The Bells - Scary Short Horror Film
Virat Pal
Following a death in the family, its members start hearing a mysterious sound.
For the best viewing experience watch it in 4K.
Starring: Danny Barclay & Nell Rutledge-Leverenz
Written and Directed by: Virat Pal
#horrorshort #scarymonster

  • Bl4ck Ph03n1x
    Bl4ck Ph03n1x

    I hope to God I never hear random bells start ringing in my house

    • Ghostcos. Heehee
      Ghostcos. Heehee

      ヲモタR YT i'm 15

    • ヲモタR YT
      ヲモタR YT

      @Ghostcos. Heehee I will be there for you too

    • Ghostcos. Heehee
      Ghostcos. Heehee

      ヲモタR YT delete yourself off the internet

    • ヲモタR YT
      ヲモタR YT

      I will be there if you hear them 👉👌

    • Zeck-Gaming '
      Zeck-Gaming '


  • oOmialuOo

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  • Total Annihilation
    Total Annihilation

    One year old, today!

  • Tenorio Cover
    Tenorio Cover

    4:07 aaaaa adet olmuuş

  • Ankita Gupta
    Ankita Gupta

    It's written and directed by an Indian...loved it...

  • Ore Creeper
    Ore Creeper

    Did the dead guy switch genders for something reason and why

  • Sam Kelley
    Sam Kelley

    The scariest thing about this is that he wears shoes in the house

  • Flavi Hernandez
    Flavi Hernandez

    These short stories got me addicted 🤣👌

  • skybyte4me

    I hear a lot of bell here in our house because of the catholic church

  • Dustin J
    Dustin J

    I watched this in a cemetary at 3am

  • Dante Inferno
    Dante Inferno

    Cover me guys, I too am going full screen mode...😟

  • Mary Ulroan
    Mary Ulroan

    Man I should of never what that videos

  • Jackson Toxic
    Jackson Toxic

    Goddamn it’s not that loud

  • Jackson Toxic
    Jackson Toxic

    Take out the e and add an a hehehehe

  • Skyrim guard
    Skyrim guard

    Ghost and other imaginary creatures don't have rights to live in someone's house. they are primarily criminals, and only then ghosts. I hope to see film that shows what happens to these vermins

  • Aliyeva Samira
    Aliyeva Samira

    Jump-scare I'm going to point a gun in my freaking head

  • Arely Millan
    Arely Millan

    I can hear the bells ...

    • Arely Millan
      Arely Millan

      get it cause hairspray

  • Jay Ramsey
    Jay Ramsey

    For whom the bell tolls

  • Sayan Nandi
    Sayan Nandi

    At 2:10 I was like "Ahhhhh, my ears!!!!"

  • Roblox Daily
    Roblox Daily

    Who neeeds a snackkkk? Here are some stuff ssᎬᎬsᎬᎬs

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine

    Did anyone else go to the comment section to feel safer

  • TC LoneWolf89
    TC LoneWolf89

    Now thats scary Finn Balor style but i want this film a long one

  • Jim R
    Jim R

    I"m assuming the little boy is next?

  • Am snek 616
    Am snek 616

    Y’all, what was in the towel??

  • Am snek 616
    Am snek 616

    That lady saying “hellOOO” was so irritating, anyone else?

    • Dominika Dúbravská
      Dominika Dúbravská

      Am snek 616 exactly!!!

  • BlueGuise

    4:07 What is that?

  • BENJAMIN Watson
    BENJAMIN Watson

    lm scay


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  • banni Cormier
    banni Cormier


  • bad boy
    bad boy

    uzbeklar ham kuradimi shuni do‘stla borligizni bildirila

  • Mango Anime
    Mango Anime

    Who else is watching these just to find a Halloween costume

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    4:16, someone was on the rag, pretty bad too ngl lol

  • Lisa Faamoana
    Lisa Faamoana

    Roses are red Violets are blue There is clown But you never find a clue Good luck

  • Deadknight12

    Don’t worry it’s not that scary I saw the scary part 7 times straight than I was fine

  • Atuf Khan
    Atuf Khan

    I read it 'the balls'

  • Thang Trang
    Thang Trang

    5:22 Thanks me later

  • Taina Jacob
    Taina Jacob

    She gotta brush her teeth though.

  • Congratswanwood Wanhud
    Congratswanwood Wanhud


  • Meow_ Is a weeb
    Meow_ Is a weeb


  • D DeWitty
    D DeWitty

    She smart.. I don't hear shit!

  • Davo gifman
    Davo gifman

    Man that's one hell of a case of tinnitus... lol

  • Billy Andrew
    Billy Andrew

    Man, I'd have busted her teeth, then stomped that jaw to splinters. Not bravery or macho, but just knowing something with all those teeth could only intend me harm and doing my best to take it by surprise. Lol.

  • Sarojini Chandane
    Sarojini Chandane

    If I would have seen this I would run off man ...😖😖

  • [Zoomie]

    This girls is very scary

  • Grace Almeida
    Grace Almeida

    Cómo faço para colocar legenda nesse filme?

  • Ghostcos. Heehee
    Ghostcos. Heehee

    i'm not going full screen i'm not i refuse

  • Trashcan Stories
    Trashcan Stories

    Love this, but oh my god the ringing. I had to turn it down, XD

  • Zyriel Clavel
    Zyriel Clavel

    Scared as hell

  • stick

    The thing was boring, that's why I disliked and unsubbed

  • Qasim Sarwar
    Qasim Sarwar


  • Nathan Battraw
    Nathan Battraw

    imagine if he had just walked outside scary monster *dang it another one went outside* bell ringer: what now scary monster *lets move on, theres no point now*

  • av 26
    av 26

    Really!? This was it!? Who even got scared on this film. Looks like there is not any video on yt that can scare me.

  • Aathithyan Aathithyan
    Aathithyan Aathithyan

    5:23 oh what a tooth

  • Krisan Gordon
    Krisan Gordon

    Did he really turn then turn off the lights, see blood and follow bloody foot prints in a dark room?

  • Batkhishig Gantumur
    Batkhishig Gantumur

    Just call dean and sam dammit

  • Jazzy Playz
    Jazzy Playz

    Roses are red Violet's are blue She's in your house Like to undo

    • Ghostcos. Heehee
      Ghostcos. Heehee

      **spams like 12 times**

    • 1000 subs with no Vids
      1000 subs with no Vids

      Jazzy Playz that was a good rhyme I got to hand it to you also I liked

  • james4592225

    5:22 My a$$ clinched and my d*** shriveled up into a prune!! Scared the s*** outta me!!!

    • Jeff Kealy
      Jeff Kealy

      I laughed unexpectedly hard, at this.

  • Isaias Ferreras224
    Isaias Ferreras224


    • Isaias Ferreras224
      Isaias Ferreras224

      1 LIKE 1 agree

    • Isaias Ferreras224
      Isaias Ferreras224

      1 like l 1 AGREE

    • Isaias Ferreras224
      Isaias Ferreras224

      1 like 1 AGREE

  • Romi Singh
    Romi Singh

    Honestly saying guys no matter how scary the video is after reading your comments on the video I feel much less scared and your comments are really funny thank you guys for your comments on scary videos

  • Deniz

    WHERE IS THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alicia Ahumada
    Alicia Ahumada

    This gave me the spooks

  • Eduardo Martinez
    Eduardo Martinez

    One foot out of the blanket. Wish me luck

  • Troy Townsend
    Troy Townsend

    I gave a little cheer the moment he picked up a weapon. Ghost or not, Ima have something in my hands. Spoke too soon. Guy let me down.

  • The Scary Truth Catalyst
    The Scary Truth Catalyst

    I watch so much big budget crap in the cinema, then I see genuinely good short movies like this made for next to nothing! How come?

  • Marosanjasmin Matosan
    Marosanjasmin Matosan

    Ce tare e filmul acesta

  • Richard Lou
    Richard Lou


  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan


  • Gaugem28


  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    How's scared?

  • E6IX Productions
    E6IX Productions

    Nice work.

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