The Bells - Scary Short Horror Film
Virat Pal
Following a death in the family, its members start hearing a mysterious sound.
For the best viewing experience watch it in 4K.
Starring: Danny Barclay & Nell Rutledge-Leverenz
Written and Directed by: Virat Pal
#horrorshort #scarymonster

  • Bl4ck Ph03n1x
    Bl4ck Ph03n1x

    I hope to God I never hear random bells start ringing in my house

    • Johhan Windsalor
      Johhan Windsalor

      Aw tha is mate I needed that

    • Eli the video maker
      Eli the video maker

      Same dude

    • Rianna Jones
      Rianna Jones

      You got a lot to get on it to be honest with him he is the only way I gotta is your day you gotta was your time and we got our little sister in law you know you got me some stuff to go get food 🥘 I gotta

    • Rianna Jones
      Rianna Jones

      U you don’t wanna was the day you got to

    • Herbert Harris
      Herbert Harris


  • Arlyn Litawen
    Arlyn Litawen

    Thats a fake blood

  • Arlyn Litawen
    Arlyn Litawen

    Do you know the mouth has been copy

  • Johan Newaz
    Johan Newaz

    When he picked up a glass bowl to fight with, I realized how effective short horror films could be for the gun lobby/NRA.

  • Johan Newaz
    Johan Newaz

    Dude looks kinda like a young will Ferrell.

  • KiwiTheGamer

    *Laughs in cringe at the monster* 😂

  • Reina Garcia
    Reina Garcia

    Oh no

  • tinylilmatt

    I wish they wouldn’t show the monsters in the thumbnail of these horror shorts. Spoils the scare

  • Inocentz

    Is this a visual representation of "For whom the bell tolls" and the monster is the grim reaper?

  • Claire Daley
    Claire Daley

    4:12 clearly the demon was having her period

  • Kamikaze Fish
    Kamikaze Fish

    Siren Head can do more than sirens

  • Jacob Bartavelle
    Jacob Bartavelle

    i think its jacksepticeye ringing them bells quarantine club

  • stoneonyx 429
    stoneonyx 429

    It’s like the bells are some sort of SCP and when you acknowledge them the SCP comes to kill you

  • Lucas Ferguson
    Lucas Ferguson

    What if this video is what a child thinks is what happened to their father when they left them and they think the same will happen to them

  • Pennybody Dovey
    Pennybody Dovey

    R.I.P Eardrums🥀

  • NL_ pixii
    NL_ pixii

    haha jokes on you my tinnitus is always there

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen

    Smoking that loud 😂👀💀💀

  • Nicholas H
    Nicholas H

    its the lady shes the reason

  • Aaron Manuel galazan
    Aaron Manuel galazan

    Im am so scard Me whatg: omg im scard hare the nose

  • billnyetherussianspy 69
    billnyetherussianspy 69


  • MistyUnicorn 12
    MistyUnicorn 12

    We are not a big fan Dog 🐶

  • Tik Tok name noahembryoof
    Tik Tok name noahembryoof

    I hope I never have this happen

  • Tanija Warren
    Tanija Warren

    Who else came here bc they dont have Netflix

  • Piper Shope
    Piper Shope

    Before I watch this is there jump scares

  • pop moiu
    pop moiu

    I thought it was my tinnitus at one point

  • Kristy Pescod
    Kristy Pescod


  • Chanoc 916
    Chanoc 916

    It's like a banshee from supernatural

  • Mr Omega
    Mr Omega

    Maybe it's just me, but I swear the mother knows something about the monster or is the monster.

    • Markus Roth
      Markus Roth

      She seems to hear the bells. Moreover, husband was alone when he was killed. His son is not. So what will his mother be doing when the monster appears?

  • Scrubbing Bubble
    Scrubbing Bubble

    So is it like a curse that kills all of the men in the family?

  • Mr. Reks
    Mr. Reks

    In the name of the holy Gods it's really scary ( ⁰д⁰)

  • AnImperfectCircle

    Ok but could anyone tell what was in the fabric at 4:26 that freaked the guy out

  • Brenden B
    Brenden B

    when the video end but the bells don't

  • Alex Tugui
    Alex Tugui

    If I saw that monster I would brush its teeth

  • Christopher Roberts II
    Christopher Roberts II

    I want this team to make a full fledged horror movie with these great ideas

    • Eliah Kalyta
      Eliah Kalyta

      id watch them

    • Eliah Kalyta
      Eliah Kalyta

      same it's great

  • DlH Hood
    DlH Hood

    Im glad im not wearing 🎧

  • Mamelodi _2016
    Mamelodi _2016

    there is a church close to where i live and you know that i freak out when i heard the bells

  • lo gan
    lo gan

    Why did the monster have wierd teeth on its neck

  • Idc Idc
    Idc Idc

    Asss im watching this late at night trying nkt to scream

  • erox 252
    erox 252

    Infinite included your video

  • Lucas Nordgren
    Lucas Nordgren

    i couldn't watch it all

  • Exaltedsphin

    im here because channel rest in peace

  • fuffoon

    I'm not much for monsters but I like the very toothy ones! I need a screen shot to make a poster for my children's bedrooms!

  • makkaramies

    So first of all, we know these are in head because anyone else can not hear them. Both of the victims were men and monster was - i guess, woman. Man heard bells just before he died, boy didn't die in video, but we can guess he is going to die. Monster wasn't human. Both victims talked to/was with woman when they heard bells.

  • Braedyn Blasi
    Braedyn Blasi


  • The Super Shiny Mega Gengar
    The Super Shiny Mega Gengar

    5:21 Wtf?! Freaking Malena from Mortal Kombat?!

  • Joker Arsene
    Joker Arsene

    Me: -shreching at video, cause its going to attack a kid, turns it off- Me: -still hears bells in house- Me: THE FU-

  • Muzik Bike
    Muzik Bike

    Last thing that the bat at the Ozzy concert saw: 5:26

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown


  • Carlos Chinesta Sevilla
    Carlos Chinesta Sevilla

    That´s what happens to you when you are surrounded by Apple ecosystem.

  • furkan kaçar
    furkan kaçar

    Thèse are no 3 milion çowards in Thé world

  • Mighty Power
    Mighty Power

    i live near a church..thats fucked

  • Ace Widdlewade
    Ace Widdlewade

    That thumbnail monster looks so fucking cool I wish to find a horror game that has it ,especially a vr horror game

  • trappednoodles

    lets be honest. we skipped a bunch in hopes we skip the jump scare and we are prepared for it

  • Dust of Ashes
    Dust of Ashes

    im 23 years old and i still got my left hand on the sound botton and the right one on the mouse to roll down.not to talk about the minimized screen size.

  • Dust of Ashes
    Dust of Ashes

    of course i'll watch it when im alone and it's dark outside. now the thing is,tomorrow i'll do it again even though i won't get any sleep this night.

  • Its Chris9879
    Its Chris9879

    why is it that when I saw this for the first time, I just thought of " I HEAR JERUSLM BELLS A' RINGIN"

  • Video game lover 2006
    Video game lover 2006

    That’s terrifying make more videos

  • Gipsy Cracker
    Gipsy Cracker

    Jim: making fun of earrape videos | The Bells: PAYBACK MF

  • Alex Ilao
    Alex Ilao

    Very good movie

  • Alex Ilao
    Alex Ilao

    Holy cow that was scary woah

  • Hilo Garza
    Hilo Garza

    Girl Bites man

  • Evil Angel
    Evil Angel

    5:23 is so flipping scary even grown ups will get scared.

    • Markus Roth
      Markus Roth

      It's the good old watch and you're dead routine.

  • Samuele Signori
    Samuele Signori


  • 34394 Media
    34394 Media

    You’ve seen it. Now he can hear you. You’ve touched it. Now he can see you. Never ring it. If you hear it, he can touch you.


    what the freck is that thing in the door bell is ringing

  • Hollow XOXO
    Hollow XOXO

    If I saw this ‘bell’ I would kill myself because I want the satisfaction of killing myself XD

  • Kai Robinson
    Kai Robinson

    For anyone who is hiding in the comment sections Here is a cookie ;P

  • Scorpion - GET OVER HERE!!!!
    Scorpion - GET OVER HERE!!!!

    its like mona lisas evil twin sister

  • Dawko The Second Or Flapped Wings
    Dawko The Second Or Flapped Wings


  • F Britannia
    F Britannia

    Bah, this had a good thing going with the bells thing, then it turned into your typical monster horror short film, and that was lame. I liked the beginning, it had a really cool thing going for it.

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