• Quackity

    Thank you so much for your patience! I hope this nearly 20 minute long video can make up for that absence. I've been working on big things including the whole YouTooz toy, you can win one by following the instructions on this page: quackity.youtooz.com Thank you again for all your support, love you all

    • Fade Guillen
      Fade Guillen

      Liked by quakity

    • Gp Trip
      Gp Trip

      Pfft he love his comment :3

    • Leby Life
      Leby Life

      XX PG.dude im 8months late

    • Sr. Fruit
      Sr. Fruit

      the amount of sound effects is a m a z i n g.

    • Fugu Chad
      Fugu Chad

      Samuel Da Best stfu

  • Peeper :D
    Peeper :D

    At 13:30 he wrote ten minutes in hebrew but the letters were flipped

  • ?

    What is this trash cartoon named jojo and why are their hella weebs in the comments?


    13:29 its in Hebrew i know Hebrew it dosnt mean anything

  • Crispy

    this video was made on my birthday

  • dio kinnie
    dio kinnie

    i hear a jojo reference in a quackity video i like

  • alex tales
    alex tales


  • Red Sìlence
    Red Sìlence

    תוקד רשע

  • YoungGuardianShard

    Is it just me, or that generally when it comes to photoshop a lot of dudes made it to final while it's an art contest it's girls?

  • Rurger Gaming
    Rurger Gaming

    Aren’t you the guy that got rick rolled 10 times in a row

  • Jeffrey Shill
    Jeffrey Shill

    Smack it against the brick wall morgan freeman

  • adham proleo345
    adham proleo345

    I can hear it say HELP ME

  • BarisGaming

    13:29 in hhebrew

  • New Justice
    New Justice

    I wish this was live

  • Peyton Peyton
    Peyton Peyton

    MONIKA FROM DDLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kakyoin

    I like how there's so many jojo sound effects

  • Bruno K
    Bruno K

    How many jojo references are here ?

  • Bandit

    13:29 I'm impressed.

  • Candy Cakeky
    Candy Cakeky


  • José Tomás Rehbein
    José Tomás Rehbein

    habla mejor al español criptonito

  • Panchito Anita
    Panchito Anita

    The way you stop the baby from crying is you beat the f out of him

  • The Three Anime Broz
    The Three Anime Broz

    I heard dios "WRYYYY!" at the start of the vid

  • Memes and weird stuff Daily
    Memes and weird stuff Daily

    1:48 dio intensifies

  • Big Lion
    Big Lion


  • Kelvin Aja
    Kelvin Aja

    I hate drug and alcohol and weed

  • Kelvin Aja
    Kelvin Aja

    Don't come to my house

  • Angelicc

    (8:12) 🤣😂☠🤣😂☠🤣😂☠🤣😂☠🤣😂☠

  • Blox Jacob
    Blox Jacob

    i thought the toy was rock lee

  • Alpha Misty
    Alpha Misty


  • Sven Vølstad
    Sven Vølstad


  • ItsCool.
  • James Vachon
    James Vachon

    2:12 ad hehe

  • Zachary Kaleb
    Zachary Kaleb

    Edit overload

  • Randumb Cool Harleigh
    Randumb Cool Harleigh

    I need Inbetweeners referent

  • Enzyme_effect


  • Nick Papen
    Nick Papen

    guys why is morgan freeman at my door with a shotgun

  • Santa_isnt_ real1
    Santa_isnt_ real1

    The amount of JoJo references is d'molto

  • Natalie Gill
    Natalie Gill

    the amount of jojo references in this video makes me happy

  • Blake Koppen
    Blake Koppen

    Man really bought minecoins

  • mikha hutapea
    mikha hutapea

    Can someone please tell me what that child or meme name is in 5:37

  • Benedict Fishy
    Benedict Fishy

    That last round made me cry of laughter Quackity how dare you? xD

  • 200 subs with no vids chalice
    200 subs with no vids chalice


  • JellyPlayz

    11:23 Quackity Predicted Piggy In Roblox Lol

  • lyric_ cracker
    lyric_ cracker

    14:20 *"OH MY GOD"*

  • Zikanglim09

    Wait.. this duck toy thing came out, when i started dating someone..

    • devilishood

      congratulations 🎉👏

  • Racoon


  • boyre 1
    boyre 1

    1:07 that picture of the smoking fish chicken is my dads number picture

  • Thomas Mattsson
    Thomas Mattsson

    Where did you get your name?

  • hilla the gamer
    hilla the gamer

    When there was the sound of an alarm clock, he wrote something in Hebrew "שוקד רשע" lol i am from ISRAEL lol 13:29

    • hilla the gamer
      hilla the gamer

      @alex tales but i hate kpop too -_-

    • alex tales
      alex tales

      hilla the gamer i checked your account it’s littery low qaulity animations I hate kpop

    • hilla the gamer
      hilla the gamer

      @alex tales First i am a gamer girl Second i am an anime fan rip

    • alex tales
      alex tales

      your not gamer I can only tell why kpop and anime peoples have no feelings

  • Елизавета Найтпаф
    Елизавета Найтпаф

    5:38 оп русские мемы подъехали :D

  • papu alfonso
    papu alfonso

    the date of this video is my birthday

  • maxrxm

    quackity better watch jojo right fucking now

  • heyitsvick

    everyone: carefully picks up toy, so that nothing will happen to it Quackity: *YEET*

  • Hiro 016
    Hiro 016

    Make chungus quackity into a skinny dentist so gru right?

  • Zane Ducasse
    Zane Ducasse

    Let’s salute to our fellow gamer 18:00

  • Kayleigh Funkhouser
    Kayleigh Funkhouser

    If I can't put that You Tooz in the bath with me and let it battle with my shark toy I'm not buying it.

  • Derek Cusick
    Derek Cusick

    9 jojo refrenses

  • James Dierker
    James Dierker

    10/10 editing.

  • Jason ventura
    Jason ventura

    why does quackity has a doll in hit home?

  • BasicGermen xoxo
    BasicGermen xoxo

    yooooo is that a fucking jojo reference?

  • Camryn Peake
    Camryn Peake

    *cough cough* this was more terrifying then funny but it was hilarious 🤣

  • Momo xd
    Momo xd

    Big Mac Bann ihn weg

  • Green Gang
    Green Gang

    Does he film in a fucking bunker???

  • kyle palma
    kyle palma

    I do not think your mom loves you....

  • The Raptor37
    The Raptor37


  • *Sans the skeleton*
    *Sans the skeleton*

    2:19 how do you stop this baby from crying? A)Give it a b- **throws something at the baby and the baby stops wining**

  • S Lee
    S Lee

    I'm just rewatching this video and I just realized how many jojo clips are in this video

  • Eli Karasanti
    Eli Karasanti

    13:30. why did quackity write evil in Hebrew??

  • SuperiorDreams

    you ask for people to buy this shit more than logan paul plugs his merch

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    1:52 I got the earfquake

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