The Final Destination (2009) KILL COUNT
Dead Meat
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    Dead Meat

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    • ZombieBobGaming

      The Isle in the race car stadium was 180

    • Joshua Romero
      Joshua Romero

      I saw you there but I could not say hi because there was two many people

    • MasterOfROBLOX

      @Hugh Da Gamer Same

    • The-RedPlanet-Studios

      Do The Banana Splits PLS!!!!!!!!

    • E Evv
      E Evv

      James i feel sorry for you when ever you cover bad movies. also 5:36 favorite line of the franchise cause i think it's real funny

  • Ja'Dacia

    You. Said. Seth. Rollins......I'm hitting that subscribe button dude

  • 1977Rider

    krista allen make a great success here in Brazil... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Technoson

    Is that Morgz in the thumbnail? I hope so he died, from drowning.

  • David Heuser
    David Heuser

    so wouldn't all of those people that didn't die in the theater and in the mall now be the NEW people on death's list?

  • Bob Sanders
    Bob Sanders

    The swimming pool death may have been inspired (lifted? stolen?) right out of a Harry Crews short story. Can't remember which one. I never see that written about anywhere - maybe not too many Final Destination fans, of which I am definitely one, are also serious readers, of which I am one - but I was stunned to find the swimming pool drain thang pulling intestines out of a story's hero's butt in exactly the same manner as here: except that in the story, the guy doesn't die. He's just, um, left without a lower bowel. I disagree, by the way, about this movie, but then I LIKE pretty people who can't much act. What's wrong with male-female eye candy, I seriously wanna know? Anyway, James A.'s usual charismatic delivery, even if I disagree with him 15% of the time, and wish he were a serious film academic / fan instead of WHAT??? pro wrestling????? really? C'mon James. You're too smart for that. Here's a request: start with The Third Man. See what happens.

  • Simon

    Well at least he got *S U C C E D* to death even if not in the way he would have wanted to...

  • Chris Hutchins
    Chris Hutchins

    The screw at the beginning was the "vibration" of the cars going by...but wind does do some hit man shit in this movie.

  • Daratasourus

    hunt is the definition of r/ihavesex

  • Travis Shan
    Travis Shan

    LOL Loved it when you dropped the quarter. The movie, not so much.

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP

    George us the only one i didnt want to die 😑

  • Tesla Grooms
    Tesla Grooms

    When I was in 5th grade my teacher used to sing the song Dixie during class almost on a daily basis. I didn't understand the meaning of the song at the time, but now that I'm older, I'm wondering how nobody complained about it.

  • TheCheese06z

    "Dying is easy, young man" HDKSJFIKDJFJD stop with the Hamilton refs

  • dark666105

    22:00 wouldn't that create a whole nother list of victims death has to kill as everyone that died in that explosion now lived?

  • AbsurdBirdDog

    Hunt Kill = Delta P Death = One of the worst ways to die

  • Emily Templeton
    Emily Templeton

    lol you should do freddy vs jason. like this so james can see this ;)

    • Eric Thornhill
      Eric Thornhill

      He has covered it:)......twice!

  • Rhiley Petellat
    Rhiley Petellat


  • LazyMuffin 987
    LazyMuffin 987

    Rest In Peace Shirley Walker...

  • Kobi Aranez
    Kobi Aranez

    How about the scene that the guy sacrifices himself and then the two girls get crushed by something?

    • Kobi Aranez
      Kobi Aranez

      @JJ Kilhij ohhhh ok

    • JJ Kilhij
      JJ Kilhij

      Kobi Aranez thats the alternate ending/a deleted scene

  • That1Kid mlar
    That1Kid mlar

    Damnit janit

  • caragio

    I still don't get it why she's cough up blood though she's been injured on her legs.

  • MrWashu12

    Every story starts and ends the same way no one lives so why continue to make them these movies should have ended at either the 1st 2nd or 3rd movie.

  • Donovan R
    Donovan R

    Quality drop is crazy.

  • kaber fucl
    kaber fucl

    IMO Melee and Ultimate's were the best.

  • Danny Default
    Danny Default

    And he watches WWE I definitely like him now!!

  • David Kenworthy
    David Kenworthy

    Did you notice at 3:34 the pillars say 180

  • David Laymance
    David Laymance

    21:16 where is my jojo reference

  • Lou-Darcie Lewis
    Lou-Darcie Lewis

    I was born when this movie came out

    • Lizzie's Lukas
      Lizzie's Lukas

      August 28th, 2009... you meant that exact date?

  • Ultraman fan375
    Ultraman fan375

    the makers of these movies do know this stuff dose really happen right??

  • dj rider
    dj rider

    I was born 2009

  • Avery Bell
    Avery Bell

    23:00 that looks better than the movie.

  • rebel khtana ehnis
    rebel khtana ehnis

    Did u see the 180 on the building

  • Christopher Bevens
    Christopher Bevens

    This is what I’ve been waiting for.

  • Yado Bear
    Yado Bear

    your fan bloody scared me

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez

    Thinking about it this is technically the actual final destination since in the fifth movie that took place before the first movie

  • Player One Begin
    Player One Begin

    What’s with the snake

  • A M
    A M

    It’s shitty effects because they made it 3D . Waste of effects

  • El Primo
    El Primo

    I saw that pool seen as a kid and it terrified me

  • Patrick McMahon
    Patrick McMahon

    First, LOVE the mallrats reference haha and second you rock

  • kylew0309

    Nate fROM LOT

  • Lady Mo'Nique
    Lady Mo'Nique

    Please do an MTV scream kill count!

  • N.S.A

    Dont forget Shirley Walker also composed for Batman the Animated series

  • Dr. Wolfula
    Dr. Wolfula

    You forgot about Georges death 🤮

  • FrostyPanda

    The hospital room of the old man was flooding thus thats why the water was seeping through the floor to johnathan's ceiling and was leaking at other parts of that room and the place where the tub fell is in the same area of where he was crawling to, though he would have been better off crawling towards the door to avoid being crushed to death.

  • Mike Hernandez
    Mike Hernandez

    This is why I’m scared of everything now

  • Korbsio

    Finally get the fletch stocktale joke after listening to the DnDnD podcast.

  • Min Ja dee
    Min Ja dee

    All I could say is Nick's bad at saving them

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda

    I would love to see Alita Battle Angel kill counts. I can't wait to see it!

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda

    Hey James,I would like to see the kill counts from the best anime remake Called ALITA BATTLE ANGEL. Is the best movie you'll EVER SEEN! You should watch this movie it's AWESOME! The movie has the COOLEST KILLS YOU'LL EVER SEEN!

  • Adam Bonnell
    Adam Bonnell

    Anyone else notice they're in section 180? Like flight 180 from the 1st one!!

  • Kyndall and Freedom
    Kyndall and Freedom

    Irvington’s like 5 mins away🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    I’ve always had a fear of pool filters, because I thought that would happen to me. I have never even seen this movie.

  • Asher Candy cane
    Asher Candy cane

    Hold on.. you wouldn’t die if a stone flew in ur eye... you would just be loosing a eye..

    • Lizzie's Lukas
      Lizzie's Lukas

      it's a big stone and it flew fast... pretty sure it hits the brain too

  • Takyreon Johnson
    Takyreon Johnson

    Dull machete goes to VN-my for age restriction final destination 6

  • Bigchunchun 7474
    Bigchunchun 7474

    6:34 big voice crack

  • ben

    fox only, no items

  • Apollo_ 909
    Apollo_ 909

    Do the banana splits movie

  • 畢業生1819陳日熙

    5:42 how regular students leave school

  • Trevor L.
    Trevor L.

    Hey, that’s the guy who plays Nate on Legends of Tomorrow!!!

  • Schazmen Rassir
    Schazmen Rassir

    Hey, hey, don't be silly. Those aren't PSX cutscenes. Thsoe are XBox cutscenes at the earliest.

  • James Rodgers
    James Rodgers

    Do IT chapter 2

  • sunimec

    When will there be a cabin in the woods kill count

  • Ryan Blanche
    Ryan Blanche

    The gore, so bad.

  • Mr Nolalife
    Mr Nolalife

    James is one of those people that can say the n word and no one will care

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup

    12:41 Do I sense Hamilton? (Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder)

  • Ja Boi Jake
    Ja Boi Jake

    I like Wrestling

  • Brookie Brook
    Brookie Brook

    Actually, that pool scene has happened before. A little girl sat on the drain and the drain was so strong, that it litterally pulled out her insides because they weren't fully developed. So now she doesn't even have a stomach to break down food. I feel bad for both him and her.

  • Charon X
    Charon X

    Final Destination Final Destination 2 Final Destination 3 The Final Destination The Final The

  • Sylas Kirkland
    Sylas Kirkland

    ... What was the snake for?

  • Alfonso Fernandez
    Alfonso Fernandez

    Sed de venganza de los dos

Tiếp theo