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  • Forever _Rae
    Forever _Rae

    orders a hydro flask *gets a real human baby* I Didn't OrDeR tHiS bAbY !?!??!?

    • Sandra Dore-ovie
      Sandra Dore-ovie

      @Lizzy Izzy lol

    • Sandra Dore-ovie
      Sandra Dore-ovie

      @GOOSE HONK meh will me like: 999 :-)

    • Sandra Dore-ovie
      Sandra Dore-ovie

      @ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ wait wait

    • Sandra Dore-ovie
      Sandra Dore-ovie

      @Christopher Colon woah and lmao :-)

    • Sandra Dore-ovie
      Sandra Dore-ovie

      @¿ - Glitch ? - lollllll

  • Peggy Tse
    Peggy Tse

    : you can turn into anything Me: turn into whatever

  • Pam Beard
    Pam Beard

    So beautiful 😍

  • flower. gal
    flower. gal

    me: watches Me also: hooman king wanna vanish witches. ME AGAIN: Hold up! WTH muggle? of i was there you will be dead IDK I dont kno this is offending or not, but idek sorry, im a potterhead (harry potter fan)

  • DarkSaturn Gamergirl48
    DarkSaturn Gamergirl48

    Espeon,and silvion as a witch

  • Shushi Chan
    Shushi Chan

    The title say gacha life mini movie Me:more like movie 26 minutes

  • Lana Lovrencic
    Lana Lovrencic

    This is like a film it is sooooo good! :D

  • Maria Gabrielle yes it is me
    Maria Gabrielle yes it is me


  • Katheryn Mckenzie Trail
    Katheryn Mckenzie Trail

    Can i be the death witch

  • Christine Large
    Christine Large

    Part2 plz

  • Francis General
    Francis General

    Why would she have a toilet in her room is that because just in case :3

  • Wayne Cooper
    Wayne Cooper

    C yt?

  • Lexiboo#wildchild

    This is how many steps King gets 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Sandra Dore-ovie
    Sandra Dore-ovie

    Lol peps

  • huehuehue honhonhon
    huehuehue honhonhon

    Bruh witches are fucking humans, I would know

  • Foxie Left
    Foxie Left

    Book: DeAtH The girl: wow this is helpful!

  • Mitchellene Sankar
    Mitchellene Sankar

    Imagine a sad part of the glmm is happening and a happy song is playing

  • Rainbow_Sprinkles

    The psychic witch, the love witch, AND THE DEATH WITCH!

  • Kaitlyn Graf
    Kaitlyn Graf


  • Kaitlyn Graf
    Kaitlyn Graf

    Her: just close your eyes and imagine what you want to look like me: TuRnS iN tO a BaNnAnA

  • Mahrosh Armaghan
    Mahrosh Armaghan

    Her : wow this is useful ! Me : it only says death on it ...

  • Painuulasi Galumalemana
    Painuulasi Galumalemana

    I luv this video it’s the best witch video ❤️💛🧡💚💙💜🥺👉🏼👈🏼🤩🤩🥳🥳🤪🤪😜😜😁😁😆😆😎😎

  • Xxxx Wolfie xxxX
    Xxxx Wolfie xxxX


  • Xxxx Wolfie xxxX
    Xxxx Wolfie xxxX

    Did anyone else see a toilet in the blacks room?

  • Isla George
    Isla George


  • Abigail Reed
    Abigail Reed

    This is what I watched ever time something big happens again so here I am watching this

  • Natasha Burston
    Natasha Burston

    This was the best movie ive watched

  • Sumnima Gurung
    Sumnima Gurung

    This is A GrEat StORy :00000

  • KJ Essentials for baby
    KJ Essentials for baby

    Me: so she just puts a pile of babies in a pile and put them in a separate home

  • Liv

    I really love this glmm!!!! Like if you fell for it. Read more

  • Gissel Ramos Calderon
    Gissel Ramos Calderon

    You put Undertale music!!!! I’m a huge fan of Undertale!!!! Song Used: Undertale OST - Hopes and Dreams

  • Oliver The Olive
    Oliver The Olive

    Me:Uh I forgot there names.... The video:Only has rose the name thingy Me:WHyYyYyyYyYyyYYyyYyYy:

  • Amberley Polk
    Amberley Polk

    why are they always blushing ;-;

  • Bloxburg Dance Panda
    Bloxburg Dance Panda

    Me: How are they all in the same classes? Gacha : Gacha logic BOY

  • Flutter Cute
    Flutter Cute

    i OrDeRd ChIpZ nOt A bAby Well.... that was a mistake then take it back to the factory

    • Flutter Cute
      Flutter Cute

      And make chipz out of it LOL

  • Sonia Cortez
    Sonia Cortez

    i loved when she and said roar

  • Kiddos

    *Calm Music* *Meanwhile, witches are dying*

  • Billie Gamez
    Billie Gamez

    Ok now this is the best story ever

  • Flyqueen Money
    Flyqueen Money

    Vid: now I got all of you Vid: no there is still more out there to save us Me: BISH NOW THERE NOT BECAUSE YOU JUST TOLD HIM LIKE WHY THEY COULD HAVE SAVE YOU BUT NOPE

  • Chill Noob :3
    Chill Noob :3

    Hi your actually quite good at vids you should definetly make characters for my vid but sadly idk how to do dat :( and can you do a face and voice reveal WE NEEEEEDDDD TO KNOW WHO YOU IS SISTER WE NEED TO KNOW WHO YOUREALLY AREEEE

    • Chill Noob :3
      Chill Noob :3

      Hi its meh again :>

    • Chill Noob :3
      Chill Noob :3

      hi its meh :>

  • Reginae Richards
    Reginae Richards

    Good story

  • Jasmine Cartmel
    Jasmine Cartmel

    I hear ddlc song

  • Eva Furman
    Eva Furman

    I want a part two •^•

  • Harpy Kailey
    Harpy Kailey

    I like the end it’s like a happy ending

  • H o n e y B u b b l e
    H o n e y B u b b l e

    This vid is really nice I hope it will get lots of views!i will like its look like you took a lot of work on this

  • Yanie Asuncion
    Yanie Asuncion

    I want a song plzzzzzzz

  • Gloria Martinez-Sanchez
    Gloria Martinez-Sanchez

    part 2 plessssss

  • Lucy Garnett
    Lucy Garnett

    What happens to all their " fake " Parents

  • Leo Agustin
    Leo Agustin

    **clicks on video** **hears Your Reality** *Y E S* I repeated the whole video to listen to the song again-

  • Sky_Kat 512
    Sky_Kat 512

    Who else recognized the undertale music?

  • happy_french_Dude

    So this isn’t bout the mm but I just finished doki doki and as soon as I heard the music I felt threatened for some reason

  • Tim Harradine
    Tim Harradine

    At 3:33 how didn’t he recognise the baby from the love witch?? If you agree with me ⬇️ ⬇️

  • Craft Mastor
    Craft Mastor

    Dude all I see in the comments is “ClOsE uR eYeS aNd ThInK oF wHaT u WaNt tO bE “everyone a banana or a taco or a cake something like that it’s annoying

  • Shirley Heredia Alvarado
    Shirley Heredia Alvarado

    That was awesome!

  • andrea espino2
    andrea espino2

    at 6:40 Rose has no shoes :[

  • Carina Anderson
    Carina Anderson

    Who’s here for only the gamingmermaid

  • Kassandra Flores
    Kassandra Flores

    Me - I want to look like a weirdo [ My mom coming and putting a weird hairstyle] Me - WELL THAT WAS WEIRD

  • Flappy Jacky
    Flappy Jacky

    No offense but I don’t like the the black witch is treated differently than the other witches

  • Allie Craig
    Allie Craig

    At the fist song

  • Allie Craig
    Allie Craig

    Hate song hate song hate song hate song hate song hate song🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • DragonWolf27

    Just imagine what u want to look like *me* turns into a wolf

  • Little Mizzy
    Little Mizzy

    I watched this a long time ago, and I’m going to say that I really like it! (After probably like 5 months)

  • Khloie love
    Khloie love

    Pls part 2

  • Zachary Karl Martin
    Zachary Karl Martin

    Why are they all blushing???? O_O

  • Marisol Arguello
    Marisol Arguello

    The book jsut says D..E..A..T..H ;-; nani/what

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔCinnamon Rollʕ•ᴥ•ʔ *
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔCinnamon Rollʕ•ᴥ•ʔ *

    Part 2!!!!!

  • Charles Sigala
    Charles Sigala


  • Lily Musto
    Lily Musto

    the your reality music tho

  • Zaniya T
    Zaniya T

    Gimmie a part two plzz

  • Violet Spring
    Violet Spring

    *doki doki*

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