc

      @Netsirk84 I can go wherever I want to inspect any creator I want, if you think he's grown congratulations, but I don't really care what you think, in this person I never once bat an eye at I see arrogance telling another content creator he needs 'humble pie' in outburst frequently calling himself an 'empath' and praising himself whenever he helps anyone, being an apologist for people like tana mongeau and jake paul for views and traction, killing bobby burns with his 'kindness' and giving a kid hope to film him for his reputation, blackface to mimick POC and bring them down in his 20s in 2008... not the mid 20th century, kissing his fans telling them to twerk on camera sexualising children using a puppet that's meant to be a child to make jokes about molestation and rape, telling his 12 y/o cousin about sex, telling his child relatives to wear boob vests, sexualising a girl who shared her Instagram with him on podcast, what person says they want to pretend to be a pedophile?? Oh yeah! A pedophile. Instead of providing explanation for his predatory behaviour he removed all his content in an attempt to cover up his history and save face, but he can't, I don't care whether you think he's grown this rich man needs to be removed from the platform and if you're bothered by it tough luck, his dark history has caught up to him I don't see a changed man, he has glossed over his behaviour and was forgiven by people because they didn't know, if I saw his apology for blackface as a black person I would forgive him because I know people can change, but he's only apologising for what he got caught with Despicable that you ask me to forgive him as if he's obligated to my forgiveness

    • Netsirk84

      @an oroc if its a content creator that you never watched, or weren't interested in watching, then why are you here commenting on this shit? It makes no sense. I don't agree with some of his content, or some of the shit he has said in the past. But I've also seen, thru his content, how much he has grown and changed. He's apologized for his past videos on multiple occasions, not just since all this recent drama has come up. And it amazes me that tons of people didn't have a problem with that content until recently, when so many people have brought it up and told others to be mad about it. No, maybe you're not mad because someone told you to be...but there are plenty of "followers" out there that are jumping on the bandwagon of hate and cancel culture just because someone told them to. We've all made mistakes in our lives, the important part is whether we've learned and grown from our mistakes. Im not telling/asking you to like him, I'm not telling/asking you to forgive him, but its a little ironic to me that you're here commenting on stuff for a creator you've never watched....

    • an oroc
      an oroc

      @Netsirk84 I'm not mad because I'm being told to be mad, I'm mad because he has shown frequent predatory behaviour, what are you not getting? You really want to bring up the issues with 'cancel culture' to defend this scumbag? Until d'angelo Wallace released his video plenty of us didn't know and now we do and now we are saying shit

  • Zeffo [The local Alien]
    Zeffo [The local Alien]

    Well this aged well 👀 👄


      Zeffo [The local Alien] very

  • Georgia Button
    Georgia Button

    I'm so proud of you shane you are my inspiration


      Georgia Button better ❤️

    • Georgia Button
      Georgia Button

      @MR THICCUMS hmm yes just not the pedo and raisest parts


      Georgia Button no ❤️

  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa

    I'm so proud of you Shane. Do a illuminatea pallette with Jeffree pleaseeeeee

    • Paris Duggan
      Paris Duggan

      please watch the dangelowallace video

    • Just Jenn
      Just Jenn


  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa

    Someone got fired who fucked their site up lol

  • Ben Friday
    Ben Friday


  • Frank Novella
    Frank Novella

    YAY. Im glad this video is back.

    • El Señor Xan
      El Señor Xan

      is back?? what do you mean??

  • Jon morales
    Jon morales

    They both are fake. Tired of Shane being fake shocked at how life works. Fuck em both.

  • indighoul

    this should be renamed 'the beautiful world that shane stole from everyone else and gave to himself'

  • Dominic's Curiosity
    Dominic's Curiosity

    How could they just drop him after this

  • Someone.

    Watching this whole crap while I'm knitting (cuz really, who has time to watch 1,5 hours of zero actual content), and I just can't stand this people, like the whole video is Shane saying "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG". Jeffree saying "I've put so much time and energy in this", really dude??? because to me it seems the only thing you did was picking up colors huh? and hire people to do the job for you, but obviously, you getting all of the money. Full of stupid girls getting crazy cuz they can't buy shit, a girl saying "I never cry for anything, but... blablabla", yeah sure, seems legit. I just don't understand how so many people can follow and adore these literally vain and empty persons, they're *SO* far from being role models. I'll just gotta acknowledge the world is full of brainless people... So disappointing.

  • Andres Mosqueda
    Andres Mosqueda

    Every person who is leaving hate comments is stupid cause if you hate him you wouldn't be watching him and giving him views😑😑

    • Andres Mosqueda
      Andres Mosqueda

      @MR THICCUMS no on deserves to be cancelled not him not jeffree no one


      Andres Mosqueda he kinda deserves it tho. He through hate to the whole black community

    • Andres Mosqueda
      Andres Mosqueda

      @MR THICCUMS its true


      Andres Mosqueda umm ok

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