The Disturbing Horror of Devotion
Super Eyepatch Wolf
Devotion is a very spooky game in a very complicated situation.
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  • Yubi K.
    Yubi K.

    Pretty fascinating stuff.

  • Josey Strife
    Josey Strife

    I think the most tragic part of Devotion is that Li Fong had planned to come back after filming and was planning to take her family away to something peaceful which is probably why we see her just before getting on the elevator

  • Ryne Agheilim
    Ryne Agheilim

    You talk about video games, anime and wrestling for a living? Must be nice

  • Anirudh Goud
    Anirudh Goud

    Fuck China.

  • Mike Amarilio
    Mike Amarilio

    Hey! So I said I would pitch into your patreon a few weeks ago, but never got around to it. I finally set up the account, and just signed up to support yours as well. I figured I'd leave the comment on my favorite video of yours. This piece is what sucked me into your channel. I'm not even big into anime (other than the legends, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Shamploo, Ghost in the Shell), but I learn so much from videos like these, and wanted to make sure I supported a great creator. Keep up the great work, much love!

  • Komal Siddiqui
    Komal Siddiqui

    BUT #AMERICA is still following this regimen of Killing 99 innocent for 1 guilty INFACT America killed #MILLIONS OF INNOCENT by Invading bombing and DESTROYED So many Countries in the last 30 years in the world !

  • Irene Hsiao
    Irene Hsiao

    FYI, Red candle is releasing the physical version of this game. If someone wants to try, go for it.

  • J G
    J G

    Red candle is really good. The way how they deliver “horror” is something you won’t easily forget after you finished playing their games.

  • Sebastian Holst
    Sebastian Holst

    A chilling detail about the scene where we see the daughter lose by one point, and the announcer reads out the results: The mandarin word for "88" sounds a lot like the mandarin word for "father", therefore when we hear the word "88" being repeated over and over it can be interpreted as the daughter calling out for her father. Got me shitting my pants

  • ODNU


  • Pheonix19581

    11:10 holy fucking shit I have ptsd & a panic disorder and have never seen a better representation of what a panic attack from screaming feels/looks likes...

  • starchys graveyard shift
    starchys graveyard shift


  • sads666

    Not sure if Eyepatch Wolf has watched the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that was done to promote the game that covers alot more background of the entire story and a sequel of sorts: And a breakdown of the trivia: Both videos are straight from the game producers. Leading up to the game's release, the official FB also released alot of photos that gives insight to the building the family lives in and hints at many other tragedies and happenings. The game is also getting a special edition physical release in Taiwan (only).

  • Louie Punzal
    Louie Punzal

    watching this and knowing how china is also slowly invading my country right now it feels too real.

  • Dingo Egret
    Dingo Egret

    everyone is going to watch this as yet another reminder of the awful atrocities committed in history and be horrified. then go on to witness even worse atrocities committed today by the US and China and go to sleep. or worse, support "their side" against the enemy

  • Howdy H
    Howdy H

    How come it took me one year to find this video and your channel!! Amazing work!! Also since there seems to be some folks and comment around this week here, I'd like to share something less known outside the Chinese user community. _ (May Contain Minor Spoiler) _ 1.There was a HUGE Pre-game Puzzle ARG for Devotion Back in Jan.16 2019, a month before the game itself released, Red Candle lanch a alternative reality puzzle game, started around a fiction message of a girl got stalking. The event indicating the existence of a blooming cult, and a man from the Gong family(later known by the fan as the nephew of the wife Gong Li Fang) are chasing after them. Their karma back in the 80s later revealed in Devotion after the game came out in Feb.19, which is the story now we all know. (So, yes, in Red Candle Universe Mentor Heauh and her cult still exists till today.... More organized and powerful.) The ARG event itself is definitely nuts, detailed, complex and supper disturbing as Devotion itself. And it was held in such scale that requires participants went from online to a park in capital city, at the end went on six city all across the country in able to get to the bottom of the scheme. Words cannot describe the amount of passion and madness, there's a dedicated documentary with ENG subtitles, links below _ 2.Cutural Details There is tone, literally tone of details in Devotion, and there are quite a lot of them required some inside cultural knowledge to notice. Take some clip from the video for example: The mahjong(Chines poker) tabel in 06:36 is first, actually playable, and second, after some fans analysis every single tileson the table, turns out the three guest player( accordingly to another in game note are the wife's relatives) were ganging up cheating money out of the host, which most likely be the main character Mr. Du. Moreover, if you search those three family title in google, the first thing pop up will be a news of domestic murder for insurance money…yea the family is pretty mess up in the first place _ In 10:36, 88(bā-bā) sound nearly identical to "Daddy"(爸爸 bà-ba), a clear metaphor while the high pitched distorted screaming resemble a little girl's voice. _ The mannequin in 13:35 are 金童玉女(golden boy jade girl), paper dolls only used in funerals. They are servants for the decreased in the afterlife. For most players outside Asian, they might just be some creepy-cute doll. However, anything associate with funerals are great taboo in Taiwan and general Chinese-influenced culture. There's a deep, subconscious belief that thing for the death are hazard towards the living world. Object like 金童玉女will attract ghosts if not held properly, and their human figure make it more likely to do so. They are supposed to be burnt at the end. In funerals people will not dare to touch them or make direct eye contact, let alone seeing them lying idle outside where they should be. It gives us people a nearly physical disgust, like seeing something filthy or gore, even for youngsters without much religious beliefs like me. Another aspect from 金童玉女 is that these "paper toy" are meant to represent the wealth from physical world. (There are paper money, paper credit cards, paper car, paper mansion and so on lol ) The dead cannot take the physical wealth with them, so if there's something lack or loss back when the person's still alive, we will burn a paper mimic for them to ease the regret. Now a loving family is exactly what Du Feng Yu lost, and his greatest regret. The dolls mimic the family life are actually indicate Du Feng Yu could never retrieve the life in reality, the past that never come back. ...this has become much longer then expected so I might stop here for now, thank you for reading such long comment

  • Fiya

    Devotion has stuck around with me as one of my favorite horror games, I bought Detention just to compensate for pirating Devotion but I've loved Detention too! It's such a masterpiece, it's made me want to work with Red Candle sometime in the near future.

  • Ione de Leon
    Ione de Leon

    I'm so glad I found this channel 🤯💗

  • no one
    no one


  • Clam5hell

    wow. the fact that my living situation with my family used to have some similarities with this story... bruh no wonder i have ptsd

  • Kim Eyal
    Kim Eyal

    that kaiji ost♥

  • THRASHer_ RASHer
    THRASHer_ RASHer

    devotion now has a physical release and returns to taiwan!

  • El

    China doesn’t want people talking about the three T’s. Taiwan, Tibet, and Tiananmen.

  • CoCoCoffee

    Devotion is back!!

    • CoCoCoffee

      C. G. I think I heard that it’s only available in Taiwan for now, as well.

    • C. G.
      C. G.

      Sadly not on steam, though - seems like it's just physical copies, at least for now. (Source:

  • Sarara R
    Sarara R

    I'm an ESL tutor for kids in China. Pooh used to be a huge reward/motivation system in classes because he's a huge deal in China, almost more so than in the west. Kids looooove him. But we had to stop using Pooh stuff in lessons completely after the meme went viral. Now the kids can't even say his name. It's so weird.

  • Angel Zavala
    Angel Zavala

    That freaking sucks that because of one reference against a leader, it is restricted

  • Mohua Mouli
    Mohua Mouli

    This is a lot like Layers of Fear

  • Yurui

    As it stands now it's unclear if Devotion is going to be available on Steam again but if you really want to play it you can get it TOTALLY LEGAL from UNOFFICIAL websites. And did I mention it's completely legal?

  • Kalel Vigil
    Kalel Vigil

    People say that the CCP was bad but HOLY SHIT but KMT is way worse.

  • sniperbAit77777

    Maybe the folks in the comment section can learn something today: The Republic of China and The People’s Republic of China are very different. The Kuomintang were never socialist and they massacred tens of thousands of people during their occupation of Taiwan.

  • ooXChrissieXoo

    The intro is confusing af... Too much is lost through translation. But even as a Taiwanese, the entire 228 incident is such a confusing topic, because of how bias our parents and grandparents' view on it. It's heavily influenced by their political background to the point where you can't tell what's true in both side of it. But what was true is the horror that everyone (regardless of their background) lived through.

  • zilaa lapsa blue
    zilaa lapsa blue

    Great rewiew! The game looks relly cool.

  • Ahmed Surya
    Ahmed Surya


  • thisistheking Jay
    thisistheking Jay

    I can’t put into words how good this game was I don’t usually like horror (cause I’m scared) but this was worth the um pain so to speak

  • random person
    random person

    this video is decent DESPITE its whistles

  • Sashimi

    It's time to decide if you'd rather live like cattle or die for the right to be human.

  • Major Mαtt
    Major Mαtt

    This game looked familiar and then i remembered that jackspedicey played it. Then I stopped watching the video so i dont have to see the tounge rippping scene again. Note: I did actually fully watch the video

  • Sashimi

    Im so glad you told us spoilers because I honestly would have been sick to my stomach. Another father killing his kid. What a disgusting mother leaving her only child with someone showing obvious signs of insanity. The scariest part is people this desperate, stupid, and selfish really do exist.

  • conejosaurus rex
    conejosaurus rex

    so no download link (?)

  • Julian Tapia
    Julian Tapia

    Fuck china's govt

  • Scalyfoot


  • BrassPetals

    Such a shame about this game... glad I got to see it once, at least.

  • Dylan alogy
    Dylan alogy

    What’s the name of the movie at 9:11

  • Bárbara Guerra
    Bárbara Guerra

    This incident sounds a lot like Brazil's dicatorship period

  • Ben

    Wait wait. Just to clarify did the Chinese communist government as in the People's Republic of China get this game pulled or was it the Chinese Nationalist Government aka Taiwan or The Republic of China? I'm really confused why would the communist government want it pulled when it puts Taiwan in such a bad light?

    • excats

      Ben there were game files that made fun of Xi Jinping, China’s president. and as a result, Devotion got review bombed, and deleted from steam. Ive also heard that the publisher cant release it anymore because it “endangers national security” but i dont know the legitimacy of that.

  • Matthew Wyatt
    Matthew Wyatt

    Thats china alright

  • zpenguin65

    Well at least I can still pirate it. Also when are you gonna do a video essay on Christopher Robin

  • Fred⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Okay this intro is kinda relevant again nowadays

  • Alejandro España
    Alejandro España

    So is the game out yet?

  • Just a Snake
    Just a Snake

    Hey I can hear that Kaiji music in the background, I'm onto you...

  • Dmitri G
    Dmitri G

    The thing is I presume is happening when some of viewers hear "chinese government" in this video is that they perceive it as "CCP-led mainland China of today".

  • Skull Crusade343
    Skull Crusade343

    "The White Terror" heavily reminds me of the time when Ferdinand Marcos was still in power. Families and other politicians just disappeared when they were over-heard by officials.

    • ur mom gay
      ur mom gay

      Martial Law will never be forgotten by the Filipinos.

  • Luke Smith-Palomeque
    Luke Smith-Palomeque

    I've watched many many VN-myrs and am very much into video game introspective channels. And I must say, your concern is exceptionally well done. As a recent new subscriber, I felt you need more people telling you how good your stuff is, BRAVO

  • TindraSan

    "the Christopher Robin movie is a DELIGHT!" [thinks about the bit when Christopher Robin is yelling and berating Pooh, as they stand in the Silent Hill fog. Pooh can do nothing but look sadly at his beloved childhood friend with his dead beady eyes, nearly expressionless for the sake of looking more like a real life teddy bear]

  • 05inco0

    me, like most probably, going straight to search and get the game to develope more opinions and conclusions out of the experience apart of what this video provided and enjoy the delight Eyepatch: You cant buy sad pikachu face

  • Tropp

    life writes the most horrific horror stories

  • Magic Rainbow Elf
    Magic Rainbow Elf

    and now in the age of the rona the chinese government has killed millions, not that they'll ever fucking admit to it the fucks

  • hydraulic hydra
    hydraulic hydra

    I'll come back to this once I've played it! Also Detention looks lit af! ..And I can actually get that the legit way!

    • DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master
      DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master

      Yes you can it's available on PC, PS4 and I think Switch the game is fantastic I bought it after watching this vid and was blown away

  • Colipse

    *Cough cough* *cough cough*

  • ToySoldier Nerio
    ToySoldier Nerio

  • Catalina Landin
    Catalina Landin

    a very similar problema happened in Argentina in a miliytary gobern, leaden to thousends of misteryous deaths

  • Jonathan Wright
  • William Chan
    William Chan

    Freedom of speech leads to cults in Taiwan and SK, which is rare in mainland China. That's the reality and you could criticize China and Taiwan all day but in the end it is obvious that you cannot have both-- to have complete free speech and protect the people from cults

    • William Chan
      William Chan

      @Francis Board Coppola China is not fascist

    • Francis Board Coppola
      Francis Board Coppola

      I’d take the complete free speech and cults any day of the week over a fascistic dictatorship

  • Jerry Tom
    Jerry Tom

    both games I've played, I love them especially devotion, because it's easier to understand and visually fantastic.

  • sidharth cs
    sidharth cs

    1. Makes an impressive game 2. includes a meme that is insulting the president of a regional (if not global) power 3. gets review bombed 4. gets removed from steam What were the developers expecting to happen?

  • JoJo Lee
    JoJo Lee

    10:43 when the tv starts skipping, it starts repeating the number 8 over and over again, making it sound like the tv is saying "papa (baba)", as if it's his daughter calling for him to save her

  • C.T. Phipps
    C.T. Phipps

    Yeah, I think you could have done a bit more about the father's patriarchy and toxic masculinity. He's become focused on having the perfect family and is pissed that his wife is more accomplished than him [he can't write anything but how "perfect" his family is] and how his daughter is meant to be a superstar. The cult just serves as an excuse for him to exert more control over his female relatives.

  • Sacha Raphard
    Sacha Raphard

    I thought you'd be talking about the horror of real world devotion, I'm disappointed

  • lkirkup

    I hope this gets sold again. I really want too play it. I’m defined gonna be on the look out for this

  • Alpha Dragon Queen
    Alpha Dragon Queen

    R.I.P Devotion

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