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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I miss Shane Dawson the VN-my community has so much makeup and beauty shit already and Shane was like a breathe of fresh air. He created unique content but this stuff is purely superficial it makes me sad.

  • xLalla

    12:38 don't mind me I'm just saving this

  • Viollet k
    Viollet k

    Yo, I been w you since like,, 2009, I just turned 18 this shit is crazy congrats man. That's absolutely lovely you've changed so much, lol shanaynay... ily

  • miss kosova
    miss kosova



    they bitches dont listen to them shane

  • Hannah Keyton
    Hannah Keyton

    I wish I could hang out with you not as a fan , we are so much alike Shane XD never change you beautiful piggy queen

  • nurul handayani
    nurul handayani

    Why i found shane’s continously surprised reaction is awkwardly irritating im sorry hes just confused all the time🙃 thanks to jeffree for always breaking the ice

  • Lucy

    I'm so glad you decided to listen to the wants of the viewers. It shows that you're open to criticism and you're able to take into account what the viewer wants. I appreciate it. Looking back, when it was fresh it seemed like a much bigger deal to the series than it was, but now I think even if it wasn't included at all, I don't think it would have made a difference tbh.

  • Na t
    Na t

    SO happy for you guys!!

  • Isla Robins
    Isla Robins


  • Isla Robins
    Isla Robins

    I miss his uploads ,I’m hell upset and lonely all the time and it’s all that keeps me going 🥺

  • It's not a phase It's a romance
    It's not a phase It's a romance

    He deserves it so much! He's such a genuine, nice guy and he and Jeffrey worked so hard on this!!!

  • Fatima Haider
    Fatima Haider


  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

  • Max Karlsson
    Max Karlsson

    Can you please make more conspiracy theories and vlogs please

  • Max Karlsson
    Max Karlsson

    Can you please make more conspiracy theories and vlogs please

  • Max Karlsson
    Max Karlsson

    Can you please make more conspiracy theories and vlogs please

  • Max Karlsson
    Max Karlsson

    Can you please make more conspiracy theories and vlogs please

  • Baby Zoë
    Baby Zoë

    Nate was like.... I just want pizza sthu

  • SinisterPrince

    I'm so happy for you Shane. You deserve every bit of your success.

  • Amra 1337
    Amra 1337

    In all honesty when it comes to editing it’s like I can barely hear them talk because the music is too loud.

  • Crazy Kookie Draws
    Crazy Kookie Draws


  • Actually Steph
    Actually Steph

    When is your merch restocking???? 😩😩😩😩

  • Natalie Harrison-Lim
    Natalie Harrison-Lim

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a fuck about the drama and is just happy and excited to see the making of the palette

  • Deathisjinx

    Talk about 1st world problems

  • Ashlee Erin
    Ashlee Erin

    I think there is ALOT that went on behind the scenes with lawyers during Dramageddon II, because Shane and Jeffree were both quoted as saying things "went too far." Jeffree and Tati both deleted everything. I think it went beyond youtube drama. I think James had a multi million dollar defamation suit on his hands, and it all got shut down real fast, and we'll never truly know the truth.

  • Nereyda Hernandez
    Nereyda Hernandez

    Litteraly cant be the only one crying by watching this 😭❤️ Been waiting for this for ever always watching every episode when they come out with my baby 😭😭 And seeing that 2 wonderful people come together to make this for us is like insane ❤️❤️ Unfortunately even though i wasn’t able to get it hopefully for the restock i can be financially stable 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Ria Miole
    Ria Miole

    I love seeing Jefree on his work mode and being angry when things dont work out since they prepped already for a few months. Just.. a big MOOD!!!! ❤

  • Monica Marie
    Monica Marie

    1:18:59 i thought they were 2 drews lmao

  • AlwaysUninvited

    I'm so sad the series is over

  • Akiiseru

    This was honestly the most wholesome thing that's ever been on the internet

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    Seeing Nate and Jeffree as a couple here makes me sad that they broke up :( They were so cute. And Nate is so damn fine lol DADDY 💦

  • dull delusions
    dull delusions

    soooo, months after this whole thing is over, the only thing that’s not sold out on the site is the mini controversy pallete. what the hellll

  • deletedData

    is tati a man or a woman?

  • Jennifer Michelitch
    Jennifer Michelitch

    okay but can you do more spooky boys videos or something, random

  • Valerie Felix
    Valerie Felix

    omg this made me smile soooo much🥺

  • Mikiah Vega
    Mikiah Vega

    I haven't been able to sit down and watch this video. For one thing everyone is busy and for two I have had my own personal stuff to deal with however I saw reviews, took part of trying to order something lol I will get it one day. Not worried about that. And I also saw like posts of when the mall of America thing happened. Shane, whether or not you see this comment, know that I have watched your content since I was 13 years old. I am now 24. And I have been through the ups and downs and through the gaps and I have also missed a chunk for like a year or two cause high school was hella stressful. But I am so happy and like astonished of how far you have come. The life you have made and continue to live and explore. I am absolutely in tears super proud for you and all your hard work. You have great friends and loving family who support you. I am so happy that despite all you have endured, you were and are going to achieve so much more and more blessings. Love you! Can't wait to see what you have next, your wedding with the love of your life and your lifelong friendship with Jeffree. People are a fan of you. You are what inspire others to continue no matter how long the outcome of hard work takes. Sincerely, an avid supporter of you and your work. ❤

  • Ditto Kun
    Ditto Kun

    I need my conspiracy theories

  • Ashlynn Flory
    Ashlynn Flory

    can you upload more

  • Victoria Insley
    Victoria Insley

    Why am I so proud of two strangers? I don't even wear make up! Just seems like Shane has such a big heart. I'm glad he savored this moment.

  • JLuna

    I like dogs too shane

  • supitsmeb

    When the dude said "fuck no you shouldn't say sorry" my bussy quivered.

  • Yaritza Torres
    Yaritza Torres

    Does anyone knws when the pallet going back in stock

  • Charlie Star
    Charlie Star

    New Jeffree x Shane vid on ShaneGlossin 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷😱😁

  • Anneka Hunchak
    Anneka Hunchak

    wow Ive never liked makeup, why am I crying so hard at this. So inspirational! Actually starting sobbing when the crowd yelled for Morgan, she deserves it!

  • Rocko Civilian for life
    Rocko Civilian for life


  • Jen Mills
    Jen Mills

    all these pissed off girls about the website, crying.... Come on... Its JUST a make up pallette....... 😒😒😒😒

  • journey squad
    journey squad

    More consperethers

  • Gracie Games
    Gracie Games

    I wish Shane would go back to his good videos his old vids

  • M H
    M H

    Maybe this has been said before, but damn Mark with his meaty arms. 🤤😍😮

  • Beware of the Allagater
    Beware of the Allagater

    Who else just wants Shane to upload conspiracy theory videos

  • Chrissy Moreno
    Chrissy Moreno

    Honestly I’m tired of Jeffery star. Kinda miss the spooky content, still love you Shane

  • Maggie Champer
    Maggie Champer

    can you imagine you have no idea there’s a meet and greet at the mall and you just wanna go shopping but there’s like a million screaming fans taking up the whole building

  • bre

    SHANE PLEASE UPLOAD. I’ve binge watched every video in the last 2 years. I need more content!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Riley
    Rachel Riley

    I fricken love you Shane. You are so genuine. I know I’m late but I’m balling my eyes out while watching this.

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    why’d everytime Shane started crying I started crying too😂🥺😭

  • kenny x47
    kenny x47

    Morgan's hot

  • teagan Harris
    teagan Harris

    I’m so fucking happy for you 2. I’m crying

  • Kawaii kiwi ʕ ᄋ ᴥ ᄋʔ
    Kawaii kiwi ʕ ᄋ ᴥ ᄋʔ

    Seeing Jeffree angry is terrifying Also I've never seen shane mad that's also scary

  • Brittany Tant
    Brittany Tant

    I Stan my sweet julien opening his first PR package 😭the dinks love Shane ❤️

  • Watermelon POPs
    Watermelon POPs

    Dude i need the song at 1:04:00

  • Mr & Mrs Lee
    Mr & Mrs Lee

    Also, Jeffree's anger is totally valid. In the call for them to not know or state the plan is VERY bad. The shitty side of the tech world is not all of us have the best tact in conversation especially in stressful situations. Website crashes are horrible things to experience even small ones. So many people calling, emailing, and angry. This makes me shudder. I would have been straight forward with Jeffree, being honest is always best in this situation most importantly for your relationship going forward.

  • Finding Nemo
    Finding Nemo

    I keep watching this and im just so happy for u shane I remember watching you since the beginning and you grew so far😭im so proud

  • Mr & Mrs Lee
    Mr & Mrs Lee

    Oh Jesus Christ, as someone who has worked in web maintenance... all the people clicking refresh over and over- I cried for the whole team lol. Advice for future launches as a consumer, don't hang out on the page.. add the link to bookmarks. Wait 5 minutes after posted time then open a fresh browser to the link. If you have issues close down completely and wait 3 minutes before trying again.

  • devon

    I would like to say that I am so happy to see men, women, kids playing with make-up. It's amazing to see both genders, young and old playing with make-up! Breaking them social boundries YESSSSSS!!!

  • Missy Figgy
    Missy Figgy

    I’m there for you 😊

  • McKayla Vianello
    McKayla Vianello

    Shane really deserves all this. He’s one of the best people in the world in my personal opinion.

  • Rosario Valdes
    Rosario Valdes

    Watched the series with my older sister. Didn’t watch an episode without her. When it released, it took me like 15 mins on the Morphe site to finally purchase it. I’m a guy that doesn’t wear makeup and watched it because I love Shane and I respect the hustle between both Shane and Jeffree. I surprised my sister with the Palette since she wasn’t able to get it and she thought I didn’t try and cried. Love her 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Rory Fan
    Rory Fan

    For the people who were angry they couldn't get it instantly calm the hell down. Just wait.

  • Brodie  Harvey
    Brodie Harvey

    Okay I’ve been crying this whole episode omg I’m so happy for them they deserve the absolute world

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